Best Ways to Make Money Online

Even if we are employed with a good salary, we are always looking for other ways that we can earn some extra bucks. One of the most trusted platform to provide these additional jobs is the internet where there are so many employment opportunities online. These jobs only require you to have a pc, tablet, laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection to start with the work. Therefore if you are a fresh college graduate here are some ways that you can make money online.

1. Online betting

If you are a fan of live gambling, then this is the best job for you. There are a variety of online casino gaming companies that provide sites with different casino games such as the jackpot, casino slots, pokies and also live casino games. These games are free to download, and others require you to bet real money where you get to earn. You can learn how the online casino games are played and gather information regarding the best tips to employ when playing online. Some gambling sites offer guidance to beginners where you practice betting with free games before you join real betting games.

2. Affiliate marketing

If you have a good or mass social media followers, then you can work with different brands and companies whereby you help them in marketing their products and services. Various companies don’t get enough time or don’t know how to market their businesses, and you can work with such enterprises whereby you get to earn a commission in selling their products.

3. Academic researchers

Some students are loaded with a lot of school work whereby they don’t get enough time to do their assignment or their assigned projects. Therefore in such a case you can sign up or open an account whereby you share your notes with these students or help them do their projects for a fee. Make sure the notes are downloaded in the PDF form to avoid other students copying without first paying you as expected.

4. Blogging

Blogging does not necessarily require you to go to school to learn about it.You need a good site and knowledge about content writing before you start to write. You can identify a particular issue in your area or school and decide to write about it to educate the people that are affected by these situations. You can also provide solutions to that problem or invite your audience’s view about the issue. The higher the number of viewers clicks on your site or comment, the higher you get paid.

5. Real estate agent

Some people don’t have enough time to look for houses due to their busy schedules at work. So you can help these people acquire the home of their dreams with just a click of a button. Create a website for the landlords to post the available houses for sale and rental in the market, and from your site, the tenant can also be able to select a home of their choice. In this job, you work as a link between the landlord and the tenant, and you get to earn as well.

How to Turn a Personal Blog into a Moneymaking Website

Making a living from blogging is not as easy as online marketers would lead you to believe. However, turning your blog into a side source of income is quite doable, with a bit of effort. You won’t start raking in the dough overnight, but by consistently posting quality content and making efforts to grow your audience you will then be put in a good position should you choose to monetize your blog.

Narrow your Focus

The best blogs are more than just personal ramblings and photos. They have a refined focus that appeals to a specific audience. A good rule of thumb is to write about whatever you’re passionate about, whether that’s web design, vegan cooking, or roller skating. By focusing on one area of interest, you’ll attract attention from other enthusiasts and start to build an audience. If the topics of your posts are all over the map, a visitor might stumble upon your blog and wonder what the point is.

Clean up your Web Design

Basic blogging templates are a good way to get started, but if you want your blog to look more professional you might want to hire a professional skilled in web development Minneapolis or wherever you may be based. A local web development team will know what design trends can be used to make your blog stand out from the nearby competition, and how to increase its usability to appeal to your target audience.

Gain Greater Exposure

It’s impossible to make any money blogging if no one is reading what you write. With greater visibility, you’ll start to attract the attention of advertisers and find visitors to click on ads you’ve placed. To build a readership, it’s important to be proactive. You’ll need to read and comment on other blogs in your same field of interest, helping to build a network of contacts and readers. If you comment on another blog, that blogger will be more likely to read your work and comment back. You can also promote your blog using social media, sharing posts with your wider network of friends and encouraging them to share alike.

Choose an Advertising Option

With a clean, fresh, and interesting blog, you’ll be ready to start earning money for those page views you’ve been building. As with any money-making endeavour, it helps to try out a variety of different strategies to increase your revenue. There are several different types of ads to display, including cost per click or cost per action ads. Cost per click advertisements pay you when a visitor to your blog clicks on the ad. Cost per action will only pay you when the visitor takes a specific action, such as signing up for an email newsletter or downloading a file. If you’re concerned about banner ads or buttons detracting from your blog, speak to that local Minneapolis or San Diego web development team mentioned above about how to display these for maximum impact. You may also be approached by private advertisers as your readership grows, which allows you to pick and choose advertisements that you feel would benefit your audience.

With high quality content and the persistence to work at it on a regular basis, a blog can become a significant source of income. It may not make you millions overnight, but it could help top off your bank account when it matters most.

Make Money Freelancing Writing

Pencil paperYou don’t have to be a master novelist or a grammar nerd to build a profitable career in freelance writing–you just have to be motivated to make it work. In fact, many writers stumbled upon their freelance career while in pursuit of other work. There are countless newspapers, magazines, website and blogs waiting for someone like you to put your thoughts into publishable content, so why wait? Instead of using your free time to catch up on the latest DVD releases or watching seasons of old TV shows, sell those discs on musicMagpie and start a rewarding and well-paying writing career.

1. Pick a niche. If you want to make it in the wide and varied world of publishing, the most important skill you’ll need is not writing or editing but expertise. If you’re really passionate about television, become an entertainment writer. If you like to fix cars, become an automotive blogger. Or if you love to travel, start your own travel blog. No one wants to read material written by someone who doesn’t actually know the subject matter, so start with a niche. Writing and editing can be taught, but a thorough knowledge of your topic must be cultivated first.

2. Write for free. It sounds counterintuitive to write for free if you plan to make money from this career. But to start, give certain web sites and publications an idea of what you can actually do with your writing skills. Start your own personal blog, or volunteer to guest post on sites that get a lot of readership. This kind of “pro bono” work gains you a following, which is how you can monetize your writing. Once you have loyal readers, they will want access to your work no matter where it’s published in the future, which makes you valuable to editors.

3. Get social. Joining social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have several advantages for writers. These networks can help you find new publications to pitch your writing to. They can also help you attract more readers as online users find your profile. And they might even prove to be a great source of information while you conduct research for your writing.

4. Read other writers’ work. To make sure that you keep a competitive edge as a freelance writer, it’s important to know what’s going on in the industry for which you write. Develop a list of websites, books, magazines and writers that you should be reading frequently. This will help you develop new ideas and generate more topics to write about, which in turn will encourage editors to seek you out.

5. Sign up for online marketplaces where writers and editors meet. These sites have a wealth of posters in search of freelance writers, but they won’t do you a whole lot of good if you don’t develop all the other skills you’ll need first. Once you master the first four steps, however, sites like Elance and ProBlogger could make a big difference in sustaining your writing career.

5 Ways to Survive the Delayed Check

PaycheckIf you are a freelancer, you know the workload can sometimes be erratic.  One week you may have to put in a 100 hour work week to get everything done and the next week you may have a leisurely 20 hour week because you don’t have nearly as much work to do.  Such is the nature of the business.

While many freelancers learn to adjust to the erratic workload, another freelancing problem that is much more difficult to adapt to is the erratic income.  Some clients will pay you promptly, while other clients may delay payment for weeks or sometimes even months.  (And why does the client who owes the most always seem to be the one who waits the longest to pay?)

If you are facing a cash shortfall because you are waiting for a client to pay, you might consider taking the following steps:

1.  Have a no spend week.  Consider putting a halt on all unnecessary spending for a week or longer until you have the check in your hand.  Don’t grocery shop; eat the food you already have at home.  Don’t go to the movies; download a free movie at home instead.  You get the idea.

2.  Charge it.  If you find that you may not be able to meet some bills without the money you are owed, you may need to take more drastic measures.  You can always charge your monthly bills and make sure to pay the card off as soon as you get the money you are owed.

3.  Borrow it.  If the first two options won’t solve your problem, you may need to take more drastic action and get a cash advance as you can here.  Because the interest on a payday loan like this one can add up quickly, borrow no more than is absolutely necessary to float you through the month.

4.  Take on extra work.  You can always try to find additional freelance jobs to earn more money while you are waiting on the money owed.  Of course, this assumes the clients you find will pay you in a timely basis unlike the client you are waiting on.

5.  Threaten legal action.  As a freelancer, you walk a fine line between being too demanding and off putting to being too passive and being taken advantage of.  If you have not gotten your money for a reasonable amount of time and communications are deteriorating, you may need to threaten legal action.

Of course, before you get yourself in a situation where money is this tight, creating an ample emergency fund is recommended.  If you have at least a one or two month savings cushion, you shouldn’t find yourself in such difficult financial circumstances.  Also, make sure both you and the client sign a contract so that if worse comes to worse and legal action is required, you can rest assured you may eventually get your money.  (Even if it feels like it takes forever.)

Can You Make Money From Pinterest?

Pinterest: if you haven’t heard of it you’ve been living under a rock. Or you simply don’t speak to anyone of the female persuasion. Pinterest is the fastest growing social sharing site on the web right now, and it has a distinct demographic: women. More so, women in the 20-40 range who love shopping, cooking, or anything visually appealing. Of course, as with any rising star, there are some who view it as an opportunity to latch on and make some money. So we’re here to answer the question: Can you really make money from Pinterest?

Make Money with Pinterest

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? If you’re a casual web surfer, you may not have. It’s simply when a link is placed which directs the customer to purchase a product (say, from, and it contains a code so that the person who placed the link receives a commission. Generally the commission varies anywhere from four percent to well over fifty percent with some programs. Other programs will pay a flat fee per lead, even if no purchase is made.

So how does this work with Pinterest? Pinterest is a gold mine for affiliates because its traffic is targeted and for the most part is made up of women who enjoy shopping for clothes, baking, etc. It is then further targeted by categories, so that searches can find exactly what interests them. This makes it easy for an affiliate to come along and “pin” pictures of items that other Pinterest users may be interested in purchasing. Under the picture, the affiliate places their affiliate link, to show the user where they can purchase the item from.

The Finer Points

It’s important to cloak your affiliate links so that they are attractively displayed. Affiliate links can be long and contain odd strings of numbers, which can turn some would-be customers off. It’s important to properly cloak your link so that it looks like something the average Joe (or more like Jane if they’re on Pinterest), would want to click on.

You can use a program called LinkTrackr to cloak your links effectively.

Picture Hosting

This is very important. You need to host the images that you use on your website or server. This is because otherwise Pinterest makes the images click-able to their source. If their source is, say, and not your website, then you won’t be able to enjoy any benefit from those who simply click on the image.

Also only use photos that you have rights/permissions to use, as you don’t want to get into any trouble.

Have Fun and Refrain From Spamming

The folks at Pinterest have developed intelligent methods of detecting spammers, so it’s unlikely that you’ll last long if you go hog wild posting over there. Make it look natural, which means you can still do decent volume (and make some money), as many of their users are addicted to the service and in fact some of them spend all day posting pictures on Pinterest.

Editor’s Note: Kyle Taylor from The Penny Hoarder blog writes in to add that another great way to leverage Pinterest is to send traffic back to your blog by posting your articles. It’s targeted traffic and you’ll likely increase your Adsense earnings.

Quick Ways to Get Money Online

If you’re looking to make some quick money – for whatever the reason – there are a lot of easy ways to get money online.  The internet has opened up a ton of opportunities for all types of business and individuals; you just need to know where to look.  So, if you are looking to earn some money, or even borrow some money, check out these resources.

Ways to Earn Money Online

There are an infinite number of ways to earn money online, but not all of them are quick.  If you’re looking for a quick way to make some extra cash online, first head over to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.  This is a place where businesses contract out “micro-work”.  These are very small projects, which pay very little, but are usually extremely fast to do.

For example, one popular project is identifying an image.  You can get paid about $0.02 per image, but you can probably identify about 10 images per minute.  This equates to about $12 per hour if you can keep up that pace.

There are also ways to earn money by filling out surveys, participating in online discussions, and various other forms of research.  You just need to keep your eye open to these opportunities when they arise.

Ways to Borrow Money Online

If you’re not looking to simply earn money, but want to borrow money, you can do that online as well.  Depending on what you’re looking for, it is not always quick, but there are personal loan lenders that do offer a Wonga loan to borrow money.  Wonga for instance are able to process applications within minutes, and you can receive money in as little as a quarter of an hour.  If you are approved for the loan from a short term lender, they will simply wire the money to your bank account.  And when it comes time to repay the loan, you can simply have it direct debited from your account, so everything can be done electronically, at your convenience.  Some lenders even let you choose when to pay it back.  Quick and easy!

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