Working from Home Online

canstockphoto16016577Working effectively online is important for anyone whose ideal job is working from home.  The internet is filled with opportunities for people to work online and make as much money as they want.  Also, the internet can provide people with chances to change their family life and be more present with their children and their spouse.

The best resources for working online are going to bring people closer to their monthly income goals than the endless search for a regular job.  In fact, regular jobs can become more costly due to the cost of fuel, car maintenance and food.  People who are working at home can enjoy the company of their family all throughout the day while also making the cash they need to pay their bills and pay for benefits and insurance.

With the resources present, every person can change their career and their life by working online and making all of the money they need from the comfort of their laptop or mobile phone.  These opportunities are not few and far between.  Every person who makes a living from home is a success story that changed their life and the lives of their children and their spouse forever.

But what is required? A lot of dedication and hard work. You must have the desire and the willingness to keep pressing on through the thick and thin. You will want to use every useful tool that is available to you. Educating yourself being the first thing to do but also using things like Zoho Invoice Software for example or other technology related to your business in order to bring in more sales and connect you with potential customers.

Updating your phone: top tips

canstockphoto10170208I can never decide whether I love long-term mobile phone contracts or hate them. Well, I love them when I can get my hands on the smartphone I’ve been yearning after for less than £50, but I hate them when it comes to cancelling.

The main problem is that we are lured into two year deals by the networks with the promise of excellent service, an incredible device and super-cheap prices, but six months in we’ve already clocked another top notch smartphone. What happens then? Well, you’ll likely have to stump up a hefty cancellation charge.

Recycle old phones

If you’re absolutely desperate to get that new smartphone no matter what, you could cut the cost by choosing to sell Nokia Lumia 800 handsets or whatever old mobiles you have got lying around. The money you earn from recycling could go towards your new dream phone. With over 70 million phones around the UK just shoved in drawers and wardrobes, you might be able to raise some serious cash.

Grace period

When you lock into a new contract, most mobile phone networks will give you a couple of weeks to trial the phone and decide if you like it. Really make the most of this time, testing all the features to the max. Watch that 14 day deadline though if you want to make a return without penalty!


I’m only suggesting you do this if you actually have suffered poor service in any way shape or form. As much as I can go on about the injustice of long contracts, it’s not fair to lie about it. Whenever you have a problem with your network, tell them, not just one time, but every time. If you harp on enough, you might just push them into reducing your contract period.


If your mobile phone company is on Twitter, air your problems there. By writing your complaints in public, the network is much more likely to respond to your demands.  You might not get out of your contract completely, but your problem should be resolved at the very least.

Renewal & upgrades

Those of us that have waited patiently for the last 12, 18 or 24 months until we were eligible for an upgrade,  are often desperate to get rid of our current handset. If you are able to upgrade early, sometimes it will be a month, but in some cases up to six, wait.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Although jumping ship and signing up to a new contract for that dream smartphone is what you want to do, it’s worth remembering that you’ll be locked in for another two months.

Before you renew, scour the market and smartphones due for release. Do you really want to enter a new two year deal for the iPhone 5 if the iPhone 6 is going to be released in a few short weeks? It will be worth the wait.

Upgrading your phone before the renewal date is either going to be expensive or difficult, so make sure you research the market before locking in to any long term contract.

Steven Deankin is a huge smartphone fan, always trying to get his hands on the latest gadgets. He’s had plenty of experience trying to escape mobile contracts always tries to offset the cost by going online to sell Nokia Lumia 800 and other devices.

Wealth Creation Tips

canstockphoto5579807While many people desire to become wealthy (whatever definition that is varies vastly among people) their desire must be backed even more so with a strong motivator. It is not enough to simply want to have significantly more money if you are actually hoping to achieve it. You must find within something that will push you to achieve in ways you may have never experienced before. Lets look at this parallel as a comparison.

If you are in fairly poor running shape and you said I want to run 10 miles today, it is very unlikely that you would or could. Not only are you not in shape for it, but there most likely is not enough of motivator to push you to do so since it would be such a difficult feet to achieve to begin with. If on the other hand you introduce a strong enough of a motivator, this could likely change regardless of the shape you are in. Lets say you would be offered one million dollars to do so, could you do it? I would say yes. Or perhaps something more life threatening to yourself of a loved one made it absolutely necessary to run a distance of 10 miles to get help, could you do it? Again probably yes.   While you will likely not be faced with this kind of decision or necessity to “create wealth” you do have to find something very motivating to do so. I also want to tell you that a simple answer of money itself will almost for sure not do. Despite what some may say, money itself is not enough. Try to look for something tangible from it. One thing someone told me was they had a very difficult job and life circumstances, not your run of the mill type but really difficult times for this person. They where able to propel themselves to study and dig out from their hole and achieve great things because they wanted a better life based on owning a home and a job as an engineer.

I can’t stress enough on the will and desire for this or any other pursuit in life for that matter. You will not get far without a rock solid determination and persistence at all costs attitude. Also here is a tiny bit of encouragement in this. For those who have truly fought for something often are not only more thankful but are often more successful than others who seemingly did not have to try as hard. Michael Jordan the famous Basketball player failed and never made his high school basketball team. But he persisted! With this kind of desire, you start to forget about failure altogether. Failure is something that pushes people back into a pit but with enough determination it will not matter, you will keep going for broke each time.

Read, read and read some more on wealth building strategies and determine what kind of methods work the best for you and given your situation. For some the path is shorter, for others longer but reading ways and educating yourself in this pursuit will give you the tools you need to implement methods that are tailor made for you.

Another thing to keep in mind, is be thankful in as much as you feel you can be then increase it even more. Meaning try to be thankful for everything. You may have to work at this to start, many of us are only temporarily thankful for extra ordinary occurrences in life and this robs us of happiness. Thankfulness is another key that can help you out in life. Studies have shown that Gratitude actually increases your quality of life. While many people think that money alone will do this, don’t be fooled, it can but it will not if your mind set is not right to begin with.

I am sure many people where hoping to read a bunch of tips on what to do specifically with their money in this article. However the truth is, there are thousands of tips on this and finding info on this is as easy as reading it online. I feel the true factor in determining what makes you or breaks you is your will power, determination and increasing this is the first step in pursuing your dreams.

Holiday Hacks: 12 Radical (and Slightly Naughty) Ways to Stay Productive

Holiday Clock.jpg

Who in their right mind would want to stay productive during the holiday season?

It’s the one time of year where you’re given permission to relax. You can doze off in front of the television, stuff yourself with holiday treats, and enjoy some quality time with the family. Why would you want to give that up?

Lots of reasons. Maybe you despise your family. Or, in your belief system, there may not be any holidays this time of year. Then there are the workaholics (ahem) who want to start preparing for the next year.

Regardless, not everyone wants to participate. The problem is it’s almost impossible to avoid without seeming like a Scrooge. Friends and family just stop by, you’re invited to parties, and nothing much is going on at work. How are you supposed to stay productive amidst all of that?

I’ve developed an assortment of strategies over the years, ranging from minimizing the time spent celebrating to harnessing the opportunities that the holidays provide. Here are 13 tips to get you started:

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Who Else Wants to Make $5,479,452 an Hour?

How much money would you like to make per hour? $50? $100? $200?

Well… how about $5,479,452 an hour? That’s how much Carlos Slim made last year. His net worth increased by $20 billion in 2006, which is over $5 million per hour, working 10 hours per day.

Sure beats minimum wage, right?

Of course, he wasn’t actually being paid an hourly wage. The companies he owns were making him money 24 hours a day.

But it’s an interesting perspective. Your hourly wage is the most important factor for determining both how wealthy you become and how fast it happens. It addresses the one factor that constrains us all.


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