Affordable Fixes for Drafty Windows

Winter is upon us. Snow-filled streets will soon set the scene of the season. But it’s not all a picturesque winter wonderland. With all that beauty, comes a cruel new cold. Your home is likely the toasty haven that you’ll be spending most of your time in through winter, so it’s important that you make sure things are in order. 

We’re all too familiar with what an unwelcome window draft feels like as it cuts into the room. On average, between 10 to 25 percent of a home’s heat escapes through its windows. Aside from being unpleasant, these drafty windows are also a money-losing problem. They cause energy inefficiencies within the home, and they potentially allow unwanted moisture and pollutants inside, too.  

There’s plenty you can do to solve the problem though (even on a tight budget!)

Seal and Insulate

The first place you might want to focus your repair attention to is the shim space. This is the gap between the window or door frame and the framing of the house. Any cracks or holes in the seal within this shim space will create an unwanted passageway for cold air to come through.

The good news here is that it’s an easy fix. You can carefully peel away the defunct window casing and reseal the shim space with spray foam.

Buy Insulating Curtains and Storm Windows

Buy yourself some affordable insulating curtains or storm windows to make your window zones more comfortable. This low-tech, low-cost solution will be sure to reduce unpleasant drafts and improve the numbers on your utility bill. Interior storm windows range in quality and price, but certain types have been found to reduce energy usage by over 20 percent

Employ Draft Snakes

For those on a budget, a draft snake is an affordable and effective way to reduce the amount of cold air that sneaks through windowsills. There are plenty of affordable options online that are well worth your buck. 

If you’re feeling particularly thrifty, you can try your hand at creating your own draft snake. Simply fill a tubule piece of fabric, such as stockings, with dry rice. Place your new serpentine friends on your drafty window sills to block out the chill.

Use Clear Shrink Film

Using just a cheap roll of shrink film and a hair dryer, you could save your home a lot of its heat. Simply stick the shrink film to the window and seal with a hairdryer. You’ll be delighted by the results and drinking hot chocolates by the fire in no time. 

So, there you have it. With a little bit of time, and even less money, you can draft-proof your house just in time for the chilliest months of the year. You can rest easy (and warm) knowing your newly insulated home is also free of any unwanted pollutants. The winter can be hard enough on our bodies, so we certainly don’t need drafty windows to make it any worse. Time to do a house-wide check, and get your place prepped for a cozy winter ahead.

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