Make Money without Having a Special Talent

extraincomeFor any person looking to make an extra income, the following is a list of money makers you may have not considered that could give you some much needed cash. I have tried all of the following so I know they work:

* Get paid to write blog posts – If you have a blog, or even if you don’t, you can earn money blogging and make a decent amount of money regularly.

* Freebie Trading (macrobucks, rocketbills, cashcrate) – Basically, getting paid by advertisers to fill out your contact  details and refer others to do the same. Important to use a generic email address and cancel any offers before you get charged, but otherwise can be very profitable. Best for dedicated and detail oriented people.

* Get paid for product reviews (Ciao, epinions) – Such sites will pay you some cash to write product reviews. Ability to gather information from various online sources will produce good results for you.

* Freelance Writer – Right now on Elance and Guru there are plenty of project for writers and editors. Fret not, many of the jobs do not require Shakespearean English.

* Rewrite non-converting online ads – Search the ad listings at eBay, Etsy, Craigslist etc’ for big and small items that do not sell. Email the seller and offer to rewrite their ad for a commission of the sale price of a re-listed ad.

* Start a Home Improvement Franchise – If you are trying to create an Internet home business or set up a home improvement franchise, learn from the inputs provided by the Plug-In Profit Site of Stone Evans. Get to know more about the biz guy through Stone Evans’ profile.

* Participate in a Focus Group – Companies and educational institutions need  people to help them validate certain tests, products, and services. When you join a focus group, you will receive a portion of their research funding. Call your local market research companies, universities, as well as look in your local paper, Craigslist and Google for opportunities.

* Sell yourself (hairtrader, bloodbanker)  – From hair, to eggs, and plasma you can choose provide and sell these for a respectable price.

* Get a 2010 Census job ( – Census related jobs begin in the coming months.

* Resell popular event tickets – Most people have some knowledge of which sports teams or entertainment events are popular. Use this knowledge to buy event tickets at Stubhuband resell them on such sites as Craigslist.

* Sign Up with Upromise – Get paid back for shopping online, going to restaurants, and stocking up on groceries. Upromise will give you the money for your education or your kids’ college  funds.

* Bank Account sign-up bonus (Bank of America) – Some banks will give you a cash bonus to open an  account. Naturally, beyond the initial bonus, higher interest accounts are the ones to really focus on.

A combination of these resources should help you make more money if you are looking to supplement your current income or you could even apply these on a full time basis and forget about your traditional job.

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  2. Katie says:

    I like all your ideas and it is also good to point out that you do not need anything special to make money online you just need time to make it work, like everything it takes time and effort. I think there are endless opportunities out there for anyone.

  3. admin says:

    Katie, all that you said is indeed true. Especially in these tough times, people that may have not previously considered the Internet as a source of income, should take a serious look at the recommended resources. These have worked well for me and many others who have put the effort into it. Notably, this effort was still less than what was necessary for working in a traditional job.

  4. irma Ligon says:

    This is very interesting…thanks for sharing.

  5. You’ve got a great blog here, and I love your post. Thanks, keep it up!

  6. admin says:

    Thanks guys!

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