Do You Really Know What There Is to Know about Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency was fashioned off the groundbreaking work of Satoshi Nakamoto, a.k.a. the founder of Bitcoin. To this day, nobody knows for sure whether it is a legitimate individual, a consortium of cryptocurrency brainiacs, or an AI program that created the world’s first mainstream blockchain currency.

The raison d’être for Bitcoin’s creation was simple: Bitcoin totally disrupts existing fiduciary money systems and creates a new system of payment that is decentralised and runs on a peer-to-peer network. Anonymity, cost savings, and frictionless transactions are hallmarks of Bitcoin. While this definition is certainly impressive, it does not do justice to the genius of this cryptocurrency.

The entire blockchain system runs on cryptography – independent of central bank intervention, manipulation, controls, or oversight. Since it is fully decentralised, every node on the blockchain network has control over the network. It cannot be hacked since there is no central database or server for hackers to attack. Whenever any imperfection is spotted, the community corrects it and traces the source of the problem.

Wilkins Finance expert, Hamish Montgomery Jr summed it up with an accurate cryptocurrency definition. According to Montgomery, ‘Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is transferable between 2 or more parties over an electronic network…The identities of the sender/buyer and the receiver/sailor are kept anonymous.’ The entire definition extols the virtues of the digital currency market.

Are There Unlimited Bitcoin in Circulation?

Here’s the clincher: Nobody has control over the Bitcoin blockchain network. When maximum production is reached on the logarithmic function, a total of 21 million Bitcoin will be in circulation. Presently, there are around 17 million BTC circulating. In order to function effectively, there must be ‘consensus’ within the Bitcoin community. This is nonnegotiable. The value of Bitcoin has whipsawed wildly in the last year. In fact, it traded close to $20,000 until December 17, 2017, before giving up approximately 50% of its value to its current trading level.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin remains the dominant digital currency by trading volume and market capitalisation in the world. And that’s no mean feat. Consider for a moment that there are some 1,569 cryptocurrencies in the world. That does not take into consideration the impending ICOs that are waiting to go public. Presently, there are an estimated 9,500 markets hosting these digital currencies. The dominant player in the arena – Bitcoin accounts for $151.786 billion of all value in the system. That amounts to 43.7% of the total market capitalisation of all 1,569 cryptocurrencies (valued at $347.285 billion) *

If so Much Money Is Invested in Bitcoin, Why Are There Are 1500+ Other Crypto Currencies?

True to form, Bitcoin makes up 43% of all investments in cryptocurrency. Viewed in perspective, this is mind-boggling. There are many other major players in the industry, including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO and Stellar to name but a few. The total market share of these 8 digital currencies makes up approximately $278 billion of the $347 billion market cap of all digital currencies. That’s a staggering 80% top-heavy in the top 8 digital currencies. The other 1500+ digital currencies are fighting for their share of the remaining 20%. At its zenith, market capitalisation was approaching $900 billion – it appears that we are a long way from that benchmark – but you never know…

*The market capitalisation figures in cryptocurrency are subject to change at a moment’s notice. This highly volatile market can rise or fall dramatically within hours. However, the percentages tend to hold true – Bitcoin is the dominant player in the cryptocurrency market.

5 Tips to Choosing a Lawyer to Represent You When Buying Property

Every homeowner knows the hassle that involves looking for a suitable house for you and your family. During this time, you are afraid of making the wrong deal or ending up in a home that does not fit your needs.

To avoid all these problems with malicious vendors, you need to employ a reputable lawyer to help you in your dealings because one can end up losing a lot of money if not careful.

Lawyers walk with the buyer through all the stages of buying the home. The following tips will help you when selecting the best lawyer during these challenging times.

  1. Know their Experience

It is ridiculous for a buyer to hire a lawyer who is new to the field. One, you will be vulnerable to sellers who can con you of your money. As much as you are promoting their business, it is dangerous to do so.

An excellent and experienced lawyer comes in handy, especially during the buying process. He knows that the journey will be rough, and so, he or she knows how to get through those hurdles. Thus, it will quicken the buying process, which is a factor that most buyers consider.

  1. Consider their charges

Most lawyers can be cunning. They can add extra fees, which is something that you should avoid at all cost. Therefore, before you start working with your preferred attorney, it is good that he sends you a quotation. It should break down all the charges so that you can get a clear understanding of how he or she spends the money.

On the other hand, be ready for a change in pricing as you continue working with him. This is because of extra charges that may come in the middle of all transactions. The lawyer should explain it to you if he adds any amount to the original quotation. For instance, if he prints some documents, he should have a receipt.

  1. Knowledge of the market

As mentioned earlier, experience is essential. If the firm is new to an area, then they will not be able to show you the best properties on sale. When the attorney has a complete understanding of the market at hand, then it is evident that they will connect you with the best sellers who are do so at the best price.

  1. Negotiation skills

The lawyer acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. If you have a busy schedule, the lawyer should go to the seller to present your offer to them. Thus, he or she should have some negotiation skills. Remember that this stage is crucial because it leads to signing of contracts where the negotiation skills will apply.

Using his knowledge, the lawyer should verify whether the title deed is valid or not. They will also conduct searches on the property to see if he or she can get critical information about it.

  1. Mode of operation

In this case, you will need to inquire about their services. The attorney should have a license to operate in their current location.

If you are in Scotland and you are looking a good company based in Glasgow, then opt for Jones Whyte Lawyers services. They provide conveyance services to buyers and sellers within that locale. You can trust them to do all the transactions within a short duration; hence, not delaying your move to your next home.

5 Tips to Designing Signs That Will Grab Attention

The importance of advertising in today’s highly competitive business environment is more important than ever before. Everyone wants to attract new customers and marketing signs are one of the best and most effective ways to grab customer attention and expand your business.

Designing attention-grabbing signs is no easy task, however. The chances are that most of your competitors have already put a great deal of effort into designing signs and to be one step ahead of them, you will have to come up with a design idea of your own.

We present you with top five tips for designing signs that will grab attention.

Larger is Better

Larger signs will be more effective at grabbing attention because more people will be able to read them without a problem. Readability is a major factor to consider when designing signs, and the larger the signs, the easier it is to read.

Another important thing to consider is the distance that potential customers will be viewing your sign from. You should use larger letters if the viewing distance is greater than 100 feet.

Pick the Right Color

An eye-catching color should be a priority when designing signs that will successfully grab attention. Color will also play a major role in how easily customers will recognize a sign. Many of the world’s most popular brands use bright, easy-to-see colors that can grab attention from a great distance.

Colors such as red, yellow or blue are always a good choice because they are easy to notice.

Of course, you can be creative and use a combination of two or more colors, but remember that the most effective signs should be simple and easy to remember.

Be Original

You don’t have to be a design genius in order to come up with a compelling sign for your business. But you will have to use all of your creativity to make something that people would remember and that will set you apart from the competition. You don’t necessarily have to invent something revolutionary, but it’s important that your sign conveys your message in a unique and original way.

Tip: We recommend you design several signs and consider the marketing effectiveness of each one separately before you make a final decision.

Check out to help you identify your business and grab customer attention.

Send a Message

An ideal sign should send a simple, but powerful message to potential customers. It must be catchy and motivating. Most importantly, you need to make an offer that will make an impact and bring new sales.

Your message should, of course, be relevant to your niche and the type of product/services you are trying to sell. If you are to reach the right people, make sure you’re offering them what they need.

Keep it Relevant

As we have already mentioned, the sign that you’re designing should be relevant to your business and include only the most vital information. It should be a shortest possible summary of the product or services that you are offering.

Keep in mind not to overdo do it by including too much information, as it would make it harder to send your message.

5 Tips to Managing your Money Wisely

Everyone needs money to save and also to spend. No matter how much you earn, one can never seem to have enough money. It is often mistaken that managing money is only for the rich but it is quite the opposite. In order to be rich, you need to manage your money and also in order to stay rich, you need to manage your money wisely. For you to have an order in your life, you need to start and maintain order in your finances. For you to manage your money wisely, you will need to:


  • Generate a budget plan for your income. Your income is only what you get by the end of each month. It does not include the extra money from bonuses or even the overtime. Break your expenses into three; fixed expenses, essential and non-essential expenses. Fixed expenses include things like rent that don’t change over time. Essential expenses include things like food and groceries that change from time to time. Non-essential expenses are things like movies that are for fun. Splitting your budget this way will help you realize how much you can save from the non-essentials and help you in managing your expenses.



  • Keep track of your spending. This can be achieved by keeping of all the receipts of anything purchased that month. It can also be done easily with online follow up of your credit card. This will help you realize how much you spend on what item per month and if it can be reduced or cut off if it wastage of money. This should be done each month to show if there is any progress in your finance management or not.



  • Create a shopping list. If you have a problem with impulse buying, this could lead to financial problems in the future. A shopping list will help guide you to what you need. The list should be carefully drafted. Go through the list to see if you have left out anything important or if you can cancel out some few items of no or less necessity. A shopping list is only effective if you strictly adhere to it. This not only helps you in managing your money but also saves you time during shopping.



  • Do a good research before purchasing a big investment. Large investments such as medical covers, insurance or even buying a new car should be done with careful considerations. Look for multiple offers and research on the quality. Investing big means great risks and therefore I would recommend getting advice from professionals who offer the best money management services.


  • Label your savings. To manage your money needs to also go hand in hand with managing your savings. It becomes easy to know of your progress and helps you save easily if you know what you are saving for. Divide your savings into investments, medical emergencies, college fund, retirement money or even money for a new car. This will help you avoid losing focus and in case of an emergency, you are prepared.

Managing your money should start as soon as possible. Remember that it’s never too small for savings. Look at the bigger picture and stay focused and you will succeed. Be confident with your management skills and remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

5 Tips to Selling Your Pre-Owned Car Fast

Selling a pre-owned car can be quite hard. You can either do the selling yourself or let a company such as the Fast Buy Cash For Cars sell the car for you at a fair price. However, when you sell the car yourself you get more money since you don’t have to pay any dealers. For one to sell their pre-owned car fast, there are a few things that they can consider. They include:

  1.    Make your car look presentable.

The first impression is very key hence the car needs to look presentable. You can either clean the car yourself or take it to a car wash. The car needs to be cleaned both inside and outside. The car should remain clean throughout the entire selling process. This is just an added bonus that can help you get a little extra money for the car.

  1.    Pricing.

When deciding the price for your car, it is important to be reasonable and know the market value of the car. Before selling the car, do some research about car sales and gauge the market. Research can be done on car sales websites. An over priced car tends to push away potential buyers. If the car has accessories that are not standard, you can overprice it but you have to explain why. It is also important to decide the lowest price that you would sell your car for. Make sure you get your car’s worth.

  1.    Documentation.

It is important to have all the important documents. These documents include the title, the bill of sale, log book, owner’s manual and service records. Ensure that you have all the receipts. Once the buyer has agreed to buy the car provide them with a receipt and also keep a copy that is signed.

  1.    Advertisement.

It is important that one takes great photos of the car so that they can attract the buyers as this is the way buyers evaluate the car. You can create an ad then share it as online. You can also share it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also share it on Craigslist. However, do not give out your important details such as your home address. Be honest about the car and make sure to list any extras that your car may have.

  1.    Closing the deal.

Once you are contacted by the buyer, put all your documents in order and schedule for a test drive. Most buyers want to take the car for a test drive before buying it. Before letting the buyer drive, ensure that they have their driver’s license. The test drive should be in a public place and you should not let them drive alone. One should also enquire from the insurance company to see if the potential buyer is covered in case of an accident. After the buyer commits to buying the car, the best way to transact is either by cash or a cashier’s check from a local bank. Do not hand over the keys unless a full payment has been made.

Many people prefer to buy pre-owned cars as they are way cheap. Hence it is important to keep your car in good condition if you are planning to sell it. Selling of pre-owned cars can make you good money if you do it well.

5 Tips to Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

Real estate is getting very expensive with time. Lately, it is advisable to plan ahead to ensure that you do not waste or lose any money. The first step is to find a reliable agency. Agencies have risen in numbers. It is hard to choose an agency considering many individuals do not know which one is reliable. Some agencies are out there just to make money and do not really care for your needs. Therefore, you need to be careful. Here are the core tips that you need when looking for a substantial agency:

1) Experience

It is always advisable to get an experienced agency since it speaks a lot about their reliability. For example, when you think of a North Vancouver realtor, the company that comes to mind ought to have a vast experience. The company has to have great market knowledge. It must have spent many years in the industry and bear accreditation from the major contracts it has undertaken, which speaks a lot about its reputation. You should always check an agency’s resume and references since these would help you know more about the people you are dealing with. It is advisable to stay away from companies whose employment varies and is not steady since it shows a sign of instability. Search engines are also platforms where you can find more about an agency. You can hardly afford to work with an agency that has no experience since you are not sure whether or not they know what they are dealing with.

2) Detailed

Representation of a company from their cards to their website talks a lot about their arrangement and level of seriousness. It serves as a reflection of the attitude they have towards their job. A company that pays attention to minor details is prone to have a high degree of performance. Detailed companies are good indicators of the treatment that these firms will offer clients.

3) Honesty

Honesty is a virtue that applies to not only personal but also business relationships. A company that is honest is a good indicator that one will have a smooth transaction. It is always good to notice lies as soon as possible. An open dialogue is always a good sign that the company or agency has nothing to hide. Stay away from companies that show inconsistency in what they tell you and also selectively avoid some questions.

4) Reviews

Reviews are always the best way to tell whether a company is reliable or not. Most people who write reviews are deemed honest, as they may have genuinely transacted with the company. They do it either out of disappointment or genuine gratitude. It is good to check them out, especially on social media platforms.

5) Good Communication

Agencies that are good communicators are more reliable. They are also good listeners, meaning that they will pay attention to what your specifications are. You need a company that works with you every step of the way so that no mistakes are done. Choose a company that picks calls and replies emails on time.

5 Ways to Manage your Money so that you are not Poor when you are Old

Money management skills should be learned very early on in life. This way, you will not be poor when you are old and you can no longer generate income. Today, we are going to look at some of the ways that you can manage your money effectively. Through AFH Wealth Management consultants, professional advice and reviews, you will learn a few tips on finances and wealth management.

Here are 5 ways to manage your money so that you are not poor when you are old:

  1.    Financial planning

In order to achieve anything, you have to have a plan. It is therefore important to plan on your retirement early. Financial planning should be done with the help of professional financial planners. You may seek help from wealth management firms and consultants. Include info on taxes, investments, protection planning and all other aspects of financial obligations. AFH Wealth management team are willing to work with people looking for such services and to ensure that they receive proper guidance and advice on financial planning matters.

  1.    Commit to increasing savings

In your financial planning, ensure that the budget features savings. During your productive years, when you are getting higher incomes, ensure you save for old age. Commitment to saving is very important if you want to secure your old age from financial constraints.

  1.    Invest wisely

Unfortunately, the education system does not teach people how to grow their money. Savings should be reinvested. If you are not thinking about how to grow your money, you cannot expect to have a solid financial future. There are special firms that work with clients to ensure that they know the right investment options for them. With proper guidance from such financial firms, one can easily learn and grow their money through viable investments. Proper investment solutions and management by experts in wealth creation is what will help you create wealth.

  1.    Work with your partner towards the same financial goals

If you are fortunate to grow old with your partner, then having worked on the same financial goals throughout your lives means you have built more wealth over the years and you will not be poor at old age. You should frequently meet with your financial adviser for reviews and more advice on your wealth creation options.

  1.    Be a conscious consumer

It is important to keep track of any amount of money used. You should also be aware of all the benefits you are entitled to, and when you can claim them. This is especially so for employees. In business, if you need to exit, then know the best exit strategy as well. You can get a financial adviser on all such matters to ensure that you take advantage of any benefits and also cut down on any unnecessary costs or purchases.

Financial management skills are important. It is good to learn them from the experts. Ensure that you learn such skills early in life so that you are not poor during old age due to poor financial management.