Business Mobility: How to Pick Company Cars and Executive Vehicles

canstockphoto0914712What you drive can be important in the world of business for any number of reasons. Your choice of conveyance can shape first impressions and your ability to respond to emerging challenges. But there are two major overlapping categories of business vehicle, and we’ve compiled advice on what to bear in mind for both.

Company Cars

Rather than a particular kind of vehicle for a particular kind of business, company cars are something like a problem to be solved for employers. If you intend to offer this particular benefit, which is in high demand among potential employees and just one more way to hook the best candidates for your company, you need to ask yourself what you are going to make available.

You want to strike the right balance between a few different factors. Employers typically pay tax on company cars so low emissions vehicles are good to go for. You also want to consider reliability and practicality though; if you mean for employees to commute using company vehicles you’ll want to mitigate the chance of accidents and breakdowns as much as possible. One last thing to consider is appearance; it might not seem important at first but what your employees drives will reflect on them and by extension your company, so it may be best to avoid something that sends to wrong message.

You can also save some money through fleet and business leasing schemes like those offered by Shelbourne Motors.

Executive Cars

High-powered businesspeople at the top of a company need to worry about a few other factors, though. As the faces of their firm, they need to think more about the image they project, so a business vehicle that speaks of confidence, control, and power is ideal. People in such positions often need to be available at all times, so a full suite of integrated communication options is a worthwhile investment.

Naturally these executive cars tend to be a little more expensive, but if you’re a private businessperson they can still be in your reach through leasing or other financing options, and you can even save some money by going for used vehicles, an option that isn’t available to enterprises providing them as company cars.