4 Tips to Getting a Duplicate Social Security Card

All American residents require a social security card. It features your social security number and thus it’s important to keep it safe. With the number, you aren’t just able to process your personal records, but also financial records, including collecting your social security benefits. Therefore, losing or misplacing your social security card is cause for alarm.

If you’ve lost your card, you need to get a duplicate social security card. Here are the four tips to getting a copy of your social security card if you lose it:

Top 4 Tips to Replacing a Social Security Card

  1. Report the Stolen or Lost Card

Report the stolen or lost social security card to the social security office the moment you realize it’s no longer under your possession. The Internal Revenue Service office also needs to receive a report on the stolen card to ensure nobody uses it fraudulently to file taxes. Contact the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information website to report the theft.

The other office you need to contact is the Internet Crime Complaint Center to help ensure nobody apart from you gets to use your card.

  1. Print Form SS-5

After downloading the social security form SS-5 from the website of the US Social Security Administration, print it to apply for a copy of your lost or stolen social security card. Since the form is a PDF file, you need to ensure that Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer to enable you to open the file. Available on the Adobe website, simply download the form for free.

  1. Fill the Downloaded Form SS-5

After downloading the SS-5 form available as a PDF file, you need to fill it with your personal details as prompted.

  1. Provide Proof of Identity & Immigration Status or Citizenship

Proof of your citizenship or legal immigrant status is required to get a duplicate social security card after losing the original one. US citizens can produce a US passport, US birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, US birth consular report or certificate of naturalization to prove their citizenship.

If you’re an immigrant, provide your immigration documents to get your card replaced. A work permit card issued by the Homeland Security Department or Form I-551, I-94 with a current foreign passport is the only acceptable document for immigrants. The documents can either be certified copies or originals, but not notarized copies or photocopies. They are often mailed back.

An identity card issued by the state, a driver’s license or a US passport is an acceptable document for identity proof. In case these documents aren’t available, an adoption decree, marriage certificate, employee identification card, a life insurance policy, a school ID or a US military ID is acceptable.

The documents must feature your recent photo, identifying information, and full names to be acceptable. They must also be current with up-to-date information.


When done filling the application form and have the documents ready, find a social security office near you for submission. Submit your application via mail, online or in person and wait for your replacement social security card to arrive through mail. If you’re busy and work on a tight schedule, you can use third party services to replace your lost or stolen card.

However, if you want to save money and get a duplicate card free of charge, make the application on your own. The forms are available for free download online.

Visit https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/change-name-on-social-security-card/ to help you apply for a duplicate social security card

5 Tips to Crypto Trading

In the past, earning an extra income was possible for investors who simply bought and held cryptocurrencies. The strategy of purchasing virtual coins at cheap prices and selling them months or years later at a higher price is, unfortunately, not as easy today as it was before. With the addition of more coins in the marketplace, the entry of institutional funds from stock exchanges, and the emergence of futures and other types of contracts, earning from cryptocurrencies is becoming an art that is almost exclusive for skilled traders.

The cryptocurrency market is characterized as a highly volatile one. To provide you a picture, the total capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market has increased by roughly twenty times from January to December of last year and has lost by more than sixty percent in value from the all-time high in December up to the beginning of February this year. Its high volatility has opened up opportunities for traders to get high rewards and to acquire huge losses as well. As a beginner, cryptocurrency trading may sound a bit intimidating. But in reality, anyone can earn from crypto trading; with the right discipline and the basic knowledge of managing risks and setting targets. Read more about the five tips to cryptocurrency trading and start getting additional income without leaving your home.

  1. Stay updated on the news.

The movement of the cryptocurrency market is largely driven by the developments surrounding the cryptocurrency space. For example, news about governments implementing strict regulations on cryptocurrencies can drive the price down, while companies opening their doors to cryptocurrencies and huge personalities promoting the use of crypto can help increase the price. While you should always be updated with the news, it is important for you to avoid making hasty decisions.

  1. Do not FOMO.

FOMO is a widely understood term in the cryptocurrency space which is abbreviated from a phrase, “fear of missing out”. This happens when the price of a specific coin suddenly shoots up and people immediately come in to join the hype. What usually happens is that the coin holders who bought them at cheaper prices will start selling, causing a reverse in the momentum, and leaving people who did FOMO at loss. Avoid buying at the climax of the hype, set your entry points properly, and do not panic sell.

  1. Set a tight stop-loss order.

Technical analysis is one of the essential skills that must be learned by every trader. People may use different market indicators and interpret the trends and patterns with bias. But what you should always take note of is to set up a tight stop-loss order. Cut losses immediately and, similarly, set a reasonable target. It doesn’t matter whether you earn 2 or 20 percent in a single trade because that will eventually add up if you follow your targets and stops with discipline.

  1. Know the coins that you are trading.

For years, Bitcoin has proven itself as the most dominant cryptocurrency in the world. Altcoins or alternative coins are different. Some of them has overtaken Bitcoin in terms of growth while most of them constantly lose value over time. Do not buy coins or tokens from ICOs without doing any research. Avoid putting all eggs in one basket and remember to always manage your risks.

  1. Use trading software.

With the cryptocurrency market running 24/7, the need for trading software arises. Aside from placing orders in a split of a second and at any time of the day, using trading software also eliminate the factor of human emotions that can result in a big loss. There are different smart trading applications online that you can use to improve your trading performance. One of the swiss army knives of cryptocurrency trading today is the Crypto CFD Trader – a highly efficient trading program specifically designed by economic experts to generate favorable results in contract-for-difference trades. Check it out now and see for yourself.

Simple Ways to Save Money

You’ve always wanted to have that extra financial cushion in the form of a savings account, but you can’t seem to break the chain of living paycheck to paycheck. It feels like your income just isn’t substantial enough to allow you to pad a savings account.

In reality, it probably isn’t your paycheck that’s the problem; it’s your spending. Anyone can stockpile a rainy day fund if they have smart money habits and are determined to decrease their monthly spending.

Not sure how to start putting away a little money each month? Here are some simple ways to start saving without living on the bare minimum.

Open a Savings Account and Set Up an Automatic Deposit

It’s difficult to focus on saving when you don’t have a specific account dedicated to the cause. Do yourself a favor and open up a savings account with your current bank so you can watch it grow and actually keep track of how much money you’ve put into the fund.

Another good idea is to set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking account to your savings account. Look at your budget and figure out how much you can reasonably set aside for an emergency fund each month, then have your bank automatically transfer that amount into your savings. You’ll find that it’s much easier to save the money if it’s immediately moved out of your checking account.

Tackle Your Debt as Much as You Can  

According to the Federal Reserve’s latest numbers, the average American household carries more than $137,000 in debt. It’s no wonder that most people are struggling to save money when they’re constantly dealing with monthly debt payments. Therefore, one of the fastest ways to start saving is to eliminate your debt ASAP.

The sooner you aren’t chained to those loans or credit card payments, the sooner you’ll be able to feel financially secure. Plus, rebuilding your credit score after dealing with debt for years can be challenging, so it’s best to knock out the problem as soon as you can.

Be Mindful of Your Utility Bills

Many homeowners and renters underestimate how much their heating, AC, and water bills can add up, especially during the summer and winter months. Start paying attention to how much energy your home is using every day, and if you can, find other ways to make your home comfortable.

For instance, instead of cranking the heat every time your room feels chilly, consider purchasing a small heater that costs less to use. Even just saving fifty dollars a month can make a pretty substantial difference in the long run.

Take Cheaper Vacations

You may think that taking a vacation is out of the question–but that isn’t true. Sure, taking a vacation can be very expensive, especially if you’re paying for your immediate family. Try looking for a less expensive alternative.

There are family-friendly resorts that are more fun if you have children. You can also decide to go to an adults-only resort if you’re looking for some alone time with your partner. Of course you can research fun things to do in the state you live and do a road trip for the weekend. All of these options are just some of the several things you can do for a fun vacation.

Find Ways to Save on Food

The average American family spends between $151 and $180 on food each week. Although that might not seem like an outrageous amount, especially for households with multiple members, it’s easy to see how those weekly grocery bills could add up. If you really want to start saving, you’ll probably need to search for ways to lower your regular food expenses.

Cooking at home, eating leftovers, packing lunches, and purchasing off-brand food products are all great ways to start. You can also put more thought into your shopping by planning meals in advance instead of grabbing whatever ingredients and snacks sound tasty at the time.

Become a Coupon and Discount Hunter  

Although it might seem a little embarrassing to cut out coupons or ask about discounts, doing so can certainly pay off. There are also handy apps you can download on your mobile device that can help you save a dollar here and there. Sure, coupon and discount hunting won’t allow you to save for a yacht or anything, but it might be able to contribute to a financial safety net that you can rely on in years to come.  

Make Sure You’re Taking Advantage of Your Retirement Savings Plan

Many employers offer a 401(k) match program, and if you aren’t taking advantage of yours, then you’re practically throwing away free money. Even if you don’t think you can contribute much to a retirement account, at least toss a little bit in there each month.

Every deposit will add up over time and help you prepare for the future. As of 2017, half of Americans are worried they won’t be able to afford retirement. Don’t let yourself suffer those same fears as you age, especially when it’s so simple to build a retirement account.

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions and Memberships

Signing up for that spiffy gym down the street may have seemed like a good idea at first, but are you really going to utilize it often? If not, cancel your membership and search for something cheaper. Even better, start running outside for free.

The same goes for your music and entertainment subscription services. If you aren’t truly enjoying them and using them on a daily basis, then it’s probably a good idea to cancel your subscription and pocket that money.

Be Smart When Spending

Whether you’re barely making ends meet or sitting pretty, finding extra money to save can seem challenging at first. However, simply looking at your budget and discovering small ways to save can make a huge difference. Work on weeding out silly expenses like gym memberships, expensive groceries, and entertainment services.

Also, make sure you are making monthly deposits into a savings account, as well as a retirement account, and pay off your debt as soon as possible. Sure, you might be clipping coupons and buying generic-brand cereal, but it’ll all pay off once you have a padded emergency fund that helps you sleep soundly at night.

Should Traders Follow the Forex Masters Strategy?

When traders are following the strategy of Forex masters, many traders think that they should not follow these strategies. These strategies are made and worked up by the professionals. You cannot expect to make a profit when you are trading in Forex with another strategy. Though these professional traders have been in this market for trading along time, it does not mean you can trade the market for their strategy. A lot of people are in confusion if they should use the strategies simply made by the professionals or they should work on making up their own strategy. This is a hard question to answer and if you read this article, you will know if it is safe to trade the market with the professional trader strategy.

Making money in the online trading industry is one of the most difficult tasks that you will ever face. Trading is often considered as the most sophisticated business in the whole world. You need to study the IB broker account type before you get fully invested in this section. It’s not like that you will simply place trades and make money. You need to learn the perfect way to analyze the market. Discipline is the key to success in the financial industry. Before you start assessing the IB broker account type, you need to ask yourself whether you will be able to trade this market after overcoming all the obstacles.

Developing the perfect system

Creating your trading system is very challenging. You need to learn about support and resistance level trading since it is one of the easiest ways to find good trade setups in the financial industry. Based on your trading strategy you need to choose the Juno account type. In the early part of your trading career, you will have to face lots of losing trades but this doesn’t mean that you are the ultimate losers in this industry. Aim for high-risk reward ratio trade setup so that a few winners can easily cover up all of your loss.

Trade with your unique trading system

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is these strategies that are being followed by the professionals in Forex are their own strategies. If they are using the positional trading strategy, you will find that there are some things which are not in the primary strategy. It is because they have worked hard, they have traded the market with these strategies and the final strategy is that one you are seeing right now. All of these strategies have been made up for their own trading markets to work and if you trade in the different markets, your strategy is not going to work. You should remember that there are different trends in the markets.

Some traders like to trade with the volatile trends when others trade with the favorable trends. All of these things can make your strategy change and if you do not develop and work for your own strategy, you cannot trade the market. Before you start going for help to these professionals, we should advise you that you use your own strategy. It may be wrong and there might be many mistakes. It is your money and you should trade it with your strategy.

Use professional strategy after your trying

If you still cannot make money in Forex, we advise that you take Forex education from them. These professional traders give education the traders of the market strategies, how to trade and they can teach you something helpful for your career. If you think you should use their strategy, take the courses from them. It will help you to understand their style. They think differently than the other traders and that is why they are professional. Use their strategy only when you cannot make your money after trying.

7 Tips On Maximizing A Title Loan

Whether you need a fast loan to launch a new business, cover some unexpected expenses or any other reason, finding a quick lender is no walk in the park. The process can take weeks or months and cause a ton of stress and work. You have a lot on your plate already that worrying about getting a loan approval quickly should not be the big hassle that it typically is.

To help alleviate some of this stress and get a fast loan, you could look at getting a title loan, instead of a more traditional personal loan.

What Is A Title Loan?

A title loan is a secure lending opportunity where the borrower uses their car title as collateral. In other words, the borrower temporarily gives the ownership of their car to the lender. Once the loan is paid, the title moves back to the borrower’s hands. The upside to car title loans is that they are often easier and faster be approved for, even if you have bad credit.

Naturally, there are some downsides to car title loans as well. You need to really understand how to maximize your title loan and what sort of lender to look for to have the best borrowing experience possible. These 7 tips will help you get the right title loan from the best car title lender in your area and still drive your car.

1: Research the lender and check for borrower complaints

Before you sign or initial any papers (really before you even bother calling or visiting a lending office), you want to be absolutely certain that you’re dealing with a reputable lender. Luckily, a quick Google search can tell you everything you want to know about a lender’s reputation; you’ll even find complaints from past borrowers. The last thing you want is to be roped in with a lender that has a history of issues with customers.

Researching the lender ahead of time will give you all the information you need for a great title loan process.

2: Check your vehicle against the lender’s approved list

Every title loan lender has different parameters on the types of cars they’ll accept. These parameters include things like mileage (some lenders will only accept cars with under 100,000 miles), model year (many lenders will only take new vehicles made in the last ten to fifteen years) and even the make/model of the car.

3: Determine your payment schedule

As with any loan, you should have a clear idea of how long the loan will take you to payback and how much interest you’ll accumulate during your borrowing time. Ideally, you want to pay the loan back as quickly as possible, as you’ll have to pay less interest, but a shorter loan period means bigger monthly payments. You have to find the right balance between a comfortable monthly payment and a short payment period. This will help you pay less on your car title loan.

4: Ask if there are any repayment penalties

While you want to pay the least amount of money on your car title loan, the lender would like to have the opposite happen. Some loan providers have stipulations in place that prevent you from repaying your loan in a short period of time. This helps ensure that you pay them ample interest. They’ll actually penalize you for paying early!

5: Check that your lender can operate in your area

If you’re going the route of an online lender, you want to be absolutely certain that they have the right license to operate in your state. Each state has its own guidelines and regulations regarding title loans, particularly when dealing with online lenders. Getting involved with a lender that doesn’t have the right license(s) for your state could create legal penalties and terrible issues for you and your money.

6: Ensure that you can still drive your vehicle during the loan period

This is the most make-or-break issue when it comes to title loans. Every title loan lender handles this aspect differently. Some lenders will impound your car for the lifespan of the loan. Others will require a tracker be placed in the vehicle to measure mileage and location. If you need the vehicle for work and transportation, then you need a title lender like www.TFCTitleLoans.com that won’t ask you to give up your vehicle during the loan.

7: Ask about refinancing options

Even if you feel 100% certain that you won’t have to refinance your title loan, it’s still a smart idea to ask before about refinancing options before you sign on the dotted line. You never know what the future holds and your financial situation and stability could change dramatically overnight. Some title loans allow for refinancing to occur, others will lock you into your initially agreed upon payment schedule.


A car title loan is a great choice for anyone that needs money quickly, especially individuals with poor credit. To make the most out of your title loan, you’ll want to follow the 7 steps in this guide.

Clean California Living 101

California is the self-proclaimed “State of Resistance”. However, the state has forged one path that everyone in the United States can get behind: their clean energy initiative. California has made leaps and bounds in their effort to produce energy from renewable resources, and residents stand to benefit from an abundant amount of incentives for participating. Whether you’re a Cali resident who wants to learn how to take advantage of these programs, or are curious as to how a state who prides itself on being different is switching things up, keep reading. We’re giving you a concise breakdown of clean California living which can empower you to do the same.

  • State-wide Operations

In November of 2017, The California Energy Commission released its annual report, and announced that the state’s investor-owned utility companies such as SDG&E are on track to offer 50% of its energy from renewable resources by 2020. Pioneering companies like OhmConnect explain that California would rather pay consumers to save energy than pay power plants to produce more; they encourage their users to go greener by offering cash rewards for participating in “Quiet Hours,” or reducing consumption during peak periods of energy usage.

The state government also made a commitment to cleaner living by introducing California’s Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen), which is designed to improve public health, safety and general welfare by enhancing the design and construction of California’s built environment. Included in CALGreen mandates sustainable state government operations including:

  • Energy-efficient state building design
  • Renewable energy generation at state facilities
  • Environmentally-preferrable state purchasing
  • Sustainable state-owned vehicles


  • Energy-efficient Upgrades

The Renewable Energy Program is run by the CEC, and has offered market-based incentives for new and existing utility-scale facilities powered by renewable resources since 1998. In 2007, the Commission teamed up with The New Solar Homes Partnership, which extended the financial incentives and other support to home builders in order to encourage the construction of new, solar homes.

Many of California residents also take advantage of the numerous federal and state tax breaks offered by making energy-efficient upgrades to their homes, condos and apartments. Although installing dual window panes, new insulation, or an energy-efficient HVAC system might cost more upfront, the savings they stand to reap are often worth it later on. California offers many financing options for upgrades to make going greener easier. From Los Angeles hard money lenders, to Bay Area building loans, living clean in California isn’t hard to do.

  • Eco-friendly Cars

The Golden State uses creative ways to encourage commuters to switch to eco-friendly cars. Earth-conscious Californians who drive electric vehicles can apply for a Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decal from the DMV, which enables them to ride in the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV or carpool) lane without the required number of passengers. They’re also exempt from paying the toll usually required to drive on high occupancy toll roads, shedding time and costs off their commute.

Cities such as Sacramento, San Jose, Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica offer free metered parking to electric vehicles on the streets, adding more savings incentives. California’s Consumer Assistance Program gives either a $1,000 or $1,500 (low income applicants) to residents who retire their high-polluting vehicles, as long as: 1) you are the registered owner; 2) the vehicle is titled in your name.

With so many perks rewarded for driving eco-friendly cars, more and more Californians are making the switch to electric vehicles—reducing their carbon footprint along the way.

California’s government promotes clean living through its various energy initiatives and makes going greener highly attractive to its residents. The state-backed programs for converting to energy-efficient homes and cars makes the initial buy-in seem well worth it, and the plentiful financing options makes buying in easy to do. The government leads by example, practicing what they preach and implementing eco-friendly standards to statewide operations. They even pay their residents to simply reduce their use of the grid for a bit! California may be different, but their strategies and practices are setting the world stage for the rest of the U.S. and beyond.

Why Trading is So Popular in Today’s World

People all over the world is always struggling hard to secure their financial freedom. You might have high-class education and skill set yet there is no guarantee that you will be rewarded with the perfect job. For this very reason, people always look for alternative source of income to support their family. But when it comes to choosing the best source of alternative income we have many options. But the smart investors always Forex trading as their part-time income source since it allows them to make a huge profit even with a small amount of trading capital. Most of the high-class brokerage firm will offer you high leverage trading account which will help you to place big lot size even with small trading capital. If you can truly master the art of Forex trading, high leverage trading account will be a blessing to you.

Be your own boss

No one wants to lead their lives under the supervision of other people. But in every profession you will have to face your boss. This is why many people often consider trading as their full-time profession since they will be the boss of this business. As a currency trader, you don’t need to trade this market with other people trading system or advice. If you can follow the market movement and place quality trades based on your market analysis, you will do perfectly fine. But becoming the boss doesn’t mean you will trade this market without any discipline. You need to understand the fact discipline is the key factor in the Forex market. Without having precise control over your emotion, it will be nearly impossible for you to deal with your trading loss. For this very reason, the pro traders always trade this market with strict discipline.

You can secure your financial freedom

Trading is one of the most elite class profession in today’s world. If you do so some research you will understand the exponential growth of active traders in the Forex trading USA community. Some novice traders often say the nature of this market is totally random. But the price every currency pairs always follow some specific rules. The pro traders always use the repeated pattern of the Forex market to place high-quality trades. Once you truly master the art of Forex trading you can easily secure your financial freedom. As a retail trader, you need to read a lot so that you can easily keep pace with the changes in the market. Always remember that this market is all about probability and no one can give you the guarantee you will have winning trades. So place a trade with low-risk exposure. The pro traders always make a profit by using the simple 2% rule of money management. Even if you place one trade based on high-quality market analysis, you can easily secure a huge amount of profit from that trade.

Extreme level of profit factors in currency trading

Most of the novice traders don’t understand the fact without having a precise knowledge of this trading industry, it’s almost impossible for a certain individual to make a consistent profit. If you can truly master the art of currency trading you can easily make a huge amount of money regardless of the performance of the world economy. When a certain currency is down, another currency is always up. So if you can find the perfect pair to place your trade you can easily earn money. Most importantly you have the complete control to determine your profit factor. For instance, if you take the bigger risk you can easily secure bigger profit. But you need to be extremely careful about the risk management factors to save your trading capital. Never take more than 3-5% risk any trade even though you have the perfect trading signals. Follow the conservative way of trading to limit your risk exposure.