Bounce Basics: How to Deal with a Bad Check?

If you are a business owner, chances are you need to accept check payments from customers and clients. Now, when you process a significant number of checks in a month, there will be a few that get returned by the bank. While it is frustrating trying to deal with a bad check, there is no need to raise an alarm. Dealing with bounced checks is very much a part and parcel of business operations. If you follow the right steps and keep calm you will resolve the problem.

Apart from insufficient funds, checks can be returned by a bank due to a host of other reasons. Banks may a return check following a signature mismatch or if the check paper doesn’t match their security requirements. This is why, if you plan to order checks online for business, it’s recommended to buy it from a reputed firm. Following are 6 simple steps you need to follow to deal with a bounced check.

Contact the Customer: Just because the check got returned doesn’t mean the person who wrote the check did it intentionally. If you are dealing with an ethical person, he or she would probably take the effort to pay you in cash or transfer the fund electronically. In most case, the person requests the recipient to redeposit the check at a certain date.

Try and Deposit the Check Again: If the person is unresponsive, then it’s best to wait for a few days and then redeposit the check. Sometimes checks get cleared on the second try because it gives the check writers enough time to sufficiently fund their accounts.

Call up the Bank: If you fail on the second attempt, there is no point in keeping on going back to the bank. Now, you need to prepare yourself for taking legal action. Before you send a certified letter, give it one last try by contacting the bank. Tell them that you hold a check for a certain amount and request them to verify if the account is sufficiently funded. If the account has enough money, make your way to the bank and cash the check.

Send a Letter: Now, that all attempts of cashing the check have failed, it’s time to follow the legal course of action. Send the recipient a certified letter to legally inform him that the check has been returned by the bank and you are still awaiting to receive your due. There is no need to be creative, there are plenty of online letter templates for returned checks you can print them out and add your details.

Prepare to Press Charges: You can either contact the local district attorney’s office or hire a legal firm. Sending a letter notifying the bounced check is a prerequisite before you take this step. This is why ensure you send the person who wrote the check a certified letter first.

Sue in Court: Follow the legal procedure to file a suit. Returned check cases are usually pretty straight forward and you should be able to recover the amount due plus damages.

Get Furniture When Your Budget Says No

There is nothing more frustrating when you need to buy or replace furniture and your cash flow cannot support your needs. Maybe you are moving out of a furnished home and into an unfurnished place. Maybe your furniture is falling apart or not as functional. Before you panic, there are a few options you can consider to obtain your much-needed furniture.

Get A Loan

The easiest, and quickest way, to buy your furniture is to get a personal installment loan. You will be able to get up to $2000 and approval takes anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Payment terms are often required to be fulfilled within 6 months and payments are scheduled based on the frequency of your paycheck. This also means that your approved loan amount will be based on how much income you make. Another great reason to use a personal installment loan is that they do not check your credit score and avoid losing points based on an inquiry.

Finance With A Local Furniture Store

Whether it’s a bed and mattress or a new loveseat, many furniture stores offer financing to help you get exactly what you need. They often promote no money down and no interest. The no interest offer is usually based on paying the loan off within a certain amount of time, such as 12 or 24 months. This is a very good option if you have excellent credit. If you have less than stellar credit, some stores will work with you on a special type of loan. Do read the fine print carefully regardless of the type of financing you are approved for, especially the no interest offers. We have found that a number of stores have very high-interest rates once you go past the promotional period. We do recommend speaking with a local furniture store as opposed to chain companies. The small local places are sometimes a far better option in terms of financing and interest rates and are more willing to work with people based on need rather than a credit score.

Rent To Own

More and more towns are seeing various rent-to-own shops pop up that seems like a great deal. They are a good option if you have no other option. They offer fine furniture that is very functional and can make obtaining financing extremely easy. Here is the downside to this option, it’s very expensive. If you choose to go this route, read your contract very carefully. Payments are based on the frequency of your income and span over a specific amount of time (which ranges based on how much you are purchasing and the terms posted for those items). Interest rates tend to be high and the final amount of what you have paid in principal and interest often totals three to four times the value of your purchases. We only suggest this option when every other option has been exhausted.

Find The Freebies

When you are broke, don’t discount the value of finding free furniture! Ask family and friends, you never know who might be buying new furniture and need to get rid of their older items. Check to see if anyone is unloading unwanted pieces. Craigslist is a great resource for curb alerts and freebies. If you are recovering from homelessness, fleeing a domestic violence situation, or bouncing back from a tragedy, look to your local resources for help. DV shelters, church organizations, and non-profits often help people who are struggling to get back on their feet and have lots of furniture they can pass along.

Don’t worry, you can get the furniture you need! If you choose to get a loan or financing, just work out those numbers and be sure you can make your payments on time. You can also work on saving up the money and take some freebies to hold you over. No matter how you have to do it, you will get there!

The Pros And Cons Of Self Invested Personal Pensions

What’s A SIPP?

There are different kinds of personal pensions available in the UK nowadays. A self-invested personal pension (SIPP) is one of a very specific type. I’m going to explain this by comparing it with a standard pension fund. A standard pension fund is supported by investments. They’re managed by the company in which the pension fund is invested. .A SIPP, however, is quite different in type. In a SIPP, the owner has complete freedom to choose their investments. If the pension owner has a sound knowledge of investments, the results could be excellent for all concerned

Want a SIPP But Have No Trader Knowledge?

But what about those of us who appreciate the advantages of a SIPP account but don’t have trader knowledge? We’d still like to invest our pension funds in stock trading when the market is advantageous. We would totally enjoy seeing our pensions grow. Is there a way for us to do that? The good news is, that there is. We can set up a Sipp account in a secure finance company like Moneyfarm. Someone with that expert knowledge can invest that pension fund on our behalf. What could be better?

SIPP or Standard? Which To Choose?

Both SIPP and Standard pensions have the advantage of tax exemption on contributions. But in the case of the SIPP, you have much more control over the place where the funds are invested. Either you or your SIPP manager can take advantage of favourable conditions in the investment world. This will boost your pension fund as well as giving you immense satisfaction. Your SIPP has the capacity to become much more prosperous than a standard pension could. This would be due to good investment choices.

Disadvantages of SIPPS

If one has some expertise and a flair for investing wisely, then the SIPP is an ideal choice for a personal pension. However, it must be remembered that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investments. If there is a slump in the investment market, the SIPP may not prosper. This is true whether the investments are made by you or your pension manager. Any losses would be borne entirely by the SIPP owner. Also, depending on the pension provider, there are various charges attached to SIPPS. There are annual administrative charges. There are also trading charges. The fund manager may also charge an annual fee. None of this is a problem if the SIPP is performing well overall. The extra charges will be absorbed easily, in that case. But if the SIPP is not performing well, these charges will be a burden for sure.

Top 4 Ways of Money Making Online that Don’t Work As Advertised

Using the internet to make money – this is something most of us would like to do. And there is an incredible variety of websites and blogs showing us “tried and tested”, “foolproof”, and “working” ways to make a bit of extra income over the internet. Unfortunately, there are many that simply sell snake oil, advertising methods that might seem a great idea but don’t work as advertised. Here are a few of them.

Playing games of chance

If you ever spent time reading Candian casino reviews you probably stumbled upon stories of how this player or that won six-figure amounts at a gaming outlet online. And you have no reason to doubt them: people do win at casinos, both online and in real life. But there is no way you can turn playing games of chance into a reliable source of income – these games are simply too unpredictable.

There’s nothing wrong with playing a few hands of blackjack and a few spins on a slot machine every now and then – relying on them as a way to make money is, in turn, a mistake.

Responding to surveys

Responding to surveys online is, indeed, a legitimate way to make an extra buck or two – and just about that. Of course, a lot depends on where you live. Some online survey outlets will ask you to complete one or two a day, others will only send you weekly surveys and polls, and there are some that don’t even do that. And the amount paid for each individual survey is usually pretty small.

Blogging for money

Creating your own blog and using it to generate some extra income can work – but you have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to build it up to a state when it can do that. The number of active blogs – with at least one post a month – is expected to exceed 31 million in the US alone in the next couple of years – standing out of such a crowd is not easy at all. And a blog has to have at least a pretty decent following to be able to make money from advertising and affiliate marketing.

Yes, blogging can indeed make you money – but you need to dedicate quite a lot of effort (and money) to it first.


Another viable way to make a living online that needs more time and effort than advertised. A freelancer is constantly fighting the competition for gigs (and there is a huge competition out there, trust me). Jumping into freelancing is not an easy task either. You have to work a lot until you can build your clientele that will ensure a constant flow of gigs – and revenue.

4 Ways in Which You Can Improve Your Credit Score – Staying Creditworthy

If you’ve borrowed money, you would know the importance of your credit score because there is probably no lender who would lend you a loan without checking this three-digit number. In fact the entire credit history of a borrower plays a vital role in determining your credit score.

There are several myths that can distract you from getting a better credit score but you have to stop believing in them and start believing in the facts. Here in this post, we will tell you about the ways in which you can improve your credit score and fix all errors.

#1: Avoid missing the due dates

If you continue missing the due date on your credit card bill, forget to pay your EMIs on time, you can be sure that this will have an adverse impact on your credit report. Even though you will miss one payment or EMI, this will get reflected on your report. It will depict the number of days for which the bill stayed unpaid after crossing the due date. In case your credit score is low due to the fact that you fail to pay off your bills on time, you should be fast with making the repayments.

#2: Maintain a good credit utilisation ratio

Credit utilisation ratio is defined as the total credit that you use from the given credit limit and this is determined in terms of percentage. This ratio will be calculated in the basis of total credit limit that is available on all the cards that you have. If you have multiple cards, the utilization ratio of all the cards will be taken into account. Hence try to spend less and maintain a good-enough ratio.

#3: All open accounts should be brought to ‘current’

The most necessary and vital part of your credit score is your payment history. Missed payments usually cause lot of damage, particularly when your payments are due for more than 30 days. This is why financial experts recommend that any open account is brought to a ‘current’ state. Do you owe debt that has been written off by the lender and then sold off to the debt collection agency? If yes, then this too will be registered on the credit report. Although collection agencies scream too hard about delinquent accounts, you have to ensure making a safe choice.

#4: High interest credit card debt should be paid off

Usually FICO splits debt into 2 different categories, bad debt and good debt. When you invest in assets like mortgage or student loans, this is considered as good debt. On the other hand, when you owe debt on credit cards, this debt is considered as bad debt due to the hefty rates that you have to pay. If you wish to boost your credit score, make sure you first repay your bad debts as this will have the best impact on your score.

Therefore, now that you know the ways in which you can increase your credit score, you should start following them in order to get the best results. Having a better score will help you grab a loan with the best possible interest rates.

5 Tips to Taking Advantage of Probate Leads

Probate leads are some of the hottest investments in town. If you’re wondering what a probate lead is, here’s a brief explanation: when a property owner draws his last breath, his assets are transferred to his heirs through a court-supervised probate process. Most heirs often desire to sell off their property quickly, mainly because they live in a different state. These seller heirs are appropriately referred to as probate leads.

Getting probate leads gives you a rare access to exquisite properties. You’re able to examine these properties before finally picking the cream of the crop. But to succeed, it’s important to check out as many probate leads as you can.

Here are 5 Tips to taking advantage of probate leads:


  • Look for probate leads online


One of the most effective ways to identify whether your county has probate records is to visit the Public Record Center Website. If you discover that these records exist, you’ll still need to identify the deceased name. This will help you search their records in the online database. Check the local obituaries for the correct names of deceased property holders.


  • Inspect the property


Once you track down a probate lead, it’s wise to inspect the real estate property first before making a decision to invest in it. Put in mind certain key factors such as the location and size of the real estate. Other factors to consider include: age, condition and documents required. You’ll certainly need to file the tax documents and property title before finally possessing the asset. If you’re interested in acquiring a certain probate real estate, don’t overlook this tip.


  • Contact the real estate administrators


One crucial step to take before buying a probate asset is to contact the appropriate estate administrators and executors. These professionals will often recommend some high-value properties that you can invest in. maintain friendly relations with these clique of probate real estate professionals to always be in the loop for new properties. In addition, identify those cases still open to the general public. You’ll often find that finding probate leads isn’t as hectic as it sounds. Here’s a fabulous resource you can use to search for detailed probate leads:


  • Negotiate on the price


In this age of economic topsy-turvies, price is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing property. This especially rings true for probate lead assets – always negotiate the price and compare it with the existing market prices. Learn how you can best approach the sellers of real estate property and convince them to sell it at a reasonable price. If you find this a tad challenging, go with a trusted friend.


  • Seize all opportunities that come your way


Venturing into real estate is one of those rare investments that guarantee profitability if done right. Probate lead investments don’t have too much competition since they take up a lot of time checking up. if you desire to be successful in this niche, buy every worthwhile lead you find, conduct the necessary repairs and then make lucrative deals with interested parties. In addition, be familiar with all the legal nitty-gritties before venturing further.

Are You Interested in Living Within Your Means and Yet Not Feeling Limited?

Did you ever visit a birthday party while on diet? That must be no fun, right? Dessert platters and piles of cheese but they aren’t made for you! While your friends are enjoying their share of indulgence, you stand there at the corner wondering about your diet. Sadly, when it comes to expenditure, the counterbalancing quick fix is not simple. Then, is there any alternative? What should you do in order to let go of the feeling of limitation? Whenever you plan to live within your financial means, do you feel financially limited?

If you’ve always had the habit of splurging on expenses and later on taking out personal loans like the Northcash loans online to repay your previous debt, it’s high time you stop  yourself. Check out the few strategies which you can implement to spend within your means without the feeling of limitation getting over you.

  • Challenge the expenses which keep recurring

Find out new ways of cutting down your expenses without any noteworthy alterations in lifestyle by getting creative. As long as the starting point is concerned, it should be the recurring expenses which keep repeating every month, every quarter and every year. When you browse through this list of preferences, determine the ones that you’ll be able to replace with some alternatives like budgeting. Cut off the cable connection or unsubscribe from the monthly tabloid that you had registered for.

  • Be savvy during shopping

When you begin to negotiate your expenses, it is not only recurring expenses that should come to mind; there are also medical bills, household repairs which can be taken into account. If you’ve already been doing comparison shopping, you should also engage in couponing through which you can get various discounts on your shopping items.

  • Trim the added expense of fees

How about using an app which can let you sync in all your accounts so that you could get a clear record of the earnings and spending and later on assess how much you’re going to spend and on what. When you scroll through the history of what you’ve spent, take a close watch on the surprise items which are nothing but wastage of your money. If there are too many ATM withdrawals and fees associated with them, put a stop to such expenses.

  • Spread the splurges

One more great option for diminishing costs without curbing them totally is by reconsidering their frequency. Do you indulge in monthly massage? If yes, begin to change that to a quarterly schedule. In case you opt for a haircut or color every 4 weeks, stretch that to 8 weeks so that you can extend this expense throughout a longer time.

  • Try making more money

When you want to live within your means and yet not feel limited, you should make more money as this is the best ways of affording more flexibility and eliminating the feelings of spending a limited lifestyle. You may also ask for a raise and look for a passive source of income.

Hence, when you’re someone who is wondering about the ways in which you can live within your means and still not feel limited, you should take the above mentioned steps to keep your finances under control.