Why should you invest in the UK’s ‘Second City’ of Manchester?

Are you considering a UK buy to let property investment? Manchester is now leading the way as one of the most popular destinations in the world to source and secure a lucrative investment. Regeneration initiatives are rapidly changing the city’s skyline, transforming the city’s old glorified heritage into stylish, modern new builds, providing a diverse array of opportunities throughout the urban metropolis.

Experiencing a revival from an industrial graveyard to a thriving cosmopolitan district used for living, working and leisure, Manchester has quickly earned its reputation as the ‘second city’ in the UK after London, predicted to soar past the capital in the near future. Investors experience the hive of activity on Manchester’s buzzing streets, especially through the property sector.

Brimming with investment from regeneration schemes, a multitude of flagship projects has injected money into the city’s economy – Spinningfields is a £1.5 billion project which has been compared to London’s financial district Canary Wharf, MediaCityUK in Salford encompassing award winning digital and media corporations valued at over £1 billion, and NOMA, a heritage led project worth £800 million consisting of grade A office space, retailer and residential housing. Properties surrounding hotspot areas such as these can benefit from the biggest pull of tenants who are keen to take advantage of the burgeoning district.

Greater Manchester’s population is increasing exponentially, producing spikes in demand for residential accommodation. Undersupply of property is evident in certain areas across the city such as Deansgate, Castlefield and Ancoats which serves as great news for investors who can capitalise on the constant flow of tenants. Millennials are flooding to the area in order to relocate for work purposes, pushing up the demand for state of the art housing with premium facilities and amenities.

RW Invest property specialists have a diverse range of deluxe properties across Manchester offering tenants access to rooftop gardens, on site cinemas, gyms and more. Click here to view their full profile: https://www.rw-invest.com/manchester-property-investments/

Student property is amongst the most lucrative throughout Manchester as an excess of 85,000 students attend the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University plus the University of Salford. Similarly, there is a shortage of student property which fails to compete with the soaring student numbers in the area, underpinning investor’s strong desire to secure a robust investment with masses of tenant appeal.

Residential and student sectors across Manchester are some of the top performing sectors due to a number of factors helping properties achieve some of the best rental yields in the UK. Not only are these experiencing an all-time high, but developers place so much trust and confidence into the area that they assure the returns for several years. Luckily, Manchester’s yields are some of the most promising and come up above average when compared with other hotspots across the UK.

Price as well as yields provides a major attraction for the UK’s second city with lower initial costs compared to the capital of London, prices are set to increase as much as 20-25%, highlighting Manchester as a prominent city every discerning property investor should have in their portfolio.

The Best And Trusted CFD Brokers In The UK Regulated By FCA

These days, it is recognized that plentiful CFDs brokers are available. Nevertheless, potential traders always reach out to select the ones that are trusted to trade with. Therefore, this article lists the regulated brokers by FCA, one of the most popular regulators in the UK.

What is more, this informational article aims to answer questions that novice traders might have such as what is a CFD, what is the FCA and what is its role as well as providing a list with trusted CFDs trading brokers in the UK who are regulated by the FCA. Lastly, some of the best and most popular brokers are presented. As always, traders should educate themselves and practice on a demo account before switching to a real money account in order to maximize their knowledge and minimize their losses.

Furthermore, it is always a good idea for traders, novice and experienced alike, to place trades with a regulated broker instead of a non-regulated one in order to keep their funds safe. Additionally, by trading with a regulated CFDs broker, traders can enhance their trading experience since most regulated brokers usually offer signals as well as trading strategies.

What are CFDs?

One might wonder what CFD stands for. CFD is short for contract for difference. In addition, CFD is an agreement that the broker and the trader enter. In this agreement, the trader is committed to buy from the broker an instrument that mirrors the underling asset’s price movement. Moreover, the one who outlines the margin requirements, which usually are lower than the standard margin requirements related to stocks, for buying a CFD at the asking price is none other than the broker.

Then, the CFD contract can be sold by the trader whenever he wishes at the current bid price. Most CFDs are available internationally. It should be noted that since there is leverage and the capital invested is lower thus, the losses and wins related to CFD trading are also, exaggerated. For this reason, brokers must provide the following to aid traders to manage their positions more efficiently:

  • Firstly, they need to give access to global markets
  • Secondly, they should include CFDs in their comprehensive portfolio reports
  • Thirdly, they have to enable stop, limit and other types of orders
  • Fourthly, brokers must offer 24/7 customer support
  • Lastly, they ought to deliver a mobile option as well as email alerts

What is the FCA and what is its role?

FCA is short for Financial Conduct Authority and is the regulator for the Forex CFDs brokers in the UK. The FCA license is well sought-after and brokers who have it are considered trusted since the FCA is around for years now and is also, seen as a respected regulator.

In addition, FCA is a strict regulator and this means that any broker that is regulated by FCA will act in their clients’ best interests. If brokers do not comply, then, they will need to pay large fines if for example, they manipulate prices or do not act in their clients’ best interests.

Furthermore, if any of the FCA regulated brokers go bankrupt then, the trader is secure since the FCA will cover for them up to £30,000 and 90% for the following £20,000. Nevertheless, the total amount should be less than £50,000.

To sum up, this informational articles answers questions that are useful for new traders as well as providing a list with FCA regulated CFDs brokers. An explanation of the FCA and its role is given too. As always, traders should be very careful with their trading and should preferably trade with regulated brokers where their funds will be safe and also, to have a better trading experience since most of these brokers offer free signals, educational material and a demo account to practice.

The Perfect Way To Read The Forex Charts

The Forex market can be confusing for the ones who trade for the first time. If you are trading for the first time it is no wonder that you would have difficulties in reading the chart. Actually, there are different options to trade but most methods confuse the newbies. If you ask a professional Singaporean trader you would understand why charts are crucial. It can be considered as a trusted method to trade the market. You would be able to trade the market accordingly with the support of the charts. But the problem is, do you know to read the charts? How well are you aware of reading the charts? If you are interested in charts, you are a technical trader. You would be anticipating the market with the use of indicators and tools. Technical traders use these to identify the trends and price movements to enter into trades. On the other hand, fundamental traders are the ones who trade the market based on the actual information. However, you should know to read charts accurately if you want to make the right decisions.

Trading sessions

Before you start digging deep you have to understand the importance of different trading sessions. If you do the technical analysis in the EURUSD pair during the Asian trading session you can’t find any good trades. First of all, you have to understand which pair you should trade on a specific day. Since the new traders don’t have any clear clue about different trading sessions they always end up by trading the wrong pair at the wrong time. But if you do so, you can’t understand how the professional traders read the chart in a perfect way. If you do some hard work and you will notice the majority of the time the major currency pair movement is entitled to certain trading hours. You need to log this hour to find the great trades or else it will be nearly impossible for you to make money.

Know the charts

Before you trade Forex, you should know about Forex trading! There are naïve traders who enter the market without the knowledge of Forex. So, this is not the accurate methods to trade Forex. However, you should know about charts and the ways to read the charts. Before you make a decision, you should collect the information on the charts. As the charts will be illustrated in the form of a graph, you should know to read it accordingly. If you don’t have the ability to read, you wouldn’t be able to trade. Actually, chart-reading is one of the parts of trading. You should know the methods if you want to become a successful trader. Through chart-reading, you would be able to keep track on the current trades. And then, it will also help to build a way to create future trades.

Know the trends

If you look at the charts, data would be presented in the regular direction. You would be able to check the direction based on the instruments. Even though you assume that trading trends can be identified easily, it is not the case always. Every chart would differ from one chart to another. In some charts, you would be able to determine the trends easily and some other charts you would be struggling to determine the trends. You would find trends in a series of highs and lows, so you should take a decision accordingly. There are differences in bearish and bullish trends, so learn to identify trends properly.

Know the types of charts

The clarity of a chart is important for trading. You should have the proper understanding on the information the chart provides. Based on the information, your trading decisions would differ. Actually, there are different charts in the trading world, but only three type of charts are popular among the traders. So, as traders, you should have the understanding about the charts.

5 Bitcoin Trends You Should Know About

Satoshi Nakamoto’s great invention, Bitcoin has completely changed the world’s economy over the years. Many people have invested in it with many trading software being developed indicating a growth in the currency. Here are 5 Bitcoin trends that you should be aware of as an investor:

  1.    Bitcoin’s Price Will Go Beyond The $100,000 Mark By June 2018

The original prediction of Bitcoin’s value was that it would have hit the $14,000 mark by June 2018 but recent developments from optimists predict that bitcoin will surpass the $100,000 over the next half of the year.

Analysts argue that the market capitalization on BTC should at least be 1 trillion US dollars for it to get to $60,000 per coin. Currently, the whole market cap stands at $388 billion. Bearing in mind that it was at $170 billion 8 months back, and had even hit $800 billion in January of 2018, this prediction could actually be realistic.

  1.    Using Bitcoin As A Way To Transact Will Give Way To Using It To Store Value

The current trend of Bitcoin is that there is a high likelihood of it shifting from being a transaction currency to being a medium of storing value. Most investors have been using Bitcoin as fuel for their investments owing to its high price increase. More to that the security features in Bitcoin make it more likely to be used as a value powerhouse.

Bitcoin has scalability issues which have resulted in the increase in transaction costs. It is more likely than to shift from being a means of transacting to a means of storing value.

  1.    The Rising Futures Market Will Change Everything For Bitcoin

CME’s announcement of developing a futures contract for Bitcoin by mid-December has led people to think about the implications this would have. On the bright side, futures drive the trade of Bitcoin, allowing more investors to access it. This will increase Bitcoin adoption rate.

The trading futures’ cost is quite low, but the increase in adoption and the undeveloped technology has dramatically increased Bitcoin’s transaction rates. Futures are a great determinant of price discovery and can be of great help to Bitcoin getting price stability.

  1.    Bitcoin Is Being Viewed As A Bubble That May Burst Anytime

There are many concerns that Bitcoin is a bubble. First off, its underlying technology is outdated compared to that of other cryptocurrencies. Unless development is done on it, it won’t hold on to the top position for long. Additionally, Metcalfe’s law on the size of networks won’t be applicable if Bitcoin is to be a medium of storing value, regardless of the number of people who adopt it.

While cryptocurrencies are decentralized, governments can regulate their usage indirectly. A good example is when China banned crypto exchanges in the country and Bitcoin’s price fell. If the American government is to make regulations on the currency, then Bitcoin would be drastically affected.

  1.    There Is A Call For Transparency In Bitcoin Management

Mt. Gox, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges within the market collapsed in 2014, ending up bankrupt, leaving many with losses. This called for audits of major Bitcoin exchanges with transparency becoming a major concern among many crypto investors. Many people remain willing to adopt Bitcoin if transparency is adopted and upheld.


Those are the current Bitcoin trends. Want to make huge profits from Bitcoin? Well, there is an award-winning cryptocurrency trading software called Bitcoin Loophole. Check it out today.

5 Tips to Reading Trading Results

Reading trading results can help you make changes that will enable you to make more money this year. You need to be consistent, bold and disciplined in trading. In addition, reading Bitcoin Trader Results and avoiding the distraction of the social media and news that may not reflect the market trend will also enable you to get maximum returns on your investments. A few other tips that may help you get the desired trading results are discussed below.

Here are 5 tips to reading trading results

  1. Learn more about automated robots

There are many automated trading robots in the market. They all use different algorithms and codes. It is a good idea to learn more about the best trading robots, their features and other basic information regarding the various trading robots. This way you will be able to read trading results, analyze them and make the right trading move.

  1. Be up to date on crypto-related news

The cryptocurrency market keeps changing. It is a very volatile market. As such, in order to read trading results and interpret them properly, you need to be up to date with the cryptocurrency market news. Depending on the news, the cryptocurrency market may be affected either positively or negatively. Trading robots may not necessarily react to such news hence the need for the trader to be proactive on how the market shifts in case of any news affecting cryptocurrency trading

  1. Compare and contrast live trading and automated trading results

This should be done on a regular basis. It can help you know if you are on the right track or not. As such, if any change needs to be made, then it becomes easier to know what steps to take. Remember the market trends and how your automated trading software operates are key to maximizing your returns on trading in cryptocurrency. It is, therefore, a good idea to regular read live and automated trading results and makes the comparison.

  1. Multiple automated trading robots

It is a good idea to diversify your trading options. If you regularly read trading results and news on successful traders, you know that the basic principle in maximizing returns is diversification. This way you spread the risks and also increase the chances of making higher profits. You should have a different portfolio of investments. Through a small research, networking and proper financial investment consultation, you can easily identify some of the best trading portfolios that have minimal risks and a relatively high return on investment.

  1. Backtesting

Before you invest in an automated trading portfolio it is important to ensure that it is a legit platform and that it also works. A backtest especially on how it works when the market conditions change or, due to news and market volatility is a must.  A good automated robot trading should have this option. Reading trading results while backtesting can also signify the effectiveness and reliability of the trading platform.

Professional trading platforms support their clients and ensure that their clients have access to information about their services and tools of the trade. This is the first step in making high returns on your investment. Reading trading results online and also participating in various networking trading platforms can help one make a good investment decision and consequently get high returns.

How To Recognize Good Crypto Platforms Such As Bitcoin Loophole

Choosing a crypto platform to trust should not happen by accident. Whether you make it on the digital currency market or fail miserably by losing all your investments depends enormously on the stability and security of the system you choose for your cryptocurrency transactions. The collapse of some popular platforms has definitely left behind huge bitcoin market lessons to learn.

Even though different factors can make or break the stability of bitcoin exchange platforms, there are certainly signs that can help you decide for or against using the services of a particular exchange.

Watch Out For Excessive Charges

Does a website have killer fees and commissions they require you to pay for services? This should raise a red flag. Of course, nobody likes to be over-charged, but paying a reasonable fee is very important. It quickly becomes obvious when somebody is trying to make a fortune out of you.

While some online exchange platforms are pretty transparent about how much it will cost you to buy, sell, deposit, withdraw or store digital money with them, others are quite unwilling to give away this information in advance. There are some really sneaky ways in which untrustworthy websites make you part with your money, sometimes without you even realizing it.

One such fee is the monthly “wallet” charge for storing and managing your cryptocurrency. Since the system does not accrue any cost for storing the bitcoin, regardless of the amount, this fee was just made up as an excuse to take your money. Check whether the exchange you are considering will charge you for just keeping your money with them. If yes, move along. Who knows what other tricks up their sleeve they might have, right?

Excessive deposit and withdrawal fees. They might try to pass them off as memory pool overload and the like. Another thing to beware of and check prior to creating an account.

Another no-no is if they require you to pay for ID verification. This is a step all exchanges are obliged to perform since you can’t trade anonymously. They are supposed to cover this as part of the registration process, for free.

Most sites will generate their income by leveraging a small margin on the buy and sell rate. Whatever that margin is, make sure you find that out before you deposit your money.

Look For MoreThan One Payment Method

Now, how does that relate to trustworthiness? Well, since users usually become loyal to a particular currency exchange, having to stick to only one way of depositing and withdrawing funds on a regular basis can turn into a real pet peeve if that payment method is not a preferred one and creates inconvenience.

Most sites, unfortunately, have just one or two payment methods at best. It would be a complete miracle to see credit card, bank wire, PayPal and cash all in one place. If a virtual currency platform has two, it is definitely a better option. Credit card payment and bank transfer are usually the most supported ones.

Ease Of Access

It is unbelievable that, in 2018, some sites are still so user-unfriendly. It might even seem that creators actually put their heads together in order to figure out a way how to make users’ lives more miserable. It is really important to start simple and then try more and more tricks as you become an expert on bitcoin trading.

When you are choosing a platform, make sure you have found one that takes beginners into consideration (And if you are one, you might find this guide on bitcoin investing useful.). Avoid websites with considerable downtime where you basically can’t access your account most of the time. The same goes for user interfaces that are not intuitive and you need to contact support for issues with each trade. Withdrawal processes that are not automated are also unappealing, since nobody likes having to request authorization to withdraw their own money every single time.

The best bitcoin trading sites are very accessible and user-friendly, but at the same time offer awesome advanced features for experts in the trade. One such platform is Bitcoin loophole.

Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin loophole is a free online trading robot, created by Steve McKay and his software development team. Even though it has a set of very advanced features that only experts would be able to take advantage of, it was designed with a thought about the beginning trader, who has no previous crypto trading experience and is still just finding their way around the system.

You can obtain a free license by completing the registration form on bitcoin loophole’s official page. This will create an empty account for you. Then you make an initial deposit in order to be able to start investing. This deposit is entirely yours to keep, trade or withdraw. With the deposit in place, you can start the trading process either manually or automatically, based on your preferences and level of expertise. As simple as that. Bitcoin loophole is definitely one of the best crypto platforms in terms of accessibility and user-friendliness.

Security Features

If you are relatively new to the world of cryptocurrency, you might be set off by mainstream media reports about bitcoin being hacked and the like. What actually happens is that certain exchange platforms who have security vulnerabilities happen to get hacked. The currency itself is incredibly secure and has not yet been successfully compromised since its creation. You can read more about how to prevent security issues for yourself at https://www.thebalance.com/prevent-bitcoin-fraud-by-securing-your-identity-4160685.

Security best practices which tell you an exchange is trustworthy are the requirement for user location and verification prior to being allowed to deposit funds and start trading. Prompting users for the implementation of a two-step authentication is an even better sign.

On the other hand, if users have to wait for days before their withdrawals are processed, if the quoted bitcoin price differs vastly from quotes on other exchange platforms, and especially if the media leak theft reports that operators fail to explain or stop responding to, this is a definite red flag that the exchange in question is highly unstable and unreliable. One solution to this concern is to withdraw your bitcoins to an offline wallet as soon as you purchase them. In this way you can rest assured that your digital currency is safe, whatever may happen to the online exchange website you are using to conduct your transactions.

Customer Service

Customer service quality is another aspect to research before picking your exchange platform. Some websites respond to customer tickets in a swift manner, whereas others might take days or up to a week to acknowledge an issue. Bear in mind that you will need to communicate with support at one point or another, so make sure you sign up with a website which employs enough staff to deal with support requests fast enough. One example would be the ID verification step which everybody is implementing right now in order to follow regulator rules. As this will require several e-mails between you and support, just imagine having to wait for days to get each one answered!

One of Bitcoin Loophole’s best features is its outstanding customer support system. Its software development team take pride in providing timely and competent assistance with all issues that might come up for its users at all stages of the trading process.

Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

There are few symbols that are so universally associated with wealth and luxury as diamonds. Throughout human history, diamonds have been coveted for their exceptionally beautiful and unique aesthetic properties. As with anything that is both beautiful and valuable, diamonds have proven to be a popular investment commodity. But are they a good investment? Should the burgeoning investor look to diamonds as a strong opening move in their investment career? Will this boost your investment portfolio in a meaningful way?

Why Diamonds?

Anyone can appreciate the fact that a diamond is an intrinsically beautiful object. Even if we cannot put into words precisely what it is about diamonds that we find so appealing, if you were to show the same diamond to a group of people, most would be able to agree on how ‘attractive’ it was. This is because the things that we find appealing about diamonds resonate with us on an intuitive level; it isn’t easy to put these things into words, but most of us agree on them.

From the perspective of an investor, this makes diamonds a reliable commodity to invest in. There is never any doubt that there will be a market for diamonds. Especially as they also have a number of industrial uses.

If you are considering making an investment, in diamonds or anything else, you should seek out a financial advisor, such as Trust Point to help you manage your investments wisely.

Strong and Durable

Diamonds are very resilient materials, hence their use in machines that cut the hardest materials. For example, diamonds are used to cut other diamonds as any other material quickly buckles under the task. Coupled with their small size, this durability makes diamonds a secure investment. There aren’t many commodities that you can invest in, and also physically hold yourself. With diamonds this is not only possible, it’s simple.

Use Them While You Have Them

Another aspect of diamonds that makes them unique as an investment commodity is that they can be put to use while you are in possession of them. For example, having a diamond set in a ring won’t cause it to depreciate in value, it will be worth just as much set in a ring as it would be sat in a bank vault.

An Investment You Can See

Most of the time, when someone makes an investment, it is in something abstract like a stock or a share. In the case of commodities, these investments are backed up by physical substances. But even in the case of commodities, these are usually things like oil, which are impractical to store and possess yourself. However, in the case of diamonds, you can see the thing you are investing in in front of you. Many investors find that having something tangible to show for their investments has a beneficial psychological effect. When you see the thing you are investing in, many people find that they are less likely to risk their investment.

Diamonds have long been a popular investment option, and they are still an excellent choice today. If you are looking for investment opportunities, consider diamonds.

7 Reasons Why Gold is Still a Good Investment

Since time immemorial, various generations have continued to hold on to gold for many reasons. Even as different promising investment portfolios such as cryptocurrencies emerge, below are a few rationales as to why you should still consider gold as a competent investment.

  • Gold is a stout store of value

In case you are seeking a long-term store of value, do not look further than gold. Unlike various fiat currencies which constantly depreciates in value, gold has for over the past 3000 years proved a reliable and stable means of preserving and passing down wealth from one generation to the next, with entirely negligible glitches if any.  A good example is the Sterling Pound, the currency has been around for nearly 1200 years and has lost nearly 97% of its value in its entire period of existence.

  • Unparalleled liquidity

Gold bears higher liquidity compared to most assets. It is a universally accepted mark of quality, with a variety of uses; in fact, there are about 15 uses of gold common to all regions of the globe. The precious metal can always be exchanged for fiat currency or traded against other goods and services anywhere in the world.

  • There is no specialized knowledge required to invest in gold

Unlike stokes, bond, cryptocurrencies, real-estates, among a series of other investments, gold requires no specialized skills. As an investor, all you need to do is simply buy and store your gold bullions. There are no tedious charts to compare all day long, or trading bots to trust with your investments.

  • Gold is a great way of diversifying your investment portfolio

As you lower the overall risk of your different investment portfolios, there is no better way to do it than through investing in gold, as aforementioned, it is a stable store of value and isn’t contrastingly hit by fluctuations in market value.

  • Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation

As inflation hits, different forms of investment valued in fiat currencies such as the Dollar usually depreciate in value. Gold has over the past several decades surged in value as the stock markets and fiat currencies plunged in merits in times of inflation crisis. Many wise investors, therefore, tend to hold much gold than any other forms of investments during high-inflation periods as it safeguards their purchasing power.

  • Gold enjoys a limited supply

What does limited supply of gold mean to you as an investor? With diminishing supply of gold comes greater demand for the commodity. This means that the price of the precious metal will constantly soar accruing lump sum profits over time. Statistics indicate that there has been declining production of new gold since the year 2000 coupled up with growing demand.

  • Privacy and confidentiality

Finally, contemporarily, virtually any other forms of investments available do not provide top-tier privacy and confidentiality to investors. On a different note, gold is one type of investment where one can go anonymous. Any investor can choose to keep his or her gold assets private and oblivious to anyone’s knowledge apart from parties directly involved in gold transactions.

Overly, gold is the best means of protecting one’s purchasing power and hence the most reliable investment option in times of economic crisis. Additionally, its other advantages give it a long-term competitive edge against any other forms of investment.