How to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

You’ve spent hours trawling through a variety of different websites to try and find the best possible deal for your next cruise holiday, so now you’re just going to book the best offer you’ve seen, even though it’s not that great.

Sound familiar?

Even though getting a fantastic deal on your next holiday is imperative, it doesn’t have to be stressful – and you don’t need to plump for the first great offer you see either. Instead, all it takes is a little savvy planning and you’ll be enjoying an unbeatable deal on your cruise.

Here’s how:

  1. Remain as Flexible as Possible

Cruise holidays are very similar to airline tickets: every time you look at the prices they vary dramatically. Therefore, if you can wait until the very last minute to book your holiday, you’re going to get the best deal.

These cheaper tickets tend to become available three to six weeks before the cruise liner is due to disembark from the port. However, when you’re waiting for these last-minute offers, you need to be prepared to settle for the rooms and packages that no one else has booked – e.g. a cabin that doesn’t have a balcony.

  1. Look Out for Deals

Some of the best cruise companies, like the Bolsover Cruise Club, will have different promotions and deals available at various times throughout the year. These are often available from January to March when many of the other travel companies, airlines and so on are having their sales too. So, to ensure you’re in the know when these deals become available, sign up for any alerts or emails that’ll let you know of the sales once they go live.

  1. Book in Advance

Even though this contradicts our first tip, there’s a lot to be said for booking in advance, too. If you can plan as far as 18 months in advance, it should help you find some of the best deals – and you may even secure some added bonuses, such as free drinks on-board and upgraded cabins.

  1. Sail with a Large Group

Cruises are a great way of celebrating special occasions or organising group trips. And if you can do this, you may even be able to make sure one of your group travels free (hopefully you!). The majority of cruise liners will offer a free ticket to large groups, and even though these are often only available for groups of sixteen or more people, there’s no harm asking for some discount when booking for a large party.

In essence; all it takes to secure a fantastic deal on your next cruise is some great planning, a little bit of flexibility and plenty of smart shopping skills!

Dividend Stocks 101: A guide for Beginners

Just about everyone having some relationship with the stock market has watched Wall Street with great angst these last few years. Many have likely been left wondering if their stock portfolio will end up smelling like a rose or smelling more like the fertilizer in their gardens that help things grow.

Whether your stocks have bloomed or essentially wilted in recent years, there is always something to be learned from your investments.

For those investors, however, that are essentially newbies to the game, there can be quite a great deal to learn. Whether they be your everyday employee, starting their own small business or fresh out of college, many young investors essentially take a crash course in investing early on. By doing so, they run the risk of making some bad investments.

Those just starting their own small business are even at greater risk because there is a strong likelihood they invested a portion of their funds into getting the company going in the first place. If bad investments surface over a short period of time, it can be a financial blow to their hopes of supporting and growing their business.

So, what advice is out there for beginners in the stock market who are looking to come out on top when it comes to dividend stocks?

Look for Consistency in Dividend Stocks

First, scope out those high-paying dividend stocks that demonstrate a consistency to turn a profit.

One way to go about this is by reviewing a company’s performance history over the last decade, looking for any trends that appear noticeable. For those that have regularly earned profits at a strong pace and/or exceeded their targets, these are signs of a high dividend that will likely be around for some time to come. The company should have churned out positive earnings with no setbacks yearly for the past three years, at a minimum.

Secondly, give the company that perks your interest a thorough review, including any major debts, ratings, red flags, etc. If the company appears to be struggling, dealing with issues that could be drawn out over time, or has a lot of turnover within its ranks, then there is certainly reason on your end for financial concern.

Another feature to look for with strong dividend stocks is company performances indicating a history of growing dividends. You want to locate a company that seeks to return excess funds to the stockholder, not turn the company’s account fund into the size of a small country’s wealth.

Are You Dating the Right Dividend Stocks?

Finally, always keep in mind the dates that are of utmost importance for dividend holders.

The first is the declaration date, which is the day a company’s Board of Directors notes their plan to pay a dividend. At that time, the company forms a liability in its books, meaning it now owes the funds to the stockholders. As a result, the Board also puts forth a date of record and a date for payment.

Second is the date of record, the time whereby the stockholders of record are eligible for the ensuing dividend payment.

The third and last important date is the payment date, whereby the dividend will actually transfer to the company’s shareholders. In many cases, dividends are paid out four times yearly, on a quarterly schedule.

In the event that dividend stocks are new to you, taking the time to learn about them can certainly be seen as a wise investment. In today’s investment world, nothing is truly a sure bet; manage your investments wisely and always keep educating yourself on the latest happenings in the stock market.

Best Ways to Make Money Online

Even if we are employed with a good salary, we are always looking for other ways that we can earn some extra bucks. One of the most trusted platform to provide these additional jobs is the internet where there are so many employment opportunities online. These jobs only require you to have a pc, tablet, laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection to start with the work. Therefore if you are a fresh college graduate here are some ways that you can make money online.

1. Online betting

If you are a fan of live gambling, then this is the best job for you. There are a variety of online casino gaming companies that provide sites with different casino games such as the jackpot, casino slots, pokies and also live casino games. These games are free to download, and others require you to bet real money where you get to earn. You can learn how the online casino games are played from the and also gather information regarding the best tips to employ when playing online. Some gambling sites offer guidance to beginners where you practice betting with free games before you join real betting games.

2. Affiliate marketing

If you have a good or mass social media followers, then you can work with different brands and companies whereby you help them in marketing their products and services. Various companies don’t get enough time or don’t know how to market their businesses, and you can work with such enterprises whereby you get to earn a commission in selling their products.

3. Academic researchers

Some students are loaded with a lot of school work whereby they don’t get enough time to do their assignment or their assigned projects. Therefore in such a case you can sign up or open an account whereby you share your notes with these students or help them do their projects for a fee. Make sure the notes are downloaded in the PDF form to avoid other students copying without first paying you as expected.

4. Blogging

Blogging does not necessarily require you to go to school to learn about it.You need a good site and knowledge about content writing before you start to write. You can identify a particular issue in your area or school and decide to write about it to educate the people that are affected by these situations. You can also provide solutions to that problem or invite your audience’s view about the issue. The higher the number of viewers clicks on your site or comment, the higher you get paid.

5. Real estate agent

Some people don’t have enough time to look for houses due to their busy schedules at work. So you can help these people acquire the home of their dreams with just a click of a button. Create a website for the landlords to post the available houses for sale and rental in the market, and from your site, the tenant can also be able to select a home of their choice. In this job, you work as a link between the landlord and the tenant, and you get to earn as well.

3 Ways To Remain Productive When Anxious About Making Money

Working for yourself seems like the glamourous option. Dress however you like, stay home all day, determine your own destiny. Of course, if you already do work for yourself, you know that it comes with a significant downside: anxiety.

When you’re not guaranteed a salary each month, money can be constantly on your mind. You’ve got debit orders coming off on the first of each month, and they keep building up. The internet alone comes with so many expenses: your service provider, streaming subscriptions, and the best VPNs all cost money.

And the anxiety is counterintuitive. Instead of scrambling to work harder and faster, many of us have the impulse to just… do nothing. Push it to the back of our minds and procrastinate.

Anxiety is a huge productivity killer. And when you’re relying on productivity to make money, and money is making you anxious, you can get caught in a vicious spiral.

To help you out, here are 3 of the most effective ways to remain productive when anxious about money.

  1. Set aside a worry time

Anxiety is necessary for survival. If we weren’t a bit anxious, we’d make reckless decisions that could get us killed. This applies when it comes to our careers. We need to be a little anxious so that we’re motivated to make the money we need to live on.

However, that anxiety becomes a problem when it becomes the soundtrack to our entire day. We stop thinking about what needs to be done and only think about what we need from it all.

An excellent technique to manage this anxiety is to set aside a time to worry about money. This can be half an hour during your day when you assess your finances, clarify how much you need and how much you’re making, and (if you want) freak out a little. Knowing that you have this time available eases your mind, telling it that it doesn’t need to be switched on to the dangers all of the time.

  1. Make time for mindfulness

Can taking time out of your day increase your productivity? Well, mindfulness time definitely can. Just 20 minutes of mindfulness can help you be way more productive throughout the rest of the day.

Mindfulness relieves anxiety, helping you focus and just feel better in general. It can be hard to take this time out, because it feels like you’re losing time that you could be working. But the increase of productivity means this time is more than worth it. Not only do you get stuff done, but you also feel more in control and happier with your working life.

  1. Use your future calm as incentive

Okay, this might sound strange to you at first. But when you feel anxious, the thought of being able to just relax is incredibly attractive. Procrastination will give you time away from your work, but it comes with a lot of guilt and even more anxiety. Think of how good you’ll feel when you can take a break after having completed your tasks.

Ultimately, you’ll need to find long term ways to manage your anxiety in order for your work life to feel as freeing as it should. But when anxiety is bringing down your productivity, these 3 tips can work wonders.

5 Reasons Why Owning a House Is a Good Investment for Retirees?

With the strong housing market, many people are wondering whether or not they should invest in a home. There are many people who say that a house is the best investment that anyone can ever make. However, buying a home the right way is crucial to making a good financial investment specially when preparing for retirement.

The type of loan that you get on a home is also important. With the housing market improving, many banks are more willing to be flexible with financing than in previous years. Here are some of the most important aspects of buying a home and getting the right loan for your situation.

Do Not Buy Based on Emotion

There are some people who wrongly buy a home based on emotion. This is a bad decision for a variety of reasons. Buying a home is a long and difficult process, and mortgages are hard to get. During this time, there are going to be homes that you want that sell quickly. Instead of getting upset, you should simply move on to the next home.

Buying a home should involve math and logic. Instead of worrying about the color of the walls, you should concentrate on things like the growth of the area and how many square feet the house contains and its location. Over time, if you buy a home in a growing area, you have a much higher chance of making money from it long term.

Other Loan Options

There are even some people who own their home. This is a great accomplishment and gives them a lot of financial flexibility. Some people who are on a fixed income struggle to pay all of their bills. If you own your home, you can turn it into a source of income.

A reverse mortgage will actually pay you for living in the home. This is a great way to make money every month while staying in your home even after you retired. Before signing up for a reverse mortgage, make sure to conduct thorough research on reverse mortgages on different products in the market. The more research you conduct, the more comfortable you will be with the entire process.

Understand How Much You Can Borrow

Another important step in making a quality investment is to understand how much money you can reasonably borrow. There are some people who make the mistake of borrowing too much money based on their income. This is a major mistake for a variety of reasons.

When you have a high loan payment, it restricts other areas of your life. There are many people who have a beautiful home, but they are not spending any money on retirement or saving for their children’s college education. Having a big and beautiful home is a dream for many people. It should not come at the expense of other financial goals in your life. Remember, just because you can borrow at a certain amount doesn’t mean you should!

Building Equity

Homeowners build equity in a home in several ways. As the prices of homes increase around you, your home will increase in value as well. The difference in the potential selling price and how much money you owe is your equity in the property.

If you have a typical mortgage, you will pay down the principal over a period of many years. The lower your loan term, the higher your payments toward the principal on the debt. There are many people who pay extra on their mortgage to attempt paying it off early. This is a great way to save money over a long period of time.

Overall, buying a home is an exciting process. Make sure to conduct thorough research in order to make a good financial investment in your area.


Why Private Jets Look Set to Overtake Business-Class Travel

If you travel for business on a frequent basis, you’ll be all too aware of how time-consuming and mundane the journeys can be – especially when you’re flying somewhere. And even though private jets used to seem like something only the rich and famous could afford, they’re now becoming a popular choice for executive travellers too.


Because they’re saving people a lot of time – and when you’re working, time is money.

Saving Time on the Ground

One of the first benefits you’ll notice when flying by private jet is how much time you save travelling to the airport. Unlike your standard commercial airlines, these smaller jets don’t require an abundance of staff and large runways. Therefore, you can hop on one of these jets at a smaller runway, which allows you to set off and land much closer to your desired locations.

With there being more minor airports available than large, commercial ones, you’ll find these smaller airfields are less congested, which adds to the overall enjoyment of your experience. Furthermore, a lot of private jet companies, like Vistajet, plan your journey for you, which makes the entire process a lot more convenient.

Saving Time in the Air

Because private jets aren’t tied to the same hubs and spoke networks that commercial jets are, you can fly directly to your destination without any stopovers. This saves a lot of time and hassle, particularly as many private jets travel faster as well.

As smaller jets often fly at a higher altitude, this means they’re flying above most of the air traffic, which also helps speed up your journey by providing a direct route. It also provides greater flexibility so you can avoid any disruptions due to adverse weather, too.

Saving Time as You Travel

Even though there’s nothing stopping you from working on a commercial plane, it’s incredibly difficult to keep your work private when there’s someone sitting right next to you. And, when you’ve got to deal with screaming kids, people getting up to go to the loo and other irritating disruptions, you’ll find it difficult to concentrate.

However, private jets are exclusive to you, which means you don’t need to feel concerned about confidentiality so you and your colleagues can converse with ease. And if you need to get work done, you’ve got the peace and quiet to do so.

Finally, one other huge benefit to flying via private jet is the fact you can stop off at different destinations on the way. This allows you to unite business with pleasure, and is another one of the reasons why executive travellers are starting to choose this mode of transport over business-class options.

Three Affordable Ways to Create Space in Your Living Room

A spacious living room is a real luxury and provides us with somewhere to relax with the family and to entertain our friends. It is far too easy, however, to find that your living room has become too crowded or cluttered and it is then that you may look to solve the problem.

Here are three top tips for creating space in your living room without spending a huge pile of money.

Clean, Tidy, Declutter

Before doing anything else, you will want to spend time decluttering, tidying and then cleaning the space. The idea, if you will, is that the result will be a blank canvas from which to assess what further measures need to be taken.

Toys, books, magazines should all be consigned to their rightful places and any ornaments, old cushions, to tatty to keep, should also be dealt with – maybe this is an opportunity to make a little money on eBay.

Storage Solutions

 Once you have decluttered and so forth, it is time to look at what storage you have and what storage you need – the last thing you want is for the place to become cluttered again.

If you feel you don’t have enough storage space, then there are some cost effective ways of increasing it. For example, adding some hinges or struts to an existing piece of furniture may transform it into somewhere to store things.

Improvised solutions to storage issues make for just about the cheapest way to address the problem.

Mirrors and Windows

Making sure that windows are not overdressed is another good way to maximise the space in a living room. Heavy curtains, not only take up space, but even when drawn open they restrict light and make the room look smaller.

Replacing curtains with blinds can be a quick, cheap and easy win if you are looking for more space. In addition, hanging a large mirror on one of the walls will reflect light and give the illusion of more space.

Sofas and Seating

Sofas and seating, while essential, take up lots of space and evaluating exactly what seating you need and acting on it can yield remarkable results.

For example, armchairs are a no, no if you are looking to maximise space. Replacing armchairs with a two seater or with a three seater sofa, or even a futon, can work a treat and needn’t be particularly expensive.

Making space in your living room doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, rather, it is more about getting organised and making some simple decisions.