Money Saving Habits for 2017

We all want to have more money to spend each year. With these easy money saving habits you can have more money to spend on the things you enjoy throughout 2017.

Discount Voucher Sites

Before making a purchase online it is always worth checking the various voucher sites out there. It is a good habit to get into as they could save you upwards of 10% on a purchase you would have made anyway. Some vouchers can mean that you could get ‘buy one get one free’ or other such special offers. Even if there aren’t any savings to be made this time, then it’s still good to check because you want to get into the habit of checking. Often these sites offer a mailing list which notify you about popular vouchers so you don’t miss out.

Take Advantage of Sign-up Offers

When you go to purchase something from a website for the first time then sometimes you can find that they have special welcome offers for first time customers. This can apply to supermarkets or other retailers who offer money off for your first home delivery, or if you enjoy playing games, lots of the free to play mobile games offer special purchases that are only available to new players. If you are a fan of online casinos then make sure you take full advantage of any sign-up bonuses on sites like Lucky Nugget Casino give up to 175%. This means you can enjoy the popular card game blackjack or other online casino games for less.

Cashback Websites

As well as checking for vouchers and sign-up offers it is worth visiting cashback websites. These give you a percentage of each purchase back and while it is often a small amount each time, it can add up quickly. Lots of websites are signed up with these types of sites and many of them offer friend bonuses. These bonuses mean that if you get your friends to join, then you also earn a specific amount. If you ensure you use sites like TopCashback throughout the year, then you will soon find that a little becomes a lot.


Through getting into the habit of checking these various websites and taking full advantage of sign-up and welcome bonuses you could find that you have more money to spend throughout the year. None of these are get rich quick strategies, but are instead good habits for saving money on purchases you would make anyway.

What are Some Common Misconceptions?

canstockphoto3169247If you’re looking to have a poker themed night in your new, open-plan social designed kitchen, then there are a few things that you will need to consider. Firstly, looking at how you can design your kitchen into the style of a casino, or at least so it can fit a good amount of your friends in with enough room to really enjoy your time and still move around quite freely is important. Open plan is always the best bet if you’re looking to host a party or a themed blackjack night. Whether you want to reorganise your kitchen layout or simply create a comfortable area for your guests to enjoy during your themed night, it is important that you know the ins and outs of the night that you are hosting, and the rules of the game that goes with it. Because of this, we’ve put some common misconceptions of blackjack together, so you can truly design your kitchen for the night to suit those who may have a few superstitions about the game.

Bad Players Can Decrease Your Advantage

If you’re inviting a few players round to your home, then looking at some of the Blackjack Myths that are around the game is going to be important, so you can create the right atmosphere and layout. One of the biggest ones that could affect your friends’ enjoyment is that bad players are said to decrease the advantage of those that are good at the game. If you know that you have a few veteran blackjack players visiting your home for your blackjack night, as well as some that haven’t ever played before, then may need to be aware that your guests might want separate tables because they believe that the amateur players are going to affect their game. While this is a complete myth, as the game of blackjack is solely about you and the dealer, you’re going to need to ensure that your guests are happy with the way their night is going.

Assuming A Dealer Always Has A 10 In The Hole

If you are designing your kitchen into a casino-like atmosphere, then you’re going to probably need to hire some professional dealers or have someone who knows the ins and outs of the rules of blackjack to act as the dealer for all of your games. One of the biggest misconceptions about blackjack, is that players will assume a dealer always has a 10 in the hole, when actually 69% of the time, the dealer will have another value in the hole.

Never Hit A 12 Against A Dealer’s 2 Upcard Or You Will Draw A 10 And Bust

Another of the more common misconceptions that people will believe is that they will draw a 10 when they hit a 12 against a dealers’ 2 or 3. While the percentage and chances of winning is actually very slim either way, it is actually better to hit, as you will lose 63% of the time, and if you stand you will lose 65% of the time. If you’re guests ask during your blackjack night, then you can let them know that it’s always better to have that slight winning advantage against the dealer.

How to Avoid a Toxic Work Environment

Having a well thought out business model and employees that are well qualified can make a huge impact on a business’s success. However, if the work environment becomes toxic, the productivity levels within your company can be deeply impacted. In fact, the energy put out by your employees and that which surrounds them can make or break an otherwise successful company. Here are a few tips on how to avoid cultivating a toxic work environment.

Open Allocation and Incentives
Allow your employees the opportunity to move around within to the company with ease to work with projects that are of interest to them. Don’t create a situation where it takes calling in a bunch of favors or schmoozing in order to get placed onto an interesting project team. This can create resentment amongst employees who may very well succeed if they were on a project that fit their interests and skill set if they have to play office politics instead.
Consider offering an incentive plan that allows all level of employees to have the opportunity to earn more based on the quality of work they do or as projects are completed. This allows more ownership in their work and less resentment towards others who may do less but earn more simply become they are upper level. Also consider team building activities for work. There are many out there that even have the most reserved workers willing to participate.

Grow With Intention
When your company hits a boom it is easy to continually add on to fill the office with bodies to cover all the bases. However, with each addition comes a new office dynamic. Allow your employees time to become familiar with new faces and processes before throwing in yet another group of personalities and roles. Be very clear about the culture you wish to cultivate within your walls and hire people who you believe complement that vision. Then, take your time and allow the employees to get settled into their place within the company.

Increase Energy Flow
Physically creating an energy flow within the work space can reduce a toxic environment exponentially. Utilize an open design concept with community spaces and remove walls that work more as barriers throughout the office. Even if you need to separate zones, you can create the illusion of openness with glass walls and transparent doorways. This not only brightens an area, but reduces the sense of secretiveness that can often encourage mistrust. This doesn’t mean you can’t still maintain a sense of privacy. Sliding doors and sound proofing can allow conversations to remain private while still generating a feel of “transparency” throughout the company.
A toxic work environment can cause negativity to escalate quickly and keep your employees from being able to focus productively on their work. With a few tweaks you can create a positive work environment resulting in employees who are happy and at their best.

How To Play The Texting Game During The Dating Process

Dating can seem like a really difficult proposition, especially when you have someone that you really like. You don’t want to come off as too clingy, but at the same time you want to definitely single interest that you like that person and want to spend more time with them. In today’s digital world, we don’t do most of our communication by phone call or even face to face. We are increasingly communicating via text—and texting, while quick, easy, and fun, is highly impersonal. Texting can lead to miscommunications that can make it difficult to get your point across. And texting just isn’t like other forms of communications—it almost has its own set of rules.

The first rule is don’t get too caught up! You never want to be constantly texting your date, asking what they are doing and how they are feeling or if they want to go out later. Your date isn’t going to be turned on by this, it is clingy behavior that will make them push you away. The next rule is that you should always keep your options open. In the early stages of dating, when you are texting back and forth, you don’t know if things are going to get hot or if your date will end up seeing someone else. You shouldn’t be texting someone exclusively, unless you’d decided that is someone that you want to be your girlfriend. Instead, you should enjoy casually dating several different women, playing the texting game.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are texting is to keep it light. Nobody wants to go from casually dating to quickly planning a future with a home and children and things like that. Joke, flirt, use emojis, and don’t be too serious. You want to make your date laugh, so that she will enjoy your company, and you can continue to spend time together in the near future. Keep the more serious plans for face to face talk instead, it will definitely go over better in a situation where you can openly and easily convey all of your emotions.

If you have an adult dating merchant account, you can get the most out of your business with an payment processing from At, your business can quickly get access to a host of different payment processing solutions. Make sure that your company can offer various payment options for your clients. Adult dating is an online game, and you want to ensure that your adult dating merchant account can take all of the different forms of payment that your customers use.

Savings Account or Piggy Bank?

canstockphoto16725076For years the most popular way to save money was to open a savings account. However, in recent years people have decided to start using the traditional piggy banks to save their change. Which one do you prefer?

Recent studies have indicated that more and more people are now saving their money at home and stashing it in a piggy bank or other type of container and keeping it at home instead of depositing it into a savings account. Looking overseas, more than 23 million people in the UK alone are now keeping their savings at home instead of in a bank. Recent studies have also indicated that these piggy banks or other types of containers can contain over $1 million.

Most of these containers contain a larger percentage of small coins (pennies, dimes and nickels) however some of them contain larger coins such as quarters and half dollars. Most coin jars contain on an average of $100 or more. Many people started using piggy banks and such mostly because they don’t like carrying change all the time and think it’s an easier way to save money. An even larger percentage of people start their piggy banks because they either don’t have the time to make coin deposits in their savings accounts or think making such deposits is a waste of time since the interest rates are low.

Recent studies have also indicated that many people not only find piggy banks an easy way to save loose change but use them to save money for specific reasons. Many experts have commented that people who save change should be given credit. Back in the day many people would make the statement save the change and the dollars will take care of themselves.

It’s wise to start saving at any age and many people start savings accounts on the birth of a child to save for college or other reasons. Other people prefer to start saving money at the beginning of each tax year to take care of unexpected expenses throughout the year.

Before opening a savings account or starting a piggy bank there are a few things you need to consider. The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to start saving with a large sum of money or make small deposits. If you are opening a savings account consider what type of account you want to open such as an account with a fixed rate of interest.

For those that prefer the traditional way and want to open a savings account be sure to shop around for the best interest rate. You may also want to check out if the interest rate is compounded quarterly or annually since this can make a big difference in the balance of your savings account. Also consider what type of account you want to open such as a regular savings account, fixed rate, or even a checking account. Checking accounts may have less interest associated with them but they also are move forgiving if you are making multiple transactions each month. Savings accounts often will charge you fees if your transactions are over a certain number. Also be aware when ordering checks to not just assume the bank is the only location to obtain them. Often they are very expensive when others can be ordered elsewhere at a fraction of the cost and still have all the security features of bank checks.

Make Your Credit Cards Work for You

Navigating through your finances at any point in your life can be a challenge. There are always issues that demand our money such as student loans, mortgages, payments of any kind. Using your credit cards to work for you to their full potential may not be a top priority on your mind but knowing some information on your credit cards may help to assist you make better financial choices.



Equity markets jittery as bailout talks rumble on

canstockphoto3882330A week that got off to a positive start on optimism that the Cypriot bailout would soon be behind us, soon turned sour as comments yesterday afternoon from Jeroen Dijsselbloem – the Dutch Finance minister who heads the Eurozone group of Finance Ministers – implied that uninsured deposit holders may be called upon to bail out other European if required. There was always a suspicion that once such a measure had passed it was likely to be replicated elsewhere in future, but early validation of those fears from such a senior figure gave the market an unwelcome reality check, and stocks quickly dipped lower.

After a failed attempt at pushing on again in early trade this morning, stocks are largely holding yesterday’s levels as the absence of any significant macro data keeps all eyes on Cyprus, though a busy day on the UK earnings calendar has provided a welcome distraction.

Home improvement retail group Kingfisher see their stock trade better after overcoming difficult trading conditions in the UK and France to meet analyst expectations. The first fall in profits for four years left the board ‘not in a position to return cash’ to shareholders, though speculation over a share buy-back continues and has helped send the stock higher early on.

Life insurance specialists Resolution are also edging higher as the group overcame integration costs and a considerable IT spend to deliver better than expected profits and a 6.3% increase in the annual dividend. The board sees strong operational progress that will see them focus on generating cash from existing assets and abandon acquisition plans in the short term.

Plumbing supplies specialist Wolseley are underperforming after delivering profits in line with analyst expectations. Whilst strong growth in their US business fed a 5% increase in their bottom line, a more difficult backdrop in the UK and Europe diminished the prospect of a special dividend.

Also struggling to keep pace are catering services group Compass. The firm delivered earnings in line with estimates, but also see US performance outstripping Europe in the medium term. Cautious wording over the Eurozone backdrop saw RBC and Numis reduce their respective weightings in the stock, though Investec maintain a more bullish outlook with a 900p price target.

Outside of the blue chip index, property firm Savills are under pressure as news broke that Credit Suisse are handling the sale of 7.8m shares (equivalent to around 5.8% of the outstanding shares) for Oaktree Capital.

Miners Kazakhmys trade down almost 10% after posting a loss and slashing their dividend as they were forced to make write downs relating to their stake in struggling ENRC. The stock is down 75% since the start of 2011 and is making new 4 year lows this morning…

Durable Goods Orders out of the US at 12:30 and New Home Sales at 14:00 provide highlights of the afternoon calendar, as we await confirmation of when banks are likely to resume trading in Cyprus amidst continued speculation.

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