GoBuyside: Recruiting Challenge for Investment Management

For most investment management companies, the ongoing quest towards success involves looking for ways to recruit and retain special talent. In order to show how important this is for these firms, many surveys are given regularly in order to show this. Typically, these surveys show that there is a high number of executives of financial services firms that view their opportunity for growth threatened because of the lack of talent. What this means is that only around 30-percent of CEOs have enough confidence that they will be able to get the talent they need in order to continue growing their business.

Some may see these survey results and think the problems are being exaggerated because only a small percent of the executives think that they are confident in finding the talent needed with the necessary skills that their firms need. However, there is good news for those CEOs that need a boost in their positive outlook for finding that talent they need. For CEOs that can overcome the challenge of finding the best talent with the right skills, they will be able to take a huge leap past their competition.

With the track that investment management companies are on, they cannot afford to meet many shortfalls with recruiting the talent they need over a long period of time. Unfortunately, many firms are succumbing to long, extended periods of time without recruiting who they need. This suggests that it’s time to review and change the way in which investment management firms recruit new talent. There are many key ways in which these changes can take place. One such way is by figuring out how to overcome the rough regulatory climate in the industry.

Finding A Solution For The Rigid And Rough Regulatory Climate

There are many strict licensing and regulation requirements set into place in the investment management and financial services sector in the industry. This makes it much different than the restrictions that other industries have to face and makes it more challenging. To make things even more challenging, the climate of international regulations is always changing. Even if the rules and regulations stay secure in one country, they could be shifting on a regular basis in another.

It takes many things to be able to survive in such a volatile climate for those in the field of investment management. Even though many of the CEOs fully understand the intimate and delicate balance that is required to meet all of the different laws and regulations, they will still sometimes fall short of the unique skills necessary to be able to face this challenge and be successful with recruiting the right talent.

This is where GoBuySide can come into play for these firms. They are a leader in the market for providing firms with a variety of recruiting solutions to meet their specific needs. They have a targeted and very specialized approach to getting consistent results for their clients. They do this by offering vetted access to their clients to most of the top consulting, banking and investment candidates from around the globe.

Most investment management firms are in need of diversifying their workforce. This has been a goal for many firms over the decades and GoBuySide works with their clients to meet this need. When firms find more effective ways of recruiting talent, they will see many positive outcomes. Some of the positive outcomes that GoBuySide can offer a company almost immediately are the prevention, elimination and resolving of the many recruitment challenges that a firm can face. As an added bonus, most firms will also see a vast improvement in their bottom line as well.

The Top 3 Ways to Find Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to real estate investments, making a great deal is something that we all want to achieve. Everything that you want to achieve in the commercial real estate realm has to do with a profit. And in this regard, you have to be smart enough from the beginning. Take your time to go through commercial real estate magazines, online property sale journals and so on. For instance, you can go through the cincinnati real estate listings to find the most suitable and profitable commercial real estate deals in this place.

Here are top 3 ways to find commercial real estate:

  1. Consider buying a foreclosed property

A foreclosed property is likely to be cheaper and a better deal than buying in the open market. When someone is unable to pay a mortgage for a long period of time, their property will be foreclosed through the local real estate listing. You could consider this for your real estate deal. A bank-foreclosed property is one of the best deals you can find in real estate. Banks do not want to manage the property and once someone has defaulted in their mortgage repayments, the bank will offer such property for sale at very high discounts. This can make one of the best deals in your real estate hunt. You may also be offered further discounts to repair or update the property. You see, the fact that the foreclosure process takes long means that the property will lie unoccupied for quite some time. This makes the property require serious rehabilitation before it can be sold.

  1. Be the last…or the first in deals

The early bird catches the worm. This adage also applies in real estate. Most of the times, the first offer is the one that is accepted. As such, always be quick in looking for deals. Always have a pre-approval from your bank so that you can always jump at any property in the shortest possible time. You should also set an automatic email alert with your real estate agent so that they can notify you of any deals that hit the real estate market. Check the deals and make offers on the same day.

Conversely, you can check out property that has been on the market for a very long time. Oftentimes, the owners will be tired of holding this property for long. As such, they are willing to accept discounted offers. This is another way to make great commercial real estate deals.

  1. Check out as many deals as possible

To find a good deal means that you have to look out for as many deals as possible. This is a game of numbers, and you never know where the best deal is. Consider the locations, the type of property, the nature of the offer and so on. Consider real estate properties that are on the lower end of the funnel, as well as those that are at the upper end. However, remember that you can only make money when you buy the property. Don’t spend too much time looking at all the properties on offer. You have to be quick in making a decision where necessary.

5 Benefits to Owning Custom Furnace Filters for Your Home

Homeowners are constantly looking for custom furnace filters as a way of improving the air quality in their home. This is because most of the ready-made filters do not meet their needs at time. The quality of air in your home will depend on the quality of filter that the furnace has.  Here are some of the benefits of having custom furnace filters in your home

  1.    Flexibility

Different homes have different air filter system, and when looking for the best furnace filters then you can have the custom filters specifically made to meet your needs. You can have a wide range of custom furnace filter sizes. Most of the time you cannot find the right filter that’s why ordering a custom-made is the most logical alternative as it can fit the furnace that you have. The most important thing is to get the measurement right. Choosing a custom furnace filter allows the homeowner to determine the quality of air they want in their homes. The homeowner also gets the flexibility of choosing how much they want to spend of a given filter according to their budget.

  1. Optimum MERV Rating

The MERV is a way of rating the efficiency of a filter, having a custom made filter in your home means that you can be able to specify the MERV rating that you want.  An optimum MERV rating means that your custom filter is able to remove dirt particles from the air more effectively. The MERV rating starts from 1-16 and in the custom-made filter you need to have a rating of 9-12. This is the optimum rating as higher rating tends to overwork the furnace and may lead to malfunction.

  1. Custom features

Having a custom made furnace filter means that you can request to have additional custom features put in. Most people who request custom-made filter request to have additional features which do not come with the regular filters. One of the key features is an activated carbon component. This component helps in the absorption of chemicals, fumes, and bad odors increasing the quality of air in your home.

  1. Durability

The next benefit of having a custom-made filter is that they last for long; this is because you would not have to change them from time to time. Typically a furnace filter will need to be replaced after every three months. However, a custom filter which is permanent will last much longer as you do not need to keep replacing them.

  1. Low Maintenance cost

Many homeowners have the misconception that ordering custom made furnace filter is expensive. While this may be true in some way but in the long, the custom-made a filter which are permanent have low maintenance cost. The reason for this is that they are calibrated according to the cooling system in your home. This means that they are able to function optimally and thus reduce the need for frequent repair as the system is not overworked.

4 Legal Documents You Should Know About

There are a variety of legal documents that currently exist, some of which are easy to identify. However, the mention of most of these documents may come as a surprise to many. It’s important for all citizens to comply with all legal expectation required by the government.

Legal documents serve the imperative role of protecting your loved ones, personal property, assets and most importantly, the legacy you leave behind.

Here are 4 legal documents you should know about:

  • A will

The will is a crucial legal document that every individual needs to create. It lists all your assets and stipulates who gets each of your personal property. It’s best to create your will using the appropriate legal channels. Therefore, consult your attorney prior to commencing. Having a well-written will helps to secure the future of your kids and also allows you to distribute your property as you wish. If you own a prime estate, you should indicate who administers it after you’re gone (the executor). This ensures that the estate is handled by a responsible individual.

  • Social security card

The U.S. government requires all American citizens to have a social security card. Some scenarios in which you might need this card including applying for a job, opening a bank account and utilizing a credit card. You will certainly require to fill Form ss-5 when applying for your unique social security card. When filling this form, it’s important to consider your circumstances – some fill it because their social security card was stolen/lost while others fill it because they were recently married. But whichever the case, you must provide some key information when filling form ss-5. This includes your citizenship status, name and date of birth.

  • Medical Directive

This popular legal document is also called a living will. It explains the sort of care you desire to receive should you fall ill or become incapacitated. It can either be specific or wide-ranging, depending on your own preferences. Living wills normally define medical issues such as life-sustaining treatments. This document is extremely important because it dictates how health professionals should proceed should you fall terribly and lack the ability to communicate. You might be currently healthy, but our bodies degenerate as we age. We are also prone to accidents and unfavorable incidents that may leave us in terrible states. That’s why it’s crucial to have a succinct medical directive.

  • Revocable living trust

Wealth comes with its distinct set of complications. In a few cases, children forcibly take over the property and estates of their parents, much to the chagrin of the latter. A revocable living trust is a critical legal document that helps prevent such scenarios from happening. It secures your parents’ control and management of their estates, allowing them to transfer assets to beneficiaries as they deem fit. Simply put, parents become the executors of those property, estates and assets that they own. This revocable living trust effectively circumvents estate probates when their owners pass away.

These 4 legal documents will certainly come in handy at one point or another, so act hastily to avoid ruffling the feathers of law enforcers.

Top 5 Reasons why you need a Franking Machine

It is true that the volume of physical mails are greatly on the decline, but for businesses that still rely on sending physical mails, nothing beats a franking machine.

What a franking machine does is to print postage directly onto your mail without you having to buy stamps or visit the post office.

You may think that in order to benefit from a franking machine, you must be sending thousands of letters per month. However that is a misconception and even if you send very few mails you can benefit from using a franking machine.

In fact, there are many entry level and low volume franking machines that you can use. With the technological boom, there is a franking machine for everyone.

No matter how many or how few are the mails you send, here are the top 5 reasons that your business needs to start using a franking machine:

Postage Discounts

In order to encourage the use of franking machines, more postage companies are offering franking discounts. In fact, franking discounts have doubled in the last two years.  The reason is simple, franked items are a lot cheaper that producing and issuing and processing stamps. This means it’s a win-win situation for you and the postage company.

Discounts on franked mails range from 1% to 34%.

Did you know that Royal Mail currently offer a 34% discount for franked mail as opposed to stamped mail? The discount might sound very little when you are sending one mail. But when you have to send a lot of mails every month, the savings is huge.


There are seven steps to posting mail. You’ll go from writing or printing to folding, then to enveloping, sealing, visiting the post office, weighing and finally stamping.

It’s a long process especially when you send a lot of mails.

Now imagine, you could skip three or four of those steps. Go a step further and picture having your own mini-post office?

It would be so convenient, having your own franking machine is like owning a mini-post office right in the comfort of your office. You will never have to queue at the post office again, no searching for stamps, no signing of checks every time to get new stamps, no more delayed mails when you run out of stamps.

The amazing thing is that you can top up at any time of the day. It’s available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You never run out of postage.

Saves Time and Money:

Franked mails have and will always be cheaper that standard postage. When you need to send a mail urgently and you don’t know the exact weight, you end up over paying. But with Franking machines, you can print the exact amount of credit you need. That means you are not overpaying or underpaying when your stamps don’t add up to the exact amount of your mails need.

Your franking machine makes you eligible for tax deductions, because it tracks all of your postage costs. This makes it easy for you to claim these as expenses on your tax return.

Also, a franking machine would save you time. No more queues at the post office, no closing hours, no running out of stamps. All franking processes are quick and easy. They just require pressing a few buttons on your franking machine.

The cost of a franking machine is minimal compared to the amount of money and time it saves for you.

Access and control

Modern franking machines come with access restriction mechanism that allow you to set a PIN code. With this security, only authorized staff members have access to the franking machine and you can see who exactly used the franking machine, what they posted and how much it cost.

Branding and Marketing

Franking machines give your mails a professional and executive look. You can properly brand and promote your business with every mail you send. The machine allows you to add your custom logo, images, return address and even promotional messages. Franking your mail allows you advertise your company for free.

Plus, modern franking machines allow you to track your post, so you’ll know exactly why it didn’t reach its intended receiver.

Switching to Franked Mail

There are so many other benefits of a franking machine including flexibility and the special treatment franked mails get at the post office.

By now you’ll have realized that using a franking machine is the best way to send mails. If you are still undecided then you are just leaving money on the table.

Why Retirement Needn’t Be a Scary Thought

For many people, retirement is something to look forward to. It is supposed to be a time when we can kick back, enjoy life, and not worry about the daily grind of work. Unfortunately, things are not always so simple.

Due to ill health, poor retirement planning, and bad luck, a federal government report found that around 9.5% of seniors were living in poverty in 2013 and 25% of seniors were deprived in at least one major category.

This is very worrying, so it is no surprise that a lot of seniors are dreading retirement. They worry about the financial repercussions of leaving their workforce. They worry about whether their pension will cover the cost of retirement. And they worry they might be lonely. Let’s address these issues.

Pension Planning

It’s sensible to look at your pension arrangements long before you reach retirement age. All adults are entitled to a state pension if they have paid tax during their working life. Check your entitlement to see what you are likely to receive. If you have a private or workplace pension, speak to a pension advisor to make sure your pension is on track to pay what you expect. And if it isn’t, start addressing this as soon as possible, perhaps with extra monthly contributions or a lump sum paid into the fund.

Dealing with Property Expenses

Many older adults struggle with housing costs. They may own their own home, but maintaining a property is expensive and with rapidly diminishing savings, running a large family home is well beyond their means.

One way out of this hole without having to sell your precious home is by taking out a reverse mortgage. Reputable products such as an AAG reverse mortgage lend you money based on the amount of equity in your home. You receive a monthly payment which can be used to supplement your retirement income. It’s a handy way of making use of all that money you have tied up in your home, but you should always take professional advice before signing up for any kind of mortgage or loan product.

Another option is to let out a room or part of your home, either short-term or long-term, depending on your immediate needs. If your home is in a nice area, you could potentially make a decent income from sub-letting part of it. The other advantage is that you then have company and people to chat to, which helps to address problem #3.

Coping with Loneliness

Retirement can be lonely. Families are often fragmented, living far and wide. You no longer have work colleagues to chat to and if you have health issues, your social life might disappear. Millions of older people don’t speak to anyone for days at a time, with the radio and TV their only company.

Don’t let loneliness drag you down. Join senior activity centers and try and get out at least once a day and talk to people. Be friendly to your neighbors and resolve to learn new skills and take up a new hobby. The more you do, the easier it will be to make new friends.

Retirement needn’t be scary if you plan wisely. Follow these tips and you can look forward to a new phase in your life.

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Property Manager

Property owners have an immense responsibility when it comes to managing their real estate portfolios. They need to address the tenants’ complaints, ensure the rent is collected on time, streamline repairs and maintenance of the property, marketing rentals and dealing with uncooperative tenants. These roles can be overwhelming, especially when he or she has more than one property. Delegating these roles to a property management company is ideal to ensure everything runs smoothly. There are several benefits if you consider hiring a property manager. They include:

1) Access To A Pool Of Services At A Reasonable Cost

If you go for just the right pick, you will get the most proactive property management services a property manager orange county can offer, and these that cut across all the dimensions of real estate services. Landlords of both small and large rentals get to access an array of services at a reasonable price. Most companies will offer different packages from which you will select according to your needs. This feature helps property owners to enjoy economies of scale and save money.

2) Legally Knowledgeable And Experienced

Property management companies understand property law compared to the owners. They are better placed to know the measures to take in case a tenant fails to comply with the set rules. This concept also applies when they are approving tenants to move into the premises in matters such as federal laws against discrimination and screening. Legal knowledge in property management also makes eviction of tenants easy as the practitioners understand their limits.

3) Increased Income In The Long Run

Hiring a property manager is an investment worth taking. Most owners tend to shy away from it because the initial cost is high. However, when you compare the first pay to the high income, in the long run, you might as well invest. Managing property without any professional help means that sometimes you will not perform the tasks to a 100%. You may miss out on some prospects, especially when it comes to maintaining the property, getting a tenant for a vacant house on time, or responding to tenants’ complaints. Such incidences can be costly in the long-run. Hiring a property management company ensures that all tasks are done. Your property is maintained at all times so the tenants will consider staying for long and you are likely to attract new ones thus boosting your income.

4) Saves Time And Reduces Stress

Property management can be stressful especially when you have other errands to run on the side. It is a demanding venture that will require your time and resources. It can be overwhelming leading to stress, anxiety, and burnouts when things do not work out as planned. Property management companies get everything done thus helping you to focus on your other errands. There is no much pressure.

5) Property Owners Get Cushioned From Stressful Tenants

When the property owner is managing the premises, close relationships are built with the tenants. It can lead to leniency which can result in poor management and losses. Property management companies facilitate a professional distance between the tenants and homeowners.