3 Ways a Mortgage Broker Can Save You Money

In the world today, most of the homebuyers hire a mortgage broker who will find them the best rates on a mortgage. When you work with an experienced mortgage broker, you will find the desirable mortgage at a good price. A mortgage broker is an expert who is specialized in offering important advice on mortgages. They recommend the best rates that you can afford. They generally work on your behalf. The best thing you can do when looking for a mortgage is hiring a broker. The benefits of working with a mortgage broker are many and some of them include saving you difficulty and stress, time, and most importantly money. In this article, we are going to find out the various ways in which a mortgage broker Canberra can save you money.

Here are 3 ways a mortgage broker can save you money:

  1. Evade overpaying in the future

Usually, with a new mortgage, a discounted rate for a specific number of years is offered for the buyer. It is usually for more than 2 years but not more than 5 years. This period is called the introductory period and the interest rates are fixed. As a result of this, one is moved to the SVR which is the lender’s more expensive standard variable rate. This interest rate is slightly higher than the introductory rate. When you have a mortgage broker, they will follow up on this on your behalf and might get you another deal that is less expensive when your introductory period is completed.

  1. Negotiating terms

When you have a broker, all the work is done for you. The mortgage broker will apply for loans using different lenders. This means they will get the lowest mortgage rates and this is by negotiating on your behalf. Most of these brokers have good relationships with a majority of lenders from local to national level. Through these connections, it is likely for them to get some of the fees required waived off for your benefit. How loan officers work with the brokers is different from how they work directly with you. This is why it’s important to find a mortgage broker when shopping for a mortgage.

Another important thing you should know is that some large banks and lenders work solely with the mortgage brokers. This means you can qualify or get certain loan product if your mortgage broker and the lenders have a good relationship.

  1. It’s not usually just about the mortgage

Most people think that a mortgage broker will only advise you about the mortgage. They often look for other related things such as life insurance, contents insurance and payment protection.  They will advise you on what insurance to use depending on what your new mortgage arrangement is. This will ensure that you are safe and well protected in the event of unemployment, death or illness. This will help you save a lot of money and avoid losses.

Mortgages are not as easy as most people think. They  involve things that are very difficult such as knowing what interest rates are best, the insurance to get so as to stay protected, the best lenders as there are so many out there and other features to consider when shopping for a mortgage. Find a good and experienced mortgage broker to help you save money.

How To Determine If You Are The Next “Get Rich Quick” Victim

Have you ever been approached by a friend or family member who has this brand new way to double or triple your money within a short amount of time? Be wary, nothing in this world is free, especially money. Even though there are ways to shortcut your way to success, it will still take hard work and time.

We all want to be well-off and wealthy; have that nice car or dream home. And we are fascinated by people who say they have gained success with little work. But the truth is, these wealthy people know and understand things that others do not. And it all begins with the mindset.

This article is not geared towards individuals who expect to win the lottery one day or inherit a large amount of money from a lost relative. This is to inform people that get-rich-schemes can be dangerous if not researched properly.

Before proceeding, we need to understand that people with wealth did not just get their assets overnight. They were hard-working, problem-solving thinkers that had a goal and surpassed it.

First, you need to understand the mentality behind someone who is selling the scheme. Their obligation is to persuade you into purchasing or buying a scheme that doesn’t work. They can use sharp words to entice you or promise you the world only if you buy what they are selling. Learn to identify when someone is smooth talking you. If the hype sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

These are a few traits of someone who is selling you false dreams:

1.They only talk about the positive things versus telling you what could go wrong

2.Eager to tell you to invest a small amount of money, and in return, you will receive thousands in return daily

3.They will promise you that in one click, all of your dreams will come true and your life will change drastically

Unfortunately, the only way to get rich quick is by either investing in proven methods or maximizing on your craft. Any book, website, or salesman telling you otherwise is a complete scam.

How To Get Rich Without “Get Rich Schemes”

If you are a person who’s looking for a way to enhance your profit, simply make better business decisions. Here are a few smart ways that can start you on your journey:

Rework Your Budget

Think about how you can actually save money. By analyzing your finances, you will be able to extend your current budget and still maintain the quality of life you want.

Invest In The Economy

The stock market in the United States makes up more than 40% of the worlds stock market. People think that investing in the market is risky and doesn’t promise a return on investment. But if you think about it, so is gambling and playing the lottery. Focus on investing in an index fund or multiple different stocks. It is a proven fact that by doing so, you will eventually yield a profit.

Create A Subscription-Based Service

Subscriptions are a way to get money on autopilot. Usually, a consumer will pay you to provide a service for them on an ongoing basis. Imagine waking up every morning to see someone has signed up to your business idea. Think of businesses like Apple Music, Spotify, and Match.com. The ideas are limitless. Tap into your creative side.

Invest In A Way To Impact The World

If you are the type of person who wants to “do good” in the world. Then how about investing in ideas that will replenish the earth’s resources or help find cures for diseases that are untreatable.

In all honesty, investors who research and choose stocks that they feel comfortable with will do better than the professionals on wall street. You will need to educate yourself and get familiar with the process. But that is like anything else in this world; learn a craft, master it, and profit from it.

To research stocks that interest you, you will have to know something about business. Owning stocks is just like owning a piece of a business, and by viewing their public reports online, you can decide on if you want to invest or not. Read the businesses annual report. You might need a little guidance with this part because it can look like you are reading a different language at first. Just reach out to a financial advisor and have them give you a quick lesson. You will have to pay for the service, but it will be well worth the price.

4 Tips for Selling your Home and Getting the Asking Price

Are you looking for tips on how to sell your home fast without underpricing it? Check out the tips below for some practices you may follow that may help.

  1. Get a realtor or have your home listed – you might think that the easiest way to get your home sold is to hire the services of a real estate agent to sell your home. This way, you will not have to think of anything and just wait for the sale to come through, but don’t think that this is the only way. While real estate agents may be helpful, you will also have to pay them for the services and that commission will eat your profit. Consider getting rid of real estate brokers and purchase a flat fee MLS listing from https://getlistedrealty.com/ instead. You will be saving so much money but you can be assured that your once your house is listed in the MLS, it will be found in major real estate portals, allowing more people to see your property.


  1. Enhance your curb appeal – you want your house to make a great first impression on your would-be buyers, and you can do that by making sure that the outside of your house looks just as appealing as the inside. People think that they have to make the inside look beautiful without bothering with the outside, but that is a wrong mindset. Take a look at your house from the outside and ask yourself if you are the buyer, would you consider the house as a good investment by just looking at it from afar? If not, then you should make some improvements such as a fresh coat of paint, or adding some landscaping. Landscaping can even raise the value of your home if you want to earn more from the house sale.


  1. Get a professional to take pictures of your home – here’s a tip that most homeowners often overlook. They think that any photograph of the home will do, but a true professional real estate photographer will know how to make your house shine. Remember that some of your potential buyers would be seeing the house through pictures, and you want photos that would highlight the selling points of your house. Real estate photographers know which angles to take and how to manipulate lighting in order for the house to be presented in the best possible way.


  1. Price it competitively – if you want to get the asking price for your home, then here’s the trick. Right at the very beginning, you need to price it competitively already. While you want to make as much profit as possible, giving a price that is too high, especially when compared to other homes that are being sold within your area, will cause buyers to lose interest. So check out the prices of the other houses, and find a price that would allow you to compete with their own prices, but with still enough profit.


The Importance of Using The Right Attorney

Why Use An Attorney

There are a variety of licensed lawyers or attorneys who specialize in different types of legal issues. Laws are the defenders of democracy and in order to help citizens retain their rights, they seek the services of attorneys who represent our rights. Every aspect of our lives, at some point, may require the services of an attorney.

Life at times may be easy, but when something goes wrong, you need an attorney to keep your business operational, especially when fraudulent acts like bad checks are involved. Attorneys keep you from going to jail, they help to execute a loved one’s estate, they represent you when you experience an injury outside the home, they help you to buy and sell a home, etc. Attorneys are society’s negotiators and mediators through the often complicated pathway of our legal system so that justice prevails.

Several Types of Attorneys

The different types of attorneys include the following:

1.Real Estate

Real estate attorneys represent buyers and sellers in legal issues pertaining to commercial and residential property regarding private land trust involving a trustee, beneficiary, and grantor. Attorneys in the field of real estate also handle foreclosures, assets, litigations, probate matters, easement rights, eminent domain rights, lawsuits, and whatever issues arise regarding realty law.

2.Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers are defenders of tort law. This means that they represent individuals who have been injured due to the fault of someone else. Attorneys in this field also represent individuals or companies who are being sued for negligence. Many personal injury cases involve the following:

*Medical malpractice

*Repetitive stress injuries

*Traffic accidents

*Trips and falls

*Work-related injuries

When you win your case you are entitled to receive lost wages, medical bills paid, and recovery costs for your pain and suffering.


Immigration attorneys represent individuals and families who are likely to be deported and all immigration issues that they face to find a better life. Immigration attorneys represent American families who need help with their immigrant loved ones seeking permanent residency and for businesses who also need help. Attorneys represent their clients in seeking asylum, assist citizenship through acquiring visas, advise and help with all their paperwork, and they represent immigrants if they are jailed. Immigration attorneys are defenders of the Constitution when representing undocumented immigrants.

4.Criminal Defense

Criminal lawyers are experienced in handling legal issues related to someone being accused of a criminal activity. Criminal defense attorneys are legally responsible to protect your rights when charged with the following atypical crimes. To name a few criminal defense cases, they include:



*Drugs and alcohol-related crimes


*Embezzlement cases


*Fraud cases

*Internet crimes

*Narcotic violations


*White collar crimes

Criminal attorneys represent you from the initial arrest to hopefully the acquittal process that greatly affects your life and the future of family members.

5.General Practice

A general practice attorney is a professional legal representative that practices in nearly all aspects of the law including personal injury, family law, business litigation and mediation, estate planning, and general litigation. Other areas of law practiced by a general practice attorney are:

*Real estate

*Family law including divorce, adoption, estate planning, etc.

*Criminal and Business law

*Personal injuries

*Motor vehicle accidents and more.

Even though general practice lawyers do not specialize in a specific field of law, they do work across the legal field to partner with specialty attorneys to give aid to their clients.

6.Family Law

Family law attorneys handle just that, the legal requirements that come up in a family’s daily life that involves, adoptions, marital prenups, divorces, custody cases, domestic violence, alimony, guardianship, and paternity issues.


Attorneys are a necessary legal entity whose responsibility it is to guarantee the rights and legal justice for all people whom they represent. Other unique attorneys who specialize in specific fields include military, corporate, environmental, government, and employment. An experienced attorney is vital in any sort of legal process for the average individual or business. You need a legal representative who knows the law, the court system, rules and regulations that their clients need. Attorneys help with a myriad of legal defenses which is exactly the right and best legal solution.

6 Things to Consider When Applying For Your First Loan

You should be educated when it comes to applying for your first loan. Follow our guide so you can easily understand and get through the process.

As of December 2017, all debts in the United States totaled a whopping $13.15 trillion. Mortgage loans top the list at $8.88 trillion, followed by student loans at $1.38 trillion. Auto loan debts rank third, totaling $1.22 trillion.

These figures show how dependent we’ve become on consumer loans. After all, they allow us to make huge purchases like homes and cars. Most of us don’t have the cash to pay for these all at once.

But this doesn’t mean a lender will approve your first loan application right away. That’s why it’s important you know what to consider before taking out a loan for the first time.

Don’t worry though, as we’re here to help educate you. Keep reading to learn about first-time loans and what you can do to boost your approval chances!

1. What Type of Loan Are We Talking About?

What exactly do you need the money for? That’s the first and most important consideration when taking out your first-ever loan.

Unless your goal is to become a home owner, then you most likely only need a personal loan. As the term suggests, this loan product is for personal expenses. That could be to cover moving expenses, medical bills, or even buying a car.

In the U.S., most people take out personal loans for debt refinancing or consolidation. As many as 55% of borrowers said they took out a personal loan for this purpose.

But you don’t have any “debt” to consolidate or refinance in the first place, do you? So, it’s possible you need money to pay for moving-related expenses.

What’s more feasible, though, is that you need it to cover medical bills. After all, out-of-pocket medical expenses now average $1,813.

But what if you need a loan to start a business? In that case, consider a business loan for startups.

Not all business loans are only for startups. Your business can also benefit from other types of loans, such as in the case of growth and expansion.

The point here is to determine if your need for a loan classifies as an emergency. Or in the case of a business loan, if it’ll benefit your organization in the long run. If that’s the case, then a loan may be your best option.

2. How Much of a Loan You Need

Once you’ve determined you do need a loan, next is to figure out how much you need. If you have enough time to save up some money, then it’s best you take that into consideration too. That way, you’ll take out a lower loan amount, which means paying less towards interest.

3. How Much You Can Afford to Pay Back (with Ease)

This is much trickier than determining how much you need. When figuring out how much you can afford, you need to look at your finances – both inflows and outflows.

Let’s say you earn $25,000 a year, which is the typical salary of a 23-year-old American worker. That’s about $2,080 every month.

Now, deduct your fixed expenses (like rent or fixed-rate utility expenses) from this. Make sure you don’t forget about your variable expenses (AKA electricity and water bills, transportation, grocery, etc.). It’s also a good idea to set aside something for emergencies or better yet, for savings.

Look at what’s left and compare that with your potential loan payments every month. Is the former greater or less than the latter?

4. Your Credit History

A common misconception is that people who have no loans don’t have a credit history. This isn’t always the case. If you have a credit card under your name, then you’re one of the 220 million U.S. consumers with a credit file.

But what if you also don’t have a credit card?

Don’t worry. There are still loans that you can get even with only a prepaid debit card. These loans, as well as payday loans, are a good option if you need access to funds as soon as possible.

It’s still a good idea to start building your credit history ASAP though. That’s because if you pose the question, “What do you need to get a loan?” to traditional lenders, they’ll tell you a good credit score is one of them.

A good place to start is with secured credit cards and student credit cards. Many credit card companies issue these cards to people with little to no credit. Once you qualify and start using one of them, you’ve already taken the first step to building your credit.

This is one way of figuring out how much you can afford to pay back. It’ll also help ensure you have enough to prevent even more financial setbacks.

5. Your Credit Score

Say you already have a credit history, thanks to your rent or credit card. In that case, you need to know where your credit score stands.

Lenders look at your credit history and score to determine your creditworthiness. If you fare well in both, then they’ll take it as a sign you’ll pay back what you owe them. So, the more impressive your credit, the more chances you’ll have of securing your first loan.

But only knowing that you have a good credit history and score isn’t enough. You have to make sure that it shows up on paper too. That’s why it’s best to request a copy of your report to make sure there are no errors in it.

6. Loan Terms

Loan terms vary from lender to lender, from interest rate to payments to other typical fees. That said, make sure you understand everything before signing the dotted line!

One of the most important terms of the loan you should know is the annual percentage rate (APR). That percentage will tell you of the actual cost of your loan every year. It’s different from the interest rate, since this only goes towards the interest you’ll pay every month.

Also, be on the lookout for loan origination fees, late fees, and failed payment fees. Some lenders also charge prepayment penalties, so that’s another factor to consider.

Better Understanding of Loans Increases Your Chances of Securing Your First Loan

Taking out your first loan doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It does require effort on your part though. Especially when it comes to building credit from scratch and comparing loan offers.

But so long as you consider everything in this guide, you can improve your chances of loan approval. As a final reminder, once you do get your loan, maintain healthy spending habits.


The Numbers Behind It: What Determines a Loan’s Interest Rate?

Nearly everyone need loans to sort out some financial issue at some point. The problem can be funding for impromptu emergencies. Some will prefer to take credit to fund their wedding or even birthday parties. But before you apply for the loan, you must check the set criteria for one to follow. Some of the reviews are discussed here.

Before you apply for a loan, you must check to gauge the best lending company you will go for. This may include their interest rates, registration fee, loan tenures among other things.


Interest is the extra cost you incur while repaying your loan. Interest is calculated depending on various factors like amount of money you borrow from them. Good lending firms will reduce the interest rates as you advance on the money borrowed. Therefore, the lower the amount, the higher the interest rates. So, before taking any loan, it is advisable to look for the firm that offers the least interest rates.

Some firms may increase the interest rates depending on the loan tenure. Short term loans tend to have higher interest rates. Big firms like the local banks may give a credit of as low as 10$ interest per year.  So, before taking any loan, ask this question, how long is it going to take? Respond by reviewing and choosing the best lender.

Research reveals that most small-scale lenders offer soft loans. This type of loan in most cases is very costly. Their advantage is that loan processing is very fast. You can sit in your office, apply online and within minutes, you’ll find money in your account. Be careful before taking this tempting money. You can inquire more on interest rates on sites like https://loanreviewhq.com/lender/lendingtree-review/.

Loan tenure

Some banks will give loan rates in line with the duration ranging from one month up to ten years and beyond. For example, student loans the interest rate will increase as you delay in payment. The truth is that all interest rates increase with time and the earlier you pay, the better.

Good loans are calculated annually. Loaning bodies that lend money on a weekly or even monthly basis are not worth going for. The total amount paid to let us say after one year is huge.

Registration fee

Avoid firms that require you to pay some fee for loan processing. What if you are not granted the loan? Because they determine whether or not to provide you with a loan. Secondly, going for a loan means you are desperate for money right?  Good lenders will advise you to open an account with them. This is right. The amount in the account may act as security in case you want an unsecured loan.



Sometimes things may not always work your way. What if you default to repay on time? What next. Before settling for the best lending firm, check their terms of service and steps that are taken to claim defaulted loans. Don’t go for the firm that will carry all your belongings to the auctioneers.

Bottom line

It is right to take a loan and settle your immediate financial issues. But before deciding on the best lending firm, carry out a thorough review of the firm. Make sure you answer questions like what are their interest rates? How long do they take to process and give out the loan? Do I need to pay anything to be given the loan?

The Advantages of Investing in Foreign Currency

The world is a large place that is made up of many different countries and each country has their own type of currency. There are currently over 164 different types of currencies in circulation in the world. Many countries will have more than one form of currency; some countries do not actually have their own money, and only use foreign currency. The most common types of currency are the dollar and the euro. The euro is accepted in 35 different states, and the dollar is accepted in 10 different foreign countries. The most traded currency is undoubtedly the US dollar. United States currency is used by 47% of people globally.

Forex is the world’s largest traded market. The market helps determine the current exchange rate. It is estimated that 87% of the market is contributed to US currency, and the euro comes in second place with a 33% daily turnover rate. There are many advantages when it comes to investing in foreign currency; if done right it can have huge rewards. One obscure type of currency that many are investing in is Iraqi Currency; there are a lot of different pros and cons when it comes to investing in foreign currency.

The Market is Always Changing

Many invest in the Iraqi currency because of its low-cost price point; one US dollar is currently worth $1,190,96 IQD (Iraqi dinar). Iraq’s economy is slowly starting to improve as the country continues to modernize by incorporating elements of the western culture and as they continue to work towards strengthening their economic relations with other countries. Investing in another country’s currency can produce huge financial gains if their currency rate improves. It’s always best for you to invest when the currency rate is at its lowest. Iraq is in the top ten countries of oil reserves in the world. The value of the Iraqi dinar was going strong up until the late 1980’s but its value diminished significantly during the Gulf War, and continued to decrease in value. The good news is the country’s economy has been able to recover substantially since the fall of the of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Iraq has since been able to rebuild many of its oil production facilities that were destroyed during the war with the United States. With a steady oil supply, the country’s wealth will only increase.

Explore and Evaluate Your Options

There are many other countries besides Iraq whose currency is worth investing in, such as New Zealand which usually has a high exchange rate. You could also consider investing in Singapore currency, also known as the Singapore dollar. It is currently one of the most stable currencies in all of Asia. Singapore continues to be a major international financial hub for investors and bankers, which is why the country has over 100 commercial banks. Poland is another promising country when it comes to investing. It may not be the most conventional option, but the Polish Zloty is in strong demand. Poland is a country with little debt and its economic growth continues to increase

The Pros and Cons of Investing


  • Low Cost: One of the greatest things about investing in foreign currency is, unlike stocks, you do not have to pay any type of brokerage commissions.
  • Fast Returns: Compared to every other type of financial market, the currency exchange market produces the highest value in liquidity with a market that is continuously rotating. There is never a risk of stock manipulation.
  • Short Selling: In many markets, short selling may be a bit frowned upon, but it’s a lot different when it comes to investing in currencies. Currencies have to be bought and sold as pairs, so if a trader decides to buy one currency, he’ll also be selling another.


  • The process of determining the price: Currency rates are influenced by a variety of factors, many times global politics will play a part in determining the valuation. This is why it can be a bit difficult when it comes to evaluating currency prices.
  • High Risk: There is a good amount of risk involved when it comes to investing in any sort of investment. You could invest one dollar and be 50 to 100 dollars richer, but you can just as easily invest 100 dollars and have it only be worth one dollar the next day.