5 Tips to Managing your Money Wisely

Everyone needs money to save and also to spend. No matter how much you earn, one can never seem to have enough money. It is often mistaken that managing money is only for the rich but it is quite the opposite. In order to be rich, you need to manage your money and also in order to stay rich, you need to manage your money wisely. For you to have an order in your life, you need to start and maintain order in your finances. For you to manage your money wisely, you will need to:


  • Generate a budget plan for your income. Your income is only what you get by the end of each month. It does not include the extra money from bonuses or even the overtime. Break your expenses into three; fixed expenses, essential and non-essential expenses. Fixed expenses include things like rent that don’t change over time. Essential expenses include things like food and groceries that change from time to time. Non-essential expenses are things like movies that are for fun. Splitting your budget this way will help you realize how much you can save from the non-essentials and help you in managing your expenses.



  • Keep track of your spending. This can be achieved by keeping of all the receipts of anything purchased that month. It can also be done easily with online follow up of your credit card. This will help you realize how much you spend on what item per month and if it can be reduced or cut off if it wastage of money. This should be done each month to show if there is any progress in your finance management or not.



  • Create a shopping list. If you have a problem with impulse buying, this could lead to financial problems in the future. A shopping list will help guide you to what you need. The list should be carefully drafted. Go through the list to see if you have left out anything important or if you can cancel out some few items of no or less necessity. A shopping list is only effective if you strictly adhere to it. This not only helps you in managing your money but also saves you time during shopping.



  • Do a good research before purchasing a big investment. Large investments such as medical covers, insurance or even buying a new car should be done with careful considerations. Look for multiple offers and research on the quality. Investing big means great risks and therefore I would recommend getting advice from professionals who offer the best money management services.


  • Label your savings. To manage your money needs to also go hand in hand with managing your savings. It becomes easy to know of your progress and helps you save easily if you know what you are saving for. Divide your savings into investments, medical emergencies, college fund, retirement money or even money for a new car. This will help you avoid losing focus and in case of an emergency, you are prepared.

Managing your money should start as soon as possible. Remember that it’s never too small for savings. Look at the bigger picture and stay focused and you will succeed. Be confident with your management skills and remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

5 Tips to Selling Your Pre-Owned Car Fast

Selling a pre-owned car can be quite hard. You can either do the selling yourself or let a company such as the Fast Buy Cash For Cars sell the car for you at a fair price. However, when you sell the car yourself you get more money since you don’t have to pay any dealers. For one to sell their pre-owned car fast, there are a few things that they can consider. They include:

  1.    Make your car look presentable.

The first impression is very key hence the car needs to look presentable. You can either clean the car yourself or take it to a car wash. The car needs to be cleaned both inside and outside. The car should remain clean throughout the entire selling process. This is just an added bonus that can help you get a little extra money for the car.

  1.    Pricing.

When deciding the price for your car, it is important to be reasonable and know the market value of the car. Before selling the car, do some research about car sales and gauge the market. Research can be done on car sales websites. An over priced car tends to push away potential buyers. If the car has accessories that are not standard, you can overprice it but you have to explain why. It is also important to decide the lowest price that you would sell your car for. Make sure you get your car’s worth.

  1.    Documentation.

It is important to have all the important documents. These documents include the title, the bill of sale, log book, owner’s manual and service records. Ensure that you have all the receipts. Once the buyer has agreed to buy the car provide them with a receipt and also keep a copy that is signed.

  1.    Advertisement.

It is important that one takes great photos of the car so that they can attract the buyers as this is the way buyers evaluate the car. You can create an ad then share it as online. You can also share it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also share it on Craigslist. However, do not give out your important details such as your home address. Be honest about the car and make sure to list any extras that your car may have.

  1.    Closing the deal.

Once you are contacted by the buyer, put all your documents in order and schedule for a test drive. Most buyers want to take the car for a test drive before buying it. Before letting the buyer drive, ensure that they have their driver’s license. The test drive should be in a public place and you should not let them drive alone. One should also enquire from the insurance company to see if the potential buyer is covered in case of an accident. After the buyer commits to buying the car, the best way to transact is either by cash or a cashier’s check from a local bank. Do not hand over the keys unless a full payment has been made.

Many people prefer to buy pre-owned cars as they are way cheap. Hence it is important to keep your car in good condition if you are planning to sell it. Selling of pre-owned cars can make you good money if you do it well.

5 Ways to Manage your Money so that you are not Poor when you are Old

Money management skills should be learned very early on in life. This way, you will not be poor when you are old and you can no longer generate income. Today, we are going to look at some of the ways that you can manage your money effectively. Through AFH Wealth Management consultants, professional advice and reviews, you will learn a few tips on finances and wealth management.

Here are 5 ways to manage your money so that you are not poor when you are old:

  1.    Financial planning

In order to achieve anything, you have to have a plan. It is therefore important to plan on your retirement early. Financial planning should be done with the help of professional financial planners. You may seek help from wealth management firms and consultants. Include info on taxes, investments, protection planning and all other aspects of financial obligations. AFH Wealth management team are willing to work with people looking for such services and to ensure that they receive proper guidance and advice on financial planning matters.

  1.    Commit to increasing savings

In your financial planning, ensure that the budget features savings. During your productive years, when you are getting higher incomes, ensure you save for old age. Commitment to saving is very important if you want to secure your old age from financial constraints.

  1.    Invest wisely

Unfortunately, the education system does not teach people how to grow their money. Savings should be reinvested. If you are not thinking about how to grow your money, you cannot expect to have a solid financial future. There are special firms that work with clients to ensure that they know the right investment options for them. With proper guidance from such financial firms, one can easily learn and grow their money through viable investments. Proper investment solutions and management by experts in wealth creation is what will help you create wealth.

  1.    Work with your partner towards the same financial goals

If you are fortunate to grow old with your partner, then having worked on the same financial goals throughout your lives means you have built more wealth over the years and you will not be poor at old age. You should frequently meet with your financial adviser for reviews and more advice on your wealth creation options.

  1.    Be a conscious consumer

It is important to keep track of any amount of money used. You should also be aware of all the benefits you are entitled to, and when you can claim them. This is especially so for employees. In business, if you need to exit, then know the best exit strategy as well. You can get a financial adviser on all such matters to ensure that you take advantage of any benefits and also cut down on any unnecessary costs or purchases.

Financial management skills are important. It is good to learn them from the experts. Ensure that you learn such skills early in life so that you are not poor during old age due to poor financial management.


Simple Ways to Save Money

You’ve always wanted to have that extra financial cushion in the form of a savings account, but you can’t seem to break the chain of living paycheck to paycheck. It feels like your income just isn’t substantial enough to allow you to pad a savings account.

In reality, it probably isn’t your paycheck that’s the problem; it’s your spending. Anyone can stockpile a rainy day fund if they have smart money habits and are determined to decrease their monthly spending.

Not sure how to start putting away a little money each month? Here are some simple ways to start saving without living on the bare minimum.

Open a Savings Account and Set Up an Automatic Deposit

It’s difficult to focus on saving when you don’t have a specific account dedicated to the cause. Do yourself a favor and open up a savings account with your current bank so you can watch it grow and actually keep track of how much money you’ve put into the fund.

Another good idea is to set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking account to your savings account. Look at your budget and figure out how much you can reasonably set aside for an emergency fund each month, then have your bank automatically transfer that amount into your savings. You’ll find that it’s much easier to save the money if it’s immediately moved out of your checking account.

Tackle Your Debt as Much as You Can  

According to the Federal Reserve’s latest numbers, the average American household carries more than $137,000 in debt. It’s no wonder that most people are struggling to save money when they’re constantly dealing with monthly debt payments. Therefore, one of the fastest ways to start saving is to eliminate your debt ASAP.

The sooner you aren’t chained to those loans or credit card payments, the sooner you’ll be able to feel financially secure. Plus, rebuilding your credit score after dealing with debt for years can be challenging, so it’s best to knock out the problem as soon as you can.

Be Mindful of Your Utility Bills

Many homeowners and renters underestimate how much their heating, AC, and water bills can add up, especially during the summer and winter months. Start paying attention to how much energy your home is using every day, and if you can, find other ways to make your home comfortable.

For instance, instead of cranking the heat every time your room feels chilly, consider purchasing a small heater that costs less to use. Even just saving fifty dollars a month can make a pretty substantial difference in the long run.

Take Cheaper Vacations

You may think that taking a vacation is out of the question–but that isn’t true. Sure, taking a vacation can be very expensive, especially if you’re paying for your immediate family. Try looking for a less expensive alternative.

There are family-friendly resorts that are more fun if you have children. You can also decide to go to an adults-only resort if you’re looking for some alone time with your partner. Of course you can research fun things to do in the state you live and do a road trip for the weekend. All of these options are just some of the several things you can do for a fun vacation.

Find Ways to Save on Food

The average American family spends between $151 and $180 on food each week. Although that might not seem like an outrageous amount, especially for households with multiple members, it’s easy to see how those weekly grocery bills could add up. If you really want to start saving, you’ll probably need to search for ways to lower your regular food expenses.

Cooking at home, eating leftovers, packing lunches, and purchasing off-brand food products are all great ways to start. You can also put more thought into your shopping by planning meals in advance instead of grabbing whatever ingredients and snacks sound tasty at the time.

Become a Coupon and Discount Hunter  

Although it might seem a little embarrassing to cut out coupons or ask about discounts, doing so can certainly pay off. There are also handy apps you can download on your mobile device that can help you save a dollar here and there. Sure, coupon and discount hunting won’t allow you to save for a yacht or anything, but it might be able to contribute to a financial safety net that you can rely on in years to come.  

Make Sure You’re Taking Advantage of Your Retirement Savings Plan

Many employers offer a 401(k) match program, and if you aren’t taking advantage of yours, then you’re practically throwing away free money. Even if you don’t think you can contribute much to a retirement account, at least toss a little bit in there each month.

Every deposit will add up over time and help you prepare for the future. As of 2017, half of Americans are worried they won’t be able to afford retirement. Don’t let yourself suffer those same fears as you age, especially when it’s so simple to build a retirement account.

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions and Memberships

Signing up for that spiffy gym down the street may have seemed like a good idea at first, but are you really going to utilize it often? If not, cancel your membership and search for something cheaper. Even better, start running outside for free.

The same goes for your music and entertainment subscription services. If you aren’t truly enjoying them and using them on a daily basis, then it’s probably a good idea to cancel your subscription and pocket that money.

Be Smart When Spending

Whether you’re barely making ends meet or sitting pretty, finding extra money to save can seem challenging at first. However, simply looking at your budget and discovering small ways to save can make a huge difference. Work on weeding out silly expenses like gym memberships, expensive groceries, and entertainment services.

Also, make sure you are making monthly deposits into a savings account, as well as a retirement account, and pay off your debt as soon as possible. Sure, you might be clipping coupons and buying generic-brand cereal, but it’ll all pay off once you have a padded emergency fund that helps you sleep soundly at night.

House Surveys: Which is Best?

Are you buying a home? Before you do you should have the property surveyed. But which survey is best?

Here we explain what you can expect from three different survey reports: condition report, homebuyers report and building survey.

You can learn a lot regarding the home you are thinking about buying with a survey according to the experts at www.chekes.co.uk. A survey will identify any problems. It will also give you a great negotiating tool when dealing with the seller.

Different surveys

Potential home buyers tend to get one of the following surveys: home condition report, homebuyers report or full building survey. The homebuyers report is very popular. But there is no strict rule about which survey you need to do for the home you are planning to buy.

Guidelines for surveys are set out by the Institute of Chartered Surveyors which uses basic templates for each survey. Most registered chartered surveyors tend to base their reports on these templates.

Some surveyors, who belong to the SAVA scheme, provide another option: a home condition report. Unlike the homebuyers report, the SAVA (Surveyors and Valuers Accreditation) survey does not include a property valuation.

Homebuyers report

This contains greater detail than a home condition report. It identifies potential problems, for example, subsidence and damp.

The report also includes advice about essential repairs required and identifies anything that isn’t in compliance with local building regulations.

In this survey, the surveyor does not inspect walls behind household furniture or beneath floorboards, etc. The inspection will only identify any problems discovered at ‘surface-level’.

The report typically offers a property valuation and estimation of the full cost of rebuilding the property. The surveyor takes between two and three hours to carry out the inspection.

Which survey is most suitable? 

The homebuyers report is the most common survey requested by most buyers. It is suitable for properties which appear to be in good condition. If you are planning to buy an older property, then it is probably a good idea to get a full building survey done. This is more detailed, and the inspection is more thorough.

Cost of surveys

Survey costs vary considerably from one location to another. The size and style of property is also a factor which affects the price.

Different surveyors also offer different survey fees. It is a good idea to ask for at least three quotations before making a final decision.

Is a survey really necessary?

Yes, you will be spending a lot of money to buy your home. And a survey is another expense. But it is also a safeguard against purchasing a property with potential problems which might cost you even more in the long run trying to put them right. You need to be aware of any potential issues with a property before closing the sale.

5 Reasons to rent a villa in Mykonos instead of staying in a hotel

Going on vacation can be quite expensive. Many families budget and save for over a year to be able to afford to go on vacation with their loved ones. The reason for this is that many are living paycheck to paycheck and have a hard time making ends meet. Luckily, there are ways to save money when going on vacation. You can search online for great deals and use websites to find wonderful accommodations instead of booking a costly hotel. This article will highlight some of the most important reasons that you should rent a villa in Mykonos instead of staying in a hotel next time you go on holiday.


  • Save money. Staying in a hotel can be a costly and cut into your vacation budget significantly. There is no reason to pay several hundred dollars a night staying in a small hotel room when you can rent luxury villas in Mykonos for the same price or even cheaper. Do yourself and your family a favor and research accomodation options before booking a hotel because that is what has always been done. Sometimes it is beneficial to branch out and try new things, and you could save money in the process!


  • Privacy. When you stay in a luxury villa, you will be impressed with the serenity and breathtaking ambiance that awaits. When you stay at a hotel, you are likely to miss out on having privacy as you will be sharing the amenities offered at the hotel with hundreds of other people. If privacy is top on your list, you will want to rent a villa or a home instead of staying in a touristy hotel.


  • Group travel accommodations. One of the most wonderful things about renting a villa is that they can accommodate a lot of people. This is particularly great if you plan to travel to Mykonos with a group. Some villas can host up to 20 people per night which is amazing. No matter how big the suite is at a hotel, you would not be able to accomodate 20 people in one room. Villas are perfect for students traveling together, a wedding or even for a family reunion celebration.


  • Location. When choosing a villa, you can select one that is close to the city centre or you can choose to vacation in a more remote area. Either way, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Mykonos has to offer.


  • Top notch service. In addition to having the best accomodations, a beautiful pool, and a large outdoor oasis all to yourself, you can also opt in to having luxury service at your beck and call. You have the option of having housekeeping staff, a butler, and even a chef to tend to your every need. Staying in a villa is the ultimate in luxury when traveling on holiday.


5 Alternatives to Bitcoin for 2018

Bitcoin has made a lot of early investors more than a thousand-fold richer than they ever thought, and a lot of hopeful people would want to join the ranks. Others are more motivated by the technology and ideology of the blockchain technology, and would love to support this technological and economic revolution.

With the success of bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies have sought to unseat the widely-known Bitcoin of its throne. The technology-focused Ethereum comes to mind, and then the speed and transaction-focused Litecoin is also a contender. We also have Ripple, which is a cryptocurrency that focuses on getting banks to use its own system or partner with its parent company.

There are a lot of alternatives that can be found in the cryptocurrency market, but 5 cryptocurrencies do come to mind because they are either technologically advanced or has a utility or an outstanding advantage and focus not found in other cryptocurrencies. Here are five cryptocurrencies that have a lot of room to grow.

Before you can invest in any of these coins, you have to make sure that you have an account at an exchange or a broker which lets you invest in them. Currently, most of the altcoin exchanges are suffering from severe overload in people wanting to join.

Your next best bet is to set up an account at an option broker that offers these cryptocoins. There are a range of cryptocurrency option brokers to choose from many of which are regulated. These instruments also offer you the advantage in that they are risk management tools. You do not have to risk more than your initial investment.

Technologically advanced coins

  1. Cardano (ADA)

The team behind Cardano is constituted of professors and researchers with at least a PHD on their names, or has worked with other cryptocurrencies (the founder actually worked on Ethereum before it was offered to the public). It is also one of the few cryptocurrencies that are peer-reviewed by people in the academe.

Cardano also has one other characteristic that it is proud of: the technology that can even resist its data being decoded by Quantum computing. Given enough resources, a super computer can decode the blockchain and can even control the cryptocurrencies, but Cardano is advanced enough that it can resist such attacks.

Cardano also can be used to make and execute smart contracts, just like Ethereum, and can also transact faster than Bitcoin.

  1. IOTA

This is an interesting cryptocurrency with a big upside due to the fact that it is not using a blockchain but its own technology it calls the Tangle. Rather than one big ledger of blocks that are chained together, data in IOTA goes through a weave or web, where for every correct transaction, the system makes two random transactions that are not confirmed to strengthen the security as well as lessen the burden on validating. This has made IOTA a lot cheaper, and sometimes even free of transaction fees, due to its technology.

The middle ground: Technology with a different twist

  1. NEO

Neo, formerly Antshares, is known as the Ethereum of China. While it has similar coding and features of Ethereum, it has one big advantage against Bitcoin and Ethereum, and that is the way Neo performs is its protocol.

For now, Ethereum runs mainly a proof of work protocol wherein miners will use their computers to mine the blockchain. If a miner can corner 51% of computing power, it can abuse its position.

Neo uses Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance where rather than a straight majority, people who hold Neo tokens can assign their votes to someone else.

The protocol of Neo allows faster transactions than Ethereum, as well as making the recording and execution of the blockchain’s decision more efficient.

Utility coins

  1. APPC

The mobile market is a very big chunk of the technology sector, and APPC or AppCoins, is the very first cryptocurrency that focuses on mobile apps. They are already serving 200 million active users in the mobile market. It opened at the price of $.27 and at the start of 2018 is already at more than $1.10. The main reason why the price is still that small is because only one exchange is offering it and is just a new cryptocurrency, having the ICO end only on Dec 20, 2017.

  1. VEN

This is another cryptocurrency that is a big player in China. VEN or VeChain works with luxury good manufacturers and retailers to ensure that one of their high-end products can be traced. This ensures that no two luxury products can be fraudulently sold in the black market or a luxury brand counterfeited. That gives it a stable demand, and the optimism in the cryptocurrency markets will only add more demand to it that may cause the price to go higher.

There are more than 1400 cryptocurrencies available in exchanges, and finding the right ones can be time and effort consuming. The five listed above are still relatively unknown compared not only to bitcoin but also other top cryptocurrencies, and they have the potential to even unseat some of the top coins as well. This makes the five coins listed above a good investment, but always do your research.