Reverse Mortgages for Canadian Seniors

canstockphoto6625777If you’ve been reading about the mortgage industry in Canada lately, you’ve probably come across the term “reverse mortgage.”  How much do you really know about this type of mortgage, however?  At its core, a reverse mortgage is a mortgage loan that is secured based on the total equity you have in your home.  A reverse mortgage differs from a traditional mortgage in several ways, but the most notable difference is that you are not required to make any payments on the loan as long as you or your spouse live in the house.

Generally, when you take out a reverse mortgage on your house you can borrow up to 40 percent of the value of your home.  The particulars of the amount you can borrow depend, however, on certain criteria such as your age, the location of your home and its appraised value.

Just as with a traditional mortgage, there are some eligibility requirements you will have to meet in order to be able to qualify for a reverse mortgage.  First, you and your spouse must both be at least 60 years old.  Second, you must reside in Canada and own your home.  If you own a home outside of Canada or live in Canada in a home you do not own, you will not qualify for a reverse mortgage.  Finally, you need to have some equity in your home against which you can borrow.  The amount you still owe on your mortgage must not be more than 40 percent of the total value of your home.

To find out about the many benefits of reverse mortgages, talk to a mortgage broker Edmonton residents. To start, however, one of the benefits is that you can use the equity you have built up in your home to create an income stream.  You can make choices about how much money (up to the allowable maximum) you want to take out and how you would like to receive it.  For example, you can opt to take out your loan in one lump sum or in regular payments.  It’s important to understand that when you take out a reverse mortgage you still maintain ownership of your house.  You still have the right to sell the house and move whenever you wish.

Money you receive through a Canadian reverse mortgage program can be used for whatever you want to do with it.  It’s your money.  You can pay off other loans or debts, renovate your home (which can increase its value should you want to sell it in the future) or you can simply use the funds to create a retirement income stream for you and your spouse.

Canadian reverse mortgages are designed to use a portion of the equity in your home, allowing you to get extra money in your pocket without having to actually sell your home.  Reverse mortgages are not offered by every lender, so if this is something you can considering it’s important to talk to a qualified mortgage broker.  If you meet the eligibility requirements, a broker can help you find a lender that will offer you a reverse mortgage.

How To Play The Texting Game During The Dating Process

Dating can seem like a really difficult proposition, especially when you have someone that you really like. You don’t want to come off as too clingy, but at the same time you want to definitely single interest that you like that person and want to spend more time with them. In today’s digital world, we don’t do most of our communication by phone call or even face to face. We are increasingly communicating via text—and texting, while quick, easy, and fun, is highly impersonal. Texting can lead to miscommunications that can make it difficult to get your point across. And texting just isn’t like other forms of communications—it almost has its own set of rules.

The first rule is don’t get too caught up! You never want to be constantly texting your date, asking what they are doing and how they are feeling or if they want to go out later. Your date isn’t going to be turned on by this, it is clingy behavior that will make them push you away. The next rule is that you should always keep your options open. In the early stages of dating, when you are texting back and forth, you don’t know if things are going to get hot or if your date will end up seeing someone else. You shouldn’t be texting someone exclusively, unless you’d decided that is someone that you want to be your girlfriend. Instead, you should enjoy casually dating several different women, playing the texting game.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are texting is to keep it light. Nobody wants to go from casually dating to quickly planning a future with a home and children and things like that. Joke, flirt, use emojis, and don’t be too serious. You want to make your date laugh, so that she will enjoy your company, and you can continue to spend time together in the near future. Keep the more serious plans for face to face talk instead, it will definitely go over better in a situation where you can openly and easily convey all of your emotions.

If you have an adult dating merchant account, you can get the most out of your business with an payment processing from At, your business can quickly get access to a host of different payment processing solutions. Make sure that your company can offer various payment options for your clients. Adult dating is an online game, and you want to ensure that your adult dating merchant account can take all of the different forms of payment that your customers use.

Small Businesses Increase Their Buying Power by Working Together


There are a lot of reasons why people choose to start their own business. However, when you talk to business owners, they usually have one thing in common. They value their independence. They appreciate the ability that owning their own business provides them when it comes to setting their schedule, choosing who they work with, and being able to enjoy the rewards that come from doing their own hard work. And while independents brings its benefits, in the world of business independence can also sometimes be a challenge.

One area where independence can be challenging is in the realm of marketing and purchasing. A small business owner is usually not going to purchase in sufficient bulk to allow them to receive some of the discounts that distributors provide to their larger customers. This is where companies like Innovia CMC for example come into play. They work with the idea that if multiple small businesses work together, they can purchase products with the same buying power and in the same volume that large-scale multinational companies do.

When small business owners work together in buying items, they are able to leverage their superior numbers and higher sales volume to negotiate with vendors. This in turn allows smaller businesses to provide their customers with the same cost-saving benefits that larger businesses do while at the same time maintaining the down to earth feel that comes from working with a small business.

Many business owners who value their independence see the benefit of working in connection with other small business owners. In addition to helping them increase their profit margin by allowing them to sell products at a more competitive price, working with other small businesses also allows them to minimize the cost of everyday business expenses associated with running a business.

The money that the small business owners save by purchasing products at a induced price, having access to services that are usually reserved for large-scale businesses, and being able to offer their clients quality products at a competitive price can then be invested back into the business, allowing their business to grow and become more profitable.

At the end of the day, every business owner wants the same thing. They want a business that is going to be successful. They want a business that is going to allow them to provide financially for themselves and their families.

5 Tips for Succeeding in Business

Are you looking to make an impression in the business world? Or maybe you just have a great idea and are eager to share it with consumers. Whatever your reasons for starting your own brand, here are just five tips to help you achieve the fame and fortune you’ve always wanted.

  1. Know Thyself

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you think will be your single greatest obstacle to success? Be honest with yourself in these self-evaluations. No one is watching. You don’t have to impress a job interviewer. The goal is to seriously understand where you might fail in your future endeavors and stop that from happening.

  1. Pick the Right Employees

It’s common for first-time entrepreneurs to go into business with their friends. It’s also common for first-time entrepreneurs to fail. If you’re serious about creating a brand, make sure that your employees are honest, dedicated and hard-working, not just living with you in the same dorm when you have a great idea.

  1. Learn the Market

Whether you’re selling shoes or starting your own investment firm, it’s important to look at things like trends, prices, competitors and demographics before you make any long-term business decisions. You can only make a splash on the market if the water is just right. Diving into shallow pools will cripple you; diving into deep waters can drown you.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Dabble

It’s okay to explore great business opportunities outside your area of expertise. A diversified portfolio can be very profitable. For example, businessmen like Dave Brandon have jumped from college athletics to pizza franchises and racked up quite the cash. If you want to take home six figures, be like Brandon.

  1. Go Back to School

Much is made of the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world, but it’s actually quite difficult to find that kind of success without a degree. So go back to school. Take classes in business, finance and advertising. Not only will an MBA open doors in terms of employment, but it will also teach you things that most Wall Street guys take for granted.

These are just five tips for succeeding in business. Though the path may be fraught with difficulty, the most important thing is perseverance. Very few people become millionaires overnight. Most of them only accumulate riches through years of dedication and elbow grease.

Need a Lawyer?

All people hope they will be able to go through their lives without the need to hire a lawyer to represent them in a protracted legal battle. However, these situations occasionally present themselves. When you encounter a point in your life when legal action is the only way to get the compensation you deserve, it is important to hire the right lawyer for the job. This process is not as simple as picking up the phone book and calling the first name you see listed under attorneys. If you have that sort of cavalier attitude when it comes to selecting workmans comp lawyers, you will be doing yourself a serious disservice. You need to take the selection of your lawyer very seriously. This is because he or she will be the difference between you winning or losing your case. Choosing a lawyer is a critical decision. Here are some ways you can use to go about finding one.

1. Talk to family and friends

There is an extremely good chance that someone close to you has been forced to hire a lawyer at some point in their life. Ask around and see if any of the people in your life can give you a positive recommendation when it comes to a lawyer in your area. The great thing about asking these people for a reference is that you can trust what they are telling you 100 percent. These is because they will have no reason to steer you in the direction of a specific lawyer for their own personal gain.

2. Go the online route

If you strike out during your quest to get references from family and friends, all is not lost. Fortunately, we live in the age of the Internet, where you can find just about anything online. This includes reviews of lawyers who practice in your immediate area. There are many sites that provide such information, so simply perform a search in order to find them. You will be able to read detailed reviews chronicling the experiences various people have had with lawyers. Based on the reviews that you read, you can make a list of the ones you want to talk to.

3. Meet with lawyers in person

Set up some free initial consultations so you can get a feel for what the lawyers are all about. After you talk to several lawyers, choose the best one based on the information you have gathered.