How Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

Everybody knows how difficult their \ life becomes when they have bad credit. It’s nothing pretty and you’ll be much better off if you can avoid going this route.

Honestly, when your credit is in the toilet, you’ll have a tough time getting a cell phone, getting a car loan, getting a mortgage will be nearly impossible, and nobody’s going to want to give you a credit card.

Plus, even landlords are now using the credit system to evaluate you as a potential tenant. And if your credit score is low, your chances of getting the apartment that you’ve always wanted become really slim.

There is hope though. Credit repair companies can help you turn it all around. When everything else you’ve tried has failed, it’s sometimes best to bring in the experts to help you get your credit score number high enough so that people and companies no longer consider you a bad credit risk.

What Exactly Do Credit Repair Companies Do?

Now, it is possible to do everything that the credit repair companies do yourself, but it might not be the best choice for you for a number of different reasons.

Maybe you lead a very busy life and just don’t have enough time to deal with the hassle of arguing, fighting, and going toe to toe with the three credit bureaus. Or maybe you are afraid that you’re going to make mistakes – which happens all the time – and you’d rather not put in all that work to find out that you did it for nothing. Instead, you’d be happier letting the experts handle your case.

If that’s how you feel, then here’s what you can expect the credit repair companies to do for you.

  1. They will contact TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax and request a copy of your credit report.


  1. They will comb through your credit reports and discover all negative information represented there. At this point, they can organize your information to prepare for the next step.


  1. They can use numerous proprietary strategies to dispute the negative blemishes to have them removed. In some cases, they’ll have to deal directly with the credit bureaus, and in other cases they’ll have to negotiate on your behalf with your creditors.

According to CreditRepair.Company, experts that can see if credit repair companies are worth it, “Sorting the few legitimate ones from the mediocre services and scam attempts can be a major task. A good solution is to know what to look for in a reputable company.

What Can’t a Credit Repair Company Do?

Now that we know what the credit repair companies are capable of doing for you, will also take a look at the one thing that they cannot do because it’s not within their power or right to accomplish.

First off, you must have an established credit history in order to have it repaired. So if you’re just starting out in life and you have no credit because you have no credit history, the credit repair company isn’t going to be able to do anything for you.

You’d have to build up a credit history first and then make mistakes in order for them to fix it. So at this point you’d have to take the necessary steps to begin establishing a credit history.

If you cannot get a credit card because of your nonexistent credit score, you could always take out a secured credit card and use that to build credit.


As you can see, credit repair companies definitely offer a valuable service. If you cannot accomplish these tasks on your own, it’s definitely worth it to hire someone to take on your creditors and the credit bureaus for you.