Why Every 30-Something Should Invest in Real Estate

No matter what profession you’ve chosen to go into, investing is a great way to pad income and start fast-tracking your future security. But investment can seem overwhelming, not to mention risky. Real estate is one of the best investment strategies you can take. Let us tell you why.

It’s a solid investment

Putting money into real estate has long been considered one of the smartest long-term investments out there. Property value tends to almost always increase over time, regardless of the market, because people will always need somewhere to live. This is why real estate is also considered one of the safest investments. Unlike companies or brands that may fall out of favor, housing is a necessity.

You don’t need to be a pro

While understanding the stock market may require years of study, investing in real estate doesn’t require fancy education or special certifications. Of course, this type of knowledge doesn’t hurt, but it’s not a necessity. To start you simply have to go online to begin researching properties being represented by a registered realtor or real estate firm. This isn’t to say there isn’t any work required — you’ll want to do as much investigating online as well as take the opportunity to visit open houses, auctions and talk to as many well established industry people as possible before making a purchase.

Technology is an ally

What’s awesome about investing in real estate today is that you have the power of technology at your fingertips and it has made managing property investment much, much easier. Social media platforms like Facebook now serve as additional marketing channels, while there are hundreds of real estate listing websites to help you get your properties seen. So, if you’re planning on buying and selling multiple properties, or even considering flipping houses, there’s many more options for advertising.

It’s flexible

What’s great about investing in property is that you can customize your investment strategy so that it’s tailored to meet your financial goals. Whether it’s long-term capital, which focuses on growth that develops over the long haul; positive cash flow approach, where you can see returns by taking on renters, or adding value by changing or renovating a property, there are many options for you to choose from. Additionally, there are various investment entry points that work with a range of budgets. The most important thing realtors look for is that your income is sufficient enough to make your payments; however, the goal is that if you buy wisely and do research on the area in which you’re buying, you’ll eventually see growth.

You can be hands-on or hands-off

Investing in property doesn’t mean you actually have to manage the property. You can choose to strategically buy and sell to see returns, or you may decide to oversee your property as a landlord and manage tenants. There’s lots of advice and tips for new landlords out there if decide to go that route; however, keep in mind, even if you decide to invest in properties to rent, you don’t have to play landlord if you don’t want to. There are plenty of property management companies that will take on the day-to-day operations so you don’t have to.

It’s tax deductible

Depending on the state you live in, certain tax codes allow for a range of deductions, covering everything from the cost of upkeep, maintenance, interest on your mortgage or any renovations you may have completed.

You’ll thank yourself later

While you may be a bit hesitant about putting the money out now, investing in real estate is something you’re really going to thank yourself for later. However, like most investments it’s going to take a bit of time, and it’s going to take some work on your part. Do your research and make sure you buy wisely. Don’t be afraid to seek out counsel and ask questions.