Smooth Runnings – 5 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Business Efficiency

A major benefit of the fast, constant advancement of modern technology is that improving your business can be as simple as a software upgrade! If you are not quite sure where or how to start, here are five ways you can use technology to optimize your business processes.

1. Upgrade Your Freight Technology

If tracking and managing your logistics means building your own spreadsheets, dealing with multiple carriers and having more than one go-to contact, you are in for a delight with how much time, stress and energy upgrading your logistics will save you. By using the best shipping software you can streamline all your logistics and supply chain management to a single browser window.

2. Accessible, Interactive Rostering

Rostering is nobody’s favorite job to do but by using a more interactive, digital system, it doesn’t have to be such a drag. Choose a reputable online rostering system that allows your staff to input their own changes in availability, shift-swapping arrangements, and applications for leave. Using such a system will allow you to easily and intuitively organize your final roster. You may need one session to introduce the new system to your staff, but once it’s implemented you will cut down on a mountain of needless back-and-forth communication and can even integrate it with your timesheet and payroll systems.If you are really looking for an advantage consider CRM, What is CRM? A Simple Detailed Guide.

3. Digital Accounting Software

When it comes to your bookkeeping, save yourself a lot of time and money while improving the level of accuracy you’re capable of by using digital accounting software for your business. With the right program, you can ensure that all your business transactions, sales, and expenses are recorded and can then be used for invoicing, statements and tax management. You don’t need a whole team of bookkeepers to keep up with your cash flow, just the latest software and your accountant’s phone number for advice.

4. Custom Design Templates

This tip is an oldie but a goodie. If you are writing all your emails, letters, presentations, contracts, paperwork or any other form of communication from scratch, then let this serve as your overdue reminder notice.

There are many template options available for affordable rates and oftentimes, for free. Save time and enhance your professional image with a custom business template for your regular email communications and letters, you’ll only need to change variables like names or dates. Even if you are writing something more specific, with a ready-made design template, you can have your logo, dates, and signature set so you only need to focus on the words.

5. Cloud Computing

Aside from reducing the amount of hardware you have in your office, backing up your data and files via cloud computing allows you peace of mind and can boost productivity and collaboration in your business. With data encryption to keep your information safe and accessibility requiring only an internet connection, this is the perfect solution for enabling remote employees to work most efficiently.

Not only are the setup costs for cloud services considerably cost-effective, but you will also reduce your business’ ongoing IT costs as system updates are usually all that’s needed for maintenance.

It may all seem overwhelming at first but you will quickly come around once you experience how user-friendly these new technologies are. After all, they are aimed at simplifying the way we work. Now that we’ve covered some of the most effective technology upgrades for businesses, it’s your turn to make the calls and implement them.

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