Clean California Living 101

California is the self-proclaimed “State of Resistance”. However, the state has forged one path that everyone in the United States can get behind: their clean energy initiative. California has made leaps and bounds in their effort to produce energy from renewable resources, and residents stand to benefit from an abundant amount of incentives for participating. Whether you’re a Cali resident who wants to learn how to take advantage of these programs, or are curious as to how a state who prides itself on being different is switching things up, keep reading. We’re giving you a concise breakdown of clean California living which can empower you to do the same.

  • State-wide Operations

In November of 2017, The California Energy Commission released its annual report, and announced that the state’s investor-owned utility companies such as SDG&E are on track to offer 50% of its energy from renewable resources by 2020. Pioneering companies like OhmConnect explain that California would rather pay consumers to save energy than pay power plants to produce more; they encourage their users to go greener by offering cash rewards for participating in “Quiet Hours,” or reducing consumption during peak periods of energy usage.

The state government also made a commitment to cleaner living by introducing California’s Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen), which is designed to improve public health, safety and general welfare by enhancing the design and construction of California’s built environment. Included in CALGreen mandates sustainable state government operations including:

  • Energy-efficient state building design
  • Renewable energy generation at state facilities
  • Environmentally-preferrable state purchasing
  • Sustainable state-owned vehicles


  • Energy-efficient Upgrades

The Renewable Energy Program is run by the CEC, and has offered market-based incentives for new and existing utility-scale facilities powered by renewable resources since 1998. In 2007, the Commission teamed up with The New Solar Homes Partnership, which extended the financial incentives and other support to home builders in order to encourage the construction of new, solar homes.

Many of California residents also take advantage of the numerous federal and state tax breaks offered by making energy-efficient upgrades to their homes, condos and apartments. Although installing dual window panes, new insulation, or an energy-efficient HVAC system might cost more upfront, the savings they stand to reap are often worth it later on. California offers many financing options for upgrades to make going greener easier. From Los Angeles hard money lenders, to Bay Area building loans, living clean in California isn’t hard to do.

  • Eco-friendly Cars

The Golden State uses creative ways to encourage commuters to switch to eco-friendly cars. Earth-conscious Californians who drive electric vehicles can apply for a Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decal from the DMV, which enables them to ride in the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV or carpool) lane without the required number of passengers. They’re also exempt from paying the toll usually required to drive on high occupancy toll roads, shedding time and costs off their commute.

Cities such as Sacramento, San Jose, Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica offer free metered parking to electric vehicles on the streets, adding more savings incentives. California’s Consumer Assistance Program gives either a $1,000 or $1,500 (low income applicants) to residents who retire their high-polluting vehicles, as long as: 1) you are the registered owner; 2) the vehicle is titled in your name.

With so many perks rewarded for driving eco-friendly cars, more and more Californians are making the switch to electric vehicles—reducing their carbon footprint along the way.

California’s government promotes clean living through its various energy initiatives and makes going greener highly attractive to its residents. The state-backed programs for converting to energy-efficient homes and cars makes the initial buy-in seem well worth it, and the plentiful financing options makes buying in easy to do. The government leads by example, practicing what they preach and implementing eco-friendly standards to statewide operations. They even pay their residents to simply reduce their use of the grid for a bit! California may be different, but their strategies and practices are setting the world stage for the rest of the U.S. and beyond.

Why Trading is So Popular in Today’s World

People all over the world is always struggling hard to secure their financial freedom. You might have high-class education and skill set yet there is no guarantee that you will be rewarded with the perfect job. For this very reason, people always look for alternative source of income to support their family. But when it comes to choosing the best source of alternative income we have many options. But the smart investors always Forex trading as their part-time income source since it allows them to make a huge profit even with a small amount of trading capital. Most of the high-class brokerage firm will offer you high leverage trading account which will help you to place big lot size even with small trading capital. If you can truly master the art of Forex trading, high leverage trading account will be a blessing to you.

Be your own boss

No one wants to lead their lives under the supervision of other people. But in every profession you will have to face your boss. This is why many people often consider trading as their full-time profession since they will be the boss of this business. As a currency trader, you don’t need to trade this market with other people trading system or advice. If you can follow the market movement and place quality trades based on your market analysis, you will do perfectly fine. But becoming the boss doesn’t mean you will trade this market without any discipline. You need to understand the fact discipline is the key factor in the Forex market. Without having precise control over your emotion, it will be nearly impossible for you to deal with your trading loss. For this very reason, the pro traders always trade this market with strict discipline.

You can secure your financial freedom

Trading is one of the most elite class profession in today’s world. If you do so some research you will understand the exponential growth of active traders in the Forex trading USA community. Some novice traders often say the nature of this market is totally random. But the price every currency pairs always follow some specific rules. The pro traders always use the repeated pattern of the Forex market to place high-quality trades. Once you truly master the art of Forex trading you can easily secure your financial freedom. As a retail trader, you need to read a lot so that you can easily keep pace with the changes in the market. Always remember that this market is all about probability and no one can give you the guarantee you will have winning trades. So place a trade with low-risk exposure. The pro traders always make a profit by using the simple 2% rule of money management. Even if you place one trade based on high-quality market analysis, you can easily secure a huge amount of profit from that trade.

Extreme level of profit factors in currency trading

Most of the novice traders don’t understand the fact without having a precise knowledge of this trading industry, it’s almost impossible for a certain individual to make a consistent profit. If you can truly master the art of currency trading you can easily make a huge amount of money regardless of the performance of the world economy. When a certain currency is down, another currency is always up. So if you can find the perfect pair to place your trade you can easily earn money. Most importantly you have the complete control to determine your profit factor. For instance, if you take the bigger risk you can easily secure bigger profit. But you need to be extremely careful about the risk management factors to save your trading capital. Never take more than 3-5% risk any trade even though you have the perfect trading signals. Follow the conservative way of trading to limit your risk exposure.

The Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate refers to the apartments that are rented out to different tenants. It’s basically one property that has several units. Most people prefer to invest in these rental units because they are not complicated in terms of legal issues like the residential units that are rented to individual families. The advantage of these rental apartments is that you can always utilize the little available space to squeeze in more units which amounts to more income.

When putting up rental units, you can mix them with office spaces and business units. However, the business stalls have to be on the ground floor for ease of access by customers. Offices can be located in higher floors to allow the occupants to enjoy their privacy. Below is a list of benefits of pumping your money in commercial real estate.

  1. Guaranteed Cash Flow

Commercial real estate is like an evergreen farm. You will always have income as long as there are tenants occupying your houses. Even when times are hard, your tenants have to pay rent or they get evicted by your agent. In other words, your business will never get slow. This is due to the fact that there will always be a deficit in commercial real estate. There are many people that move into urban centers every year as they search for gainful employment. Besides that, every square foot counts in these rental units.

Residential homes on the other hand can at times remain unoccupied for a long period of time. Since such houses cost more than rental apartments, most people prefer to apply for mortgages. In addition to that, residential houses give more facilities to the tenants for less money. Those who invest in rental units benefit from tax deductions. The government gives this privilege to such investors to encourage them to put up more units.

  1. Appreciating Property Value

The value of rental units can never go down. In fact, the cost of renting a room in any location is deemed to skyrocket as demand for housing continues to rise.  Besides that, when you invest in commercial real estate, you get two assets in one. This is because you have a house that’s built on a piece of land whose value is always rising. Whoever will buy the house will automatically buy the land. Moreover, you can increase your rent charges as you wish without exposing yourself to legal battles. If tenants feel exploited by your charges, they can just move out to allow new tenants to occupy the units.

  1. Financial Security  

Commercial real estate is more secure than other types of investments such as stocks and bonds. This is because the returns don’t fluctuate like those of stocks. If you bought government bonds or stocks today, there is no guarantee that your earnings will not dwindle in the next five years. This is due to the fact that the interests of such investments keep changing to the disadvantage of the investor. Additionally, you can use your property to secure a loan. For more insights on commercial real estate, please visit

The Most Cost-Effective Ways for Businesses to Ship Overseas

As shipping now plays such a significant role in the way many businesses are run, there has been an explosion in the number of companies offering parcel delivery. Getting the balance between a safe and reliable service, with one that will help to maximise profits is paramount and so here we examine the most cost-effective ways for businesses to ship overseas.

Choosing a Service Appropriate for the Goods  

Perhaps the most significant factor to consider, when it comes to securing cost-effective shipping, is choosing a service that is appropriate for the type of goods that are being dealt with. For example, TNT offer a range of services with various additional options, for fairly robust items that have been well packaged, a basic economy service may be all that is required. For items that are either more fragile or extremely expensive, a more secure service may well be worth pursuing.

Avoid Using the Same Company for All Your Shipping

Leaving your options open when it comes to choosing a parcel delivery company is the best policy. Different companies offer different services with greatly differing rates and of course the rates change from time to time. Becoming complacent and opting to use the same carrier all the time can cost the business money and potentially be detrimental to the customer experience.

Packaging and Labelling

It may sound absurd, but the number of companies who use too much packaging, the wrong type of packaging and who mislabel items due to be shipped is surprising. Making sure that these basic requirements are done quickly and effectively is critical if the business is to find the most cost-effective way to ship both domestically and overseas.

Consolidating packaging is also something that, if done correctly, can help make for cost-effective shipping. Putting more than one item in the same shipping box could be an option if, for example, a customer has ordered multiple items.

Seek Out Discounts

Parcel delivery companies will often offer reduced prices to clients that ship items in quantity and regularly. Seeking to get discount for being a good customer is good business and can be achieved by finding a partner if your quantities or frequency doesn’t quite hit the required amount – is there a neighbouring company who may be in the same boat as you?

Achieving the most cost-effective ways to ship items overseas is all about leaving no stone unturned, evaluate your options carefully and don’t become complacent.

Dash – The Fastest Digital Currency Ensuring Anonymity

Dash (originally Xcoin and Darkcoin) is a digital currency and online payment network that has been in operation since January 2014. A DASH coin can be divided down to eight decimal places and its smallest unit is thus 0.000 000 01 DASH. The number of coins in the network is finite and it is estimated that the total amount will not exceed 18 million DASH. The network enables fast, cheap and completely anonymous payments all over the globe.

All the transactions carried out in the network are stored in blocks, one of which is created every 2.5 minutes. The blocks then form a public file called a blockchain that in fact works as a digital account book.

Secure Payments – Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is used to make cryptocurrency transactions possible. Each digital wallet has a unique address that is made up of a random combination of numbers and letters. When making a transaction, the addresses of both sender and recipient are recorded in a blockchain which can put your anonymity at risk. In this respect, DASH has the edge over Bitcoin. In the case of Bitcoin, your anonymity is secured only as long as your address is secret. However, when your identity is revealed and linked to your address it becomes easy to browse your transaction history. DASH allows its users to further protect their privacy so that the transaction cannot be linked to their address.

DASH is the first decentralized and autonomous organization in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is self-governing and independent of external influences. The future of the network is not determined by a small group of individuals. Instead, the decision-making is in the hands of the community of investors (also called masternodes) confident in the currency and possessing at least 1000 DASH each.

Getting DASH – Cryptocurrency Purchase

DASH coins can be obtained either through mining or online exchange. The currency has been very popular and therefore is supported by most cryptocurrency exchanges. There is no need to create a digital wallet when buying DASH through online exchanges. However, storing coins in your regular exchange account is not the safest option as there have been numerous cases of cyber attacks resulting in loss of the assets.

If you opt for storing your coins using a DASH wallet, there are several types to choose from. The most secure of them are hardware wallets. You can also use an online wallet or download a digital wallet to your device.

Like most of the cryptocurrencies, DASH is usually used for investments rather than for everyday financial operations. There is a great Dash trading Course for Beginners that you can use to guide you.  If you prefer trading Dash without the need to store the currency, you should use a CFD broker. The CFD brokers’ services are based on the changing value of the currency and enable you to invest in DASH without actually buying it. You just have to make sure your broker supports the currency. IQ Option and Plus500 are examples of credible brokers you can use to trade DASH. Both of the brokers also offer a possibility to set up a free demo account to practice trading without any risk.

DASH Price – Value Determinants

The value of DASH is based solely on supply and demand and their interaction. The more people use the currency, the greater the demand is and the price rises. Similarly, if the supply is greater than the demand, the value of DASH falls. Just as any other digital currency, DASH can be negatively influenced by programming errors, cyber attacks, etc.

Dash was originally called Darkcoin. As its name implies, it was often associated with illegal activities (drug trafficking, etc.). All cryptocurrencies can be easily abused in general. However, the level of anonymity in DASH transactions is much greater which makes it convenient to use on illegal markets. Although darknet is a stain on its reputation, it is safe to say DASH or any cryptocurrency for that matter hugely benefited from the existence of darknet markets.

How Do You Know You Are Getting the Best Web Hosting Deal?

Have you ever considered just how valuable a good hosting deal is? If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your official website up and running. This is the place where thousands of people come to do business with you. When they click on to your site, they expect to find a full range of goods and services available for them to choose. Your site is the place where people learn about your business and what it can do for them. It’s also your personal forum that you can use to communicate with the public and inform them of the latest news.

Your Website is the Most Important Promo Tool You Possess

It should go without saying that your official company website is the most important tool you possess for promoting your business. In fact, it’s safe to say that it is most likely the place where you do most, if not all, of your business with the public. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your relations with your domain hosting service provider are as professional and cordial as possible. This is one relationship that you would do well to keep on top of at all times, since it concerns the continued health and profitability of your business for years to come.

How Do You Know When You Have a First Class Web Hosting Deal?

There are several factors that you should keep in mind to let you know when you have a good hosting deal. To begin with, does your current deal include all of the essential elements that a modern business website needs to be truly competitive? For example, does your site have all of the latest e-commerce features, such as a web store and shopping cart? Is it a fully responsive website where all of the buttons go exactly where they’re supposed to? Is the site easy to upload new content, such as graphics and frequent updates, to? If the answer is yes, you have a good deal.

Customer Service is an Important Part of Your Business Relationship

Another important factor to look out for is the quality of your relationship with your hosting provider. If a glitch appears on your site, how many times do you have to contact your provider before it gets fixed? And how long does it take? If your site gets hacked, how long does it take for a professional to address the issue? When a charge appears on your bill that you don’t understand, how easy is it to get an understandable explanation from your provider? The level of service and courtesy that you get from your domain host should be the focal point of your loyalty to them.

If You Can’t Get Good Service, It’s Time to Move On

If you don’t feel that the level of service you get from your present domain host provider is worth staying with them, it’s time for you to move on. You can find an excellent deal with a new provider as long as you know what you are looking for. A bit of research on the web will get you a great deal with a provider you can do business with.

House Surveys: Which is Best?

Are you buying a home? Before you do you should have the property surveyed. But which survey is best?

Here we explain what you can expect from three different survey reports: condition report, homebuyers report and building survey.

You can learn a lot regarding the home you are thinking about buying with a survey according to the experts at A survey will identify any problems. It will also give you a great negotiating tool when dealing with the seller.

Different surveys

Potential home buyers tend to get one of the following surveys: home condition report, homebuyers report or full building survey. The homebuyers report is very popular. But there is no strict rule about which survey you need to do for the home you are planning to buy.

Guidelines for surveys are set out by the Institute of Chartered Surveyors which uses basic templates for each survey. Most registered chartered surveyors tend to base their reports on these templates.

Some surveyors, who belong to the SAVA scheme, provide another option: a home condition report. Unlike the homebuyers report, the SAVA (Surveyors and Valuers Accreditation) survey does not include a property valuation.

Homebuyers report

This contains greater detail than a home condition report. It identifies potential problems, for example, subsidence and damp.

The report also includes advice about essential repairs required and identifies anything that isn’t in compliance with local building regulations.

In this survey, the surveyor does not inspect walls behind household furniture or beneath floorboards, etc. The inspection will only identify any problems discovered at ‘surface-level’.

The report typically offers a property valuation and estimation of the full cost of rebuilding the property. The surveyor takes between two and three hours to carry out the inspection.

Which survey is most suitable? 

The homebuyers report is the most common survey requested by most buyers. It is suitable for properties which appear to be in good condition. If you are planning to buy an older property, then it is probably a good idea to get a full building survey done. This is more detailed, and the inspection is more thorough.

Cost of surveys

Survey costs vary considerably from one location to another. The size and style of property is also a factor which affects the price.

Different surveyors also offer different survey fees. It is a good idea to ask for at least three quotations before making a final decision.

Is a survey really necessary?

Yes, you will be spending a lot of money to buy your home. And a survey is another expense. But it is also a safeguard against purchasing a property with potential problems which might cost you even more in the long run trying to put them right. You need to be aware of any potential issues with a property before closing the sale.