4 Mistakes with Crypto Investing and How to Avoid Them

After a 50% correction, cryptocurrency might just be getting back on its feet. With the recent debate between some of the biggest names in crypto resulting in some positivity, is now the best time to be investing in cryptocurrency?

If you’re thinking about investing in crypto right now, then make sure you avoid these 4 common mistakes with crypto investing.

1. Investing Too Much

When people see the potential upside of the cryptocurrency market it’s hard not to get excited. But that upside comes with a lot of volatility and the value of any cryptocurrency is as subject to going down as it is up.

Before you invest, make sure you’re only allocating as much money as you could afford to lose. Major corrections happen all the time and some coins don’t recover.

2. Not Doing Your Own Research

Coin shillers are all over social media and YouTube. It’s quite common for coins with little to no fundamentals to be hyped up on the internet. Shortly after the hype comes a crash these coins never recover from.

Don’t just buy a coin because it’s being talked about on Twitter. Be sure to do your own research. It’s important to look at the price charts of coins to see how they have behaved in the past.

Also, be sure to research the company behind the coin and look into the practical applications of the coin. If a coin isn’t doing anything to move the crypto space forward then it probably isn’t going to survive.

Make sure you know about cryptocurrency in general too. Understand where the market has been and where it is going. Take a look at the following site for a run-down on the history of cryptocurrency.

3. Chasing the Pumps

When you’re looking into investing in crypto it’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing coins based on their percentage gains. You might see a coin that has done 80% in the last 24 hours. Buying into these coins isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but it is important to wait.

As with all other fluctuating investments, cryptocurrencies go up and they come down. If you see a coin that is moving quickly, wait to see when it settles, and aim to buy it when it corrects.

Learning a little about technical analysis can be a great way of finding the best prices to buy a coin.

4. Being Led By Emotions

The volatility in cryptocurrency can make it hard not to get emotionally involved. After all, it is your money. When your favorite coin drops 20% you might want to sell it.

It is important to remember that the market moves in waves and by understanding technical analysis you can plan your entry and exit points without having emotions lead the way.

Avoid These Mistakes With Crypto Investing

There is a lot of money to be made in cryptocurrency but these common mistakes with crypto investing can soon see the value of your portfolio decrease. As with any form of investment, only invest money that you can afford to lose and make sure you go into your investment with a plan.

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Why You Need to Become a Skilled Trader

Traders need to execute the trade with precision so that they can become successful. However, for this, they need to become skilled. If you think, without being proficient in trading, you can become successful, you are wrong. Because, to trade properly, you have to know about the pros and cons of the market. Otherwise, you can’t understand when to place, and what sort of techniques you need to apply. That’s why the majority of traders are busy improving themselves. Because they know, if they don’t focus on making progress, they can’t cope up with the market.

In this post, we will discuss why the traders need to become skilled. Being a trader, you should know about this. Otherwise, it would become tough to get the motivation for trading. So, let’s know about these.

Financial Freedom

To get financial freedom, you need to know about the ways of winning the trades. Without learning about the art of trading, it’s not possible to make the money. Many traders don’t focus on knowing about the different types of techniques about the trading. For this reason, they can’t do well in the market. However, elite traders always focus on knowing about the dynamics of the market. For this reason, they might able to increase the win rate.

Trade like a boss

Pro traders know how to close the trades profitably. They choose the right trade and thus make a big sum of money. They also know, in which condition they need to place the trade. Because they have proper idea about the market. But, being a retail trader, if you don’t gain the proper knowledge about the market, it would become tough for them to execute the trade at the right time. However, if you want to trade confidently, you should learn about the market. You may also join here and learn from the free resources at Saxo. But remember, without having a strong knowledge, you should never take trades in the real market.

Trade with discipline

Professionals always maintain a routine so that they can do their work in time. To become a winner, it’s important to maintain discipline. But, to keep the discipline, you need to become a master of trading. In the initial stage, most of the traders can’t work with proper discipline. Because they are new in the field and don’t have enough knowledge and skills. But, with the time being, they will know about the market and thus understand the importance of discipline. So, being a trader, you need to improve your performance.

Fulfill the dream

If you want to fulfill your dream, you have to recognize the different patterns of the market with the help of indicators. Some traders take the high leverage as they have a lack of knowledge. For this reason, they will lose money. But, if they are pro in trading, they will understand, excessive leverage is not good for trading. Sometimes, it increases the risk.

As a trader, if you want to fulfill your dream, you need to firstly prepare for the trading battle. Because, without taking the right actions, it’s not possible to do well.

Trade with patience

Most of the traders face difficulties to keep patience. Due to this, they face a big problem. To get the potential trade set up, you have to keep patience. Because, every time, you will not get a good opportunity. Without getting the proper opportunity, you can’t make the money. But, newbies will not understand the importance of increasing patience. But, if they can gather enough experience about the market, it’s possible to improve the patience level. Bear in mind, if you act restlessly, you might face a major loss.

By reading this post, you might understand, why it’s important to trade like a pro. So, try to practice properly so that you can improve yourself. Otherwise, it might be tough for you to ensure success and reach your target.

Little Known Benefits of Old Gold Coins You Need to Know

It’s no surprise that gold prices rose almost 20% in the weeks after the stock market crash. Central banks were manufacturing unheard-of amounts of cash aimed at stimulating the economy. With so much cash floating around, the odds of inflation were very much a reality. Not only that, but the value of a dollar decreased dramatically.

While central banks can print an unlimited amount of paper money, you can’t do that with gold. Because of this, many see gold as a benefit and are happy to store their old gold coins in a safe place. Gold is still an asset when the value of a dollar slumps. As a result, many recommend investing in gold insurance.

Benefits of Buying Old Gold Coins

Buying gold bars or old gold coins is one of the more fulfilling ways to own it. You’ll get pleasure from physically being able to look at it and feel it. There’s something about pure gold that is most gratifying. However, owning gold has its disadvantages, especially if you have a lot. However, it’s a drawback most people wouldn’t mind having, and that is the owner must secure it. Still, gold has always been a traditional investment, and here’s why:

  • The price of gold increases when other currencies decline
  • Gold acts as a deterrent to inflation
  • You are not responsible for taxes until you sell it
  • No one needs to know you have it

While gold performs well sometimes, you don’t always know when it’s the best time to buy. It’s tough knowing when gold is low enough to purchase it since it doesn’t generate a steady flow of cash. If you invest in stocks, you know when the time is right based on the company’s performance. But if you have old gold coins, they could save your life. Well, depending on what coin you owned, you could be a million dollars richer.

Best Selling Old Gold Coins

You can buy and sell silver and old gold coins under the worst economic conditions, even during a massive currency devaluation. You may think that’s absurd, but if you look at other countries, you know it’s possible.

1833 $5 Gold Half Eagle Coin

If you have a 1833, $5 gold half eagle coin in immaculate condition, you have a rare keepsake valued at $1,351,250.00. This coin has magnificent surface depth and has an indistinct cameo impression. They even perfectly define the tiniest features. There are two like this in the world. Who has the other old gold coin like this one? None other than the Smithsonian Institution’s National Numismatic Collection.

1921 Roman Proof Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle

The grade on this $20 gold double eagle coin suggests that it’s in better condition than the previous gold coin. Experts mistakenly graded it as an MS-63 rather than the PR-63. They struck the original coin for Raymond T. Baker, who was then the director of the US Mint. Because Baker announced he was an uncle, the mint workers wanted to give recognition to his nephew’s recent birth. No one knows how many 1921 old gold coins there are like this one, but this one has a value of $1,495,000.00

1920-S Indian $10 Gold Eagle

Gold coins were widely and frequently distributed in 1920. It’s not surprising that the San Francisco mint struck 126,500 $10 gold eagle coins in that year. Most of today’s old gold coins are in extremely fine to near uncirculated condition. They don’t make the Mint State coins with the same respect and articulate manner as other coins. They lack finer design features. This is the finest known eagle with a value of $1725,000.00.

What is Risk Capital?

When it comes to investing, a truism to bear in mind is that potential reward is always directly proportionate to the level of risk you are willing to tolerate. While low-risk investments are best suited to most areas of your financial life, such as your index fund portfolio or your pension funds, it is important to buttress this with a small element of high-risk, high-reward ventures. This is where risk capital comes in.

Risk capital is, essentially, the proportion of your savings and income that is dedicated to riskier ventures. It is money that investors are generally comfortable with losing, as losing the money would not have a particularly adverse impact on their overall financial health. Risk capital is an important part of any healthy investment strategy. Let’s dive into how risk capital actually works.

Risk Capital is Similar to Betting

To fully understand the principles behind risk capital, it is helpful to look at the world of sports betting. When betting, the idea is to have a “bankroll”. This is a proportion of your funds that you are dedicated solely to betting as a form of entertainment. It is money you are happy to “spend” on that entertainment, meaning that, although winning the jackpot would be a nice bonus, it’s fine if you don’t.

Much like with risk capital investments, you can make smarter use of your betting bankroll by consulting material such as expert sports betting analysis and news, to help you make informed decisions with how you spend it.

Risk Capital Works Better for Certain Investors

It’s worth pointing out that, although risk capital should be a part of any investor’s portfolio, certain types of investors are better suited to higher amounts of risk capital. Obviously, younger investors who are in their 20s or early 30s and are just starting out can afford to incorporate greater amounts of risk capital into their portfolios.

This is because losses are not as keenly felt, as they have much more time to rebuild wealth over the decades. In addition, wealthier investors are more likely to have larger amounts of risk capital, as their larger and more diverse income streams mean that the “risk” element is always going to be less. You should always have an honest conversation with yourself over how much risk you can actually afford.

What is a Risk Capital Investment?

There are many examples of risk capital investments. The most important thing is that they could potentially result in very large and quick returns if they go the right way. Penny stocks are one popular example, as are volatile cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Dogecoin.

Day trading and forex trades are popular avenues for risk capital investments, as are large stock purchases from a single company, usually a hot-ticket item such as Zoom or Deliveroo. Many people use risk capital to invest in a small business, often a business belonging to a friend. This way, they are doing their friend a favor while also potentially lining themselves up for a big payday further down the line.

Risk capital is a way of making your spare cash work for you. The important thing is to make sure that any risk capital you invest is money you are 100% comfortable with losing. Once this is the case, you really have nothing to lose.

4 Top Tips for Getting Started with Investing

Growing your wealth and financial freedom is a huge goal to have, and investing is often the best way to meet it. Working smarter rather than harder is what most of the world’s self-made millionaires have done in order to get where they are today. Making smart investments over time can be one of the best ways to make your money work harder for you, rather than simply taking on more hours at work. Investing a percentage of your income on a regular basis is renowned as one of the best ways to growth wealth – but how do you get started? Keep these top tips in mind.

Get Advice:

If you are completely new to investing, it can be worth looking for professional financial planning advice from affiancefinancial.com to help you get started on the right foot. A professional can advise you on a number of different topics to consider including the best types of investments for you to make, how much you should invest, and more. They can also help you get started when you want to start diversifying your investments and looking into different avenues of growing your money even further.

Reduce Your Debt:

Becoming debt-free before you start investing is a good step to take. It’s important that you are in full control of your personal finances before you start making any investments, so pay down as much debt as possible. If you have a mortgage on your home, this is usually a debt that doesn’t have to be paid off before you start investing – although you might want to consider making overpayments on your mortgage once you have freed up cash by paying off credit cards, loans, and any other type of debts. There are various methods for paying off your debts quickly including the debt snowball and debt avalanche methods, which work by either paying off your debts starting with the smallest first or the highest interest.

Choosing the Right Investment:

It is important to spend some time considering which type of investment will be the right one for you to make. If you are just starting out, it’s best to start with an investment type that is fairly well-known and has a lot of information available on it for you to learn from. In addition, it is worth thinking about the type of risk that you are willing to take by making an investment, and opt for a low-risk choice to help you get started.

Budgeting for Investments:

Finally, every investment can be a risk, so it’s important to only invest money that you are prepared to lose. Never invest money that you might need to spend elsewhere like on your mortgage or priority bills payments. You should go through your income and expenses with a fine tooth-comb to determine just how much you can afford to comfortably invest on a weekly or monthly basis without putting yourself in any financial trouble.

Investing your money is a great way to build wealth, but many people struggle when it comes to getting started. Keep these tips in mind and start making your money work harder for you from today.

Alternative Ways to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoins, like other cryptocurrencies, are digital assets that work as a medium of exchange just like money, except they are all online. Sure, money can be online but bitcoin and other cryptos are far less tangible, and there is no actual underlying material asset. There is no promise to pay the barer x amount of money, and there is nothing physical at all about the asset. This did not stop Bitcoin from absolutely taking the world by storm in 2016, and being hailed by some of the most prominent futurists as one of the biggest technological developments over recent times.

Why Bitcoin?

Some of the key attractions to the asset class come from its elusive nature, but the currency is also almost anonymous, which people like. The asset is also completely unpegged to any national bank, so it is independent of basically any big corporation’s movements. As they are not currently in wide use, any investment is basically made on hype alone, or on the expectation that they will become in wide use. 

This investment will go into an online bitcoin wallet, where your bitcoin is held. As there is a limit to the amount of bitcoin in circulation, when/if it comes to be widely used, the expectation is that the price will increase drastically. It is for these reasons that it is one of the hottest asset classes in the last few years, and has received very substantial investment from all over the world. You may be asking how you can get involved in such an elusive concept, as it is not like buying stocks for example, but in truth, a lot has changed in the past few years, and the market has really opened up to almost anyone.   

Investment Through Apple Pay and Other Modes of Payment

Yes, you saw that right, you can buy bitcoin with ApplePay. Popular companies that are heavily involved in making bitcoin accessible have created one of these easiest ways to invest and will do all of the holding on their end and only charge you a one-off transaction fee for each transaction you make. Paxful allows you to buy bitcoin with ApplePay, and will also give you a medium to securely hold and sell this bitcoin just as easily as it was to purchase it. This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to investing; simply set the amount you would like to invest and pay with your thumbprint. 

Tracking Your Investment

There are many sites to check the price of bitcoin; however, a simple Google search will bring you up to date with the most recent price changes, as well as a comprehensive review of where the prices have been going over the past few weeks, months, or even years. This allows you to make projections, and set yourself targets of where you want your investment to go

Investing in bitcoin is not as stable and secure as doing so on the stock market, but it has seen some incredible growth over recent years. You should be sure to check it out as many people genuinely believe it to be the future global asset.



6 Stocks That Pay Monthly Dividends

If you’re interested in investing and new to the stock market, it’s important to understand dividends and their various distribution frequencies. Dividends refer to profit distributions made by a corporation that are paid to its shareholders via shares in the company. These distributions can be made quarterly, monthly, semi-annually, annually, or without a set schedule.

Monthly dividends, in particular, are distributions made to company investors each month. Though quarterly payments are the most common, monthly dividends provide several advantages to investors. Not only do they come with higher yields, but you also get reinvestment opportunities and the ability to afford your monthly expenses like rent and utility payments more easily, given the payout frequency. Read on to learn more about the various monthly dividend stocks to buy now:

Vermilion Energy

Vermilion Energy is a Canadian oil and gas company that can add internationality to your dividend portfolio. Though it’s headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Vermilion Energy also trades in the state of New York. Since its inception in 1994, it’s experienced an impressive growth rate. If it continues on this path, it’s a great option for your investment consideration.

Stag Industrial

Known for its home in the industrial sector, Stag Industrial also has ties to the real estate industry. Rather than working with multi-tenant properties, Stag International focuses on single-tenant properties. This, combined with its relationship with established tenants, increases its reliability as a stock option.

Apple Hospitality REIT

Apple Hospitality is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that can provide you with consistent monthly payouts. It rents out hotel rooms in a couple of hundred properties and leases to various upscale hotel brands. With this stock, you get a high yield and income you can count on.

Realty Income Corporation

Realty Income Corporation is a retail real estate investment trust that’s considered one of the best long-term income investments in the U.S. stock market. It’s also known for providing investors with consecutive monthly payouts and has even raised its dividend for consecutive quarters. Realty Income Corporation is an excellent option if you’re looking for a stable stock with reliable, long-term monthly dividend payments.

Main Street Capital Corporation

Main Street Capital Corporation offers debt and equity capital to lower middle-market and middle-market companies. They often work with companies that don’t have access to the stock market via an initial public offering, as well as those that can’t self-manage their finances or can’t go through a bank. Main Street Capital Corporation has a diversified investment portfolio and continues to offer consistently growing distributions to its investors.

Shaw Communications, Inc.

Shaw Communications is a Canada telecommunication company offering Canadian customers and businesses broadcast internet, wireless cellphones, landlines, and other related services. Given the industry it’s in, Shaw Communications is a safe option that won’t be as heavily impacted in the event of a crisis.

Now that you have a solid understanding of monthly dividends, you can determine if this type of investment is worthwhile. Consider the benefits that come with monthly dividends and find a high-quality stock that aligns with your preferences.

Listed options-brand Why Choose Saxo Markets to Trade Listed Options?

As all financial markets and participants know, one major determinant of success is the market intermediary that you choose.

For those forex trading in Singapore, one of the most reputable and well-known market intermediaries is Saxo Markets.

They are a large stable company that has been in existence for over two decades. They are also trusted by thousands of traders all over the world. Further, they will provide you with access to numerous asset categories including listed options from which you can make your profits.

Here is why you should use Saxo Markets to trade listed options.

Access over 1000 listed options

As a trader, listed options open up new avenues to help you make more money in financial trading activities.

When you choose to trade with Saxo Markets you are guaranteed access to more than 1000 listed options that you can trade and invest in.

While other investors are wondering where to buy listed options, you will have them easily on the Saxo Markets trading platform.

Highly sophisticated trading platform

Saxo markets is a highly innovative Singapore financial market intermediary.

Their trading platform is top level especially when it comes to trading in listed options. From this platform, you will get advanced capabilities to assess and determine correctly the best listed options to invest in.

In spite of its sophistication, the platform is highly intuitive and easy to use, making sure that you, the trader has maximum benefit from using it.

Trade in all styles of listed options

On this platform, you have access to both American and European style limited options. Get all the information transaction you need and close the contract on the trading platform. When you are ready to exercise your right, the platform will provide up to date information enabling you to make the right decision for your investment.

Timely and professional customer care service

Financial markets participants often need help with trading platforms especially when trading asset categories that they are not familiar with.

When trading with Saxo platforms, you are sure that you will always access the customer care service whenever you need it. They are available 24 hours on email, phone call or even a live chat right on the trading platform.

Competitively priced commissions

One of the many areas in which financial traders and investors lose their money is in the commissions and spreads charged by market intermediaries.

When you choose Saxo Markets, you will not face this kind of challenges when trading and investing in the listed options category.

Traders and investors are assured of low commissions that will not eat greatly into their profits. With charges based on the volume of transactions, traders will make good profits when they exercise their rights with the limited options that they buy into.

Upgrade platform versions

When you choose Saxo Markets as your preferred financial markets intermediary, you can use the free version of their trading platforms or pay a subscription fee for the premium version.

With the premium version, you can enjoy services of account managers who will guide and advice through your investment journey. You can also enjoy lower commission and spread charges ensuring that you make more profits.

Good reputation

Saxo markets has been in existence for over 25 years and operates in many countries in the world. They are fully regulated and approved as a financial intermediary in every market that they operate in.

Also, they are well known for their financial strength which shows their stability as a financial intermediary.

Over the years they have been in existence, they have won and acquired many awards of outstanding service in the financial markets.


For all those who are interested in getting into the trading in Singapore, Saxo Markets is the ideal intermediary for you. With all these qualities, you are sure that you will get the best service, training and guidance on how to make money in the financial market.

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