The Benefits of Using Whiteboard Animation in Business: Why It’s Still So Effective

It has been quite a few years since whiteboard animations were first introduced in business, but their success rate has not dwindled at all, in spite of there being much more complex options available in animation video development nowadays. In fact, whiteboard animations are still so popular and successful because of the very simplicity that they bring to even the most complex of projects. In case you have not tried to use modern whiteboard animation in your business yet, here are some of the primary benefits that you will come to appreciate soon after trying out it out for the first time, even for a service provider business like Fix It Right leak detection plumber Melbourne.

Whiteboard Animations Engage Immediately

Whether you are marketing your brand or trying to promote a product on social media, the key to the campaign’s success lies in being able to engage the attention of your target audience. The same goes for explainer videos in a business setting as well, especially when you are trying to catch the attention of a potential client.

Whiteboard animations are just naturally unmatched at doing exactly this because of their simple yet engaging art style. While flashy animations might immediately grab the attention of the audience, more often than not, they are unable to hold the interest of the audience like a whiteboard can. When somebody surfs through the newsfeed on social media sites, they are generally not looking to spend too much time or brainpower on one video, so if it seems like too much work, most people will likely not be watching the video, unfortunately.

The humble whiteboard video, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as intimidating and, as a result, the audience doesn’t feel like they have to think too much about it or spend too much time on the video, which results in a large number of them actually finishing the short video, rather than leaving halfway. In other words, these videos are not only capable of engaging the immediate attention of the audience, but they are also quite successful at retaining that interest.

The Hand Drawn Effect Fires Up Mirror Neurons

If you have ever watched any quality whiteboard animation, then you probably know that they usually feature a human hand holding a pen or a pencil and actually drawing out everything that you see on the screen, alongside a voice that guides the audience through the different stages and developments in and among the creations.

It has been seen that scientifically speaking, this makes the audience subconsciously feel like they are the ones drawing and that directly makes the content seem more interesting, engrossing, and easier to understand. The phenomenon occurs when the mirror neurons in the human brain are engaged and the audience actually feels like he/she is the person doing what is being shown on screen or done by someone else.

Whiteboard animations are able to engage the mirror neurons and, as a result, the audience feels more satisfied than they would after watching any other form of video. In marketing, this results in the target audience associating positive feelings with the promoted brand and/or product.

They are Superb Tools for Explaining Complicated Concepts

Whiteboard animations are better at explaining most things, for multiple reasons, some of which we have already discussed. This makes the simple video perfect for teaching new and somewhat complicated concepts to employees during training and to clients while selling. When employees are engaged in watching a video and they actually feel good after watching it, you can rest assured that they will learn the core concepts better and faster.

Similarly, when you are trying to sell something to another business or directly to customers, it is imperative that the concerned party understands how your product will benefit them. A whiteboard video is perfect for that as well.

The Question of Economy

Cost-to-performance ratio is what business budgets are all about and this is once again where whiteboard videos win big. It isn’t always about how big or small your budget is, but how much return can you get from the money you had just spent on making and promoting something. As whiteboards are both cost-effective and have a high rate of success, it’s a win-win scenario both in terms of maintaining a budget and carrying out a successful campaign. Besides, the distinctively simple and yet creative nature of whiteboards actually gives the business and the hired studio an opportunity to do pretty much whatever they want

Are All Whiteboard Animations Successful in Doing What they are Meant to?

The success rate is high when using whiteboards, but that’s only true when the work is good. There is a constant demand for whiteboard animations as these facts we just discussed are not exactly secret and a lot of companies are actively trying to take advantage of that in every field. In order to stand out with the work and get the best out of your investment, it is important that your videos are developed on top of a unique, but relatable concept, with methodical execution.

The competition is likely trying to do the same thing as you, so to get a step ahead of them, plan, create, and place your whiteboards with precision and professionalism.

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