Saving is the Best Way to Make Money

canstockphoto4247797You might be a bit baffled by the title of this article, but if you think about it a bit, you will see that it’s true: every dollar not spent is one extra dollar in your pocket. Sometimes the best way to increase the amount your wallet has is to choose services and products that are better value than others. Note that I don’t say “cheaper” – a lower price often means lower quality and value as well. Here are a few tips on how to save some extra bucks on things you use every day.

1. Learn to DIY

DIY, or “Do It Yourself” has become a trend in the last few years. Its basic principle is that you don’t need to spend money on decorations, presents, and similar things, when you can quickly and easily do them at home, in your spare time, with just a handful of well chosen raw materials.

Candles, table ornaments, Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, greeting cards, cookies, food mixes, soap and other similar things can be easily made at home. Creating a gift with your own hands makes it unique and special – surely to be appreciated by your loved ones.

2. Drink more water

I know, this sounds like a tip for healthy living, but consider this: a bottle of water will cost you far less than a bottle of soda (except for premium brands, like Evian or Perrier). So, besides its obvious health benefits (bottled water has no added sugar, no additives and coloring), drinking water can also save you money in the long run.

3. Switch to energy efficient or LED lighting

A traditional incandescent light bulb consumes a considerable amount of energy. Compact florescent lights or LED lights are much more energy efficient, and they deliver more light for every watt of energy consumed. You can choose CFL for a cheaper solution, or LED lighting for a more natural light and a much longer lifespan.

4. Keep your car in a good shape

Keeping your ride in a good shape is the surest way to improve its fuel efficiency. Clean your air filters and air up your tires, and don’t forget to check for engine issues for your car to be as efficient as it can be – it will lower your gas bill significantly in the long run.

5. Ride a bike or choose public transportation

Whenever it’s possible ride a bike instead of driving a car – it will save you fuel, and make you healthier in the long run. For longer trips that are not time critical you can also take a bus or the underground – it will take you where you want to go, and you can avoid spending on gas and also the stress of driving on a crowded street.

The money these tips can save you can go into your piggy bank – or you can try your luck and multiply them by playing red flush casino games – whichever seems fit for your needs.

Nissan: Cheaper Cars for Every Market

canstockphoto0496999We all approach buying a car from a different angle, with everyone coming from different circumstances, with greatly differing budgets and requirements for our new vehicle to adhere to. No matter our primary concern when buying a car however, we would all like to think that there was a manufacturer that offered a cheaper solution than other mainstream alternatives. Recent times have suggested that Nissan may well be emerging as that very company; with vehicles tailored towards greatly different segments of the car market, yet all offered at competitive prices when compared to their rivals.


Nissan was one of the first to enter the now growing market for eco-friendly vehicles, with the 100% electric Nissan Leaf widely considered one of the best of its kind. With rising fuel costs and a much greater awareness of the devastating effects of carbon emissions (very much abundant within the automotive industry), the Leaf was seen as an affordable car that not only boasted the much lower running costs for consumers that electric cars typically offer but a much more budget friendly asking price as well. The financial benefits of the Leaf were considered so substantial that Nissan released an entire ad campaign focussed around this feature.

Family Friendly

Standard Nissan cars were already generally known for providing space at a competitive value for money but following the early success of the Leaf, Nissan began work on a follow-up to the popular environmentally friendly car. Having just launched within the last couple of months, the updated version not only has shorter charging times but comes even cheaper than its predecessor. This has all been an effort to try and make typically expensive electric vehicles more attainable for families, with the hopes that the Leaf could become a prime option for a day-to-day run around.

Low Budget

Many people, particularly in the current economic climate, do not have excessive amounts of money to spend on cars but this does not mean they do not require them, nor that they would not like to be able to buy a new model without feeling obliged to opt instead for a used one. 2014 will see the full return of the Nissan Datsun after having been out of production since 1983. Six different versions will be launched in emerging markets such as Russia, Indonesia and South Africa with an asking price of around just $3000; considerably lower than any other new car available today. There has also been a suggestion that the low budget vehicle may make the move to US and European markets at some point in the future, further widening choice for consumers.

Luxury Supercar

Opting to purchase a luxurious, powerful and modern supercar is never going to be a cheap option but with the Nissan GT-R, they have provided the nearest solution currently available. With some media outlets and reviewers hailing it as possibly the world’s cheapest supercar on the market, it offers the same flashy aesthetics, speed capabilities and immense engine power of its rivals but for a mere fraction of the price.

No matter what you are looking for from your car, it seems that Nissan will be able to offer it to you at a much better price than you would perhaps have expected at first.

How to Blow Your Cash Quickly This Valentine’s Day

If you’re tired of being weighed down by heavy, money laden pockets then why not go extreme this Valentines day and really show your sweetie that you really care?

Of course a simple five star restaurant won’t be enough so why not take things to new heights by splurging 40K on dinner? Not just any dinner either, for $40,000 (I’m not sure if tax and tip are included, so maybe bring a little extra for those) you can enjoy a meal at a table raised 180 feet off the ground.

The company offering this service (Dinner in the Sky) lets you bring a few (22) people, so those of you looking to save money could split the bill and pay only $1818.18 a piece.

Wondering what (besides a view) you’ll enjoy for this price? Well, dinner includes petrossian cavier (I’m suddenly feeling low brow as I’ve never heard of, let allow sampled petrossian cavier in my life), stone crab turnovers, warm diver scallops, some kind of old steak (14-, 28- and 45-day dry-aged beef to be precise), finished finally with a double chocolate consomme.

While the food sure sounds delicious, but does anyone (without a royal title, claim to a fortune 500 or some kind of psychosis) actually indulge in such extreme luxuries? If so… I’m free for dinner!

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