4 Home Maintenance Tasks That Can Save You Money

Owning a home has many benefits, from keeping a roof over you and your family’s heads to serving as an investment that will hopefully increase in value over time. Homeownership is a joy, but it also takes work to care for your home and keep it in good shape. Here are four home maintenance tasks, which if done diligently, will save you money over time.

Keep Gutters Clean

Gutters are attached to the edge of your roof to collect rainwater and divert it away from the foundation of your home. Gutters can easily clog with leaves, sticks, and other natural debris. Once a gutter is clogged, it can trap rainwater and eventually lead to flooded basements and crawl spaces, as well as degrade the quality of a roof and lead to leaks.

Cleaning all your gutters of debris at least once a year will keep rainwater flowing smoothly away from your foundation and spare you from costly repairs in the future.

Replace Weatherstripping

Every place that a hole was cut through an exterior wall of your home — whether for a door, window, or air conditioner — is a place that air can leak out of your house. Depending on the season, you can lose precious heated or cooled air through those leaks. These small leaks will make your furnace or air conditioner work harder, which can decrease its life span and increase your utility costs.

Weatherstripping is the rubber or metal strips that can be installed around doors, windows, and indoor or outdoor appliances to make the leaks airtight and decrease your utility costs over time. As a bonus, stopping those leaks will keep your favorite picture window cozy for curling up in, no matter the season.

Install Clean HVAC Filters

Your HVAC system is likely the largest appliance in your home. HVAC systems not only control the temperature to keep your home comfortable year-round, but they also filter the air to keep dust particles, allergens, and bacteria from circulating throughout the house. To filter the air, heated and cooled air is pushed through a filter. Once that filter becomes clogged, the HVAC system has to work harder to push the air through, decreasing the system’s efficiency.

Luckily, HVAC air filters are relatively inexpensive and easy to switch out. Install a fresh air filter every three months or more frequently if you have pets.

Repair Water Leaks

At least once per year, check your toilets, sinks, and washing machine lines for water leaks. These leaks may not be obvious — especially in less-used areas like guest bathrooms — but they can cause serious damage. Leaking water can result in mildew, mold, and the need to replace flooring and sheetrock.

Checking for toilet leaks is simple with a little bit of food coloring, and sinks and washing machine lines can be checked with a visual inspection. If you see something amiss, either look to repair it yourself or call in a professional.

Your house is not only a place to call home but an investment in your future. Properly maintaining your house will make it comfortable for you and your family, saving you money by having you avoid big repairs in the future.

4 Reasons to Get Security Cameras Installed At Your Business

Different types of CCTV cameras exist including IP, PTZ, and weatherproof cameras. Others are infrared, eyeball, and dome cameras. Each one of them comes with unique features making them suitable for different businesses. For example, weatherproof cameras are suitable for an outdoor environment. Infrared cameras are ideal for covering dark areas while motorized ones are the best when it comes to shots from multiple angles. Interestingly, all of them help you in four distinct ways. More specifically, here are 4 reasons to get security cameras installed at your business.

  1. Evidence of a Crime

Jailing a criminal is impossible if the police cannot prove that a crime occurred. This failure to prove the commission of a crime means that the suspect walks away unpunished for this crime. He will commit another one unless someone stops him from doing so. Fortunately, stopping him is possible with a good camera system. If you live in New Jersey, google search for security camera installation in NJ, and you will get the best company for the job. With good cameras, you see criminals before they commit a crime, as they do it, or after they commit it. You can even see facial features and tattoo markings among other details on these criminals if you have high-resolution cameras. Consequently, you will have enough evidence that a crime took place in addition to the people who committed it.

  1. Discouraging Would-Be Thieves

People are less likely to commit offenses if they know that someone is watching them. That is especially true if they live close to the area where they wanted to commit a crime. This logic applies to security cameras as well. For example, a study by Leicester University revealed that surveillance cameras decrease the number of car thefts that happen in parking lots. More specifically, would-be thieves shied away from committing a crime when they noticed that a camera was watching them. They knew that security agents would be watching them on the other side of that camera. They also knew that evidence of their crime would exist if they went through with it.

  1. Monitor Activities at the Workplace

A 2015 study revealed that 37.5% of employees in the US had stolen from their employer. The same study also showed that the average time a business takes to detect this kind of theft is two years. Another shocking finding in this 2015 study is that 33% of business bankruptcies result from employee theft. Installing security cameras in your business would help you detect these unfortunate incidents. Doing so would save your business loads of money, as you would seal loopholes that employees use to steal from you. You can also monitor other activities as well including the time staff members arrive at their workstations.

  1. Facilitate Decision-Making at the Office

Controversial incidents happen at the office. They include physical altercations, inappropriate gestures towards clients or workers, and misuse of office equipment. Workers blame each other when these incidents occur. In most cases, determining who is culpable is a challenging exercise because both parties have convincing accounts of what happened. At the same, condemning an innocent party because his account seems unbelievable is possible. Footage from surveillance cameras is vital when it comes to dealing with these situations because they help you see what happened. Consequently, you will pardon the innocent party after seeing the video while disciplining the culpable one.

How to Double Your Money with Your Investments in No Time Flat

You should get aggressive with your passive income, and we’ll show you how. Click here to learn how to double your money in no time at all.

According to recent research, debt is more common than ever. In fact, most people die with a whopping $62,000 in debt.

As a result, many people may be looking for ways to claw their way into the black. And you can do it with investments if you invest wisely.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to double your money with proven methods. In some cases, it may take several years, but the methods are pretty much foolproof.

Ready to go double or nothing? Read on!

How to Double Your Money with the Rule of 72

The rule of 72 is a classic way to double your money. While tried and true, this method could take a while, so you should be aware of that when you start.

This is a pretty simple rule. It states that the amount of time it will take you to double your money is the number 72 divided by the rate of return you have on your investment.

If your rate of return is 8%, you will divide 72 by 8. The answer to this equation is 9, meaning it will take you 9 years to double your money.

This method is fairly even and simple, even for those of us who aren’t math whizzes. And it’s proven to double your money, as long as you don’t touch the money you’ve invested.

Investing in Bonds

Bonds are slow to grow, but they’re a sure bet. You won’t strike it rich with a bond, and it’ll take you a while to double your money. Nevertheless, if you’re patient, you’ll earn a return.

These types of investments have almost no risk. The only way you could lose a bond is if a bank went completely bust a la the stock market crash of 1929. But since that’s relatively rare, you’re in safe hands.

Most bonds mature at a rate of about 4%, which isn’t great, but it’s better than nothing.

Doubling with the 50/50 Strategy

A 50/50 approach requires some risk in order for you to double your money. This one doesn’t guarantee you’ll double your bet, but it’s safer than plucking everything you have into a stock and seeing what happens.

With this method, you’ll invest 50% of your money into a bond or a CD. This way, you’ll surely have some money left over. Not only that, but you’ll have money that is actually actively earning interest.

Then, you’ll take the rest of your money and invest it in the stock market. Don’t be reckless and place it on a new company, but choose your stocks to invest in wisely.

If you get lucky, you might find yourself quadrupling your money, or even getting a higher rate of return.

You can use a money calendar to see where you’re at in your investments at any given time.

But, you do run the risk of losing everything you placed on the stock market, which is why experts suggest you leave 50% of your money untouched in the safety of a CD or bond.

Double Your Money with an Employee Retirement Plan

Some employers offer you a retirement plan that doubles the amount of money you’ve put into it.

While this isn’t as thrilling as stocks, or possibly isn’t even as satisfying as watching money mature in bonds, it’s a sure bet.

You can speak to your employer about your retirement package and whether or not they match contributions for you. If they do, this is a quick and sure way to make sure you double your money immediately.

If you still want to take some risk, you may want to put in 75% of your savings and have it doubled. Then, you can invest the rest on the stock market to play your odds. Who knows? You could walk away with a much bigger nest egg than you originally planned for.

Are Stock Markets Predictable?

While you can work with stockbrokers to try and invest in the very best stocks or the ones most likely to rise, you should be aware that nothing is guaranteed. While putting your money in stocks is a little bit safer than using your entire savings to buy lottery tickets, there is still a lot of uncertainty.

A recent study from Vanguard says that at least 60% of the stock market was unexplained after analyzing data from as far back as 1926. This means that educated guesses and using stockbrokers can only guarantee you so much. And that guarantee is about 40%.

As such, past success doesn’t seem to have much bearing on future success. Or at least, it only accounts for 40%. The rest seems to be up to an act of God. Therefore, there is a fair amount of luck involved in hitting it big on the stock market.

Because of this, you shouldn’t expect to double your money on the stock market, at least not right away. Instead, you have to think of it as a game of chess. You’re playing to win, not checkmate your partner on the very next move.

Padding Your Savings Account

After reading this article, you’ve likely learned that how to double your money depends on whether you want to play it safe or go out on a limb. Either way, doubling your money is totally possible, but it’s only guaranteed by going slow and steady. After all, that’s the only way to win the race.

Need cash now? Learn about the pros and cons of personal loans here.

3 Benefits of Buying Commercial Real Estate in Ohio

Did you know that you can find Cincinnati, OH commercial real estate for sale and lease online on the largest commercial real estate marketplace on the internet? Before making a purchase it’s important to interact with real estate agents as they are specialized in purchasing, locating, industrial, retail, and managing a commercial office. In Cincinnati, the value of commercial property continues to increase and this draws people interest to continue investing in commercial properties after they realize the benefits. If you are considering to invest in real estate by buying a commercial property in Cincinnati for the first time, below are top benefits of putting your money into a commercial property.

  • Better opportunity for appreciation. The value of residential properties is determined by comparing sales in the neighborhood while the value of a commercial property is determined by the amount of revenue they generate. The worthiness of residential property will always be contingent on other properties in the area, regardless of higher renovations or quality features. As you can see, investing in a residential property it’s not as wise as investing in a commercial property. Investing in a commercial property is a wise decision since later, it can bring you a higher financial reward than a residential property.


  • Higher returns. It’s more superior to invest in a commercial real estate than in residential real estate. Generally, commercial real estate yields more returns than a residential real estate. In residential real tenants pays a lower rent than commercial tenants in a commercial real estate. In every year you can draw in a considerable high amount of income due to higher rents. Not only will you incur higher returns for long periods, but also save time and monetary resources. This is because tenants are expected to sign long leases and probably have a vested interest in repairing and maintaining the buildings for themselves.


  • Competition is not higher. Majority of investors venture in residential properties. Most people want to live in a comfortable home where they feel proud to invite friends and relatives. People think this is the best way, in my opinion, it’s a traditional way. This makes it less competitive for vying for a commercial property. Investing in commercial property requires more capital upfront, but due to less competition in the market, it often means that you will find the best deal. Logically, high competition means that the demand is high and less competition means the demand is low making the prices to be low too.

In Cincinnati commercial property investment continues to increase, then if you are looking to buy property for your business or invest, don’t hesitate to invest in Cincinnati. The aim of every investor is to buy low and sell high. Basically, their aim is profit maximizing. Therefore, an investor with such a goal, it’s wise to invest in a commercial real estate rather than in a residential real estate. In Cincinnati, when the market is hot with commercial properties consult a real estate agency and all will be well.

Do You Need Fast Cash? The Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

If you need fast cash, a personal loan is an option. You also need to worry about repayment and interest rates. Here are the pros and cons of personal loans.

Money problems keep 65% of Americans up at night.

Stressing over money isn’t only unpleasant, it’s dangerous too. Your body reacts negatively to high levels of stress. Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and more can all result from chronic stress.

Instead of worrying about paying your bills, maybe you’re considering getting a personal loan. When you use them correctly a personal loan could be the answer to your financial problems.

However, if you don’t use the loan correctly, you might end up in a worse situation than you began with.

We wrote this article to clearly define the pros and cons of personal loans. Read on to find out what the best choice will be for you.

Pros and Cons of Personal Loans

Before we explore the pros and cons of personal loans, we’ll explain how a personal loan works. These types of loans have fixed monthly payments. Usually, you will receive the money from a bank, credit union or online lender.

Annual Percentage Rates

Your lender rates can vary depending on the institution where you get the loan. You can expect a rate that falls anywhere between 7% to 36% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). The total interest you’ll pay along with extra charges create your APR.

Qualifying Factors

Lenders will qualify you for the loan using several different factors. One of the things they’ll be looking at is your credit score and credit reports. After they review your credit score, lenders will want to see your credit to debt ratio.

The better your credit the lower your rate will be. When you’re credit score is below 600 it’ll be difficult to find any lender. If you have a very low credit score, and you do find a lender, the rates will be extremely high.

Compare Rates

Before you choose your personal loan, you should do some shopping. Find a reputable company to help you with the credit review. Compare rates from different vendors and find the one with the lowest APR.

Be careful as you’re shopping that not every lender is running your credit score. You want to limit the number of times an institution runs your credit. Excessive credit checks will affect your credit score.

Now that you understand how a personal loan works, let’s look at the pros of getting one.

Pro: Personal Property Stays Safe

One of the best personal loan advantages is the peace of mind that you’re property is safe. A secured personal loan will not require you to back it with any type of collateral.

If you default on your loan you won’t have to worry about losing your assets. For example, other loans might require you to place your house or car as collateral.

In the event you can’t pay off your loan, the lender would get your house. You never know when a major life event will prevent you from making a payment. However, with a personal loan, you’ll know that you and your loved ones will always have a place to live.

Pro: Simple Application Process

Next, you’ll enjoy being able to conveniently apply for a personal loan. In the past, the application process was extremely tedious and difficult.

However, with the ability to use an online vendor, the application and approval process can take less than 24 hours.

Within a couple of days, you can have all of the money you need.

Pro: Consolidate Debt

Finally, your personal loan is helpful in consolidating your debt. If you have different types of debt, like credit cards, a personal loan could be your way of refinancing.

The Federal Reserve shows personal loan rates are going down while credit card rates are going up. The average personal loan rate averages around 9.7% while credit card rates are averaging close to 14%.

If you have a lot of credit card debt, you could get a personal loan to repay it. You’ll save money because you’re interest rate will be considerably lower. While 9.7% is the average rate for personal loans your rate could be as low as 6%.

The state of your credit, of course, will determine if your rate is closer to 6% or 9%. Once you’re debt free you can start building your financial future.

Now you know more about personal loan advantages. Next, we’ll explain the potential disadvantages of receiving a personal loan.

Con: Budget Concerns

Emergencies are usually the reason people apply for a personal loan. The urgency of needing the money right now is the guiding force behind their decision. You put your finances in danger if you buy a loan without reviewing your budget.

Before you agree to any loan, find out what the monthly payments will be. If the payments don’t fit in your current budget, don’t get the loan.

Con: Origination Fee

Interest isn’t the only expense your personal loan will carry. You’ll also be responsible for paying the origination fees. The processing of the loan costs the lender money so they charge you origination fees.

Normally the fee will range between 1% all the way up to 6% of the amount you’re borrowing. When you take out the loan you’ll have to pay the origination fees up front.

This can be especially upsetting to individuals who are tight on money. Having to pay a bill right away with the loan money received can seem counterproductive.

Con: Scams

Beware of all the scammers out there waiting to take advantage of you. Not every loan offer you’ll receive will originate from a legitimate source. Usually, scammers will offer you a fake loan to get your personal information.

Once they have your personal information you’ll be at risk for identity theft. Other scammers will even ask for an upfront fee to secure the loan.

After they receive the fee they disappear into the night. This scam even has a name, it’s called the “advance-fee scam“.

Guidance on Your Financial Journey

The pros and cons of personal loans will be different for every individual.

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Read This Before You Sell Your Home for Cash: Must-Know Pros and Cons

If you’re a homeowner considering the option to sell your home for cash to a real estate investor, then this must-read list of pros and cons is for you!

Did you know that the housing market got influenced by the 2008 economic crisis?

As a matter of fact, the homeownership rate declined since 2005. Right now, the rate sits at 64.2%, a surprising slight increase after a decade of decrease.

If you’re in need of money, you might opt for a personal loan to cover for it. Sometimes you might not have the means and might sell your home for cash. Read on if you want to know how this affects you.


If you’re selling a house to a cash buyer, these are the pros you can expect. Read more here if you want a more in-depth discussion on the pros of selling your home.

1. Investors Buy As-is

There are a lot of people who can’t afford to repair their homes before selling, so if you don’t have the means of funding significant house renovations, cash offers become appealing. After all, your investors will buy your house in its current condition, no matter how bad it might be.

Completing the repairs on your own will cost you both time and money, and a lot of those renovations are necessary to put it up on the market. But the problem lies with the fact that you won’t get as much money in return.

You’ll get a low return on investment for projects like bathroom remodels. So if you want to make the most money, you can sell houses for cash instead.

2. You Avoid Contingency Clauses

There are a lot of contingency clauses on house contracts, and this helps protect buyers since they can back out of the deals. But these can become detrimental to you as a seller.

With this, you need to always keep vigilant when reading contracts since the fine print might say that the buyers only honor the offer if you meet certain conditions. It might be a time limit or something similar.

Either way, you don’t need to worry about it when you’re selling houses for cash since investors don’t need these contingency clauses. It’s an extra hurdle you avoid, making the process more convenient for you.

3. Financing is Different (In a Good Way)

The reason it takes forever to sell homes is due to the banks’ involvement. When borrowing money, you’re working on their timeline since the banks won’t care about your time constraints, regardless of reason.

Financing is the area home sales don’t excel in, that’s why it’s better to sell homes for cash since you don’t deal with banks at all. The investors often pay for any closing fees once you’re done with the deal.

4. Selling is Quicker

If someone shows interest in your home, you don’t need to go through all the processes that involve listing your home. You don’t need to hire professional photographers to make your house look attractive. It’s not required to spend hours to figure out a great marketing description as well.

You’re most likely not going to have an inspection. This allows you to skip out of any responsibilities involving repairs. With this, you also bypass any lending steps common when selling houses.

Often, all you need to do is to call investors. They’ll ask you some questions and make offers based on your answers. You can choose to take it or try somewhere else, making it quick.

Most deals close within a week or two, so you get money without waiting for long. The simplicity and speed can make it a better deal if you don’t have all the time in the world.


Selling homes for cash is a great way of getting money. But it’s not all benefits for you since there are drawbacks when you opt for this option. Here are some of the few:

1. You’ll Get Lowballed

Any investor buys houses for specific prices. Yet it’s important to remember that you’re trading speed with money when it comes to cash sales. A vast majority of your potential investors will try buying your home for a lot less than its real value.

In most cases, companies will offer around 65%-80% of your home’s fair market value. This means that you get an average of 23% less value per square foot of your property. Remember, investors aren’t buying because they want to live in your home.

Your investors aim to flip the property and sell it at a higher rate for profit. So if you want to get a lot of money, you’re better off hiring a reputable listing agent. You can still get better offers even if your asking price is lower when using the traditional methods.

2. Most Investors Aren’t Local

Companies that buy homes for cash often run a nationwide business. What this means is that they have minimal knowledge of your locality. They’re buying your house with no regard to certain factors since all they care about is to resell it faster.

That means they won’t take your neighbors into consideration. They won’t care whether your area is close to a lot of great places. They’ll disregard the fact that your neighborhood has a low crime rate.

If you want to get a better deal, you might have to sell your house to locals. These people will care about these factors and put it into consideration. That way, you get someone who can use your house and add more to your beloved neighborhood.

Learn How to Sell Your Home For Cash Today!

If you want to sell your house, you need to understand your options. When you’re not concerned about the time it takes, you can go with the traditional method. There are a lot of things that you need to do, but in the end, it will get you a higher monetary value.

When you sell your home for cash, you can expect a fast deal. But it’s often lower than your actual home’s worth. If you don’t want to pay more for renovations, this option is the best.

Do you need tips for selling your home? Check out our guide here and get more tips for a good asking price.

Starting Your Own Business

If you’re thinking about starting a small business in Texas, you have a lot to consider. You need to start with a viable seed for your business plan. Look for a concept with proven potential but minimal competition. Ideally, this will be a business niche that you’re passionate about. One of the best things about starting your own small business is having the opportunity to create a job that you truly love.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every day will be easy, though. Those who make their schedules often find that success only comes with long hours, extended work weeks, and an abundance of self-discipline. Find a mentor who’s had success with a similar venture and learn everything you can about how they got started. Ask them blunt questions about their early days in the industry, and prepare yourself for the challenges that likely lay ahead. Determination and realism in equal doses can serve a new entrepreneur well.

Once you’ve settled on your business plan, you need to find the perfect place for your company. Texas offers several outstanding opportunities. San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Houston all rank amid the top ten cities in the nation for economic growth. There are more than 791,000 small businesses throughout the state of Texas with at least one employee, and over 2.2 million ventures that are nonemployers. You’re in good company placing your startup here. Learn more about the state of small business in Texas with this infographic, so you have the knowledge you need for your own project.