Four Things to Remember Before Your Big Day in Court

canstockphoto3915894Whether you’ve been in court thousands of times or just for a traffic infraction, it is always a nerve wracking experience. Although you can’t calm all of your nerves before walking through the courthouse doors, there are a few things you can do to make the big day a little bit easier. Here are some basic but important factors to consider when preparing for your court date.

  1. Dress to Impress

Since first impressions are lasting impressions, it is very important to dress a little nicer than you might normally. If you need to refresh your wardrobe, check out some of Macy’s formal wear. That way you can save some money and leave a great impression on the rest of the courthouse.

  1. Know Your Stuff

As you approach the bench, it is absolutely crucial that you are familiar with your case front to back and know where you want to go with it. You need a strict game plan, a back up, and a plan C. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be and the more confident you are the better you will do in front of the judge and jury.

  1. Respect the Courthouse

This should go without saying, but always respect the members of the court to the utmost level. Always refer to the judge as your honor, and the jury by their proper titles. By being polite, yet still addressing them, they’ll feel a connection with you and be more likely to agree with you in the verdict.

  1. Keep it Minimal

Not that you have anything to hide, but the less everybody in the court knows, the better. Obviously you will need to answer any and all questions truthfully, but if it isn’t a vital detail to the case, it is best to simply leave it out. If the opposing counsel brings it up, try to answer with as much detail in a short answer. This way you’ll look professional, prepared, and totally comfortable.

Lastly, remember to relax and breathe on the big day. Keep your cool and be confident. You’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve prepared, and you’re ready to go… Now just go get it done!

Need a Lawyer?

All people hope they will be able to go through their lives without the need to hire a lawyer to represent them in a protracted legal battle. However, these situations occasionally present themselves. When you encounter a point in your life when legal action is the only way to get the compensation you deserve, it is important to hire the right lawyer for the job. This process is not as simple as picking up the phone book and calling the first name you see listed under attorneys. If you have that sort of cavalier attitude when it comes to selecting workmans comp lawyers, you will be doing yourself a serious disservice. You need to take the selection of your lawyer very seriously. This is because he or she will be the difference between you winning or losing your case. Choosing a lawyer is a critical decision. Here are some ways you can use to go about finding one.

1. Talk to family and friends

There is an extremely good chance that someone close to you has been forced to hire a lawyer at some point in their life. Ask around and see if any of the people in your life can give you a positive recommendation when it comes to a lawyer in your area. The great thing about asking these people for a reference is that you can trust what they are telling you 100 percent. These is because they will have no reason to steer you in the direction of a specific lawyer for their own personal gain.

2. Go the online route

If you strike out during your quest to get references from family and friends, all is not lost. Fortunately, we live in the age of the Internet, where you can find just about anything online. This includes reviews of lawyers who practice in your immediate area. There are many sites that provide such information, so simply perform a search in order to find them. You will be able to read detailed reviews chronicling the experiences various people have had with lawyers. Based on the reviews that you read, you can make a list of the ones you want to talk to.

3. Meet with lawyers in person

Set up some free initial consultations so you can get a feel for what the lawyers are all about. After you talk to several lawyers, choose the best one based on the information you have gathered.

Wealth Creation Tips

canstockphoto5579807While many people desire to become wealthy (whatever definition that is varies vastly among people) their desire must be backed even more so with a strong motivator. It is not enough to simply want to have significantly more money if you are actually hoping to achieve it. You must find within something that will push you to achieve in ways you may have never experienced before. Lets look at this parallel as a comparison.

If you are in fairly poor running shape and you said I want to run 10 miles today, it is very unlikely that you would or could. Not only are you not in shape for it, but there most likely is not enough of motivator to push you to do so since it would be such a difficult feet to achieve to begin with. If on the other hand you introduce a strong enough of a motivator, this could likely change regardless of the shape you are in. Lets say you would be offered one million dollars to do so, could you do it? I would say yes. Or perhaps something more life threatening to yourself of a loved one made it absolutely necessary to run a distance of 10 miles to get help, could you do it? Again probably yes.   While you will likely not be faced with this kind of decision or necessity to “create wealth” you do have to find something very motivating to do so. I also want to tell you that a simple answer of money itself will almost for sure not do. Despite what some may say, money itself is not enough. Try to look for something tangible from it. One thing someone told me was they had a very difficult job and life circumstances, not your run of the mill type but really difficult times for this person. They where able to propel themselves to study and dig out from their hole and achieve great things because they wanted a better life based on owning a home and a job as an engineer.

I can’t stress enough on the will and desire for this or any other pursuit in life for that matter. You will not get far without a rock solid determination and persistence at all costs attitude. Also here is a tiny bit of encouragement in this. For those who have truly fought for something often are not only more thankful but are often more successful than others who seemingly did not have to try as hard. Michael Jordan the famous Basketball player failed and never made his high school basketball team. But he persisted! With this kind of desire, you start to forget about failure altogether. Failure is something that pushes people back into a pit but with enough determination it will not matter, you will keep going for broke each time.

Read, read and read some more on wealth building strategies and determine what kind of methods work the best for you and given your situation. For some the path is shorter, for others longer but reading ways and educating yourself in this pursuit will give you the tools you need to implement methods that are tailor made for you.

Another thing to keep in mind, is be thankful in as much as you feel you can be then increase it even more. Meaning try to be thankful for everything. You may have to work at this to start, many of us are only temporarily thankful for extra ordinary occurrences in life and this robs us of happiness. Thankfulness is another key that can help you out in life. Studies have shown that Gratitude actually increases your quality of life. While many people think that money alone will do this, don’t be fooled, it can but it will not if your mind set is not right to begin with.

I am sure many people where hoping to read a bunch of tips on what to do specifically with their money in this article. However the truth is, there are thousands of tips on this and finding info on this is as easy as reading it online. I feel the true factor in determining what makes you or breaks you is your will power, determination and increasing this is the first step in pursuing your dreams.

Investing–One of the Three Keys to Growing Wealth

dividend-main_fullOne of the keys to wealth is to have no debt.  Without debt, the money you earn is yours and yours alone.  You don’t need to repay principal and thousands of dollars of interest over the life of a loan, which automatically gives you more money than most people because most are saddled in debt.

However, just being debt free isn’t the only solution to growing your wealth.  You must also have a reasonable income, though reasonable probably depends on your standard of living.

Yet even a debt free lifestyle and a reasonable income aren’t enough.  The third piece of the puzzle is to grow your money.  The best way to do this is to invest in a variety of different markets.  Investing will grow your money, giving you much more than you originally had.  Investing is how people of modest incomes are able to donate millions when they die.

Being debt free, having a reasonable income and investing can make you wealthy.

If you don’t know where to start investing, there are ways you can learn.

You can take formal classes at a college, but that can be expensive and time consuming.  Another way to learn is to search the web for free online classes.  Believe it or not, there are free online classes that will teach you the basics of investing.  You’ll learn the terminology as well as investment strategies.

For those who prefer to learn by doing, you can jump right into investing, safely, by participating in practice investments.  For instance, you can try foreign exchange trading on a large broker’s site.  Many of the larger brokerages offer an area where you can conduct practice trades before moving on to real trades.  This allows you to gain experience and confidence before investing, and risking, your money for real.

Finally, you can look for a mentor who will help you learn the investing ropes, so to speak.  This person should be a good teacher who can explain why he invests the way he does.  However, don’t follow his investments exactly.  Learn first what your risk tolerance is.

Investing successfully is the last part needed to grow your wealth after being debt free and having a reasonable income.  While investing might seem intimidating, there are plenty of ways to learn how to invest.  As you gain more experience and knowledge, you’ll feel more confident about your investments.  Then, you’ll likely begin to enjoy the entire experience.

The Truth About Booze and Your Health

When it comes to your health, knowing where to draw the line on how much alcohol is safe to drink can be tricky. Most people know that abusing alcohol is bad and that over time alcohol abuse can have a negative impact on your health, not to mention your wallet. What about all those studies that say drinking can be good for you? Is there any truth to them? How much alcohol, if any, is the right amount to drink and stay healthy?

The bad news first

According to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2008, heavy drinking is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Not surprisingly, the cumulative effects of consistently having a few too many drinks can lead to several serious chronic conditions. Besides cirrhosis of the liver, you could end up with dementia, cardiovascular problems, stroke, high blood pressure or depression.

Don’t forget the beer belly. It’s no myth that a drinking problem can lead to a weight problem. Besides the calories contained in the drinks themselves, alcohol is also an appetite stimulant.

Unfortunately, when it comes to drinking, there is no one-size-fits-all plan that everyone can follow for optimum health. How much you can drink is determined by your current health issues, your family history and your gender.

Men, Women and the Bottle

It may not be fair, but it’s a fact that alcohol affects the health of men and women differently.

It is common knowledge that a pregnant woman should not drink, but did you know that researchers have found women who drink even as little as one drink a day increase their risk for cancers of the breast, liver, rectum, throat, mouth and oesophagus? Experts across the board agree that a woman with a family history of breast cancer would be well-advised to abstain from drinking altogether.

The good news for men is there is no evidence to suggest that light to moderate drinking will increase their risk of cancer.

Let’s Drink to Your Heart!

There is more good news. As long as there is no history of cancer in your family, your heart could actually benefit from having a drink a day. You may also be glad to know that you aren’t limited to red wine, as many have been led to believe.

Most experts agree that it is the pattern of drinking that has the greatest impact on health and not the particular beverage of choice. Antioxidants like resveratrol are found in higher amounts in red wine, which may be the reason why some doctors might recommend it over other choices.

Of course, if you aren’t already a drinker there is no reason for you to take up the habit. The increased heart health benefits only apply to women over 50 and men over 40. Taking up drinking makes even less sense for a woman when you weigh the limited heart health benefits against the elevated cancer risks.

For light or social drinkers, the great news is that your drinking may protect you against dementia and type 2 diabetes, as well as lead to relaxation and stress reduction. Reduced stress can lead to a positive attitude and studies have shown that people with positive attitudes are happier and healthier over the long run. One study even showed that social drinkers were more likely to exercise regularly, another key factor in maintaining good health.

Light drinkers are in a great position for saving money when it comes to insurance. Many insurers, in an effort to reduce costs related to poor lifestyle habits, are providing savings incentives for their members who want to get healthy.

This means that if you exercise regularly, don’t smoke and drink only moderately, you can save yourself some cold hard cash. Insurance providers know it costs less to insure healthy people, and they are happy to pass the savings on to you.

Of course, no matter what your drinking habits are, you could still be paying more than you have to for your insurance coverage. The best way to ensure you are getting the most for your money is to compare the market online and find the best health insurance cover that suits you the most.

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Having Fun on a Budget

If you’re on a budget, you may not think that you can have a lot of fun.  But, in fact, your budget should actually make the opposite come true – you should be able to have a lot of fun.  The trick is, you need to plan for it, and that is why fixed spending activities make the best things to do when on a budget.

Going to the Movies

A good example of a way to have fun on a budget is to go to the movies.  The reason? You pretty much know exactly how much you are going to pay, and what you’re going to get for it.  For example, a ticket costs $10, so multiply that by 2 and you get $20.  Maybe you will share a drink and some popcorn, add $10 more dollars.  Does $30 fit within your fun budget?  If so, you’re set!

Odd Activities That Work

Going to the movies was just one simple example.  There are actually a lot of odd activities that you wouldn’t normally associate with budgeting that could work.  For example, you could go gambling on sites like  The trick is setting up a strict budget to follow.  You could set aside $100 to spend.  In return, you may be able to make that money last for a whole afternoon or longer.  The important thing to remember is to not add in more money if you’re losing.  You need to follow your budget when playing online casino games.

Fun to Avoid

Finally, there are some types of fun that you really should avoid if you don’t want to break the budget.  For example, you shouldn’t go out to fancy dinners.  First, you never know what you’re going to order or the cost in advance.  And then you have to add in the cost of drinks, and top it all off with a tip of about 20%.  This can add up really fast and break your budget.

The Top 5 Highest Paying College Degrees

Graduation CapAn education has long been the method for improving social status and wealth. Over the centuries, it has become accepted rite of passage in Western societies to get a four-year degree in order to become a professional adult and join the white-collar workforce. I guess there’s something less stressful about having student loan debt rather than having to get pay day loans each week. 🙂

Many high school graduates flock to college campuses every year because the median college graduate earns nearly twice as much as a high school graduate. However, not all college degrees are created equal. Based on research from Georgetown, these are the 5 highest paying degrees by average median starting salary for an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

Mechanical Engineering – $58,000

If you like to build stuff, this job is for you. Although you should know that instead of a hammer, you might be wielding some complex formulas. Mechanical engineers use math and physics to design and create everything from robots to toys. Starting median salary is at $58,000.

Electrical Engineering – $57,000

Do you see a trend yet? Engineering is a great degree to hold if you want a large starting paycheck.

Electrical Engineers start with a median salary of $57,000. However, with a graduate degree, you can nearly double your median salary to $106,000. Electrical Engineers live in the world of circuit boards, resistors and switches. If it has anything to do with electronics, there is an electrical engineer working behind the scenes.

Computer Science – $50,000

I type on this boxy-looking thing called a laptop, and for all I know it works on pixie dust and speaks Klingon. However, there are some individuals who understand both how to make computers and how to program them. Such skills will always be beyond me, which is why my college degree didn’t pay a median salary of $50,000 to start with.

Nursing – $48,000

People will pay a lot of money to stay alive. If you want to get into the “keeping people alive business,” but don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands attending medical school, spend 8 years in college and several more years in clinical and residency, then nursing is the degree for you. Nurses have a median starting salary of $48,000 and one of the lowest incidences of unemployment – 4 percent.

Economics – $48,000

Not only is economics one of the five best-paying four-year degrees, it is one of the best degrees to hold if you want to be in the top 1% of wage earners in America. One in twelve economics degree holders earns over $500,000 in income each year. Economists analyze economic data to determine how businesses and economic establishments work. They command a starting salary of about $48,000.

I encourage any money-making idea that will boost your personal penny hoard, and most college degrees will help your collection of shiny copper.