4 Reasons to Get Security Cameras Installed At Your Business

Different types of CCTV cameras exist including IP, PTZ, and weatherproof cameras. Others are infrared, eyeball, and dome cameras. Each one of them comes with unique features making them suitable for different businesses. For example, weatherproof cameras are suitable for an outdoor environment. Infrared cameras are ideal for covering dark areas while motorized ones are the best when it comes to shots from multiple angles. Interestingly, all of them help you in four distinct ways. More specifically, here are 4 reasons to get security cameras installed at your business.

  1. Evidence of a Crime

Jailing a criminal is impossible if the police cannot prove that a crime occurred. This failure to prove the commission of a crime means that the suspect walks away unpunished for this crime. He will commit another one unless someone stops him from doing so. Fortunately, stopping him is possible with a good camera system. If you live in New Jersey, google search for security camera installation in NJ, and you will get the best company for the job. With good cameras, you see criminals before they commit a crime, as they do it, or after they commit it. You can even see facial features and tattoo markings among other details on these criminals if you have high-resolution cameras. Consequently, you will have enough evidence that a crime took place in addition to the people who committed it.

  1. Discouraging Would-Be Thieves

People are less likely to commit offenses if they know that someone is watching them. That is especially true if they live close to the area where they wanted to commit a crime. This logic applies to security cameras as well. For example, a study by Leicester University revealed that surveillance cameras decrease the number of car thefts that happen in parking lots. More specifically, would-be thieves shied away from committing a crime when they noticed that a camera was watching them. They knew that security agents would be watching them on the other side of that camera. They also knew that evidence of their crime would exist if they went through with it.

  1. Monitor Activities at the Workplace

A 2015 study revealed that 37.5% of employees in the US had stolen from their employer. The same study also showed that the average time a business takes to detect this kind of theft is two years. Another shocking finding in this 2015 study is that 33% of business bankruptcies result from employee theft. Installing security cameras in your business would help you detect these unfortunate incidents. Doing so would save your business loads of money, as you would seal loopholes that employees use to steal from you. You can also monitor other activities as well including the time staff members arrive at their workstations.

  1. Facilitate Decision-Making at the Office

Controversial incidents happen at the office. They include physical altercations, inappropriate gestures towards clients or workers, and misuse of office equipment. Workers blame each other when these incidents occur. In most cases, determining who is culpable is a challenging exercise because both parties have convincing accounts of what happened. At the same, condemning an innocent party because his account seems unbelievable is possible. Footage from surveillance cameras is vital when it comes to dealing with these situations because they help you see what happened. Consequently, you will pardon the innocent party after seeing the video while disciplining the culpable one.