3 Ideas to Increase Your Wealth Short, Medium and Long Term

personalwealthLet’s increase our wealth so that we can live life the way we want to. Here’s a few suggestions that I hope you will find useful:

Short – Use A Cash Back Credit Card: I am a big supporter of these cards, because I put EVERYTHING on credit. No, I don’t need to, and no, I don’t ever carry a balance. I’m the exact wrong customer that the credit card companies want, but that’s fine. I pile all my purchases on the old cash back CC, pay it off in full at the end of the month, and then enjoy a percentage of my money back for things I was going to buy anyway. I spend a lot, so even a low percentage adds up. This way I get an interest free loan from using the credit card and paying the loan before its due, as well as free money as cash back, as an added bonus.

Short To Medium – Talk To The Big Boss Man or Woman: Realize that your superiors at work are not scary ogres, but instead are valuable assets which can be effectively used to increase your own monetary gain. And I hate to say it, but ass kissing works. If your boss likes you, then your boss will be more likely to increase your salary. Also, if your boss realizes that you are a needed asset, your stock again rises. The most important thing here is really communication. Ask for that raise, don’t just cross your fingers and hope it will happen — because. these days, it probably won’t. Push yourself forward, and provide the results that will make you an invaluable asset to those in charge. If that’s not possible, blackmail is your next step — just kidding.

Long, But Not That Long – Buy Real Estate Now: When the real estate market crashes it’s bad for everybody except those with money in the bank. There are ridiculously under priced homes out there right now, and some real steals going on in the foreclosure arena. If you have cash in the bank and some time before retirement you are missing out on a gold mine by not investing in the market during this low time. Notably, this kind of fertile ground for real estate investing isn’t likely to return anytime soon, if at all. Make the right moves now, and it could pay off ten fold.

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