5 Cash-Saving Travel Tips

If early retirement is your aim, what steps have you already taken to make your lifestyle as Spartan as possible?

Have you started to work from home in order to save cash on your commute?

Are you growing your own vegetables so that the supermarket doesn’t constantly drain your finances?

Have you started cutting your own hair, using an elaborate mirror arrangement in order to style it from every angle?

Or are you spending much of your spare time crafting your own shoes and clothing from discarded roadside garments and scraps of leather retrieved from junk-shop handbags?

If you’re making one (or several) of these thrifty moves, then well done – the cons of diminishing social skills and a slightly outlandish appearance are probably compensated by the pros of a bigger bank balance.

But what happens on those occasions when you can’t avoid travelling domestically or internationally, perhaps for an important business meeting or to mark a family occasion?

Fear not – these five cash-saving travel tips will prevent you splashing cash too excessively.

  1. Travel by train

Rather than having to concentrate on the road for hours in your car, avoiding falling asleep in traffic jams and filling your vehicle with prohibitively expensive petrol, save some cash and stress by travelling via train.

Take a look at Trainline for cheap tickets – massive savings are available for early bird bookings.

  1. Go by Bus

Don’t mind spending a few hours in a slightly less comfortable environment than a plane, in order to reach the same domestic destination for a fraction of the price?

Then it sounds like bus travel is your money-saving bag – Megabus.com is one of the best bargain services available.

  1. Pack your own provisions

Food is one expenditure factor that can ramp up your spending levels on the road – whether you buy it in a bus station, on a train or in an airport, it’s usually far pricier than elsewhere.

However, by packing your own long-lasting food like dehydrated fruit slices, dried beans and biltong, you can save money and stay satisfied – check out this article from The Prepping Guide for advice.

  1. Find cheap flights

There are some occasions when you can’t avoid flying – for instance if your destination is simply too far away to make travel by any other means practicable, or when you need to move fast to capitalise on an ad hoc business opportunity.

But that doesn’t mean you need to pay through the nose to fly – always check comparison sites like Skyscanner and Kayak to book the cheapest flights possible from a range of carriers.

  1. Book low-cost airport parking

When you live close to an airport, travelling there in your own vehicle often makes more sense than a long schlep on public transport – you can compose yourself in relative privacy and arrive calm and unruffled.

But book airport parking early to avoid hassle on arrival – Looking4.com has secure, low-cost spaces for every airport from East Midlands to Edinburgh.

So ends our list, but share your own thrifty travel tips in the comments section!

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