5 Ways to Save Money when Travelling in Airports

Travelling can be a costly affair. While travellers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to finding savings on airfares and hotel rooms, certain other parts of travelling go unnoticed. Airport spending tends to be the least of people’s worries, but you can end up spending a lot of money on parking fees and other amenities if you aren’t careful. Luckily, with the below tips, you can save money even before you set foot on the airplane.

1. Check out the airport before travelling

If you are travelling from or to a new airport, it’s a good idea to check out the floor plan and the amenities available at the airport. We tend to spend more when we need to make quick decisions and rushing can be a costly thing. But if you are aware of the airport, you can be smarter about your parking and even shopping in the airport. You know where the cheaper shops and restaurants are and you won’t need to spend extra just because you couldn’t find anything cheaper.

2. Consider paying for a first-class lounge

It can sound a bit counterintuitive, but paying a bit of money for a first-class lounge may save you money. Staying in a first-class lounge is cheaper because you get to enjoy a quiet, comfortable surroundings with free food and drinks. Most lounges cost about £20 for adults and £15 or less for children. If you are travelling as a family, you can save a lot, since you won’t need to be buying snacks and treats for the kids.

3. Utilise airport discount codes

Airports have special offers available for many services and utilising them can save you money. You should check the airport website to find voucher campaigns for the shops or the restaurants. Try to avoid last minute shopping and know about the products you want to buy and the things that aren’t necessarily any cheaper.

4. Book your parking ahead of time

If you just turn up at the airport to park, you will end up spending the maximum amount of money on parking. Airports don’t tend to offer discounts on the day and you definitely should book in advance. Shop around to find the best deals and utilise voucher code campaigns. You can slash up to 30% of your booking fee by taking a bit of time before the trip to view the quotes.

5. Check for alternative car parks and other deals

You can also save by avoiding the airport parking system altogether and opting for an alternative car park. You just need to browse through discount vouchers and deals at JetParks Airport Car Park offering nearby parking at most UK airports. If you book the service in advance, you can enjoy further perks with your deal. If you can, you should also consider travelling to the airport by using public transport.

Spending at airports can quickly increase the total cost of your holiday, so you want to be smart about it. Don’t just show up and go with the flow, but plan your spending in advance and take advantage of the option of booking beforehand.