Alternative Ways to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoins, like other cryptocurrencies, are digital assets that work as a medium of exchange just like money, except they are all online. Sure, money can be online but bitcoin and other cryptos are far less tangible, and there is no actual underlying material asset. There is no promise to pay the barer x amount of money, and there is nothing physical at all about the asset. This did not stop Bitcoin from absolutely taking the world by storm in 2016, and being hailed by some of the most prominent futurists as one of the biggest technological developments over recent times.

Why Bitcoin?

Some of the key attractions to the asset class come from its elusive nature, but the currency is also almost anonymous, which people like. The asset is also completely unpegged to any national bank, so it is independent of basically any big corporation’s movements. As they are not currently in wide use, any investment is basically made on hype alone, or on the expectation that they will become in wide use. 

This investment will go into an online bitcoin wallet, where your bitcoin is held. As there is a limit to the amount of bitcoin in circulation, when/if it comes to be widely used, the expectation is that the price will increase drastically. It is for these reasons that it is one of the hottest asset classes in the last few years, and has received very substantial investment from all over the world. You may be asking how you can get involved in such an elusive concept, as it is not like buying stocks for example, but in truth, a lot has changed in the past few years, and the market has really opened up to almost anyone.   

Investment Through Apple Pay and Other Modes of Payment

Yes, you saw that right, you can buy bitcoin with ApplePay. Popular companies that are heavily involved in making bitcoin accessible have created one of these easiest ways to invest and will do all of the holding on their end and only charge you a one-off transaction fee for each transaction you make. Paxful allows you to buy bitcoin with ApplePay, and will also give you a medium to securely hold and sell this bitcoin just as easily as it was to purchase it. This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to investing; simply set the amount you would like to invest and pay with your thumbprint. 

Tracking Your Investment

There are many sites to check the price of bitcoin; however, a simple Google search will bring you up to date with the most recent price changes, as well as a comprehensive review of where the prices have been going over the past few weeks, months, or even years. This allows you to make projections, and set yourself targets of where you want your investment to go

Investing in bitcoin is not as stable and secure as doing so on the stock market, but it has seen some incredible growth over recent years. You should be sure to check it out as many people genuinely believe it to be the future global asset.



6 Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends

If you’re interested in investing and new to the stock market, it’s important to understand dividends and their various distribution frequencies. Dividends refer to profit distributions made by a corporation that are paid to its shareholders via shares in the company. These distributions can be made quarterly, monthly, semi-annually, annually, or without a set schedule.

Monthly dividends, in particular, are distributions made to company investors each month. Though quarterly payments are the most common, monthly dividends provide several advantages to investors. Not only do they come with higher yields, but you also get reinvestment opportunities and the ability to afford your monthly expenses like rent and utility payments more easily, given the payout frequency. Read on to learn more about the various monthly dividend stocks to buy now:

Vermilion Energy

Vermilion Energy is a Canadian oil and gas company that can add internationality to your dividend portfolio. Though it’s headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Vermilion Energy also trades in the state of New York. Since its inception in 1994, it’s experienced an impressive growth rate. If it continues on this path, it’s a great option for your investment consideration.

Stag Industrial

Known for its home in the industrial sector, Stag Industrial also has ties to the real estate industry. Rather than working with multi-tenant properties, Stag International focuses on single-tenant properties. This, combined with its relationship with established tenants, increases its reliability as a stock option.

Apple Hospitality REIT

Apple Hospitality is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that can provide you with consistent monthly payouts. It rents out hotel rooms in a couple of hundred properties and leases to various upscale hotel brands. With this stock, you get a high yield and income you can count on.

Realty Income Corporation

Realty Income Corporation is a retail real estate investment trust that’s considered one of the best long-term income investments in the U.S. stock market. It’s also known for providing investors with consecutive monthly payouts and has even raised its dividend for consecutive quarters. Realty Income Corporation is an excellent option if you’re looking for a stable stock with reliable, long-term monthly dividend payments.

Main Street Capital Corporation

Main Street Capital Corporation offers debt and equity capital to lower middle-market and middle-market companies. They often work with companies that don’t have access to the stock market via an initial public offering, as well as those that can’t self-manage their finances or can’t go through a bank. Main Street Capital Corporation has a diversified investment portfolio and continues to offer consistently growing distributions to its investors.

Shaw Communications, Inc.

Shaw Communications is a Canada telecommunication company offering Canadian customers and businesses broadcast internet, wireless cellphones, landlines, and other related services. Given the industry it’s in, Shaw Communications is a safe option that won’t be as heavily impacted in the event of a crisis.

Now that you have a solid understanding of monthly dividends, you can determine if this type of investment is worthwhile. Consider the benefits that come with monthly dividends and find a high-quality stock that aligns with your preferences.

Listed options-brand Why Choose Saxo Markets to Trade Listed Options?

As all financial markets and participants know, one major determinant of success is the market intermediary that you choose.

For those forex trading in Singapore, one of the most reputable and well-known market intermediaries is Saxo Markets.

They are a large stable company that has been in existence for over two decades. They are also trusted by thousands of traders all over the world. Further, they will provide you with access to numerous asset categories including listed options from which you can make your profits.

Here is why you should use Saxo Markets to trade listed options.

Access over 1000 listed options

As a trader, listed options open up new avenues to help you make more money in financial trading activities.

When you choose to trade with Saxo Markets you are guaranteed access to more than 1000 listed options that you can trade and invest in.

While other investors are wondering where to buy listed options, you will have them easily on the Saxo Markets trading platform.

Highly sophisticated trading platform

Saxo markets is a highly innovative Singapore financial market intermediary.

Their trading platform is top level especially when it comes to trading in listed options. From this platform, you will get advanced capabilities to assess and determine correctly the best listed options to invest in.

In spite of its sophistication, the platform is highly intuitive and easy to use, making sure that you, the trader has maximum benefit from using it.

Trade in all styles of listed options

On this platform, you have access to both American and European style limited options. Get all the information transaction you need and close the contract on the trading platform. When you are ready to exercise your right, the platform will provide up to date information enabling you to make the right decision for your investment.

Timely and professional customer care service

Financial markets participants often need help with trading platforms especially when trading asset categories that they are not familiar with.

When trading with Saxo platforms, you are sure that you will always access the customer care service whenever you need it. They are available 24 hours on email, phone call or even a live chat right on the trading platform.

Competitively priced commissions

One of the many areas in which financial traders and investors lose their money is in the commissions and spreads charged by market intermediaries.

When you choose Saxo Markets, you will not face this kind of challenges when trading and investing in the listed options category.

Traders and investors are assured of low commissions that will not eat greatly into their profits. With charges based on the volume of transactions, traders will make good profits when they exercise their rights with the limited options that they buy into.

Upgrade platform versions

When you choose Saxo Markets as your preferred financial markets intermediary, you can use the free version of their trading platforms or pay a subscription fee for the premium version.

With the premium version, you can enjoy services of account managers who will guide and advice through your investment journey. You can also enjoy lower commission and spread charges ensuring that you make more profits.

Good reputation

Saxo markets has been in existence for over 25 years and operates in many countries in the world. They are fully regulated and approved as a financial intermediary in every market that they operate in.

Also, they are well known for their financial strength which shows their stability as a financial intermediary.

Over the years they have been in existence, they have won and acquired many awards of outstanding service in the financial markets.


For all those who are interested in getting into the trading in Singapore, Saxo Markets is the ideal intermediary for you. With all these qualities, you are sure that you will get the best service, training and guidance on how to make money in the financial market.

4 Steps to Take to Invest in Dividend Stocks

If you’re interested in investing in stocks, consider dividend stocks for a long-term way to benefit from regular profit earnings. You can easily invest in dividend stocks and still diversify the rest of your investment portfolio. Here are four steps to take to invest in dividend stocks.

What Are Dividend Stocks?

Dividend stocks are stocks that represent company shares on the market. When you invest in dividend stocks, you’re guaranteed regular payments as the company’s stock gains earnings. Typically, well-established companies that have a proven track record of paying out regular dividends are the stocks you’ll want to look into to collect regular earnings with this long-term investment strategy.

Adding Dividend Stocks to Your Portfolio

Adding dividends to your investment portfolio is highly advantageous, especially if you’ve already diversified many of your investments into other stocks and options. For one, the majority of companies who sell dividend stocks typically don’t see a reduction in earnings over time, making this a highly lucrative way to collect regular quarterly earnings.

Another of the advantages of investing in dividends is that they can offer a higher percentage of earnings on shares than even a bank-issued certificate of deposit. These are just a few of the benefits of investing in dividend stocks, so if you’re ready to get started researching these options, follow the steps below for purchasing and benefiting from this smart investment choice.

  1. Research the Stock

The first step in any trading scenario is to thoroughly evaluate the stocks you’re interested in using for your investments. This is true of dividend stocks, too. Start your research through a reputable trading platform that can give you the tools you’ll need to measure the success of the dividend stocks you choose. Even though dividend stocks don’t come with as many risks as other stocks, you’ll need to analyze the risk of these stocks next.

  1. Assess the Risk

Dividend stocks come with fewer risks than other, more volatile stock choices. However, it’s still important to evaluate any risk to dividends being affected by the long-term movements of the stock market. For instance, “beta risk” refers to a stock’s sensitivity to swings in the market’s direction, which can adversely affect your dividends. So it’s important to assess these kinds of risks of the dividend stocks prior to investing.

  1. Purchase the Stock

Once you’ve assessed the risk and have a deeper understanding of the stocks you want, you can go ahead and make your purchases through any online brokerage account or full-service stockbroker. Once you make your purchase, though, you’ll need to monitor the stock’s performance and track your earnings.

  1. Track Your Performance

Keep tracking dividends regularly so you can keep an eye on the market’s and stock’s performance. Staying on top of the health of your investment portfolio will help you know when you might need to back out of stocks you’re holding or even if there are additional investment moves you can make.

Dividend stocks offer a great way to diversify the investments you’ve made. You can also use market tools and resources to help you make future decisions on your dividends strategies so you’ll have even more success when you start trading in the stock market.

An Analysis of Bitcoin: How Bright is the Future for Bitcoins?

Cryptocurrency is a technology that was developed more than a decade ago. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency amongst all cryptocurrencies. The destructive system of the technology associated with Bitcoin has changed the unchanged financial system all over the world.

As per many experts, research, and surveys, cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are going to revolutionize the digital trade market. You can know more about bitcoin trading from websites like bitcoinrush. The best part about cryptocurrencies like bitcoins is that they are expected to create a free-flowing system of financial trade without any extra charges and fees.

One of the biggest advantages of bitcoins is that it can freely move across the borders, it can help in the promotion of global trade, mutual prosperity amongst nations and also the creation of a peaceful environment around the world.

Strengths of bitcoins

Bitcoins get its strengths from the way it has been designed by using the most innovative technology and the use of blockchain technology. One of the biggest strengths of bitcoins is that it will be mined with diminishing returns every four years and until the day maximum bitcoins are reached. Thus, this feature of bitcoin separates it from traditional currencies and assets.

Only 21 million bitcoins will be mined. Since a limited number of bitcoins will be mined, it will never become inflated due to a large value and large supply. Thus, bitcoin always remains free from inflation originating due to political changes or any other reasons. Since bitcoin is not affected due to inflation, it becomes a safe haven for investors to invest in bitcoins.

With the growing popularity of bitcoins, it is showing its strengths against the high inflating national currencies. The only factor that can change the value of bitcoin is demand and supply.

Another major strength of bitcoin lies in the safety and security feature. Since bitcoin is not a physical asset, it is kept safely in a bitcoin wallet, and thus, it is free from all kinds of theft.

All these strengths of bitcoin are making it one of the most preferred digital currencies all over the world.


Bitcoin has few weaknesses when it comes to its design. Bitcoin works on a technology known as the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology means that every user works on the same technology, and they can see every transaction of bitcoin. The technology behind the bitcoin is semi-anonymous as the owner of the bitcoin can’t be identified outrightly. Thus, it can be slightly nerve-wracking for some bitcoin investors.

Another major weakness of bitcoin is that it has faced some serious hacking and spamming issues in the past. Thus, new investors often feel sceptical when they want to invest their time and money in bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin has also faced some security-related issues, and it has been said that bitcoins have a reputation of questionable security. Thus, the security flaw of bitcoins is one of the biggest weaknesses associated with bitcoins.

The ability of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin that can be traded like commodities can also be a big weakness. This is because commodity markets mostly undergo fluctuations. In addition to this, price volatility also generates risk also prevents merchants and investors from holding cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrencies offer a pretty unique position that will transform the technology of a long-standing financial system. Bitcoin has the capability to disrupt and totally renew the current financial system. The best part about cryptocurrencies like bitcoins is that it will help in remediation of problems related to the unbanked population.

Many international businesses realize the potential of bitcoins and the technology behind bitcoins.

As the world is becoming a global village, the discovery of bitcoins can be seen as one of the biggest inventions. The use of bitcoin doesn’t need any border permission and currency exchange fee. Thus, users can make payment in Bitcoin to any part of the world without paying any extra charges.

The use of bitcoin is also said to influence the way people look at the traditional financial system.

Bitcoin is able to have a special place in the niche market. With the governments all around the world promoting the use of bitcoins, the future of bitcoins seems to be bright.

Things That Stop People From Buying Bitcoins

Although the entire world is moving towards Bitcoins, there are a few people who get a word that just by the name of cryptocurrency or digital currency. There are a lot of reasons to support their belief and majority of the times it is because of the myths that revolve around the cryptocurrency or the Bitcoins which are debunked in this article.

Once you have read through all the points that we have written this article, we are certain that you will also start investing in Bitcoin trading and start making more profits to have a secure future.

  1. Cryptocurrency is not taxed

This is one of the major things that a lot of people fail to understand about the digital currency of Bitcoin Technology. As there is no government body or financial institution that controls the cryptocurrency or the blockchain technology, there are certain countries where the tax amount has to be paid over the transaction on the limit specified.

This is one of the main reasons as to why people avoid investing in cryptocurrency with some platforms, but you must know that the Tax amount that you pay on the Bitcoin is way too less than the conventional currency that you require. Click the image given below for starting trading in bitcoins

  1. They do not hold any real money value

Cryptocurrency also holds material asset or value to them. Digital currencies are nothing but conventional currencies in the form of Bitcoins or cryptocurrency. You have to make an investment even before you purchase the Bitcoins, and that amount would be converted into the digital currencies. You need to understand that there is real money value to the Bitcoins that you purchase as well and that should not hold you back from purchasing it.

  1. Used for illegal purchase

Some people are under the notion that Bitcoins are always used to purchase goods that are totally illegal, and that is totally false. Every transaction that you make using Bitcoin will be recorded on the blockchain ledger, and it is available to the public through the blockchain technology. This is probably one of the safest ways of transactions that can be carried out on the online front!

  1. Criminal and illicit purposes

Majority of the people also feel that Bitcoins are used when it comes to dealing with crimes and any other illicit things like abduction, extortions, kidnapping, human trafficking, and drug trafficking. Although there are some cases related to cryptocurrency being used in a crime, it does not mean that the entire technology is made for crime analysis purposes, isn’t it? There are several traders that have made a fortune through these Bitcoins, and they are certainly in a legal manner.

Cryptocurrency is easy to hack

One must understand that cryptocurrency cannot be hacked unless and until the user gives a password which is completely weak or shares the wallet details with someone else. Like any other trading systems, cryptocurrency is also vulnerable to hacking, but, they cannot be hacked as easily as the other forms of trading.

  1. Only one huge blockchain

This is yet another thing that stops people from investing in Bitcoins. Most of the people are acquainted with banks and as there are several banks to handle the accounts. Likewise, there are many blockchains which are private and public. Each and every blockchain supports another cryptocurrency, and that is how the entire concept of blockchain technology is made.

  1. It is a cloud-like database

If you take a look at the cloud base technology, you can store anything that you want to; starting from the documents till the files to the entire document everything can be stored using the cloud storage.

The same is not applicable when it comes to the blockchain technology because it is totally a different system and it works on a ledger like a method where only the transactions carried out using the Bitcoins by the traders are recorded. In the blockchain technology files cannot be saved, and the transactions are totally safe and completely transparent.

These are the main reasons as to why a lot of people avoid investing in Bitcoins. Instead of being ignorant about the digital currency, it is always good to understand the concept in-depth and make use of it for your advantage.

Time to Invest! 9 of the Very Best Gold Coins to Buy

If you’re looking to start investing in something, gold is a great choice. Gold coins can be valuable, especially when kept over time. They’re also great keepsakes to have around.

There are a lot of gold coins to choose from though, so how can you decide which is the best for you?

Here are nine of the best gold coins to buy this year.

The Best Gold Coins To Buy

When buying gold, you have plenty of purchasing options. You can’t really go wrong with any of these gold coins.

  1. One Oz Gold American Eagle

This is somewhat of an iconic coin, and you might recognize some of its imagery. On one size, Lady Liberty beckons. On the other, an American bald eagle swoops down to its nest. It follows gold indexes and it’s very easy to sell if that’s what you intend to do.

  1. British Gold Britannia

This British coin has a face value of £100. The makeup of the coins varies based on year, either 24k gold, or gold alloyed with silver and copper. Modern coins (minted after 2014) are printed with an added security measure: horses galloping across the edge.

  1. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

This coin is emblematic of Canada, with the iconic leaf on the face. If you’re not ready to invest heavily, this coin is available in fractional sizes. It also has added security measures against fraud and fakes.

  1. American Gold Buffalo

Another American classic, this is not dissimilar to the Canadian Maple leaf in its quality or purity. They are 24k gold, and have rustic and irregular edges, making them a super unique find and some of the best gold coins to buy.

  1. Austrian Gold Philharmonic

These are the largest of the one oz gold coins. They can be easily purchased, so might be a good choice for first-time investors looking to break into gold. Their value may not be as high as some others, but they track with gold prices.

  1. Australian Gold Kangaroo

This is one of the more “fun” looking coins. These are very collectible and generally quite liquid. The artwork on them varies, making them a hot item for coin collectors.

  1. Chinese Gold Panda

The image on this coin changes yearly, making it another good collector’s item. It’s 30 grams, and only a certain amount are made yearly. This can be a great coin for investors and collectors alike.

  1. Somalia Gold Elephant

This 1oz coin also changes yearly, though on the rear-facing side. It’s available in fractional sizes, making it yet another great choice for investors just getting started. Finding the right buyer looking for the perfect year’s coin can be very profitable.

  1. Mexican Gold Libertad

This coin is made in one of the oldest North American mints, and it resembles the Mexican peso. It has a limited mintage and a beautiful design on the front.

Is A Gold Investment In Your Future?

Gold might be the best hedge against a stock market crash, so now might be the time to invest. It’s a great asset to have, and the coins themselves make wonderful heirlooms and keepsakes.

Investing in gold is an investment in your future, and these are some of the best gold coins to buy.

For more information and articles on investing, check out the rest of our blog. If you’re not investing yet, you should be.

How to Successfully Start Investing in Your 20s

If you think investing in your 20s is too young—think again.

The longer you invest, the more money you’ll be able to earn through compound interest.

There are multiple reasons to invest young, but if you don’t know how to get started, you’ll get stuck in analysis paralysis. We’re here to help you create a plan to get started successfully.

Continue reading as we show you the best ways to invest money in your 20s!

Budget to Spend Less Than You Make

Before you can start investing, you have to learn how to spend less than you make, so you have money left over.

Many people don’t even have a budget—they just look at their bank account to see if there is money or not.

Create a budget that gives you a certain percentage of money to invest each month. Having money to invest each month consistently will give you the best results. Even if you don’t invest a lot of money, it will add up over the years.

Create an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is essential to avoid falling behind on bills, being stuck without transportation, and other problems.

Even having an emergency fund that is $1,000 is better than not having anything to fall back on.

If you have credit cards, it can be tempting to use them as an emergency fund, but that is almost certain to end in disaster.

Put Money Into a Retirement Account

While retirement might seem like a long time away, it’s important to start saving for your retirement now.

That way, you’ll be able to enjoy more compound interest—plus, you can enjoy tax deferment until you start withdrawing from your retirement account.

Look Into Real Estate Investment Trusts

What’s the most popular investment for millennials?

The answer could be REITs, or real estate investment trusts, since they are an easy way to break into real estate investments without breaking the bank or having to build up your credit.

Real estate is a great growth investment, but sometimes it is difficult to get started when you’re young. REITs could be the answer you’re looking for as you work to add real estate to your list of investments.

REITs make it possible for you to hold a portfolio of commercial properties with minimal risk since the real estate is usually different types of real estate in different geographic locations.

Become a Pro at Investing in Your 20s

Now that you know more about the best investments when investing in your 20s, you can start to build your wealth.

Building wealth at a young age will help you secure your financial freedom and retirement.

Do you feel like you need more help? Our site is full of articles that can help you with your finances and more.

Browse our site, find your favorite finance-related articles, drop a bookmark, and come back soon for more great articles.

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