Accounting, Compliance and Healthcare, Oh My!

Running a business can be challenging in many areas, but some of the most challenging issues are accounting, compliance, and healthcare. Making sure that you are compliant with all laws can be a full-time job, and if you don’t have a proper HR department or if you aren’t working with PEO companies can help you through this process, you may experience situations you aren’t sure how to handle.

If you are asking, “what is a PEO?,” the short and simple answer is a PEO is a personal employment organization. A PEO helps a business handle their HR either by providing them with the information they need to self-service or by taking over all operations.

Common Challenges Your Company Should Be Aware Of

Being aware of common challenges can help you navigate through the sea of laws with which you are working to comply.

The Assumption That Profits Always Mean Cash Flow

Even if you take on a $100,0000 project that is only going to take you $50,000 to fund, you should not book $50,000 profit. Many things could hold up the deal and other factors that could cause costs to rise.  If that is the case, your estimate is wrong, and you’ve recorded incorrect numbers.

While you might want to write down every deal for your income column as it comes in, you need to refrain from doing this as it gives you a distorted picture of your company’s health. Profits do not always mean cashflow.

Failing to Classify Employees & Contractors Properly

If you classify employees as contractors, you could get into hot water. States like California are cracking down on misclassification of employees. Some companies have improperly classified employees as independent contractors because there is less responsibility to be had without employees. While it may seem like a good idea, you need to make sure of your state’s laws and classifies someone as an employee or a contractor.

Not Understanding Healthcare Laws

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires you to learn key parts of the law and make changes as necessary. Some of the things you need to keep in mind are the 90-day maximum waiting period. Many companies already had this period in place, but others were making their employees wait for long time periods before they made healthcare available which is why ACA put this in place.

FSAs (flexible spending accounts) can receive unlimited contributions from the employer, but only $2,650 from the employee per year. There are a couple of options available when you want to roll over employee’s FSA accounts each year. You can learn more about these options here.

While employer wellness programs and other activities that support healthier workplaces are not mandatory, the ACA creates incentives for employers to implement them. The maximum reward for these programs has increased from 20 percent to 30 percent of the cost of health coverage. For programs designed to reduce or prevent tobacco use the incentive is 50 percent. You can learn more about this here.

Payroll & Taxes

Payroll and taxes are one of the most confusing parts of HR. If you have remote employees, this can make matters even more confusing. You’ll have to figure out specific tax rates for different variations of employee classifications, make sure you are withholding the right amounts, and that you are paying the government quickly enough.

It is possible to take care of payroll in-house, but this can cause complications and make things more expensive vs. saving the company money. Payroll is another area that you might find having a partnership with a PEO company helpful. They can take care of your payroll and ensure everything is compliant in this area, so you don’t have to worry about steep fees and legal challenges.

Employee Handbook

Having an employee handbook is important when you want to protect yourself from compliance challenges. The more in-depth and specific your handbook is, the better. If you come up against a situation what you did not foresee, this can cause challenges that can cost you valuable resources such as many and time.

You can use a template for your employee handbook, so you don’t have to start out from scratch, but make sure that you get something down for people to have something tangible to look through and know what behaviors are expected of them and what behaviors are not acceptable.

Safety & Workers Compensation

Until you have a safety issue, you might not think about this area of your business too much. When you are dealing with workers compensation claims, this could be a different story. Make sure you have proper worker’s compensation insurance in place so that you can continue to do business even after an accident takes place.


As you can see, there are many things to think about when it comes to all of these issues in your business. Making sure you are compliant, providing proper employee benefits, and that you are taking care of your accounting department and necessary tasks are vital to the longevity of your business.

If you are unsure about how to proceed in any of these areas, you should speak with a business law attorney or consult your PEO if you are partnered with a PEO that is well-versed in compliance issues and all areas of HR. Knowing what is required of you will make it easier for you to comply.

4 Blog Audits that Will Inspire You to Invest in SEO

If you feel like your blog is a little stale, there are plenty of things you can do to spruce it up, but you won’t know what they are if you don’t do a good blog audit. Understanding where you are with your blog is the best way to figure out what you need to do to get where you want to go.

You could be thinking that you need to focus on creating more content when you find out that the content that you currently have doesn’t get any contents, traffic is low to all but one blog post and you have very few backlinks. Obviously, you need to focus on promotion in this case.

If you aren’t inspired to work on your SEO, you should know that more and more people are coming online and using search engines every day. There are many opportunities for you to get in front of people that are looking for what you have, but they don’t know about you. Let’s go on to talk about 5 blog audits that will inspire you to invest in SEO.

1. Do You Have Control of Your Site?

Your first thought is probably – yes! Of course I have control of my site.

When you look a little closer though, your site could be governed by someone else. If you are on a site like, you have to abide by their rules or you aren’t going to be allowed to stay and play. On the  other hand, if you are on, you are on a self-hosted CMS where you can do what you please with no one in your way.

If you want to have more control over your site then you need to move from to Make sure that you have a your domain name ready as well as your hosting service that you want to use and you will be able to get your new site started. is one of the best platforms for SEO. You can not only optimize the standard site, but you can get SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and use them to help you hone in on your on-page SEO techniques.

2. How Are Your Headlines?

Making sure your headlines are properly optimized for search is important. Not only should you ensure that your keyword is in your headline, but you also need to make sure it is optimized to get clicks. CTR is now a ranking factor for search engines like Google. If you are getting a lot of clicks when people search and see your site that means you are likely to be a good option so they will keep showing you in the search engines.

3. Visuals

Visuals are an important part for you blog. No one wants to read a post that has been formatted poorly. People care about presentation and this is why having your visuals set up properly is important. If you have images on your site but they are not keyword optimized in the alt tags, you are missing out on some extra help in the serps.

4. Formatting

While formatting may not play directly into your SEO strategies, it will make an impact. If people come to your site and see a big block of boring text, they are going to click back quickly and that bounce rate is going to go up on your site. You don’t want to go for a bounce rate record so it is time to make sure that your site looks appealing. Will people want to stick around and see what the text actually says or are they going to click away because of the lack of formatting and care to visual appeal?


Making sure that your SEO strategies are going to bring in ROI is important, but you won’t know how it is going to work for you unless you get started. It can take a while to rank in the search engines if you are a new site. If your site has been around for a while, it might not take you as long to rank, but it can still be a serious challenge to have the patience necessary to see the results come to pass.

When you are looking at the amount of time that it will take for you to rank for any given keyword, there is no sure answer. There are so many factor that go into the Google algorithm that you have to do your best, target multiple keywords and continue to provide value. This is the way to get the best results in the search engines and trying to game them is not going to work.

If you haven’t done your own blog audit, you should look at the content that you currently have to see if it could be tweaked and change to bring in more traffic through inserting keywords or changing up the title to be something that is more attractive to searchers.

Learning about SEO doesn’t have to be hard and learning to invest in SEO is a must. Your competition is doing it and if you aren’t stepping up to the plate, they are going to be able to keep attracting all of the search engine traffic.

What are your best blog audit tips? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

5 Things You Should be Aware of Before You List Your Home as an Airbnb

Are you interested in making some extra money by renting out your home on HomeAway, VRBO or Airbnb? While it is possible to rent out your home in this manner, there are many things you have to be aware of before you make this move. The fact that you will rent out your home to complete strangers means that you have to be ready for anything. However, with good research and knowledge of how rental services operate, you will be in a better position to make the decision. You can trust Airbnb management service to rent out your home and make some money from this service.

Here are 5 things you need to be aware of before you list your home as an Airbnb:

  1. Is your property allowed on Airbnb?

This should be the first thing you need to know. Not all types of properties are accepted for leasing at Airbnb. If you live in a rented condominium or an apartment, it is important that you consult your condo board or your landlord before you can rent it out on Airbnb. Many of the apartments and condos have a number of complicated rules that could work against your ability to rent these out on Airbnb.

  1. Seek insurance advice

You need to seek advice on the insurance issues regarding your property. You are at a financial and personal risk when you let strangers live in your home. What does your home insurance policy cover? What does it say about letting out the property? What are some of the liabilities that the insurance company is ready to take? You need to asses all the risks and probably take the Airbnb insurance for any risks that you could get into. You also need to think of the risks your guests are likely to fall into while in your home.

  1. Safety checks of the Airbnb guests

The fact that you are hosting complete strangers to your home means that anything can happen. You do not want any security breaches at your home. The right thing to do is ensure that your guests scan and give you their national identification documents so that you can avoid horror stories associated with anonymity. It is also true that the two-way review system that Airbnb applies to guests and hosts is a way to keep security checks in place. However, as a host, it is your responsibility to ensure that safety and security are in place all the time.

  1. Do your research and homework as a host

For you to know the right fee to charge for your home or property, it is advisable that you should do your homework and know what others are charging for similar properties. What are others in your community charging? Read other listings to get a feel of what their prices are like. What amenities should be availed to your guests? What would attract more guests to your property? Read online or find references for better knowledge of the Airbnb accommodation industry.

  1. Relations with your neighbors

Think about your neighbors. How do you think they will react to your hosting on Airbnb? There are some neighborhoods where renting out of your property or leasing on this platform could be prohibited. Get to know the rules of your neighborhood for you to avoid any fines that could come with this.


How Much Data Do You Really Need?

The Internet is a very crucial part of our daily lives. In fact, it is just as important as the electricity and gas connection. For that reason, many families have opted for unlimited packages for their monthly use. They go with such packages because they don’t want to worry about what will happen if they run out of bandwidth. However, you might want to consider all the money you are wasting on that volume of data you may never use or do not need to use. You can actually save money by knowing how much data you really need.

By comparing and calculating the use of various popular websites, you can find out how much data they approximately consume. While tallying the results with the numbers on your bill you can find out if opting for a package is better suited for you. Look at your bills, and see if the amount of data that you are using can be attained through data packages. This is especially helpful if you want to cut down your expenses and increase your savings. In most cases, you’ll make a better choice if you switch to a different plan that fits your data needs just right. You can compare more internet plans at once from several providers at CompareMyRates or by just going to the providers’ websites and comparing everything manually. Either way – a different plan will cut down your internet expenses if you know how much data you really need and use.

And if you think your usage is beyond any package, you can make certain changes to your settings to decrease data usage without really giving up on your usual internet activities. These days, you do not even have to worry about what will happen if you run out of your monthly data allowance. At maximum, your company might switch you to a slow internet package unless you pay for the purchased package.

All you need to do is a little comparison and analysis of the data you use to know how much of it you really need. Here are the stats of certain popular websites and apps, which you can use to determine your broadband package:

Approximate Data Usage

You can calculate your data usage approximately by knowing the amount of data used and the time you took to consume it. The rate may vary based on your content quality, which plays a huge role in the amount of data consumed.


According to data suggested by the census, most Australians browse the web for 48 hours on average, each month.  Typical web pages consume up to 2.5 MB, which adds up to 7GB per month. Facebook, on the other hand, consumes a bit more data if you consider the image-heavy format. It uses 2MB per minute, approximately, while the average user spends 20 hours on the website, the total monthly usage racks up to 2.5 GB. Netflix is becoming just as important as Facebook and Google these days. If you are streaming your favorite shows on auto settings, you may be using as much as 39GB per month.

Music Streaming

If you are streaming at 320kbps, you may never use more than 144MB. You can bring the number down to 72MB by using the Free tier of Spotify as you would be streaming at 160kps. The quality may not be the same, but you are saving up. Apple music uses up to 155 MB per hour as it only streams at 320kps whereas Google Play adjusts to the quality of internet you have.

Renting or Buying Video Content

You can create a huge change in your data usage by renting or buying movies and TV shows. A lot of it also depends on the video quality and file size of the content. You can find this information easily on iTunes, but Google’s Play Store does not work with the same format. The results, however, are very similar. Renting movies per month can add up to 16GB of data usage.

YouTube Usage

The video content king uses internet based on the quality of videos you are watching. A low-quality video may consume 1.6 MB per minute while a good quality video will use up to 12MB per minute.

YouTube Usage 1080p 720p 480p 360p 240p
Per min. 12.4MB 7.4MB 4MB 2.66MB 1.6MB
Per hour 750MB 450MB 240MB 160MB 100MB


Gaming and Skype

Not everyone uses internet for gaming and Skype but these two make up the primary usage of many other users. If you are one of them then you should know that Skype does not use too much internet. Your usual video call uses about 360KB per minute which approximately add up to 25MB per hour. The voice calls are even cheaper. Gaming, on the other hand, can be a big eater of internet bandwidth.

If you are playing games online, you have nothing to worry about as it mostly does not use a lot of data. Usually, your data usage for online games is up to 50Mb per hour. If you are playing and downloading games on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or your computer, then your usage can go through the roof. Most new releases add up to be more than 60GB per download while the post-release updates may rack up to a gigabyte. You can, however, find out how big the game is by checking the description before downloading it.

Data Saving Habits

You might think that the amount of data you use is fixed but that is not true. You can definitely save GBs by making a few changes that do not require you to decrease the time you spend on the internet specifically.

While streaming and downloading videos from the internet, look at the video quality. Higher resolution means greater data usage. Go to your video settings on YouTube or other video streaming websites and decrease the streaming quality.

You can also save up quite a lot by tweaking your Facebook settings. Instead of having the videos on autoplay, go to settings and only stream the videos that you want to watch.  This way, your browser will not stream videos beforehand and keep you from consuming your precious data package.

If you are someone who prefers to download their movies and videos before watching them, you too can save up a little by opting for SD quality rather than HD. Always remember to check the size and quality of the file before you download it and know that the time it takes to download has nothing to do with the amount of data being consumed.

With all this being considered, you should start comparing offers from internet providers in your area and switch to a plan that better fits your data needs. You’ll save a lot in the long run.

8 Things You Need to Do to Succeed in Your Work-at-Home Business

Just about everyone dreams of being his or her own boss, and the internet has unleashed a new way of making money: working at home. Don’t be fooled by all the thousands of dollars a month income guarantees out there, however; working at home is tough and it takes dedication. This doesn’t mean you won’t succeed, though, you will. You just need to do the following things.

1. Take Time Off

It’s tempting to work 24/7/365 when you’re working out of the comfort of your home but don’t. As with a brick-and-mortar job, you need to take time off annually for a relaxing and rewarding vacation. You also need to take at least two days off a week to ensure you don’t burn yourself out and succumb to work-related stress. Work a normal 40-hour-a-week schedule.

2. Take Breaks

Work a normal eight-hour-a-day schedule, too. There’s a reason why employers are required to give their full-time employees three breaks per eight-hour shift, you need to stop what you’re doing and relax for a few moments in the morning, during lunch, and in the afternoon. This increases your productivity and keeps your mind fresh and in the right place.

3. Take Personal Time

You still need to go to the doctor, dentist, and keep your other personal obligations, and this is hard when you have a home business. Give yourself personal time off when you need it, just as your boss would when you work for a company that offers this option for personal needs. American Advisors Group employees rank the company high for its personal time policies.

4. Remain Physically Fit

Unless your home business requires you to be active, you must be cautious that you do not put your physical condition at risk by sitting in front of a computer all day. It’s easy to lose yourself in your work, and before you know it, the pounds will pile on, as will their related illnesses. Stay in shape. Give yourself time to work out to keep your body and mind sharp.

5. Have Quality Family/Friend Time

Don’t make the mistake of never seeing your family and friends again. Work-life balance is as important for a home-based business as it is for a brick-and-mortar business, and you should never become so absorbed in your work that you never see your family or spend time with your friends. Place equal importance on your life outside of your job.

6. Sleep

Don’t work 24/7 or make the mistake of spending too much time with your family just because you are home and then having to stay up all night to work. Sleep deprivation causes an inability to focus on your work and numerous health issues. Get a good night’s sleep each night just as you would if you had to go to a place of employment daily.

7. Eat Right

It’s also important to maintain a healthy diet, and for many, that’s actually easier to do when you work from home. When you’re already home, you aren’t as inclined to head to the closest drive-through on your lunch break, nor are you as inclined to get that greasy hamburger from the cafeteria. Take breaks and a lunch hour and enjoy healthy snacks and meals.

8. Do What You Love

Many people think that as long as they get out from under an oppressive boss they will succeed, only to find they hate their work-at-home job just as much if not more. You need to love what you do in order to achieve success. AAG Reverse focuses its business on happy retirements, something you’ll never get to if you don’t love what you do while working.

Working at home is rewarding and you can succeed at it, but you must treat your at-home job like an office job. Work eight hours a day, take breaks and a lunch, and make certain you keep your work-life balance in check. This ensures you succeed in your at-home business.

How Does an Employer Select an Effective Accountant for Their Small Business?

At some point, financial matters become too complex for small business owners to handle on their own. This is when hiring an accountant is necessary. Whether a company handles all the hiring in-house or partners with accounting staffing agencies Los Angeles, there are certain criteria to look for when making this critical employment decision.

Assess Your Needs

In the accounting field, there are two major categories of accountants to choose from: certified and non-certified. The latter typically handles functions such as bookkeeping, financial analysis and financial statement preparation. If you require these services along with tax return preparation and tax advice, it’s best to hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Ask for Referrals

An accountant has access to your company’s sensitive financial data, so you need someone who is trustworthy. You have several options for finding prospects who have a reputation for handling their employer’s confidential records with integrity. You can do the following:

  • Ask friends, family and business associations for referrals
  • Conduct online searches on a business network, such as LinkedIn
  • Enlist the services of hiring agencies Los Angeles

Focus on Relevant Qualifications

There are a few factors to consider when hiring an accountant. One, make sure the applicant has experience working in your industry. Two, find out whether he or she has worked for a company of your size and revenue. Three, look for someone who has a working knowledge of the accounting software you use in your business. This makes sharing financial documents easier and safer. Finally, consider an accountant who has a proven track record of saving an employer money.

Bringing an accountant onboard is a major step for a small business. This provides you with the expertise you need for improving the overall financial performance of your company. The best candidate is a professional who understands your needs, maintains high integrity and possesses relevant experience. If you’re ready to hire a top-tier accountant, contact Beacon Resources today.


Make Money Working at Home Using SEO Clerks

Have you heard about SEO Clerks? Are you convinced it can earn you money online, or maybe you are thinking about how it really feels like to be making money online just sitting at home?

The main scope of this article is to shade light on how you can start earning online using this site. You can also click here and learn more on how you can make yourself some cash, even when staying at home.

What is SEO Clerks?

This is an online market where freelancers sell their skills and employees hires them to perform different tasks concerning their abilities.

It was initially developed to offer services on SEO, but currently, they have expanded their market to adopt a different set of services.

Creating an account

Creating an account is the ultimate first step of making money on this site. Opening an account with them is completely free of charge.

When signing up, it is important to always give the correct details like adding your real picture.

When you are done with your details, move to a tab to sell a service. Create a service you will provide; it is vital to describe your services in the simplest way giving all information as clearly as possible.

When all this is done, you can share the services you offer on blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. This move helps in advertising your services to a wide range of audience, hence increasing your chances of getting clients.

Probably you are asking yourself what you can sell on the site.  Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. You can join here:

What can you sell?

Well, you are in a position to sell anything from Programming, Blogs, Article writing Music and video editing, Graphic design, SEO services gaming and excreta. The only requirement needed is your time and dedication.

Personally, I’ve earned a lot of money with them just by editing music and videos and writing articles, you too can make money online.

Methods of payment

The site has partnered with legitimate payment companies all over the world. In the event of completion of a task given to you by a client, of course you will get paid. But how do you get the money to reach your pockets? Well, there are many different payment methods that the site uses such as such as PayPal, SolidTrust pay, Payza and Payonee. You can choose one of them and make your transactions.

How to make money quickly

Other than offering your services, there are several different ways you can earn money on the site but search has identified one critical method of easily earning money in there.

  1. Become a reseller

SEO Clerks is one of the websites globally that offer different services at a lower price. For this reason, many people have ventured into buying services cheaply from them and reselling them on other websites such as Fiverr at a much higher price earning themselves some profit.

For instance, find a seller on SEO Clerks that is offering  5000 Instagram followers for one dollar, you can buy this service twice. Meaning you will be getting 10000 followers on Instagram for just two dollars.

After getting the seller who offers this service, create a gig on Fiverr that offers 20000 Instagram followers for just 10 dollars. Offering 20000 followers on Instagram for 10 dollars is quite cheap on Fiverr and be assured of getting lots of clients.

So if you get a client on Fiverr, you give the service to your already identified seller on SEO Clerks to do the task for you. If you do your arithmetic right, you are assured of 8 dollars profit by doing completely nothing.

Social media is the real deal now and using this method and with it you can always find something you can do to earn you some extra cash.

Tips on how to retain clients on SEO Clerks

There are many sellers available on the site that offers the same services as you do. It’s vital to always maintain your customers by giving the best services possible.

Here are some few tips to you can use to retain and get more customers.

  1. Always try as much as possible to deliver your assignments on time.
  2. Be fair and realistic on your pricing.
  3. Still, go the extra mile to please your clients.
  4. Do the clients job as specified.
  5. Always remember to thank your client for considering you for their job
  6. Readily be available for your clients

If you follow these simple tips, the possibility of retaining your clients is high. Moreover, you can get to have positive review that in turn can increase your sales.