The Top 10 Work Values Employers Look For In 2019

In today’s world, everyone has to work, be it going to an office everyday, working from home or taking in passive income. If there’s no income, you would be pretty restricted. However, if you are already facing financial difficulties, you can opt to take a loan using a reliable personal loan comparison tool . Nonetheless, investing in yourself and your skills is key. One funny thing about the recruitment process is that when you carefully read various job ads, you would think that employers strictly look for individuals with specific types of experience. Nearly every job ad contains a long list of essential requirements such as obscure industry certifications and decades of experience with certain tools.

The moment you get to a job interview, the entire picture changes. Organizations are looking for specific work values that may not be listed in the job description or ad. They need responsible and self-directed people. Surprisingly, no one will ask you to list your top five or top ten work value. Rather, you will bring those values through the specific answers to different interview questions.

Even the stories you tell during an interview will always bring out your sterling work values. While you don’t have to talk about those unique qualities, they will shine through once you let them. Here are the top ten work values and attributes that employers are looking for.

1. Responsibility and dependability

Organizations value workers who come to work on time, handle their duties at the right time and are always responsible for their choices, actions, and behaviour. It is essential to keep your supervisors abreast of all changes in your daily schedule or if you are likely to be late for some reasons. Besides, you should keep your supervisor or superior informed on how you are handling all the tasks you have been assigned. Being responsible and dependable shows that you value your job.

2. Ability to point to success at work

If someone asks you, ‘can you tell a story about a time you felt triumphant?’ What specific stories from your past are likely to spring in your mind? Here, you are supposed to talk about your successes and prove that you can always point successes in a project. You don’t have to have climbed Mt. Everest or competed in Olympics. Just tell simple stories regarding saving the day at home, at work, or even in a volunteer situation.

3. Being proactive

Most workers wait for orders or directions at work, but there are individuals who are proactive and don’t wait for orders. They figure out what needs to be done and simply jump into action. Business and other employers want to hire individuals who will simply get things done.

One way of illustrating this work value is by enquiring about the work that you will be doing. Sadly, most job applicants don’t do that. Asking questions (when appropriate) show that you have been thinking about the entire job description – and your employer will really appreciate it.

4. Strong work ethic

Managers values workers who possess the willingness to work towards achieving the organizational goals. That means mastering the most effective way to complete projects on time while maintaining a positive attitude.

Sometimes, going an extra mile to get the job done is a good way of showing your manager that you have good time management skills and you never waste your employer’s time attending to issues not related to your job. Remember, downsizing in the current job market is common and it’s essential to know and keep the work values that employers want. Whether you are preparing for a job interview or you simply want to maintain your current position, it is always good to maintain a strong work ethic.

5. Self-confidence

Throughout history, self-confidence has always been the critical difference between someone successful and someone who isn’t. An employee with self-confidence can inspire others. Such a person is never afraid of asking questions about areas where they require insights.

A self-confident people do what feels right and are always willing to take a risk if it’s worth the effort. They admit their mistakes, recognize their strengths and weaknesses. They are also willing to correct their mistakes and work on their weaknesses.

6. Honesty

So far, there has been enough corporate scandals to decorate front pages of newspapers. Employers want honest people who can help build a strong brand and keep the entire corporate image positive. Finding an honest employee with integrity is a priority for employers. They need someone who can live up to their values and ideals – there’s nothing wrong with showing the positive attributes you live by, particularly if they align with the organization’s mission and vision.

7. Good teamwork skills

All organizations rely majorly on teamwork to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. As an employee, you must be able to collaborate with other people and handle a project to its completion. If you have been called for an interview, get ready to convince your interviewers that you are a good team player.

8. Loyalty

Employers are looking for workers they can trust fully and who exhibit loyalty to the organization, and the competition to retain this talent is very high. Organizations appreciate workers who aren’t hopping from company to company. Rather, they need an individual who understands his or her career path and is interested in building an outstanding career with their organization.

9. Motivation to learn and grow

The advent of technology has initiated a never-ending evolution in the workplace. This has prompted employers to seek workers who are interested in expanding their knowledge and keeping up with developments in their specific fields. Learning new techniques, skills, and theories through professional development can keep the company you work for at the top of its industry. Besides, it can make your job more exciting.

10. Ambition

Being ambitious simply means you have the objective of getting stronger and smarter in your life. Sometimes, it could imply moving up the corporate ladder, launching your own brand, or even going off the grid for something entirely new. Organizations are looking for ambitious people.

Good work values and attributes are what makes the right foundation for an outstanding employee. Your efforts to practice professional ethics at work, honest, proactive, self-confident and other desirable work values can make you a better employee.

4 Times It’s a Good Idea to Speak to a Financial Advisor

In recent years, DIY money management has become more commonplace. Today, it’s not difficult for anybody to draw up a budget, pay their taxes on their own, or even come up with and follow a plan for investing money for their retirement, thanks to a wide number of money management tools and apps coupled with a vast amount of information freely available online. However, there are some situations where it still makes sense to hire the services of a financial advisor. This is a professional who can provide you with expert guidance in many areas of your finances such as retiring, investing, purchasing property, and much more. Here are some situations where it makes sense to consider hiring a financial advisor.

#1. Getting Your First Job:

Whether you are earning $10,000 or $100,000 per year, getting your first job is a great time to start thinking about speaking to a professional about your finances. A good financial planner can offer guidance on how to best begin saving for your retirement from as early on as possible and help you with putting together your first budget, particularly if you have a large savings goal in mind, such as purchasing your first home. In addition, they may also be able to provide you with valuable advice on how to maximize your employer’s benefits package.

#2. Getting Married or Divorced:

If you are starting a new married life together or ending a marriage, the financial side of things can quickly get messy if you’re not sure where to begin. A financial advisor can help you determine how to best manage your money as a married couple, whether you’re planning to share all or part of your finances or keep your money separate. Or, if you are getting divorced, these Minneapolis financial advisors can help you ensure that you get your share of all finances and assets.

#3. Receiving a Large Sum of Cash:

Have you been lucky enough to receive a windfall of cash, whether it’s a gift or an inheritance? Whether you’ve been left a large amount of money in the will of a relative, have received a gift from a parent, been awarded compensation or have been paid a big bonus at work, a financial advisor can help you put together a sensible plan for what you are going to do with the cash.

#4. When You Have Children:

Finally, it’s good to bear in mind that starting a family often means major financial adjustments. For many couples, this life event also signals the beginning of estate planning, with many feeling it is now time to put together a will or a 529 plan. In addition, expanding your family may mean that you would like further advice on setting up trust funds for your children or on saving now to invest in their college education in the future.

You may also want to consider speaking to a financial planner if you’re thinking about retirement, want to pass on your wealth, or if your financial worth is increasing.

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Profitable

Small businesses run on tight margins, so staying profitable is a serious point of concern. It can seem difficult to stay afloat in your first years, but there’s plenty you can do to cut costs and increase your revenue. These are three strategies you can use to increase the profitability of your business and enjoy a stronger bottom line.

Create a Positive Workplace Culture

If employees like where they work, you’re much more likely to get a good performance from them. Start by creating a comfortable space. Investing in ergonomic desks, chairs, and equipment can make a huge difference, as can maintaining a comfortable office temperature throughout the year.

In addition to making employees comfortable and thus more productive, you should create a positive culture in which they are happy to work. The benefits of a positive environment are similar to that of a comfortable retirement. Your workers will look forward to clocking in every day, and they’ll have less reason to look for a new job. This will reduce turnover, which is a major expense for companies.

Creating a positive workplace looks different for every company. Some options may not be open to you based on the size of your workforce and budget needs, but these are a few general ideas that businesses use to create a positive workplace:

  • Offer a competitive benefits package.
  • Add perks like free coffee and snacks.
  • Create a consistent workflow so employees know what to expect.

Eliminate Redundancies

Business redundancies in this context refer to work that’s done twice. One of the clearest examples of this practice is micromanagement; if you have supervisors working underneath you, it’s a waste of time to micromanage what you’re already paying them to do.

Communication is another common area where businesses are spending too much money. Invest in a universal, streamlined method of communication for your team. This way, personnel won’t be using different channels to communicate, and you’ll reduce the likelihood of wasting time and money on missed or repeated messages.

Use Smart Energy Technology

Energy inefficiency is something that can cost your business thousands of dollars. Especially if you’re using outdated appliances or technology, you’ll only be losing more and more money as your systems become more antiquated and expensive to use. Though the initial cost of upgrading your air conditioning and heating units might seem steep, you’ll be setting yourself up to save money moving forward.

Aside from setting up smart energy technology, it’s important that you book regular HVAC maintenance. This will help you decrease costs for repairs and energy consumption. Plus, the addition of a new HVAC system will help save money year over year since you’ll be using a unit that’s less likely to break than outdated models, and you’ll be using less energy to heat and cool your workplace.

Every business is focused on making money by driving down expense while simultaneously increasing revenue. There are many ways to do this, but some of the best are both affordable and easy to integrate in a short period of time. Try out the three above strategies to save money in the short term and year over year as your enterprise continues to grow.

Marketing Magnetism – 4 Surefire Ways to Make Your Brand Desirable

So you’ve got your killer product or service, you’ve started your business and everything is falling into place. The books are organized, your staff has proper training and now all that’s left to do is start growing profits and kicking goals. But how exactly do you make your brand stand out from the rest?

Front of house.

You know how when you’re trying a new restaurant, your initial opinion about the quality is generally based on how the dining area and staff are presented? That’s because they’re right in front of you. You’ll want to constantly remind your target demographic that you exist in a way that showcases the quality and adds value to their lives. A great way to do this is by having branded promotional products.

Figure out what type of product will be most useful to your customers, select the highest quality item and splash your branding all over it. It’ll become a part of their daily lives so when they need something, their mind will subconsciously direct them to you.

Know your point of difference.

Pretty much everything has been done a million times before so it’s important to have a proper understanding of what makes your product or service different to everything else on the market. It could be the level of customer service you offer or maybe your product has a new feature no other company is including yet. Whatever it is, know it, own it, and milk it. There are many times in life where fitting in with the crowd can be beneficial, but when you’re building your brand, the opposite is true.

Sell a lifestyle, not a product.

Why do people buy Samsung or iPhone over other options that do the exact same thing for half the price? Some would say it’s a status symbol, others would claim pure stupidity. The real reason, however, is because these brands sell a lifestyle.

You’re not buying a phone, you’re buying the happiness shown in their ads and the ability to easily integrate other tech devices in their range with the phone in your pocket. Likewise, you need to build a lifestyle around your brand. Remember, to truly showcase the value you offer and stand out from the crowd, you’re not selling your product or service, you’re selling what they can do to improve the customer’s life.

Targeted campaigns.

This tip brings together all the others. Now you know your point of difference and you’ve integrated yourself into your demographics lives with useful promotional products, you want to expand your reach and make sure you’re the business they think of when they need something. You’ve worked out how you’re going to sell the lifestyle your product or service offers and planted the seeds, now all that’s left to do is become omnipresent.

Find out what else your customers are interested in and align your brand with their interests. For example, if your target demographic follows car racing religiously, sponsor a team if it’s within your means. If you’re looking closer to home, support local initiatives in whatever way works best for you. It doesn’t really matter how you complete this step, the point is to get personal so work out what interests best align with your brand and get out there.

Marketing is a delicate, complicated process, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a winning strategy and ensuring customers turn to you when they need something. Good luck and happy marketing.

3 Ingenious Ways to Fund Starting Up Your Factory Business

One of the most important aspects of a business is getting started on the right foot. If you don’t have the money to get off the ground, you’ll stay stuck in one spot until you do.

Firms like Equify Financial are great options for start-ups, and opportunity exists everywhere you look.

That being said – you do have some intelligent options for getting your factory business up and running. Check out these options for 3 ingenious ways to get funding so you can take on the world and get your factory moving.

1)   Equipment Financing

The biggest direct need you have to open up your factory and get it running is probably all based around equipment. There are lenders out there who will work with you for your specific needs to get you the perfect set-up. Even the amount of the loan and the rate at which you pay back your loan can be based on the value of the equipment and your specific factory output.

Equipment financing is what’s called a self-secure loan. What that means is that if you run into trouble paying for the loan, the company could end up seizing equipment. This actually lowers your risk and can also keep the level at which you need to qualify quite low as well.

Equipment financing isn’t just limited to huge purchases, you could receive equipment financing for some smaller items as well, but you’ll need to contact these companies to see where the perfect fit for you and your business needs are.

2)   SBA Loans

The issue of SBA Loans can seem complicated, but they’re one of the best options out there for someone trying to start up on their own.

An SBA loan is typically handled by a lender who are usually banks that aren’t the big bad ones you think of when you see banking commercials on TV. SBA stands for the Small Business Administration which is the government agency helping to back these loans.  What that means for you is that you get some great terms – repayment can last a long time with interest rates that would probably be lower than normal.

On the flip side, it can be hard to qualify for an SBA loan. Do your homework and you could be looking at an awesome set up for your business.

3)   Invoice Financing

Finally, we come to invoice financing. This is a great option for those who need cash and have orders on file ready to go. If cash flow is a problem or you need to buy anything to get orders completed, these companies will help you get moving so that you can make the money you deserve for doing so well in the sales arena.


These three methods can put you ahead of the competition and really get your factory business moving. You always need to do your homework and see what path will work best for you; but please do not believe that you can’t get the funding you need, the options should definitely be there.

5 Most Lucrative Work from Home Jobs

In a 2017 report, it was revealed that 5.2% of Americans now work from home. The United States census confirms that eight million people now work this way in comparison to the 5% who worked from home in 2016 and the 3.3% who worked from home in 2000.

Internet connectivity, technology and a growing call for better work hours and setups are helping this number to rise. As more employees work from home as a way to make themselves more productive and spend more time with their families, analysts expect the figures to rise more.

If you’re looking to take on a work from home job, then it’s important to know that some jobs are more lucrative than others. However, you can get started with no skills and just a few pieces of technology.

What Do You Need to Work from Home?

Unless you have somehow managed to find a work from home job where your boss communicates with you via carrier pigeon, you will need a fast Internet connection. You’ll also need a laptop that can multitask and supports work software such as Slack, Skype, and Dropbox as these are all used by many companies to send files and to talk to the team.

If your laptop is years old and you need a new one, you can find a replacement for a good price, so that you don’t spend more money than you’re going to make. There are some great deals on refurbished laptops with Apple MacBooks becoming much more affordable when you buy one second hand. From the refurbished MacBook range, the MacBook Air 11 inch would be a good budget choice as it is powerful enough to handle business software and is lightweight so you can use it to work where you want. Read this for more information about refurbished laptop prices and which retailers have the best deals.

What Skills Do You Need?

If you have been trained (or have knowledge) of things like programming, software design, graphic design, finance, and science, then you could get a work from home salary of above $100,000. However, you can still make more than $50,000 a year without any of these skills.

For most work from home jobs, what you need are people skills. If you can communicate well, work quickly, and you’re willing to learn then you will be able to take on a work from home position. Many employers offer training once you have got the position so not having much experience in the industry doesn’t mean you can’t do well at the job.


Marketing is a popular work from home job because it allows you to be creative. If you can come up with slogans, have ideas for posters or have posted a few popular tweets or Facebook posts, then you will probably do well in the marketing industry.

Most industries have a need for some sort of marketing and it’s best to choose an industry that you know or purchase many products from. By choosing an industry you know, you will probably have seen many ads and marketing of that industry and can use that to be successful in your job.

Selling Products

Salespeople don’t have the most positive reputation. When people think of salespeople, they think of door to door sales people who try to sell them products that they don’t want. While that still happens today, your work from home job probably won’t be anything like that.

Now, there are jobs that allow you to sell products from your home. There are different jobs for this, one may be selling your own product on an online store, or listing someone else’s products on online stores, finding people to sell someone else’s products to, or collecting information about how a business can increase their sales.


Some people are just very good at organizing their schedules and have spreadsheets, reminders, and calendars all telling them what’s on their to-do list and when their next meeting is. Other people are so busy that they don’t have the time to set this organization system up and these are the people who will want to employ you.

If you have great organizational skills then you can make some money as a work from home assistant. You can be the person who takes the calls, plans the meetings, and gives them reminders about where they have to be. It’s not a glamorous job and you may become as busy as your boss, but it can pay well and it allows you to work from home.

Customer Support

Data in this infographic published by NewVoiceMedia revealed that US companies lose an estimated $41 billion each year because of bad customer service. Customers who aren’t happy with the way that they have been treated will go to a competitor and many may tell their friends not to do business with that brand.

If you have good people skills and want to do your best to help solve people’s problems, then you could join a customer support team. Customer support is one of the most important roles in a company and businesses are always looking for talented and driven people to join the team. Many customer support jobs are work from home jobs too.


When an interview, podcast or video has been recorded, it’s someone’s job to transcribe it. They have to turn that audio into written content that can be turned into blog posts, subtitles, press releases and more so that it can be published online. Transcription can be a difficult task which is why companies are happy to pay other people to do it.

Scribie’s big list of tips explains that you will need to have the right equipment (such as some high quality headphones) and because of how long it can take to transcribe something, you will want to be comfortable too. Job boards have many transcription jobs available though you can also contact companies with podcasts and that publish interviews on their blog to see if they have anything available.

To work from home, you don’t need to get a job and then try to talk your boss into letting you work away from the office some days in the week. There are positions made for people who want to work from home and you can find these by looking online.


Smooth Runnings – 5 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Business Efficiency

A major benefit of the fast, constant advancement of modern technology is that improving your business can be as simple as a software upgrade! If you are not quite sure where or how to start, here are five ways you can use technology to optimize your business processes.

1. Upgrade Your Freight Technology

If tracking and managing your logistics means building your own spreadsheets, dealing with multiple carriers and having more than one go-to contact, you are in for a delight with how much time, stress and energy upgrading your logistics will save you. By using the best shipping software you can streamline all your logistics and supply chain management to a single browser window.

2. Accessible, Interactive Rostering

Rostering is nobody’s favorite job to do but by using a more interactive, digital system, it doesn’t have to be such a drag. Choose a reputable online rostering system that allows your staff to input their own changes in availability, shift-swapping arrangements, and applications for leave. Using such a system will allow you to easily and intuitively organize your final roster. You may need one session to introduce the new system to your staff, but once it’s implemented you will cut down on a mountain of needless back-and-forth communication and can even integrate it with your timesheet and payroll systems.

3. Digital Accounting Software

When it comes to your bookkeeping, save yourself a lot of time and money while improving the level of accuracy you’re capable of by using digital accounting software for your business. With the right program, you can ensure that all your business transactions, sales, and expenses are recorded and can then be used for invoicing, statements and tax management. You don’t need a whole team of bookkeepers to keep up with your cash flow, just the latest software and your accountant’s phone number for advice.

4. Custom Design Templates

This tip is an oldie but a goodie. If you are writing all your emails, letters, presentations, contracts, paperwork or any other form of communication from scratch, then let this serve as your overdue reminder notice.

There are many template options available for affordable rates and oftentimes, for free. Save time and enhance your professional image with a custom business template for your regular email communications and letters, you’ll only need to change variables like names or dates. Even if you are writing something more specific, with a ready-made design template, you can have your logo, dates, and signature set so you only need to focus on the words.

5. Cloud Computing

Aside from reducing the amount of hardware you have in your office, backing up your data and files via cloud computing allows you peace of mind and can boost productivity and collaboration in your business. With data encryption to keep your information safe and accessibility requiring only an internet connection, this is the perfect solution for enabling remote employees to work most efficiently.

Not only are the setup costs for cloud services considerably cost-effective, but you will also reduce your business’ ongoing IT costs as system updates are usually all that’s needed for maintenance.

It may all seem overwhelming at first but you will quickly come around once you experience how user-friendly these new technologies are. After all, they are aimed at simplifying the way we work. Now that we’ve covered some of the most effective technology upgrades for businesses, it’s your turn to make the calls and implement them.

How Much Should You Borrow When Taking Out A Business Loan?

Some people look at debt as a bad thing however there are not many companies (including the largest organisations) that do not have some level of debt. Getting into a level of debt and investing this in growth could be more beneficial in the long-term. Commercial real estate lending is an option that a lot of people consider. However, if you are going down this path, how much should you actually borrow and under what terms?

Company Growth

Sometimes people take extra cash just for the fact that that they want to invest it in something where they will see a level of growth. Some people have good concepts and ideas in this respect, however, in order to turn this into something meaningful they then need to justify why this money will be well spent. If this is spent on things that just consume debt, then you could then find yourself in the same situation very quickly where the money is repaid, and you still don’t have the level of growth you were looking for. In order to get commercial real estate loans, they will want to see this level of detail in some type of plan  This should be pretty detailed to show that the lender is not at risk of not receiving the repayments back. How much you then borrow for company growth needs to be defined in this plan in totality.

Debt Issues

If you are struggling with debt in the company or you have invoices that you just cannot pay, then the option of a short term loan may be what you need.  If, however by taking this loan you have no real plans in how you will eliminate the debt and not look for more, you could struggle to get the loan you need. Justification is always looked at from lenders. The amount that you request may include refinancing the debt you have (potentially moving it all together and onto a lower interest rate) or it could be to pay some of this but having more up your sleeve for a rainy day. The general guidance is that companies should have 3 times their normal monthly income saved away to ensure that if something drastic happens they still have funds sitting away to cover normal payments and salary.

What Will The Lender Give Me?

Lenders are sometimes keen to give away money as if they know it is low-risk then they will get a much better interest rate from the repayments than by putting it in a normal bank account. Don’t be caught up in the enthusiasm to take out more money than is needed as remember that you are paying interest on this. People look at this money as their own, but the mindset needs to be that this is not money that is theirs to waste and something that will need to be paid back.

Think carefully about how much you need to borrow when taking out a business loan.