5 Tips to using a Mini Excavator

The number of people buying mini-excavators are increasing thus increasing the need to know how to use it effectively. The reason as to why excavators are increasing in number is because they have found different project and they have been customized for different projects. The other reason as to why you need to know how to use your mini excavator is the way that you use it will determine the productivity of the mini excavator and the lifetime value that it offers. Here are 5 useful tips that you need to have when using the mini excavator.

  1. Read the Safety manual

This is the most important thing that any user needs to do. The first step before using a mini-excavator is to read the safety manual. This is because the operator safety needs to be paramount. The safety tips which are universal include; maintaining the right weight, not working when the excavator is raised and making sure that the user has the right gear.

  1. Carry out pre-start check

After reading the manual the next thing which should follow, is to carry out the pre start checks. This includes making sure that the indicator lights and gauge light are working properly. Another check is to make sure that the seatbelt is present and working. One should never operate a mini excavator without having their seat belt on. Make sure that no one else is in the excavator and that you read all the warnings stickers which are posted on the excavator.

  1. Movement

When the mini-excavator is in operation and moving it’s important to make sure that the mini excavator tracks are in a straight line. The machine needs to be steer in a straight line as much as possible and when a change in direction is required the it should be done gradually and not abruptly. In movement on terrain the movement should be slow and the movement in an inclined area needs to be up or down and not diagonally as this can cause the mini-excavator to trip.

  1.    Digging/Excavating

Before the mini-excavator can start digging it’s important to make sure that the ground is level. The importance of level ground is that it increases the stability of the min-excavator and makes the works much easier. During excavation the mini-excavator should not be placed too close to the edge as the more you work the more the ground becomes unstable and may topple the machine.

  1.    Shutting down

After work the mini-excavator has to be shut down, there are few things which must be observed when shutting down the mini excavator. The machine has to be on a level ground and the blade and the bucket needs to be lowered to the ground. The RPM needs to be set to low and then the engine switched off and not the other way round. The operator should make sure that whether alighting or getting on the excavator they maintain three point of contact for their safety.

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