Superhost Secrets – 5 Tips From Airbnb Superhosts To Help You Make Your Listing Shine

Managing your own Airbnb listing can be extremely rewarding. If you’re just starting out and  haven’t had much experience with hosting or renting out your property or room, it can feel overwhelming. To help you get started on the right foot, here are some of the top tips from super hosts on how to make your listing stand out. 

1. Allow Flexible Options For Check-In

Everybody desires a quick and effortless check-in at their time of arrival. However, tired guests can arrive at any hour of the day, making key handover awkward when your schedules don’t align. Worse yet, a long and tedious wait for check-in starts your guests’ experience off on the wrong foot and can lead to negative reviews later! Skip the hassle by upgrading to an Airbnb integrated Bluetooth door lock for your property’s door. These nifty items all you to access the technology from your phone, wherever you are. Create unique PIN codes for every guest’s stay, which can be automatically sent to their phone. In case of emergency, you can lock and unlock doors remotely via your phone, and even access a log of every entry and exit. The same technology can also be used to give access to cleaners and any other contractors that need to enter the property, all without ever needing to leave your home! 

2. Use High-Quality Photos 

You could have the coziest, most modern apartment in an excellent location but if your photos are taken in dim lighting, while rooms are cluttered or taken from unflattering angles, it can significantly affect your listing’s popularity. Keep your Airbnb photos clear and showing all the important features of your property. If you have a stunning balcony view, beautiful paint job, luxurious bathroom or spa, include this in your photos. Phone photography is not a total no-go, just make sure all images are in focus and high definition as possible!

3. Leave No Gaps In Your Profile

When it comes to Airbnb or any other web-based service, transparency is everything. You want potential guests to feel like they are staying somewhere safe and secure with a host they can trust. This means that, in addition to filling out your entire property description with good photos, you need to have a complete personal profile on yourself as a host. No need to get too personal though; simplicity is key. Just be sure to include your name, languages spoken and, if it sounds natural to you, something about your travel history.   

It critical that you never leave your profile photo space blank. Your guests should know that you’re a real person and be able to put the proverbial face to your name. This helps to establish a more personal connection and put them more at ease. Your profile photo should be a simple, smiling face shot.  

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Request Reviews 

A major mistake many people make in their early days of hosting is not following up with their guests after their stay. This is perhaps the most underrated measure you can take to increase your number of reviews and boost your image as an attentive host. Aim to message every single guest at least a day after their check out. This can be a simple ‘thank you for choosing us’ email with a reminder for a review. Sometimes, this little nudge is all it takes for a beautiful review and high rating! 


By following all of the above steps, you’ll not only increase your bookings, but will likely superhost status in no time! 

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