Do You Really Know What There Is to Know about Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency was fashioned off the groundbreaking work of Satoshi Nakamoto, a.k.a. the founder of Bitcoin. To this day, nobody knows for sure whether it is a legitimate individual, a consortium of cryptocurrency brainiacs, or an AI program that created the world’s first mainstream blockchain currency.

The raison d’être for Bitcoin’s creation was simple: Bitcoin totally disrupts existing fiduciary money systems and creates a new system of payment that is decentralised and runs on a peer-to-peer network. Anonymity, cost savings, and frictionless transactions are hallmarks of Bitcoin. While this definition is certainly impressive, it does not do justice to the genius of this cryptocurrency.

The entire blockchain system runs on cryptography – independent of central bank intervention, manipulation, controls, or oversight. Since it is fully decentralised, every node on the blockchain network has control over the network. It cannot be hacked since there is no central database or server for hackers to attack. Whenever any imperfection is spotted, the community corrects it and traces the source of the problem.

Wilkins Finance expert, Hamish Montgomery Jr summed it up with an accurate cryptocurrency definition. According to Montgomery, ‘Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is transferable between 2 or more parties over an electronic network…The identities of the sender/buyer and the receiver/sailor are kept anonymous.’ The entire definition extols the virtues of the digital currency market.

Are There Unlimited Bitcoin in Circulation?

Here’s the clincher: Nobody has control over the Bitcoin blockchain network. When maximum production is reached on the logarithmic function, a total of 21 million Bitcoin will be in circulation. Presently, there are around 17 million BTC circulating. In order to function effectively, there must be ‘consensus’ within the Bitcoin community. This is nonnegotiable. The value of Bitcoin has whipsawed wildly in the last year. In fact, it traded close to $20,000 until December 17, 2017, before giving up approximately 50% of its value to its current trading level.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin remains the dominant digital currency by trading volume and market capitalisation in the world. And that’s no mean feat. Consider for a moment that there are some 1,569 cryptocurrencies in the world. That does not take into consideration the impending ICOs that are waiting to go public. Presently, there are an estimated 9,500 markets hosting these digital currencies. The dominant player in the arena – Bitcoin accounts for $151.786 billion of all value in the system. That amounts to 43.7% of the total market capitalisation of all 1,569 cryptocurrencies (valued at $347.285 billion) *

If so Much Money Is Invested in Bitcoin, Why Are There Are 1500+ Other Crypto Currencies?

True to form, Bitcoin makes up 43% of all investments in cryptocurrency. Viewed in perspective, this is mind-boggling. There are many other major players in the industry, including Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, NEO and Stellar to name but a few. The total market share of these 8 digital currencies makes up approximately $278 billion of the $347 billion market cap of all digital currencies. That’s a staggering 80% top-heavy in the top 8 digital currencies. The other 1500+ digital currencies are fighting for their share of the remaining 20%. At its zenith, market capitalisation was approaching $900 billion – it appears that we are a long way from that benchmark – but you never know…

*The market capitalisation figures in cryptocurrency are subject to change at a moment’s notice. This highly volatile market can rise or fall dramatically within hours. However, the percentages tend to hold true – Bitcoin is the dominant player in the cryptocurrency market.

5 Tips to Crypto Trading

In the past, earning an extra income was possible for investors who simply bought and held cryptocurrencies. The strategy of purchasing virtual coins at cheap prices and selling them months or years later at a higher price is, unfortunately, not as easy today as it was before. With the addition of more coins in the marketplace, the entry of institutional funds from stock exchanges, and the emergence of futures and other types of contracts, earning from cryptocurrencies is becoming an art that is almost exclusive for skilled traders.

The cryptocurrency market is characterized as a highly volatile one. To provide you a picture, the total capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market has increased by roughly twenty times from January to December of last year and has lost by more than sixty percent in value from the all-time high in December up to the beginning of February this year. Its high volatility has opened up opportunities for traders to get high rewards and to acquire huge losses as well. As a beginner, cryptocurrency trading may sound a bit intimidating. But in reality, anyone can earn from crypto trading; with the right discipline and the basic knowledge of managing risks and setting targets. Read more about the five tips to cryptocurrency trading and start getting additional income without leaving your home.

  1. Stay updated on the news.

The movement of the cryptocurrency market is largely driven by the developments surrounding the cryptocurrency space. For example, news about governments implementing strict regulations on cryptocurrencies can drive the price down, while companies opening their doors to cryptocurrencies and huge personalities promoting the use of crypto can help increase the price. While you should always be updated with the news, it is important for you to avoid making hasty decisions.

  1. Do not FOMO.

FOMO is a widely understood term in the cryptocurrency space which is abbreviated from a phrase, “fear of missing out”. This happens when the price of a specific coin suddenly shoots up and people immediately come in to join the hype. What usually happens is that the coin holders who bought them at cheaper prices will start selling, causing a reverse in the momentum, and leaving people who did FOMO at loss. Avoid buying at the climax of the hype, set your entry points properly, and do not panic sell.

  1. Set a tight stop-loss order.

Technical analysis is one of the essential skills that must be learned by every trader. People may use different market indicators and interpret the trends and patterns with bias. But what you should always take note of is to set up a tight stop-loss order. Cut losses immediately and, similarly, set a reasonable target. It doesn’t matter whether you earn 2 or 20 percent in a single trade because that will eventually add up if you follow your targets and stops with discipline.

  1. Know the coins that you are trading.

For years, Bitcoin has proven itself as the most dominant cryptocurrency in the world. Altcoins or alternative coins are different. Some of them has overtaken Bitcoin in terms of growth while most of them constantly lose value over time. Do not buy coins or tokens from ICOs without doing any research. Avoid putting all eggs in one basket and remember to always manage your risks.

  1. Use trading software.

With the cryptocurrency market running 24/7, the need for trading software arises. Aside from placing orders in a split of a second and at any time of the day, using trading software also eliminate the factor of human emotions that can result in a big loss. There are different smart trading applications online that you can use to improve your trading performance. One of the swiss army knives of cryptocurrency trading today is the Crypto CFD Trader – a highly efficient trading program specifically designed by economic experts to generate favorable results in contract-for-difference trades. Check it out now and see for yourself.

Should Traders Follow the Forex Masters Strategy?

When traders are following the strategy of Forex masters, many traders think that they should not follow these strategies. These strategies are made and worked up by the professionals. You cannot expect to make a profit when you are trading in Forex with another strategy. Though these professional traders have been in this market for trading along time, it does not mean you can trade the market for their strategy. A lot of people are in confusion if they should use the strategies simply made by the professionals or they should work on making up their own strategy. This is a hard question to answer and if you read this article, you will know if it is safe to trade the market with the professional trader strategy.

Making money in the online trading industry is one of the most difficult tasks that you will ever face. Trading is often considered as the most sophisticated business in the whole world. You need to study the IB broker account type before you get fully invested in this section. It’s not like that you will simply place trades and make money. You need to learn the perfect way to analyze the market. Discipline is the key to success in the financial industry. Before you start assessing the IB broker account type, you need to ask yourself whether you will be able to trade this market after overcoming all the obstacles.

Developing the perfect system

Creating your trading system is very challenging. You need to learn about support and resistance level trading since it is one of the easiest ways to find good trade setups in the financial industry. Based on your trading strategy you need to choose the Juno account type. In the early part of your trading career, you will have to face lots of losing trades but this doesn’t mean that you are the ultimate losers in this industry. Aim for high-risk reward ratio trade setup so that a few winners can easily cover up all of your loss.

Trade with your unique trading system

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is these strategies that are being followed by the professionals in Forex are their own strategies. If they are using the positional trading strategy, you will find that there are some things which are not in the primary strategy. It is because they have worked hard, they have traded the market with these strategies and the final strategy is that one you are seeing right now. All of these strategies have been made up for their own trading markets to work and if you trade in the different markets, your strategy is not going to work. You should remember that there are different trends in the markets.

Some traders like to trade with the volatile trends when others trade with the favorable trends. All of these things can make your strategy change and if you do not develop and work for your own strategy, you cannot trade the market. Before you start going for help to these professionals, we should advise you that you use your own strategy. It may be wrong and there might be many mistakes. It is your money and you should trade it with your strategy.

Use professional strategy after your trying

If you still cannot make money in Forex, we advise that you take Forex education from them. These professional traders give education the traders of the market strategies, how to trade and they can teach you something helpful for your career. If you think you should use their strategy, take the courses from them. It will help you to understand their style. They think differently than the other traders and that is why they are professional. Use their strategy only when you cannot make your money after trying.

Why Trading is So Popular in Today’s World

People all over the world is always struggling hard to secure their financial freedom. You might have high-class education and skill set yet there is no guarantee that you will be rewarded with the perfect job. For this very reason, people always look for alternative source of income to support their family. But when it comes to choosing the best source of alternative income we have many options. But the smart investors always Forex trading as their part-time income source since it allows them to make a huge profit even with a small amount of trading capital. Most of the high-class brokerage firm will offer you high leverage trading account which will help you to place big lot size even with small trading capital. If you can truly master the art of Forex trading, high leverage trading account will be a blessing to you.

Be your own boss

No one wants to lead their lives under the supervision of other people. But in every profession you will have to face your boss. This is why many people often consider trading as their full-time profession since they will be the boss of this business. As a currency trader, you don’t need to trade this market with other people trading system or advice. If you can follow the market movement and place quality trades based on your market analysis, you will do perfectly fine. But becoming the boss doesn’t mean you will trade this market without any discipline. You need to understand the fact discipline is the key factor in the Forex market. Without having precise control over your emotion, it will be nearly impossible for you to deal with your trading loss. For this very reason, the pro traders always trade this market with strict discipline.

You can secure your financial freedom

Trading is one of the most elite class profession in today’s world. If you do so some research you will understand the exponential growth of active traders in the Forex trading USA community. Some novice traders often say the nature of this market is totally random. But the price every currency pairs always follow some specific rules. The pro traders always use the repeated pattern of the Forex market to place high-quality trades. Once you truly master the art of Forex trading you can easily secure your financial freedom. As a retail trader, you need to read a lot so that you can easily keep pace with the changes in the market. Always remember that this market is all about probability and no one can give you the guarantee you will have winning trades. So place a trade with low-risk exposure. The pro traders always make a profit by using the simple 2% rule of money management. Even if you place one trade based on high-quality market analysis, you can easily secure a huge amount of profit from that trade.

Extreme level of profit factors in currency trading

Most of the novice traders don’t understand the fact without having a precise knowledge of this trading industry, it’s almost impossible for a certain individual to make a consistent profit. If you can truly master the art of currency trading you can easily make a huge amount of money regardless of the performance of the world economy. When a certain currency is down, another currency is always up. So if you can find the perfect pair to place your trade you can easily earn money. Most importantly you have the complete control to determine your profit factor. For instance, if you take the bigger risk you can easily secure bigger profit. But you need to be extremely careful about the risk management factors to save your trading capital. Never take more than 3-5% risk any trade even though you have the perfect trading signals. Follow the conservative way of trading to limit your risk exposure.

Dash – The Fastest Digital Currency Ensuring Anonymity

Dash (originally Xcoin and Darkcoin) is a digital currency and online payment network that has been in operation since January 2014. A DASH coin can be divided down to eight decimal places and its smallest unit is thus 0.000 000 01 DASH. The number of coins in the network is finite and it is estimated that the total amount will not exceed 18 million DASH. The network enables fast, cheap and completely anonymous payments all over the globe.

All the transactions carried out in the network are stored in blocks, one of which is created every 2.5 minutes. The blocks then form a public file called a blockchain that in fact works as a digital account book.

Secure Payments – Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is used to make cryptocurrency transactions possible. Each digital wallet has a unique address that is made up of a random combination of numbers and letters. When making a transaction, the addresses of both sender and recipient are recorded in a blockchain which can put your anonymity at risk. In this respect, DASH has the edge over Bitcoin. In the case of Bitcoin, your anonymity is secured only as long as your address is secret. However, when your identity is revealed and linked to your address it becomes easy to browse your transaction history. DASH allows its users to further protect their privacy so that the transaction cannot be linked to their address.

DASH is the first decentralized and autonomous organization in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is self-governing and independent of external influences. The future of the network is not determined by a small group of individuals. Instead, the decision-making is in the hands of the community of investors (also called masternodes) confident in the currency and possessing at least 1000 DASH each.

Getting DASH – Cryptocurrency Purchase

DASH coins can be obtained either through mining or online exchange. The currency has been very popular and therefore is supported by most cryptocurrency exchanges. There is no need to create a digital wallet when buying DASH through online exchanges. However, storing coins in your regular exchange account is not the safest option as there have been numerous cases of cyber attacks resulting in loss of the assets.

If you opt for storing your coins using a DASH wallet, there are several types to choose from. The most secure of them are hardware wallets. You can also use an online wallet or download a digital wallet to your device.

Like most of the cryptocurrencies, DASH is usually used for investments rather than for everyday financial operations. There is a great Dash trading Course for Beginners that you can use to guide you.  If you prefer trading Dash without the need to store the currency, you should use a CFD broker. The CFD brokers’ services are based on the changing value of the currency and enable you to invest in DASH without actually buying it. You just have to make sure your broker supports the currency. IQ Option and Plus500 are examples of credible brokers you can use to trade DASH. Both of the brokers also offer a possibility to set up a free demo account to practice trading without any risk.

DASH Price – Value Determinants

The value of DASH is based solely on supply and demand and their interaction. The more people use the currency, the greater the demand is and the price rises. Similarly, if the supply is greater than the demand, the value of DASH falls. Just as any other digital currency, DASH can be negatively influenced by programming errors, cyber attacks, etc.

Dash was originally called Darkcoin. As its name implies, it was often associated with illegal activities (drug trafficking, etc.). All cryptocurrencies can be easily abused in general. However, the level of anonymity in DASH transactions is much greater which makes it convenient to use on illegal markets. Although darknet is a stain on its reputation, it is safe to say DASH or any cryptocurrency for that matter hugely benefited from the existence of darknet markets.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing at Least a Small Percentage of Your Net Worth into Cryptocurrency

Investing in your future is a smart move. When you are in your 20s, you may not be thinking about the future and the need for investments. However, it is when you are young that you should begin to get in the habit of investing in your future. Whether you invest in stocks, your company 401k, or in cryptocurrency, starting your investments when you are younger is a great way to ensure that you have a plethora of funds when you are of retirement age. If you are new to investing, this article will highlight some of the reasons that you should consider investing at least a small percentage of your net worth into cryptocurrency. To learn more about the newest investment trend, you can learn more on

  • Easy to do. When you invest in cryptocurrency, there are many ways to do so. You can choose the type of cryptocurrency that you want to invest in which means that you have just as much flexibility in this as you would in stocks. Because cryptocurrency is perhaps the newest way to invest in your future, you may think that it would be difficult to do. The truth is, however, that investing in cryptocurrency is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. The first thing that you will need to do is to conduct some research on the types of cryptocurrency exchanges that are available. In addition, you will need to determine how you will store your cryptocurrency. Some choose to invest in a virtual wallet, while others prefer to store their currency on an exchange. Both options are quite simple and will not take a great deal of time to learn how to manage.


  • Trendy. Cryptocurrency is the newest and latest craze when it comes to making investments. Perhaps the reason that it has caught on so fast is because of its accessibility. To invest in cryptocurrency, you can do so online, from the comfort of your own home. It is perhaps, because of the level of accessibility to the internet and that has contributed to the success of cryptocurrency.


  • Less fees than other ways of investing. When you invest in stocks or a company 401k, you will most likely need to work with a stock broker or a financial advisor to help you make sound decisions when it comes to your investments. While this is a smart move, doing so will cost you money as you will need to pay for the advice that you are given. However, if you plan to invest in cryptocurrency, you can do so on your own without having to hire a financial advisor or pay for a stock broker.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a great way to start off planning for your future. With the accessibility to the internet, low fees, and the ease of making a sound investment with whatever exchange you choose to use, you will be off to a great start when it comes to planning for your future.

Investing in the History of the Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan silver dollar has played a big part in the history of the United States. Having been minted and used for circulation from 1878 to 1904, stopped and then minted again in 1921. The Morgan silver coin is valuable both for its base material and its historical value. As a collector, you may be interested in the Morgan Dollar for it’s historical past. That hunger to not only know more, but to invest in its history and therefore reliability, is probably what lead you here today.

Let’s talk about the history, why it’s a reliable investment and the material itself. We will follow the Morgan Silver Dollar trends of the past, present and future.

History Repeating Itself – The Interesting Past

The 1873 Coinage Act caused the United States to have its currency directly tied to Gold, since Silver was then demonetized. This sudden move, impacted the economy greatly. Farmers now had to pay more due to the increases in interest rates. Interest rates were directly affected by the decrease in the money supply. Farmers were negatively affected, this was attributed to farming’s inherent heavy cost, due capital-intensive operations in agriculture. Some would say that the actions taken by the Coinage Act was the beginning of the end of the dollar’s strength – not true in many cases.  Once demonetized, silver plummeted and in the meantime, the Coinage Act continued to further drained the GUSTO! Out of the American economy, pushing it into an even deeper recession.

To help buoy the economy, as well as calm the farmers and miners, the Bland-Allison Act in 1877 was enacted. The Bland-Allison Act returned the United States to a bimetallic standard country, with coins using both Gold and Silver.

Due to the specific clauses in the legislation of the Bland-Allison Act in 1877, the Treasury was forced to buy silver every month at around two million dollars of silver, with the price being tied at 16 ounces of silver for 1 ounce of gold. During this time, a big silver mining boom followed with the discovery of rich silver veins in Nevada and other states. This led to the flooding of silver in the market which was then dumped into the treasury. This contributed further to inflation and therefore, a deep recession. With such a crippling recession, the minting of silver was stopped in 1893. The silver reserves were then minted again in 1918 and buying and minting silver was resumed shortly in 1921. This was short lived, it was eventually stopped for good.

The Morgan Silver Dollar

The Morgan Silver Dollar is the result of the Bland–Allison Act and is designed by George Morgan. A Morgan Dollar is 90% Silver and 10% copper, being termed as Cartwheels because of their dimensions. This is an aesthetic coin reminiscent of cowboys slinging guns, the sound of trains and the wild west.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is dubbed as the King of Silver Coins due to its popularity and its purity. While some silver coins are much purer, no other coin carries a much bigger historical value and aesthetic.

Silver: Not All That Glitters is Gold

Silver by itself is already a great store of value as well as being an important industrial material. This stable and constant demand is proven by how the price of silver moves. In fact, the price of silver is trading at a stable and tight range for 2017. This was highlited in the “Trends of Gold & Silver After the New Administration”. Silver opened in the year at around $15.50 per ounce and entered the 2017 high of $18.50 per ounce at around April 2017. Silver then ended the year at around $17.19. As of February 2018, the price of silver has hit the resistance levels and is going down, and if the trading price range is still valid, the price of silver should still reliably continue its sideways movement in the market.

What does this mean for your Morgan Silver Dollars? Barring any global negative event, silver should continue to remain in a reliable trading range which means that Morgan Dollars at the minimum can have a stable price and even have a higher chance to increase since the value of its collectability goes higher.

If you are interested in investing in silver, now is the time to think about your options. With the recent volatile stock market we are experiencing in 2018. And investor fears of inflation, can cause the price of silver to increase when they all begin to hedge in order to protect their assets.  Having a Morgan Silver Dollars makes a much better investment, it contains both inherent silver value and the added worth of being collectible. Plus, historically, when the dollar weakens, the price for precious metals goes up.

The Future of the Morgan Silver Dollar

As what can be seen in the price chart of silver above, any financial investment related to silver can be deemed as a safe haven for storage of value. What the Morgan Silver Dollar adds is its historical and aesthetic characteristic. As more collectors become enamored with historical coins, the market for Morgan Silver Dollars grows. This makes the Morgan Silver Dollar a great investment tool.

The Numismatic value of the Morgan Silver Dollar is quite high. With a sizeable yet limited numbers in the market, the Morgan Silver Dollar is a great way to fight against inflation with a long time tested metal.