38 Reasons to Hate Money and Everything It Requires


Do you ever wish that people would just shut up about money?

Yes, it’s important. Yes, you could use more of it. Yes, you’d better start saving and investing, or you’ll regret it later.

But frankly, you don’t want to hear it.

You’re tired of people pitching you “financial solutions.” You’re tired of reading boring articles about investing. You’re tired of everyone talking about it, everywhere you go, all the time.

In fact, you take that back. You’re not just tired of it. You hate it.

Why? Do you really have to count the reasons?

Actually, there’s no need. I already have. Some will apply to you and some won’t, but here are 38 perfectly valid reasons to hate money and everything requires (be sure to read to the end):


1. You never have enough of it, no matter what you do – Most of us dedicate 60-80% of our day to thinking about things related to money, but we never seem to have enough to pay for everything.

2. You can’t rest as much as you need to – You’re tired. Really, really tired, like you would have to take six months off to recuperate. But you can’t do that. You have to make money.

3. You can’t afford to buy the best – You deserve the best food, the best cell phone , the best clothes, the best house. But you can’t afford it, and you resent what it takes to get it.

4. You feel guilty about your income – You’re a smart person, and you should really be earning more than you are, but you’re stuck in a low-paying job.

5. You can’t afford adequate health care – You worry about needing to go to the doctor or something happening to you. You’re barely scraping by as it is, and you couldn’t afford doctor bills.

6. You feel guilty for not pursuing your dreams – You told yourself you were going to live a grand life of happiness and adventure, but here you are, sitting in front of a computer.

7. You feel trapped by your financial circumstances – Your life sucks, but you can’t figure a way out of it. You’re trapped by your finances.

8. You can’t afford to help worthy causes – You’re not a callous person. There are causes you would love to help, but you can’t afford to give them any money, and it breaks your heart.

9. You miss the best opportunities – You’ve watched others take advantage of opportunities and become wealthy, where you couldn’t afford to pursue them, even though you knew they would succeed.

10. You’re not good enough for some people – You despise rich people for excluding you from their world and treating you like you are from “the other side of the tracks.”

11. You can’t afford to date wealthier people – You’ve met someone that you really, really like, but they’re much wealthier, and you feel out of place in their world.

12. You have to talk with your friends about money – You used to talk with your friends about philosophy, scientific advances, relationships — anything but money. Now it seems like that’s all you talk about, and it’s made your friendships shallow.

13. You can’t afford to help your friends and family – Giving money to your friends and family is a burden, but it’s also a blessing. It’s frustrating when you can’t afford to help them and have to watch them struggle.


14. You have to work, instead of spending time with your kids – You’re worried about waking up one day and discovering your kids are grown and you missed it because you spent all your time working to provide for them.

15. Your kids are ashamed of what you do for a living – Part of being a parent is being able to look your kids in the eyes, and it’s hard when you know they don’t respect what you do, but you can’t find any other way to make a living.

16. Your spouse’s parents don’t approve of what you do – Few things are more irritating than when your spouse’s parents treat you like garbage because they don’t respect what you do to make money, or they don’t think you make enough.

17. You can’t take care of your parents when they get old – Your parents can’t take care of themselves like they used to, and it’s up to you to provide for them. Only, you barely make enough to take your yourself, and you’re forced to give them substandard care.

18. You can’t afford the best medical care for your family – You worry about your kids getting sick or facing any sort of medical emergency. You can’t afford good insurance, and you wonder if it’s endangering your family.

19. You have to fight about money – You and your spouse constantly argue about money. You love each other, but you wonder if financial problems will end your marriage.

20. You can’t give your spouse the life they deserve – Your spouse never complains about money, but you feel guilty about not being able to do more for them.

21. You can’t afford everything your kids want for Christmas – You have to see the disappointment on your child’s face when they unwrap the last present, and what they really wanted isn’t there because you couldn’t afford it.

22. You have to dress your kids in used clothes, and it shows – Kids at school make fun of your children because they wear used clothes, and it kills you to know you can’t afford to buy them the latest fashions.

23. You can’t afford for your spouse to stay at home with the kids – Your spouse wants to stay at home and take care of the kids, but you can’t afford it. You both have to work and watch your children grow up in day care.


24. You have to read the financial and business sections of the newspaper – Everyday, you check the financial and business sections of the newspaper to make sure you’re not going to be blindsided by something. And it nearly bores you to death.

25. You have to save money out of every paycheck – You’re already just barely getting by on your pay, but to get ahead, you have to deduct a portion of your paycheck for savings, making it that much more meager.

26. You have to worry about doing your taxes – The IRS gives you cold sweats. You’d rather do anything but deal with them, but whenever you make a dollar, you have to make sure they know about it when you efile your taxes. Otherwise, you’re punished later.

27. You have to pay people to protect your money – Attorneys, accountants, financial planners — you have to pay all of them to protect your money. You just wish everyone would leave you alone and you didn’t need an army of suits to guard your financial future.

28. You have to learn how to invest – Learning how to invest is work. Tedious, boring work, and you hate having to learn it.

29. You risk losing money that you worked hard to get – Sometimes, you make a bad financial move and lose a portion of your savings. You traded hours of your life for that money, and it kills a part of you to see it washed away.

30. You have to set aside the time to pay bills – You despise paying the bills, mainly because you have to spend hours figuring out where to find the money and worrying about making a mistake. But they keep on coming.


31. You have to take a well-paying job instead of a meaningful one – When you were a kid, you didn’t dream of being a help desk technician/corporate executive/attorney/whatever, but you have to do it to pay the bills.

32. You have to be nice to your boss – You don’t like your boss, but you have to kiss their ass anyway, no matter how much you hate being inauthentic.

33. You have to take work home with you – In the old days, people use to leave their work at the office. But not anymore. Every night, you bring home a to-do list and feel suspiciously taken advantage of.

34. You worry about losing your job – The thought of losing your job scares you, and it’s the motivation for almost everything you do at work. You hate living in fear, but that’s your life.

35. You have to sit in traffic – How much of your life have you wasted, sitting in traffic at peak times to get to work? You can’t bear to think about it.

36. You had to spend years in school – Instead of playing and having fun when you were a kid and teenager, you went to school — a 16 year preparation program for work. Maybe it was necessary, but you wish you could have enjoyed those years more. Life as an adult kind of sucks.

37. You have to compete against others – It bothers you that everything about money seems to be a competition. If you get a good job, then someone else doesn’t. If you make a good investment, then someone else misses the opportunity. You wish your gain wasn’t someone else’s loss.

38. You have to do extra for a promotion – If you want to advance and make more money, you can’t just “do your job.” You have to “go beyond the call of duty.” The problem is, constantly “going beyond” can consume your life.

What Have I Missed?

Tell me, what have I missed? What are some of the things that you hate most about money?

Or do you think I’m totally wrong?

Either way, leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I’m going to be writing a lot more about this over the next few weeks and eventually releasing a manifesto on the subject.

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  1. Niki says:

    Very interesting article and comments so far, and I have to agree with what many here said: money ‘might’ look great at first glance, but in recent years especially, I think it doesn’t take a genius to see that there really is something really *WRONG* going on in our world nowadays. and I also agree that many (or most) of the problems can seriously be traced down to those few minority of “Powers-that-be” whether it elitist governments, big (and tend to ‘corrupt’) corporations. And if you’ve researched further on the vast Net etc, you’ll even find out uglier yet interesting possibility of the ‘NWO (New World Order)’ that tries to CONTROL and dominate this world into their hand, by using tools of fears, mass-media, politics, economy, you name it.

    Still on the same topic, I think it’s worth mentioning: how many of you here have heard of the Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project?
    Try to google it, and read as much information about these two.
    So far, I’ve read that many ‘real intellect, smart’ and GOOD (honest) individuals all seem to agree on these basically “Resource-based economy” system that’s being proposed. And that we should start spreading about them, so people (the ‘mass’) can start to ‘wake up’, realize, and NOT letting themselves be ‘brainwashed’, molded and controlled by those few Powers-that-be anymore, hence, Its influence will eventually weaken and replaced…by the brighter and FAIRER future for Humanity and planet Earth.

  2. SAf says:

    “With money you can buy a house but not a home;With money you can buy a clock but not time; With money you can buy a bed but not sleep; With money you can buy a book but not knowledge; With money you can buy a doctor but not health; With money you can buy a position but not respect; With money you can buy blood but not life; With money you can buy sex but not love.”

  3. mania says:

    the biggest problem with money is you are so wrapped up in it you spend half of your time worrying about losing it or running out of it… when ya got nothing you got nothing to loose…

  4. Louis says:

    Money is an illusion and an illusion can only control you if you believe its real. Money has a collective agreement of everybody of agreeing upon the simple fact that money has some sort of numerical value. When it has no absolute value because it’s value is simply not absolute. Money is a piece of cotton fiber-like paper notes. Money = Tool of Enslavement. Now sure, you may be able to buy certain things that are of a basic neccessity, but remember you’re still a slave to this thing called “money”. One day, money will be obselete and the microchip will be the only thing to have, but the chip is another form of control and enslavement. Try to mentally and psychologically brake free from it all, the sooner, the better.

  5. Abacus Man says:

    Who is this article targeted at? Work hard, end of story. I’m 22, I’m a trainee accountant with a big four, I started accumulating assets at 16, why can’t others do the same! P.s I’m not from a wealthy family, my dad was a shop keeper and my grand

  6. John says:

    Money is the sickness of this world. It has caused us to turn our backs on our humanity. We let others die for want of money. We let others starve for want of money. We kill others for want of money. We are destroying our world for want of money.

  7. Nanthini says:

    I hate MONEY.Because i faced many problems because of money.Many of us say
    that hard work never fails.I request them,”Please tell from your mind”.If they tell that sentence from their mind they will not be able.I also put hardwork.But finally it ends with MONEY.It is just a weightless paper. That weightless paper justifies my life.WHAT A HELL? Because of not having that weightless paper i have left my ambition.

  8. Aperture says:

    money, a addiction of horned lobbyists people.
    i saw many people being brainwashed by that kind of value, i will not share them because they are dangerous people, yet i whant to make the world more aware of what this value is and what the people do with it. how can the people see such thing i am saying if they don’t feel that effect because they are dummed by that blind value? it’s obviously, a big complex explanation.
    thanks to myself, i am not eddicted to that kind of value because i think more in nature, than lose time with such a value that dosen’t exist, nature exist.
    when the last tree is cutted, the last fish is taked and when the last river stay dry, the people will know the money can not eat.
    or we are natural humans, or we are fucking terrorists dead man walking by our won blind values, that our crazy ancestors build, that’s it.

  9. Malsprower says:

    If I had this negative perspective about life for too long I will go insane and want to kill myself. At times, I will agree with the author of this article, a lot of this is stark reality, but you have to enjoy what you have and teach your kids about the more important things such as love, nature, passion, happiness, and family. You don’t need a fancy house or car, I would be more than happy living in a yurt with a beautiful garden that I have planted from inexpensive seeds saved from previous years. Heck, I am sure someone out there would let you stay on their land if you help them out with taking care of their kids etc. And while you are taking care of their kids, you can bring your kids along. You just need to find the right people, and I am sure they are out there! There are a lot of horrible people in this world, just keep picking the weeds and a beautiful flower will show up.

  10. Money says:

    Money is the disgrace of this world, is the reason of all the wrong, wall the bad, the people that love it are mostly selfish people that don’t care about anything but themselves and always looking for ways to be better, richer , that everyone else, just to look more powerful,think about it, we spend most of ours lives making money, WE ARE A NATION SLAVE OF THE MONEY.

  11. wantingabetterworld says:

    I agree with all of these points.
    Some may say “you don’t need money to be happy”, etc. Well, it does make life easier. Some people aren’t as “smart” as others and cannot achieve the same (money-making) careers. Does that make them less of a person? Absolutely not. It is just their capabilities. They also cannot afford to go to college and therefore are “stuck” in low-paying jobs. So what can they do??

    I have family members that have busted their humps for years and years at low-paying jobs and struggle every day just to pay their rent and put food on the table, while others have what seems to be an abundant money-flow because of money left in wills, success of their parents, etc. Money begets money. You have those rare cases were someone “poor” branches out to the “other side”, but it is not as common as some think. And if you’re already on the “other side”, it is sometimes harder to understand the struggles. It’s easy to say “if I did it, so can they”. As nice as that sounds… no that easy!

  12. It is not even so much “money” but the idea of exchanging labor for purchasing power. Essentially money could be anything, the point is that when you are required to work to pay to live your life, and human worth is measured in a financial sense, then you find yourself in a system that generates structural violence.
    While we raise our children to share and be considerate, in such a system to do so into adult life equates to business failure.
    We have a “economy” which is really an anti-economy that requires continual consumption to empower growth, keeping people in jobs. Most of those jobs are fundamentally pointless and are in no way working toward human betterment. All at significant cost to our natural environment which we need in order to exist on this planet.
    It must stop, we need to put an end to this antiquated and outmoded system, we must begin designing a new system that is a real economy. That places importance on sustainability and intelligent use of resources. A system where the production of junk would be viewed as it should, abhorrent.

  13. Skanda says:

    I do not disagree with any of the points up there. But none of them justifies why you hate MONEY. They are good reasons for one to hate NOT HAVING MONEY. To clarify – suppose you made more money than you ever needed. Then, all of the 38 reasons would be negated, and you would then stop hating money. You’d stop hating money because it’s really not money that you hate but the lack of it.

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