Profitability Factor for New Products and Services

Entrepreneurs should develop a profitable plan for providing a new product or service, such as for earning income from a reliable group of customers. The customers should have a preference for the product or service or should have a practical purpose for using the product or service. Many customers would probably enjoy the luxury of eating a new gourmet pizza and would probably also benefit from using a new soap.

Specific Level of Income for Potential Customers

The level of income for the customers can be used to evaluate the level of potential profits that could be earned from the product or service. Some business owners decide to earn profits by focusing on the middle-income customers in a city. The property managers at Dallas Luxury Realty only offer services for managing rental property that is for middle-income tenants and only want to participate in a small business market for the Dallas property management companies.

Customers for a New Product or Service

Several factors can influence the decision for providing a new product or service for some customers. A small business owner could decide to make some homemade soft soaps, such as with liquid Castile soap and some grapefruit-scented or clove-scented oil, but there may not be several customers who would want to buy the soft soaps. The business owner would probably earn a low level of profits from a small group of customers for the uniquely-scented soft soaps.

Decisions about Providing a New Product or Service

Small business owners should evaluate the preferences of the local customers and should also evaluate any problems from a lack of products or services in an area, such as services from personal shoppers for busy customers. The decision about offering a new product or service should also be based on the skills of the small business owner. Some entrepreneurs are required to rely on a partner, such as a chef, who has the skills for providing the product or service, such as for preparing gourmet foods for events.

Decisions about New Small Businesses for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur could develop a practical business concept into a new product or service for some small business owners, such as developing a new tool caddy or organizing a professional network for plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians. The plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians would be exposed to more business opportunities as members in a new professional organization. With an innovative concept for a new product or service, an entrepreneur could expand a small business operation with franchise contracts for offering the products or services in several cities.

Covering Your Bases: Do You Know the Difference Between These Three Types of Landlord Insurance?

Every landlord works to make a profit. They typically don’t purchase a building for use by others unless they can generate income from the property or obtain a tax write-off. However, the property needs to be protected at all times so the landlord doesn’t take an unintentional loss. Fortunately, a person may purchase landlord insurance to receive this protection. There are three types of landlord insurance every person in this position should consider obtaining.

Liability Insurance

A landlord may lose a great deal of money fighting lawsuits filed by tenants whether or not the claims have any basis in fact. If any person is injured on the property, for example, the injured person may file suit against the landlord and claim this individual was negligent when it came to maintaining the property. The same is true if a tenant’s property is damaged in any way due to the negligence of the landlord.

Liability insurance steps in to cover any legal fees incurred by the landlord, court costs, damages that must be paid to the tenant if they win the suit, and more. While this type of insurance isn’t mandated by law, it is recommended every landlord have a liability policy in place to protect themselves from the high costs of legal actions. Those interested in obtaining this type of coverage can see more at

Property Insurance

Landlord property insurance is different in that it actually covers the structure located on the property. Imagine having a fire and the structure is completely destroyed. The landlord is responsible for rebuilding the property and must pay out of pocket to do so if no property insurance has been obtained. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are typically covered under this portion of an insurance policy as well.

Additional coverage may be needed to cover other structures located on the property, such as a detached garage, shed, or other outbuildings. However, be aware that flood insurance may need to be purchased separately. It’s best to speak to a licensed insurance agent to determine what coverage is needed and in what amounts. Know the estimated replacement value of any buildings to be covered before shopping for this type of policy, as the agent will need this information to provide an accurate quote.

Additional Coverage

Landlords often spend their own money to make a property nice for tenants. For instance, a landlord may choose to install new carpeting right before a new tenant moves in. If something happens to the carpet, the landlord must then take money out of their own pocket to replace or fix it and then possibly sue the tenant to recoup the costs. Another option is to purchase additional coverage that will pay for these types of expenses so the landlord doesn’t have to. It’s an option every landlord should consider, weighing the benefits and costs of the coverage to determine if they feel it is necessary.

Landlords may also choose to include a clause in the rental agreement requiring tenants to obtain renter’s insurance. This type of policy covers any belongings on the tenant if they are damaged in a fire, natural disaster, or another occurrence. Again, speak to an agent to determine if this type of policy will be needed and when it should be obtained. The landlord needs to be protected at all times, and the right insurance coverage ensures they are.


How to Buy, Sell or Exchange Dogecoin (DOGE) at CoinSwitch

Are you a Dogecoin fan? Here is a beginner’s guide for all crypto enthusiasts interested to sell, buy or exchange Dogecoin on CoinSwitch.

First things first, what is Dogecoin?

Created by Billy Markus as a joke coin in 2013, Dogecoin was named after the Japanese Shibu dog which was a big meme then. Like Bitcoin, Doge was supposed to have a fixed supply of 100 billion coins but later it was decided that there would be limitless supply. There is a very strong community behind Dogecoin and they undertake a lot of charity and fundraising work. Twitter and Reddit use Doge to tip content creators.

How to buy Dogecoin on CoinSwitch

Before you even go on to CoinSwitch’s website, here are a couple things you should cross your bucket list.

  1. Have a dogecoin wallet: The best options are Ledger Nano S and Trezor for hardware but it is an investment. You can try free software wallets but understand the risks of having an online wallet before you make up your mind.
  2. Find your Doge wallet address: Once you buy Doge, you will need this to send the money to your wallet. The Doge address is a string of letters and numbers that starts with D.

The actual buying process is a little bit tricky. Since CoinSwitch does not allow you to buy Doge coin directly, you will have to buy Bitcoin first. There are other major coins like ETH and BCH that you can also buy.

Then you can perform a BTC to Doge exchange and store Doge in your wallet.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Buy with Credit Card option on the homepage. You can use your MasterCard or Visa credit card to make the purchase.
  2. Enter your BTC address
  3. Complete the transaction.
  4. Use the exchange on the site to convert BTC to Doge at the best exchange rates.
  5. Send Doge to your address.

If you would like to keep the BTC you buy on CoinSwitch instead of sending it your wallet, you will have to create an account on CoinSwitch.

How to sell Doge on CoinSwitch

Use the “Sell” option in your account to sell your Doge coins. You can integrate your Doge wallet with CoinSwitch. Most wallets can be easily integrated with CoinSwitch. Just check CoinSwitch’s recommended list of wallets that they have integration with and choose one from that list.

How to exchange Dogecoin (Doge) on CoinSwitch

Let’s say you want to perform a Doge to BTC exchange.

Check the exchange rate on the homepage. This is the best rate by default, Click on ‘View All Offers’ to see all possible rates. Some rates may fluctuate and some are locked in for the next 5 minutes.

You do not require to login to CoinSwitch for this so you maintain your privacy pretty easily. Once you enter your BTC wallet address, the transaction will begin processing.

P.S. – You can even scan your wallet address instead of typing it in.

The transaction typically takes minutes unless it’s a sizeable transaction.

Why CoinSwitch is the only Doge exchange you will ever need

Not many exchanges that support Doge so it is very difficult to find a reliable one. That is why CoinSwitch is the best. The world’s largest aggregator of all the exchanges in the world, CoinSwitch has no hidden fees, minimal trading and withdrawal fees.

Brilliant Branding – 5 Ways to Turbo-Charge Your Company’s Marketing Profile

In many ways, a successful business is only as good as the marketing measures it undertakes. After all, marketing your products and services to your target customers is essential for getting your brand name out there and attracting new business. If you are feeling a little bit lost on how to market your company without annoying potential, rest assured, you’re not alone. Here are five foolproof ways to boost your marketing profile in ways that don’t come across as intrusive to your target audience. 

1. Be Bold, Get A Banner 

Visual marketing is still an excellent way to make an impact on onlookers and potential customers. Posters and signage are a great way to start, but if you really want to make an impact, putting up some bold fabric banners is a much better way to make a statement. This is especially ideal if you are in a shared office space, at a crowded convention, or just want to brighten up your store or office!

2. Beautiful Branding  

It’s important that any banner or other marketing collateral you put up on display is visually appealing and in line with your professional image. Now that digital marketing and social media have become so widespread in the business world, you cannot afford to skimp on your brand design; consumers will notice. From a gorgeous website, to bold signage and eye-catching branded promotional merchandise, it’s critical to develop an engaging brand and splash it out there wherever you can.

3. Social Media Competitions

There are many ways you can use social media to your advantage in marketing your business and increasing engagement with your existing clientele and prospective customers online. One of the best and easiest ways to grow your presence (and in turn, your leads) is by running social media competitions. 

Depending on your business, these can be in the form of a product or service giveaways or discount codes in exchange for following your business on social media. Including a step that involves tagging a friend or sharing is a great way to spread the word and expand your network by referral.

4. Strategic Partnerships 

Consumers have access to a broader range of services than ever in this new digital era, meaning competition is fierce, and only growing fiercer. Rather than resenting your competitors, teaming up with another name in your industry can actually benefit your business on the marketing front. Partnering with another brand or company can mean a number of different things, but ultimately serves the purpose of growth based on shared goals. You can promote your partner and vice versa by collaborating on products, social media campaigns, referrals, and plenty more. 

5. Consistency: Online and Offline

Whether you choose to rebrand your business with new fabric banners, invest heavily in digital marketing, or implement a mix of both online and offline marketing solutions, consistency is key to achieving results. You want the voice and aesthetic of your marketing to become so synonymous with your brand that you don’t need to reiterate the details again and again in your promotional materials. Consistency is vital to creating a memorable and trustworthy image of your brand in the mind of every customer.

No matter your industry, building up your marketing profile will take time. So, get a headstart today with any of these five tried-and-tested techniques. Over time, you’ll be able to watch your brand name and sales leads grow like never before. 

Hammock App Review | Up to $200 Short Term Loans

Understanding what you’re getting into when you get a loan is never easy. There are establishment fees, there are monthly fees. There are interest rates, and fee caps. There is compounding interest and the dreaded late fee. Short term loans and payday loans have been overrun with these hidden fees are confusing interest rate calculations for as long as they’ve existed.

Hammock is a brand new way of offering short term loans to Australians. The concept is simple: get up to $200 of your paycheck early. No interest. Pay only a $10 flat rate per month, like a Netflix or Spotify subscription. Pay back the $200 on your next payday. 

That’s right, Hammock has done away with interest, establishment fees, late fees, etc. For just the flat rate price that you’re used to paying for Netflix or Spotify, you can access your own pay (that you earned!) early.

How does it work? Well, the Hammock app asks you to connect your bank account. We connect to all the major Australian Banks (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac) as well as local and regional banks like Heritage Bank and CUA.

Once you connect your bank, Hammock predicts your employer and pay cycle. For example, we predict in this case that someone works at Woolworths and is paid once a month, on the 15th of the month. We do this so that we can accurate predict when you’ll get paid next in order to get back the up to $200 loan.

As with any loan, always borrow wisely. It is best to only borrow what you need and be sure to have a payment program that you stick to. While short term loans can be beneficial, make sure you do know exactly what you are getting into with regards to how much you have to pay back.

The Four Elements of a User-Friendly Website

A website is the most important marketing resource a business has. It is the main source of information for the company’s services and products, sometimes even serving as the place where transactions take place. Therefore, it is crucial for these service providers to create and maintain an excellent user experience to attract and retain visitors. The following elements are important in securing a reliable visitor flow.


One of the most attractive features a website can have is simplicity and minimalism. While it is important for companies to create informational content, they should also organize it in a way that visitors can consume easily. Placing only the most useful information with concise language and using images and empty space makes each page appealing. For instance, marketing executive Eyal Gutentag likes the  simple design incorporated in ZipRecruiter’s page that highlighted mostly the site’s features in a few sentences, accompanied by pictures.

Loading Speed

An important and often overlooked element in a user-friendly website is loading speed. Visitors vastly prefer sites where loading screens are very short to non-existent. In fact, according to a study by Aberdeen Group, a one-second delay in loading time can cost up to 7% in conversions. Slow times can have a significant impact on visits and overall sales. Make loading speed a top priority and use the finest web performance tools to reduce downtime.

Mobile Functionality

As technology progresses, mobile phones continue to gain new features and uses. People enjoy the convenience of internet access at the palm of their hands. Savvy companies prioritize the mobile versions of their websites to appeal to these customers. They even develop mobile websites before their desktop counterparts. Mobile site development is also a useful learning opportunity, as companies can learn to focus on basic features and functionality instead of flashy gimmicks, which is helpful for building a minimalist main website.

Constant Maintenance

Perhaps the most important of these elements is consistent updates and maintenance to the site. Nothing is ever perfect and certain features in a site can become outdated, malfunction or develop a vulnerability to viruses or malware. Outdated and glitch-riddled sites can harm user experience and hurt the brand. Successful businesses keep a careful watch over their sites and are fast to fix any potential issues or errors that emerge.

A website that draws visitors and keeps them coming for more will help a company build a consumer base. Digital marketing experts should consider these four elements to ensure optimal user experience.

Top 3 Reasons Tech Support Helps Customer Experience

In all of it’s various capacities, tech support can bring the help you never knew you needed when providing the best service for your customers. Customers will inevitably run into problems while using your product or service. And if those problems are Information Technology (IT) related, a tech support team is who they will need to talk to. User errors, basic bug glitches, and other more in-depth technical issues are often a customer mystery and require knowledgeable help. Sometimes even setup and installation is tricky and requires technical support assistance. But without a tech support merchant account in place to handle these requests, your customers are left misusing your product and questioning your effectiveness. In fact, high churn rates are associated with businesses that don’t have a tech support staff.

So at this point tech support seems like a requirement to do business. If you’re not yet convinced, the following reasons are an outline of the perks to having a dedicated tech support team.

1. End Customer Confusion

Depending on your industry type and business offering, tech support might be necessary for your customers to understand just exactly how to use the functionality of your service.

For many online service providers or technology-based brands, tech support is essential. Customers may be using your company for the first time and be unfamiliar with you and what you do. They are going to have questions and run into issues…frequently. Offering remote options for support will lead to less confusion and more satisfaction.

Live chat options, customer technical support phone lines, or a dedicated email are easy ways to implement this.

2. Decrease Response Times

Despite the value tech support brings to a business’ offerings, not everyone has jumped on board yet with including these features. Tech support inclusion can culminate as the competitive edge that draws new customers in.

As soon as an issue arises, there will be someone on the line ready to assist. For a confused customer, this is a big relief. But it’s not only good for the users, it’s also great for customer retention. The response time for addressing customer issues directly correlates to happy users and greater retention rates.

This leads to the third reason a tech support team would help your business-

3. Keep a Healthy Retention Rate

You fought hard for your customers and naturally you want them to continue using your services. To do this you have to continue demonstrating your value even after securing a sale. While there are other ways of executing this, adding a tech support team is like killing two birds with one stone. Bird one demonstrates continued value while bird two provides support.

Set Your Business Up With Tech Support

There are two options moving forward with providing IT and technical support. You can provide in-house services or outsource it to an established company. Of course there are pros and cons for both options.

Pros and Cons for in-house support


– You have complete control over the user experience.– Requires a team to handle the amount of customer contact requests.
– The team in place will have pre-existing knowledge about your product or service.– May be more expensive than outsourced options.

Pros and Cons for outsourced support


– No need to hire, train, and manage an in-house team.– No control over the quality of support given.
– Often less expensive than in-house support– They will be operating without hands-on knowledge, only what you provide.


If you choose to continue with the in-house option, researching how to setup the team for success will be a huge help. Building the team, managing the support provided, and securing a tech support merchant account are all steps to be taken for your chance to add significant value to your business.

What to Consider Before Moving to a New City

Moving is a big decision, and it’s important to ensure that the area you choose fulfills all of your personal goals and desires. From location to public transit, there are many important factors that you should take into account during your search for a new place to call home. Be sure to consider the following key aspects before you settle into your new city.


When searching for a home in a different city, you should think about how easily you will be able to get around the area. Be sure to look into public transit options and determine how long your commute to work will be after you move. Whether you decide to take the train to work or drive, factoring your commute into your home-buying decision is worthwhile.


Once you’re done with the workday and ready to do something fun, you’ll want to be in the know about any recreational activities that are available in your area. When you search for Yorkville condos for sale, you have the opportunity to explore many different possibilities for leisure. Whether you’re in the mood for admiring fine art or indulging in five-star dining, make sure that your new city offers plenty of options for enjoyment.


If you have children, you’ll want to send them to schools that provide them with a good education. Make sure that you look into the reputation of the schools in your area before buying a new home. Even if you don’t have kids to send off to class, the quality of the schools in your area can have an impact on the future value of your home. Schools with a positive reputation can increase your home’s overall value and make it easier to sell later on.

Personal Goals

No matter what city you’re moving to, you won’t feel satisfied in the new area if it doesn’t align with your personal goals. Be sure to evaluate what you wish to get out of your move and understand what you want to achieve early on. From personal to professional goals, there are many elements that are worth considering before moving in. To be happy with your choice, make sure that it’s the right one.

Moving to a new city can be an exciting and rewarding experience if you take the time to think through your decision. These tips can help propel you towards success and happiness in your new area.