Money Saving Tips for Ordering Cartridges Online

canstockphoto19247167If you have a printer, either at work or at home, then you’ll know how important it is to keep it well-stocked with ink or toner cartridges. However, it can be expensive to keep buying new cartridges, so a good solution is to buy your new supplies online. Shopping online can get you some great discounts, especially if you bulk buy.

If you decide to shop for ink or toner online, then do take care. You can buy original branded cartridges, or ones made by third-party manufacturers, but make sure you go to well-regarded suppliers in order to protect your printer.

Here are a few tips for buying ink or toner online to help you along.

Make a note of the cartridges your printer uses – you need the colour as well as the model number. It’s also important to have the brand name that the maker gives to the cartridges.

Spend some time online to find out all about buying ink cartridges – there are quite a few forums out there for advice, as well as review sites to help you to find a good store.

Make sure you only consider online shops with good reputations. Look carefully at review sites and do a background check on the supplier; the Cartridge People site has great feedback, for example. This effort really is worth it.

A good way to do the background check is to make sure the store has a verifiable postal and customer contact address and a working telephone number. The website should have at least one recognisable security banner, too.

Take some time to do some window-shopping so you can do some price comparisons between different retailers for the orders you need.

Stay alert for any discounts or special offers. When you find a supplier you like, make sure you sign up to a newsletter if there is one because this is a good way to stay informed about upcoming promotions and special offers. If you’re a regular customer, you may be able to get your delivery charges reduced or dismissed altogether, especially if you buy in bulk.

If the supplier doesn’t offer a refund guarantee, then don’t bother with it. You should always be protected by guarantees or warranties in case the cartridges are damaged or faulty when they arrive.

When you’re ready to buy your ink or toner, you should make sure that the store accepts several types of credit cards, especially major ones, as well as some less well-known types and PayPal. There should be a very secure gateway with several forms of authentication – like VeriSign for example – and don’t use any stores that say they only accept cheques.

As with any online store, if it asks for bank details – in particular your three-digit security number (the one at the end of the signature strip of your card), don’t go any further. You should report the site to the online fraud squad.

Following these tips should help to keep you safe from faulty cartridges and fraudsters! You should, however, only buy as much ink as you’ll use in six months as ink cartridges tend to dry out, rendering them unfit for use.

What are Some Common Misconceptions?

canstockphoto3169247If you’re looking to have a poker themed night in your new, open-plan social designed kitchen, then there are a few things that you will need to consider. Firstly, looking at how you can design your kitchen into the style of a casino, or at least so it can fit a good amount of your friends in with enough room to really enjoy your time and still move around quite freely is important. Open plan is always the best bet if you’re looking to host a party or a themed blackjack night. Whether you want to reorganise your kitchen layout or simply create a comfortable area for your guests to enjoy during your themed night, it is important that you know the ins and outs of the night that you are hosting, and the rules of the game that goes with it. Because of this, we’ve put some common misconceptions of blackjack together, so you can truly design your kitchen for the night to suit those who may have a few superstitions about the game.

Bad Players Can Decrease Your Advantage

If you’re inviting a few players round to your home, then looking at some of the Blackjack Myths that are around the game is going to be important, so you can create the right atmosphere and layout. One of the biggest ones that could affect your friends’ enjoyment is that bad players are said to decrease the advantage of those that are good at the game. If you know that you have a few veteran blackjack players visiting your home for your blackjack night, as well as some that haven’t ever played before, then may need to be aware that your guests might want separate tables because they believe that the amateur players are going to affect their game. While this is a complete myth, as the game of blackjack is solely about you and the dealer, you’re going to need to ensure that your guests are happy with the way their night is going.

Assuming A Dealer Always Has A 10 In The Hole

If you are designing your kitchen into a casino-like atmosphere, then you’re going to probably need to hire some professional dealers or have someone who knows the ins and outs of the rules of blackjack to act as the dealer for all of your games. One of the biggest misconceptions about blackjack, is that players will assume a dealer always has a 10 in the hole, when actually 69% of the time, the dealer will have another value in the hole.

Never Hit A 12 Against A Dealer’s 2 Upcard Or You Will Draw A 10 And Bust

Another of the more common misconceptions that people will believe is that they will draw a 10 when they hit a 12 against a dealers’ 2 or 3. While the percentage and chances of winning is actually very slim either way, it is actually better to hit, as you will lose 63% of the time, and if you stand you will lose 65% of the time. If you’re guests ask during your blackjack night, then you can let them know that it’s always better to have that slight winning advantage against the dealer.

How Far Back Can You Claim PPI?

canstockphoto16235218If you have a loan, mortgage, or credit card where you are paying PPI as part of your payment every month you may be wondering exactly how far back can you claim ppi.

A lot of information that you read online and hear in the news about how far back you can make a PPI claim mostly talks about the limit of six years for most PPI claims. This mainly refers to the time limit that has been set by the FOS or Financial Ombudsman Service for banks and other financial institutions to thoroughly investigate a claim.

Let’s take a closer look at this six-year time limit for most PPI claims that has been set forth by the FOS. This time limit is the time period for you lender or financial institution must keep a hold of your financial records that pertain to the financial agreement you have with them. Of course, they will keep your financial records for the financial agreement during the time period of the loan or mortgage.

After the policy has ended or the loan has been repaid is when the six-year time limit comes into play. What this time limit actually means is that your bank or financial institution will keep your record for six years from the date yo paid off the loan or mortgage. It doesn’t mean from the time you took out the loan or mortgage which is a common misunderstanding for most people.

If you have a PPI that is still active you can still make claims if you need to since the six-year time limit is not in effect yet. This is possibly one of the biggest misunderstandings that many people have about how far back they can go to file a claim. If you account is active it doesn’t matter whether it was taken out a month ago or 20 years ago your bank or financial institution still holds the financial records from the first day to the present day.

In short many banks or financial institutions strictly adhere to the six-year time limit and discard of all financial records the minute that limit is reached. Other banks or financial institution will keep financial records for longer than the six-year limit.

Remember the six-year time limit is only effective when your loan has been repaid, the policy expires or the loan has been canceled.

Budgeting ideas for small business owners

canstockphoto18632526Running a small business can be rewarding in many ways. It can provide a sense of independence, flexibility, personal fulfillment and income. Without properly managing finances all those benefits can easily fade and be replaced by headaches and debt.
Headway Capital, a small business credit provider, recently stated that almost 20 percent of small business owners are concerned about unexpected expenses and the impact they can have.

Creating a solid budget that accounts for both fixed and unplanned cost can help a small business operate in a functional profit generating manner. Taking advantage of discounts that Staples, Office Depot and Amazon provide for expected cost can help, yet understanding non-direct variables, overestimating expenses, knowing the sales cycle, and adjusting the budget accordingly is key for a small business to stay ahead and successfully predict when operating money may fall short. To see available coupons for stores like Staples visit:


Non-Direct Variables

Variables that occur outside of the actual functions of a small business can unexpectedly increase operating cost. New government regulations, such as increases in minimum wage, changes in healthcare and environmental policies, can affect even small businesses. Economic changes that create unpredictable consumer habits can affect the cost of production materials and lower the amount of sales a small business has. Other than government and economic anomalies, natural disasters and social unrest can also create unexpected expenses. Change is constant in the world and being prepared for change can allow for a small business to weather through the storm.


Overestimating Expenses

In almost every type of business project something always seems to cost more than expected, or maybe something was missing in the original plan. Overestimating expenses allows for small business owners to maintain control when issues arise. Preparing for these occurrences makes handling the situations when they come to light less burdensome and keeps projects on time by prevents delays in production.


The Sales Cycle

Ever type of business has slow periods. Restaurant and retail business owners know that after New Years business slows down By recognizing when these periods occur small business owners can adjust the day to day operations to accommodate and keep cost low. Maybe less labor hours are needed. Keeping less product on hand can also lessen the amount of money going out the door.

Slow periods are also a great time for planning for the next boom in business. Knowing the sales cycle allows for an owner to make adjustments and plan marketing strategies that can better identify and attract customers in a new way.


Review the Budget

Believing that a budget is set in stone can cause businesses to miss out on revenue and not to be prepared for changes in the market. The budget should be able to flow and move with market trends. What may have been the perfect budget in the past may not meet the needs currently or in the future. Reviewing the budget frequently gives the ability to adjust month to month and year to year.

There is not a magic formula for dealing with unexpected cost that small business may face. Owners must be resilient and flexible to be able to adjust with political, economic and consumer trends. Planning ahead, knowing the market’s climate and being able to adjust will increase the chances for small business to succeed when unexpected occurrences and cost show up at the door.

Top 5 Things to Consider with a Personal Loan

canstockphoto4417887There are many options available to you when you need to borrow money for any number of reasons. You could ask family and friends, see if there is funding available or take out a loan. Depending on what you need the money for, a personal loan can be a useful choice.

Also known as an unsecured loan, this is ideal for many applications and you do not have to be a homeowner to take one out. Find out more here about personal loans and consider the following five points before deciding whether to take one out yourself or not.

  1. Credit History

In order to be approved for a personal loan you will need a good credit history. This is because the loan is not secured against your home, so the lender needs good assurance that you will be able to meet all the repayments.

You can easily check your credit score online and there are a few quick ways to improve it. Ensure you are on the electoral register, cancel all unused credit cards and stop applying for credit. Another tactic is to take out a credit card and pay it off on time, which will quickly improve your rating.

  1. Interest Rates

Being unsecured, personal loans usually have a much higher interest rate attached to them. You will need to consider whether a fixed or variable rate is the best option depending on the time and circumstances.

UK interest rates have been falling, with 388 cuts to savings accounts in August alone, with the best one year bonds paying 1.66pc. However, should interest rates increase then the situation will be different, with each offering more reasons for fixed or variable rate personal loans.

  1. Repayment Terms

You will need to budget and ensure you can afford to meet all the repayment terms, as otherwise your debt may spiral out of control. Consider whether after taking out the loan that you will be in a better financial situation to pay the loan off or not. Check all the fine print, as some personal loans inflict charges should you make repayments earlier than needed, which can get steeper depending on how much you have borrowed.

  1. Shop the Fees

It is worth shopping around to discover the personal loan that offers the best terms. Many can possess hidden fees, so while they may claim to have low interest rates, this will be offset by charging much higher opening or other fees. Consider all your options, both by searching online and asking around on the high street, and you should soon discover the best personal loan for your needs.

  1. Alternative Options

In some cases, a personal loan may not be the best option for your financial situation. If it’s only a small purchase you need the money for then a credit card could be more advisable. Likewise, if you are worried about not being able to meet repayments then think about asking to borrow the funds from friends or family.

Make all these considerations before you take out a personal loan to use for any application.

How Manufacturing at Home Can Boost Company Profits

canstockphoto2706283For many years, businesses have sought ways to cut costs, from outsourcing day-to-day tasks, to reducing transport costs. However, as times change, business methods that were once considered economically advantageous are no longer viable. This is particularly true in terms of manufacturing overseas, where companies are typically able to take advantage of cheaper labour and materials expenditure.

It appears that the combination of a fragile global economies, concerns over quality, and the substantial rise of eco conscious shoppers has seen a growing trend in companies choosing to reshore. Surprisingly, manufacturing at home could raise company profits, too.

Brexit and the Great British Pound

In the UK, the pound has continue to decline. Add to this the fears about how Brexit will continue to affect the country’s economy as well as worries about the single market, and it is understandable that company’s may be fearful about how the referendum will impact business.

While the depreciation of the pound has made the British currency more attractive globally, with overseas purchasers getting more for their money, the price of imports has risen drastically. With import costs rising, it is easy to appreciate why businesses may choose to manufacture domestically. Although production costs are typically higher in the UK, companies are saving on transport and import costs, as well as storage and inventory.

Environmental and Ethically Conscious Customers

Coinciding with Brexit, recent research has shown that consumers are becoming ever more conscious with regards to eco concerns. In addition to brand trust, environmental, social and ethical considerations score highly with millennials, so much so that those in the age bracket of 18-35 would pay more to buy from a brand that shares their values.

As the world is becoming more open and connected, customers are actively seeking eco conscious businesses, profiting those who pay fair wages, reduce their carbon footprint, and produce their products at home.

Concerns Over Quality

Quality is a growing concern for companies and consumers alike. While products produced cheaply overseas are increasingly being made to higher standards, many businesses still fear quality issues. This is perhaps of greatest concern to startups and SMEs, who do not have the same money or resources as multinational corporates, which could lead to catastrophic consequences.

On the other hand, manufacturing domestically in the UK means that goods must comply with British standards, regulation and Quality Assurance, reducing the risk of poor quality products and thus, disappointed customers.

The number of businesses choosing to manufacture at home is on the rise (particularly with engineering and car firms), a trend that is set to continue and could see an increase in company profits.

Could a Used Vehicle Be a Good Alternative Over Leasing for Businesses?

canstockphoto37443143You have two main options when it comes to getting a new business car. You can either buy, or lease. Both have their pros and cons and leasing is often seen as the most affordable option. However, that’s typically because when you think about buying a car for your business, you mainly consider new models. But what about a used car?

Is it ever a good idea to buy a used car for business and would that be a good alternative to leasing?

Why used cars can be ideal for business

The main reason people don’t consider buying a used car for business is because it doesn’t seem to give off the right image. With a business car, you typically want it to ooze style and elegance. That means, you want something that’s new and shiny.

However, what you may not realise is there are plenty of used models out there that are in an “as new” condition, yet they cost just a small portion of the new models. While its true many used cars can be risky to buy, if you go through a reliable company like RobinsandDay, you’ll find excellent quality used models.

So, don’t let the term “used” put you off as a good quality used car can look just as great as a new one! There’s actually quite a few benefits of buying used cars over new models such as high-end features at a lower cost, reduced depreciation value and often lower insurance costs.

Is a used car better than leasing?

Both options have their advantages. Really, it all depends upon your personal preferences. With a leased car, you have the opportunity to get a new model every three years. You’re also more likely to be able to afford a higher-end model.

However, you won’t personally own the car, ever. Why does that matter? Because you’ll find leasing companies have numerous restrictions in place. This includes how many miles you can drive. It’s not uncommon for leasing companies to have a maximum mileage restriction. This means if you drive around a lot for your business, a leased vehicle might not be your best option.

Overall, leasing is often chosen because it appears to be the cheaper option. However, when you compare it to buying a used car, it could work out much more expensive in the long term. Used cars these days come with excellent features and can be found in a “like new” condition. So, if you haven’t considered it yet, it’s worth looking into buying a used car for your business before you sign that lease agreement.