5 Preventative Tips to Protecting Your Business from a Fire

All businesses are vulnerable to fires. Research shows that there are thousands of businesses that are reduced to ashes by fire every year. A fire can really bring down even the most successful business. Apart from damaging your property, a fire can also result in loss of lives. The problem is that these fires are caused by the things that we use everyday such as appliances and office equipment.

Besides that, most businesses don’t have a fire management plan. This means that there are no clear guidelines on what should be done in the event of a fire. If you really want to keep your business safe from fires, you must begin to identify the things that are likely to trigger a fire. Below are tips that can guide you in protecting your business against a fire.

  1. Invest in Fire Fighting Systems

It’s important you install fire safety systems in your premises. Some of the things to invest in include portable fire extinguishers, automatic sprinklers and hose reel fire extinguishers. Ideally, automatic fire fighting systems should be installed in places that record the lowest human traffic like basements and halls. You should also train all your employees on how to use to use portable equipment to put out fires. This will make them ready to put a fire at bay as you wait for the fire engine to arrive. It’s also recommended that you replace fire extinguishers that have already expired. Keeping expired fire fighting equipment is as good as having none at all.

  1. Develop an Emergency Exit

Having a predefined emergency exit helps in keeping cases of casualties at a minimum. By the rule of thumb, you should reserve an emergency exit that can be used by employees and everyone else to vacate the building incase of a fire. The emergency exit should always remain open and should not have stuff arranged in an orderly manner. Besides that, there should be a dedicated fire assembly point so that you can do a headcount of all the employees. The fire assembly point should be clearly marked to make sure your staff know where to assemble.

  1. Install Fire Detectors and Alarm

Fire detectors should be installed in places that are less frequented so that they can alert people when a fire is about to burst into flames. These detectors are designed to sense when there is smoke in the building and cause the alarm system to go off. They also detect when temperatures skyrocket so that you can address the underlying cause.

  1. Monitor Electrical Circuits

Faulty electrical circuits are the most common cause of office fires. When electrical circuits are overloaded, they usually result in overheating of the terminals which in result causes them to short the circuits and trigger a blaze. It’s therefore recommended that you carry out routine maintenance on all circuit boards to prevent electrical faults from happening. Appliances should be switched off when there is no one in the office. Moreover, a circuit breaker should be installed to remedy power surges.

  1. Avoid Storing Flammable Substances in Your Premises

Flammable substances can ignite a fire in a matter of seconds. You should therefore avoid keeping them inside your business premises as much as you can. If you must really stock them, ensure that your keep them in fire resistant containers or away from wall sockets and any thing that transmits power. In fact, you should construct a store for such substances outside your premises.

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