5 Tips to Designing Signs That Will Grab Attention

The importance of advertising in today’s highly competitive business environment is more important than ever before. Everyone wants to attract new customers and marketing signs are one of the best and most effective ways to grab customer attention and expand your business.

Designing attention-grabbing signs is no easy task, however. The chances are that most of your competitors have already put a great deal of effort into designing signs and to be one step ahead of them, you will have to come up with a design idea of your own.

We present you with top five tips for designing signs that will grab attention.

Larger is Better

Larger signs will be more effective at grabbing attention because more people will be able to read them without a problem. Readability is a major factor to consider when designing signs, and the larger the signs, the easier it is to read.

Another important thing to consider is the distance that potential customers will be viewing your sign from. You should use larger letters if the viewing distance is greater than 100 feet.

Pick the Right Color

An eye-catching color should be a priority when designing signs that will successfully grab attention. Color will also play a major role in how easily customers will recognize a sign. Many of the world’s most popular brands use bright, easy-to-see colors that can grab attention from a great distance.

Colors such as red, yellow or blue are always a good choice because they are easy to notice.

Of course, you can be creative and use a combination of two or more colors, but remember that the most effective signs should be simple and easy to remember.

Be Original

You don’t have to be a design genius in order to come up with a compelling sign for your business. But you will have to use all of your creativity to make something that people would remember and that will set you apart from the competition. You don’t necessarily have to invent something revolutionary, but it’s important that your sign conveys your message in a unique and original way.

Tip: We recommend you design several signs and consider the marketing effectiveness of each one separately before you make a final decision.

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Send a Message

An ideal sign should send a simple, but powerful message to potential customers. It must be catchy and motivating. Most importantly, you need to make an offer that will make an impact and bring new sales.

Your message should, of course, be relevant to your niche and the type of product/services you are trying to sell. If you are to reach the right people, make sure you’re offering them what they need.

Keep it Relevant

As we have already mentioned, the sign that you’re designing should be relevant to your business and include only the most vital information. It should be a shortest possible summary of the product or services that you are offering.

Keep in mind not to overdo do it by including too much information, as it would make it harder to send your message.

The Most Cost-Effective Ways for Businesses to Ship Overseas

As shipping now plays such a significant role in the way many businesses are run, there has been an explosion in the number of companies offering parcel delivery. Getting the balance between a safe and reliable service, with one that will help to maximise profits is paramount and so here we examine the most cost-effective ways for businesses to ship overseas.

Choosing a Service Appropriate for the Goods  

Perhaps the most significant factor to consider, when it comes to securing cost-effective shipping, is choosing a service that is appropriate for the type of goods that are being dealt with. For example, TNT offer a range of services with various additional options, for fairly robust items that have been well packaged, a basic economy service may be all that is required. For items that are either more fragile or extremely expensive, a more secure service may well be worth pursuing.

Avoid Using the Same Company for All Your Shipping

Leaving your options open when it comes to choosing a parcel delivery company is the best policy. Different companies offer different services with greatly differing rates and of course the rates change from time to time. Becoming complacent and opting to use the same carrier all the time can cost the business money and potentially be detrimental to the customer experience.

Packaging and Labelling

It may sound absurd, but the number of companies who use too much packaging, the wrong type of packaging and who mislabel items due to be shipped is surprising. Making sure that these basic requirements are done quickly and effectively is critical if the business is to find the most cost-effective way to ship both domestically and overseas.

Consolidating packaging is also something that, if done correctly, can help make for cost-effective shipping. Putting more than one item in the same shipping box could be an option if, for example, a customer has ordered multiple items.

Seek Out Discounts

Parcel delivery companies will often offer reduced prices to clients that ship items in quantity and regularly. Seeking to get discount for being a good customer is good business and can be achieved by finding a partner if your quantities or frequency doesn’t quite hit the required amount – is there a neighbouring company who may be in the same boat as you?

Achieving the most cost-effective ways to ship items overseas is all about leaving no stone unturned, evaluate your options carefully and don’t become complacent.

How Do You Know You Are Getting the Best Web Hosting Deal?

Have you ever considered just how valuable a good hosting deal is? If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your official website up and running. This is the place where thousands of people come to do business with you. When they click on to your site, they expect to find a full range of goods and services available for them to choose. Your site is the place where people learn about your business and what it can do for them. It’s also your personal forum that you can use to communicate with the public and inform them of the latest news.

Your Website is the Most Important Promo Tool You Possess

It should go without saying that your official company website is the most important tool you possess for promoting your business. In fact, it’s safe to say that it is most likely the place where you do most, if not all, of your business with the public. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your relations with your domain hosting service provider are as professional and cordial as possible. This is one relationship that you would do well to keep on top of at all times, since it concerns the continued health and profitability of your business for years to come.

How Do You Know When You Have a First Class Web Hosting Deal?

There are several factors that you should keep in mind to let you know when you have a good hosting deal. To begin with, does your current deal include all of the essential elements that a modern business website needs to be truly competitive? For example, does your site have all of the latest e-commerce features, such as a web store and shopping cart? Is it a fully responsive website where all of the buttons go exactly where they’re supposed to? Is the site easy to upload new content, such as graphics and frequent updates, to? If the answer is yes, you have a good deal.

Customer Service is an Important Part of Your Business Relationship

Another important factor to look out for is the quality of your relationship with your hosting provider. If a glitch appears on your site, how many times do you have to contact your provider before it gets fixed? And how long does it take? If your site gets hacked, how long does it take for a professional to address the issue? When a charge appears on your bill that you don’t understand, how easy is it to get an understandable explanation from your provider? The level of service and courtesy that you get from your domain host should be the focal point of your loyalty to them.

If You Can’t Get Good Service, It’s Time to Move On

If you don’t feel that the level of service you get from your present domain host provider is worth staying with them, it’s time for you to move on. You can find an excellent deal with a new provider as long as you know what you are looking for. A bit of research on the web will get you a great deal with a provider you can do business with.

The Things You Need to Know When Doing Business in Japan

Japan is a leading center for innovation, with its highly attractive business and living environment – making it one of the ideal locations to grow business in. As a survey by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) demonstrates – Japan has a stellar reputation among Western and Asian companies which are attracted to its Research and Development (R&D) capabilities and advancements and well-developed laws (i.e. intellectual property rights).

However, despite that companies are continuously pulled to Japan’s shores because of a number of reasons, and while it ranks as the world’s third largest economy; when it comes to ease of doing business, it lies in the 114th place – making the country quite difficult to penetrate.

For many businesses, particularly the Westerners’, the Japanese culture and their ways of doing business are often quite difficult to understand. It’s like trying to read emoticons not knowing what they mean – you are never really sure what’s going on in business meetings and negotiations and there is always that hesitation to ask questions because you might not get a straight answer or no answer at all.

Often times, the perhaps-most-asked-question, “why is business in Japan so difficult?” demonstrates the challenges faced by firms. However, rather than discussing the pitfalls of entering the Japanese market, it is better to consider the following tips of the things you should bear in mind when doing business in Japan.

Do your research.

Now, this might be a very obvious thing to do when establishing businesses anywhere. But when entering the Japanese market, there is no winging – conducting significant market research in Japan before launching your service is very crucial as it is one of the primary keys of creating a winning market entry strategy.

One of the important things to conduct research about is understanding the Japanese consumer behavior. According to Nicolaos E. Synodinos – in his paper “Understanding Japanese consumers: Some important underlying factors” published in the 2001 Japanese Psychological Research – understanding the “critical factors is a necessary, although not sufficient, condition for the development of theoretical frameworks of Japanese consumer behavior.” Moreover, he added that pinpointing the important factors that affect Japanese consumption can broaden one’s understanding of consumer behavior, in general.

Create a digital presence.

Japan has the reputation of being technologically advanced. This means that they are very much aware and can easily adapt to the modern technological changes, particularly the social media. One of the most popularly used social media platform in Japan today is Instagram.

While the rest of the world use these applications merely for entertainment, the Japanese people understand that there is more to using them than just sharing photos, they utilize them as tools to share experiences.

Grab the opportunity to create a well-thought-out digital strategy and web presence. This will not only capture consumers’ interests and attention but will demonstrate that you are serious about being successful and most importantly, will create legitimacy.

According to an article written by Gary Mcrae, there are three critical points to consider when creating a Japanese website: always use a native Japanese copywriter, make sure that the owner or the CEO of the business is on the website, and always remember to put the FAQ page as it will help build trust among the inquisitive Japanese consumer.

Learn the Japanese business etiquette.

Aside from having a competitive mindset, the Japanese put a high level of value on etiquette and the different protocol during business affairs. And because this holds true to foreigners as well, though the Japanese are generally forgiving to foreign partners as long as they show respect and effort to understand the Japanese culture, it is important that you learn even the basics.

While it holds true that the nature and make-up of market in Japan is quite different from the rest of the world and thereby “has been characterized as an enigma to most foreign observers”, analysts believe that in terms of quality of growth, its rivals – particularly China which has a love-hate relationship with Japan (over issues such as world war, Nanjing massacre, and territorial disputes) and overtook Japan in 2010 to become the world’s second-largest economy – still lag Japan.

How to Become a Successful Etailer

The number of ecommerce and etailer businesses are continuing to rise. In fact, by 2020, online purchases are predicted to represent 14.6% of all sales worldwide, reaching a staggering $4.058 trillion.

While shopping malls and stores are experiencing a decline – of the 1,200 malls across the US, only half are expected to remain open by 2023 – thanks to convenience, competitive pricing and fast delivery services, ecommerce businesses are experiencing an unprecedented boom.

But with so many new ecommerce businesses appearing, how can you launch a successful etailer?

Social Media Presence is Key

Social media for etailers can do two things: build brand reputation and increase customer base. Social media provides an opportunity for online businesses to increase their presence, interact with customers, drive conversations, and give their brand a personality. Posting social media stories, answering questions and liking comments can all help to drive traffic, helping your ecommerce business to become successful.

Find Your Marketplace

There are two ways to operate an etailer: either by building your own website or launching a store through an existing marketplace. Each method has benefits – for example, a website allows you to design your own customer service and update your site’s SEO (make sure it’s optimized for mobile); while large marketplaces (such as Amazon and Etsy) are popular and viewed as trustworthy.

Software and Services

When starting your etailer business, you may be a solopreneur, or have one or two employees. Either way, with limited staff, it is essential to speed up and automate processes. This could include outsourcing accounting or hiring a software developer to build your website. This can free up time for core business activities – helping your company to grow faster – and make your business look more established and professional.

Think About Your Customer

Customers are vital to the success of an etailer business and should be your primary focus. Going the extra mile for your customers can help you to stand out from your competitors and  there are many ways to increase customer satisfaction. This could include: evaluating prices, offering free upgraded delivery, rewarding customer loyalty with promotions and discounts, and offering fantastic customer service.

Only Launch When the Above is Complete

Finally, wait before you launch. While you may be excited about your new ecommerce venture and eager to open your business, the launch is your chance to make a fantastic first impression – this is crucial to success. You only get one shot, so wait until everything is ready and in place.

As ecommerce continues to thrive, now is a great time to start an online business. Hopefully these tips will ensure your business is launch ready and help you become a successful etailer.

3 Things I learned While Working in Commercial Real Estate

Venturing into real estate offers individuals an opportunity to interact with people from diverse sectors. You’re able to develop a wide variety of skills that transform you from a newbie to a who’s who in the commercial real estate industry. But for you to succeed in anything, you must have sufficient passion to enjoy your career and enough resilience to pursue it.

Most people consider real estate to be a complicated endeavor. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Philadelphia commercial real estate contains all the information you need to start investing in real estate.

I learnt these 3 things while working in commercial real estate:

  • Networking is crucial

A huge part of the real estate business involves networking and making numerous connections. If you’re the reserved, introverted type, you’ll probably learn a great deal from real estate. It’s one of those careers that prompts you to be at your very best at all times. So volunteer for an organization, visit your favorite coffee shop more often, join a gym or get a golf membership at the local club. Introduce yourself to people and make new friendships. Those connections might prove to be beneficial in the future.

When speaking to potential clients, avoid talking a whole lot about yourself. Some real estate brokers just love rambling about themselves rather than talking about important real estate business. Here’s another tip: instead of trying to connect with dozens of people within a short span of time, focus your quality time on one individual at a time. This way, you will create better bonds and longer-lasting relationship with clients.

  • Get a mentor

As the adage goes, no man is an island. You’ll need a lot of professional help as you maneuver through the murky waters of commercial real estate. Be proactive and have an exquisite attitude. This will help you to be more approachable. Apart from showing some genuine interest towards senior brokers, be teachable. Listen to the words of real estate modules. Have one-on-one conversations with people that will add value to your life and career. Ask questions and seek clarifications where necessary.

It’s tough when you’re starting out in commercial real estate. It’s possible to close one or two deals within the first few months – what matters is your persistence. So get a few mentors, learn from them, research the market and learn your way around the ropes.

  • Maintain current trends

Many brokers make the mistake of sticking to their guns even when their peers learn advanced techniques of closing deals and making new connections. One thing I learned from this industry is to evolve. Maintain the learning curve and engage with the latest trends and technologies. After all, your ultimate goal is to become a lion in the real estate jungle. Be willing to actively learn new skills, expanding your technical knowhow to stay ahead of the pack. It also pays to follow your gut. Remember, life will throw you a lot of lemons. What you do with the lemons is entirely up to you. Make lemonade!

How to use discount codes for your business

Entrepreneur minds should concentrate on sales to help their business increase profit, customer base and continued production. Attaching this cannot be done on having a single channel but widening the possible ways to increase opportunities and take the advantage. The buying behavior is rapidly changing and tracking the customer and keeping him/her is a challenging experience all together.

There are various things that one need to cope with especially when doing business. Marketing your business will depend with your creativity and innovation and also how best you will be able to sustain the demand of the destined market. Online businesses are very competitive and require high quality marketing to draw customers near and always promising to act in their favor. Coupon Cause are the modern marketing tools especially online where the placed discounts lead to flock of sales, points redeeming and earning prestigious prices for the customers involved.

Benefits of offering customers a discount

Loyalty may not be easy to pay especially for long term customers but it is a hard one because new customers think they don’t qualify as they have just arrived in the channel. This should not be the case, those that have contact with the business need to be rewarded and always. Getting a new customer look at your product is hard but simple having a reward for a customer who get involved in your product. Discount in this manner will fetch you a great width of customers because they enjoy rewards.

Social media platforms have seen an increased number of marketing and advertising. This has however not left out the use of coupon code and discounts. It works easily when customers get information on their news feed. The fan or loyal customer will have a link posted in his feed. Those getting it for the first time will react and comment depending with the product feature and reward. All this will get back to you as you can monitor the progress. Also it is easy to display this discount code for the various products through tweeting and displaying the discount codes. This gives you a chance to enlarge the customer base and creating chances of converting them into prominent customers.

Dealing with coupon discount code:

1. Place them and attach an information that shows how you can win a discount. This is very vital to boost your business and also get customer informed. To some they prefer saving rather than rushing to discounts it’s your information sheet that can overturn them.

2. Social media platforms are the cheapest option to have a multiple following of customers and access to the rewards. It is the most visited and searched station than getting your advert in the world wide web where one may not tell the spelling of your product. Here the product advert can reach them through a friend and the game continues.

Businesses that use the discount code always get a good chance to prosper, and offer their customers something to keep them connected. As though you are gifting someone for a good job well done, this also helps reward those who are involved in your business even at the entry level.