5 Benefits to Owning Custom Furnace Filters for Your Home

Homeowners are constantly looking for custom furnace filters as a way of improving the air quality in their home. This is because most of the ready-made filters do not meet their needs at time. The quality of air in your home will depend on the quality of filter that the furnace has.  Here are some of the benefits of having custom furnace filters in your home

  1.    Flexibility

Different homes have different air filter system, and when looking for the best furnace filters then you can have the custom filters specifically made to meet your needs. You can have a wide range of custom furnace filter sizes. Most of the time you cannot find the right filter that’s why ordering a custom-made is the most logical alternative as it can fit the furnace that you have. The most important thing is to get the measurement right. Choosing a custom furnace filter allows the homeowner to determine the quality of air they want in their homes. The homeowner also gets the flexibility of choosing how much they want to spend of a given filter according to their budget.

  1. Optimum MERV Rating

The MERV is a way of rating the efficiency of a filter, having a custom made filter in your home means that you can be able to specify the MERV rating that you want.  An optimum MERV rating means that your custom filter is able to remove dirt particles from the air more effectively. The MERV rating starts from 1-16 and in the custom-made filter you need to have a rating of 9-12. This is the optimum rating as higher rating tends to overwork the furnace and may lead to malfunction.

  1. Custom features

Having a custom made furnace filter means that you can request to have additional custom features put in. Most people who request custom-made filter request to have additional features which do not come with the regular filters. One of the key features is an activated carbon component. This component helps in the absorption of chemicals, fumes, and bad odors increasing the quality of air in your home.

  1. Durability

The next benefit of having a custom-made filter is that they last for long; this is because you would not have to change them from time to time. Typically a furnace filter will need to be replaced after every three months. However, a custom filter which is permanent will last much longer as you do not need to keep replacing them.

  1. Low Maintenance cost

Many homeowners have the misconception that ordering custom made furnace filter is expensive. While this may be true in some way but in the long, the custom-made a filter which are permanent have low maintenance cost. The reason for this is that they are calibrated according to the cooling system in your home. This means that they are able to function optimally and thus reduce the need for frequent repair as the system is not overworked.