Saving is the Best Way to Make Money

canstockphoto4247797You might be a bit baffled by the title of this article, but if you think about it a bit, you will see that it’s true: every dollar not spent is one extra dollar in your pocket. Sometimes the best way to increase the amount your wallet has is to choose services and products that are better value than others. Note that I don’t say “cheaper” – a lower price often means lower quality and value as well. Here are a few tips on how to save some extra bucks on things you use every day.

1. Learn to DIY

DIY, or “Do It Yourself” has become a trend in the last few years. Its basic principle is that you don’t need to spend money on decorations, presents, and similar things, when you can quickly and easily do them at home, in your spare time, with just a handful of well chosen raw materials.

Candles, table ornaments, Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, greeting cards, cookies, food mixes, soap and other similar things can be easily made at home. Creating a gift with your own hands makes it unique and special – surely to be appreciated by your loved ones.

2. Drink more water

I know, this sounds like a tip for healthy living, but consider this: a bottle of water will cost you far less than a bottle of soda (except for premium brands, like Evian or Perrier). So, besides its obvious health benefits (bottled water has no added sugar, no additives and coloring), drinking water can also save you money in the long run.

3. Switch to energy efficient or LED lighting

A traditional incandescent light bulb consumes a considerable amount of energy. Compact florescent lights or LED lights are much more energy efficient, and they deliver more light for every watt of energy consumed. You can choose CFL for a cheaper solution, or LED lighting for a more natural light and a much longer lifespan.

4. Keep your car in a good shape

Keeping your ride in a good shape is the surest way to improve its fuel efficiency. Clean your air filters and air up your tires, and don’t forget to check for engine issues for your car to be as efficient as it can be – it will lower your gas bill significantly in the long run.

5. Ride a bike or choose public transportation

Whenever it’s possible ride a bike instead of driving a car – it will save you fuel, and make you healthier in the long run. For longer trips that are not time critical you can also take a bus or the underground – it will take you where you want to go, and you can avoid spending on gas and also the stress of driving on a crowded street.

The money these tips can save you can go into your piggy bank – or you can try your luck and multiply them by playing red flush casino games – whichever seems fit for your needs.

Starting Up Your Own Business

canstockphoto0550848Starting a small business can be a fun and exciting way for people to gain their own financial independence. It is also a way for people to escape working for a boss they hate at a job where they are not appreciated and underpaid. No matter what type of business you choose to start, you will need to promote it and let people know it exists. This is the part of starting a small business that many people get wrong. They spend so much time worrying about their inventory and finding suitable employees that they don’t stop to consider the best ways to let the public know about their business. Needless to say, failure to properly market a small business will eventually lead to it going under. To get some marketing ideas, you can attend a small business forum. Here are some of the best ways you can use to market a small business.

Digital marketing

It is vitally important for small businesses to embrace using social media when they are first starting out. There is really no downside to doing this. First of all, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are free. This is important to small businesses that may not have a great deal of cash to spend on advertising. You can reach an enormous amount of people if you put some effort into your networking. For people who do not know much about computers, technology and social media, you would be wise to hire a social media consultant. This is a person who is experienced with using social media and can use it to promote your business in the best way possible. Many college students do social media consulting as a way to earn some extra money.

Conferences and trade shows

Two more great ways to increase the visibility of your business when it is just getting started is to make regular appearances at conferences and trade shows that deal with the industry your company is involved in. Set up a display that shows the products of services that you offer. Talk to people who are walking by and answer any questions they have. Make sure you bring large signs that tell the name of your company, your contact information and what products or services you provide. Have business cards available for people who want them. Although you will need to pay money to set up a booth, it will be worth the investment

A Case For Self-Reliance In Stock Trading

canstockphoto5964748Before the financial crisis, the world of high finance had become its own priesthood. If anyone could understand derivatives, then they were considered the physicists of finance. However, when Lehman Brothers collapsed, the financial system went into a seizure. In those scary times, the world economy almost toppled over.

Although the economy has rallied despite an $18 trillion deficit, our naiveté has also returned and the default state when it comes to investments is to go with an investment banker rather than manage our own investments.

Perils on the Path of Least Resistance

According to a well-researched book by Anthony Robbins: MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, which is based on interviewing 50 of the most successful financial experts in the world, if you decide to follow this line of least resistance, here are 5 myths that you will likely hear when you consult with an investment banker:

Myth #1: Mutual funds beat the market.

Fact: Only about 4% of mutual funds beat the market. Buying index funds is a smarter move. These do well because they mirror a spectrum of asset classes.

Myth #2: Managed mutual funds are your best choice.

Here’s the story?you’re?likely to hear:

“$10,000 in a managed mutual fund is a good way to start. Contributing $1,000 per annum is a good way to go. And getting an 8% average rate of return for the next four decades is a winnable game.”

But here’s what will be left out of this rather convincing fairy tale:

Fact:?“Your mutual funds will cost you $294,415.93 because they have a 3.17% expense ratio.

Now, if you had been financially literate and invested in your own money, this is what you would have done:

You would have bought index funds. The same deposit at the same contribution level for an index fund would have only cost you $24, 585.88 because the expense ratio would only have been 0.17%. Compared to the managed mutual fund, you would have saved $269,830.04.

Myth #3: A mutual fund prospectus is an accurate documentation.

Fact:?Mutual fund prospectuses don’t overtly lie, but the listed rate of returns is entirely speculative and what you see is not what you’ll get. In fact, you’ll rarely see anything close to those rosy projections.

Myth #4: Your investment banker cares about you.

If this were true, you would not be sold funds high in fees and hidden expenses that empty your wallet.

Myth #5: All you need to retire well is a 401 (k)

Fact::?While a 401 (k) is certainly an excellent retirement strategy—it is only one asset class. It’s a great idea to also add insurance policies, annuities, and Roth IRAs.

More Lies Ahead

These are only a small sample of the myths, you’ll hear. Many other also exist: for instance, target date funds are good, annuities are bad, and only high risks bring high returns.

While it’s somewhat extreme to say that all investment bankers use myths to beguile unwary investors, why not learn enough about investing to keep an eye on your own finances?

The Case for Self-Reliance

Imagine what would happen to your money if you knew how to consistently get high returns for your low-risk investments, learned how to diversify your investments across a wide range of asset classes, and understood how to spread your risks without causing a hiccup in your high returns?


In actuality, it’s not as hard as you may think to become good at managing your own money. Getting your hands on stock analysis software for traders will give you the platform you need to get fast streaming real-time market data, as well as news and analytics. Besides looking at market data, you can do back testing and access a variety of indicators.


However, tools are not enough to become a good craftsman, you also need training. Begin with self-education to get up to speed. Learn basic math skills; learn a few key definitions, primary concepts, and fundamental economic theories. Next, sign up for a rigorous training program to get good at this skill. All this time, of course, you will be paper trading. Finally, find a mentor, someone who is doing what you hope to do, who has the track record to prove that they know how to beat the record. The important thing is not to be in a hurry to get started. Prepare for your future as carefully as a French cook training to work for the finest restaurants in the world. It may take time, but it is time well spent.

Until the?financial crisis in 2008,?investment bankers were considered trusted experts. Now it’s time to ask the tough questions. Who is more motivated to help you grow your money: you or your investment banker? While you worked hard for decades to save every penny of investment capital, your investment banker sat in a comfortable office with a large roster of clients and made a comfortable living from high fees. Who has more to lose? Who is willing to work harder to make sure that everything works out? If you try self-reliance, it may just change your future.

Emergency Cash Loan – What Is It?

There are so many terms that are currently used in the financial industry. It is quite hard for a regular person to know them all. That is completely normal. With this in mind, there is no reason to be surprised of the fact that not many know what the emergency cash loan is. Even for some that do have financial experience, understanding is difficult.

To put it as simple as possible, an emergency cash loan is any loan that is designed to help people that are faced with financial difficulties. This includes everything from payday loans to the instant cash loan presented on In most cases we are faced with some facts that are common, no matter what loan option is considered. This includes:

  • The emergency cash is available for people that have a fixed income and that have been employed at the current job for over 6 months.
  • The applicant needs to be 18 years old or over.
  • The applicant should have a bank account that has been opened for a number of months and that is active. Some of the financial institutions will get over this if a new bank account is opened at a specific bank.
  • In the event that more money is necessary than what is usually included in the emergency cash loan, there may be a need for a guarantee but that is rarely used.

Should You Consider An Emergency Cash Loan?

There is one problem that usually appears with the emergency cash loan: interest rates will be a lot higher than what you would be offered with a regular loan that is associated with banks. That is something that you have to take into account because it does bring in one fact that you have to remember: you need to use the emergency cash loan when there is actually an emergency that you cannot solve through other means.

We highly recommend that you try to maintain your calm whenever a financial emergency appears. You should call family members and friends and see how much money you can get from them to get over interest since that will usually not be required when opting for such sources. Then, see how much extra you need. That is the amount that you should get from the institution that is specialized for emergency cash loans. Try to do all that you can in order to find a lender that is honest and that actually wants to help you so that you can be offered the best possible deal.

Top tips for a 0% balance transfer credit card

httpwww.onmoneymaking.comWhy consider getting a credit card?

We all spend on credit cards from time to time and your credit card balance can accumulate and could be attracting interest at enormous rates. Even worse, you may have maxed out your credit card and are finding the monthly repayments a real struggle. A 0% balance transfer credit card can save you £100s if not £1000s in interest charges alone.

The 5 Top Credit Card Tips:

0 % balance transfer credit cards may seem too good to be true and they very well could be if you do not follow our 5 top tips! However, used wisely they could save you £1000s in interest charges.

1.Clear your balance before the 0% interest rate deals ends, or you could be paying through the nose.

Balance transfer deals will always be for a limited period and currently the longest period is 35 months, you need to pay off the balance in full before the 0% period ends or you could be paying an average of 18% APR after the deal ends which could make a massive dent in your bank balance.

2.Always pay the monthly minimum amount or risk defaulting on the terms of the 0% interest deal

As with any credit card provider, you will have to pay the minimum amount each month even though there are no interest charges applied. If you fail to pay the minimum amount the card provider could withdraw the 0% balance transfer deal and even worse could charge default penalties.

3.Never use your card to withdraw cash and check if there is a 0% introductory purchase period too.

The cash rate of interest on credit cards is always at the higher rate so withdrawing cash is a definite no-no. 0% balance transfer cards may also offer a 0% purchase period too so check with the provider before you spend to avoid heavy charges if a 0% purchase rate is not offered.

4.Every time you apply for a credit card your credit profile takes a hit which could affect your ability to borrow in the short term, so check your score first to see what cards you’re likely to be accepted for.

You can check your credit profile for free using Experian, Equifax or CallCredit, they all offer a free report. Asda also offer a free service called Noodle and its highly recommended that you check your credit profile if you applying for any type of credit.

5.Always close down your old card account after you transfer your balance to a 0% deal.

This is probably the most import tip we can give, leaving your old card active will tempt you to spend again and will be charged at the normal rate of interest which is between 15 – 20% APR. So shut it, cut it and breath… because you just saved you self a shed load of cash!

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