Cannabis Cash: How to Invest in Marijuana and Make Big Money

What if cannabis could help your bank account get high?

As an industry, cannabis is absolutely taking off. And there has never been a better time to invest in this industry.

However, not everyone knows how to invest in marijuana. How can you learn what you need to know and still strike while the iron is hot?

Don’t worry: we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to invest in marijuana. Keep reading to discover our secrets!

Why Invest in Marijuana?

We’ve put together a solid guide to help you invest in marijuana. First, though, we should answer the question: why should you be investing in marijuana in the first place?

The short answer is because the market is booming. The longer answer is the inevitability of legalization.

In America, more and more states are legalizing recreational marijuana. And every new state that legalizes cannabis makes it a safer investment.

Recently, Canada legalized marijuana throughout the country. This led to a further explosion of cannabis manufacture and investment.

While there are no guarantees in the world of investment, cannabis shows no signs of slowing down. And many people want to invest now and get in on what they see as the ground floor of a major opportunity.

How to Get Started

If you’re a veteran investor, you already understand this first step. For everyone else, this is where you get up to speed on investment.

To buy any kind of stock, you need to have a brokerage account. But which stocks will you buy?

Cannabis companies are like any other companies. The ones that are publicly traded are all publicly listed and easy to investigate.

To do more homework before getting started, you should consider checking out the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

There’s An App for That

As you know, there are apps for just about everything now. And yes, that includes investing in cannabis.

One of our favorite apps for really casual investors in Robinhood. The app is easy to use and makes it really easy to get your feet wet in the world of investment.

When you’re ready to take it to another level, you may want to use a web-based service instead of an app. One of the best sites to use is Vanguard, and it provides many different options for investors whose cannabis confidence has grown.

Diversify Those Investments

Sometimes, newbie investors seem like they are playing poker instead of buying stocks. That’s because they are tempted to go “all in.”

Keep in mind that there are a ton of different companies you can invest in. And while cannabis is growing in demand, many different factors about legalization and regulation could quickly throw your investment in jeopardy.

That’s why most veteran investors encourage people to diversify. And diversifying your investments can work on multiple levels.

First of all, you should invest in more than just cannabis. This is like hedging your bets: one or two investments may fall through, but at least some of those investments are likely to pay off.

And even with cannabis investments, we recommend investing in more than one company. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from!

Who Should I Invest In?

Only you can figure out which cannabis companies you want to invest in. However, we’ve got some info on a few of our favorite companies below that may help you make your decision.

Canopy Growth Corporation has been living up to their name recently. This company’s stock price actually doubled in 2018. Also, they were the first cannabis company to be publicly traded throughout North America.

They say it’s not what you know but who you know. That’s what makes Aurora Cannabis so powerful: their rumored partnership with Coca-Cola to create a kind of CBD soda. If that rumor turns out to be true, your investment will explode overnight.

Like to invest in more of a sure thing? You may want to invest in GW Pharmaceuticals. As the producer of an FDA-approved CBD medicine, this is a company that already has the government on their side.

Keeping An Eye on the Market

Think that investing in marijuana means sitting back and getting rich? Unfortunately, it involves doing a lot of “homework.”

Specifically, you will need to keep an eye on the market. This can range from the overall health of the stock market, in general, all the way to the performance of your chosen cannabis stocks.

If you’re not already reading it, you should regularly check out the MarketWatch website. You’ll get plenty of cannabis-specific investment information on top of general market info.

Don’t forget that if you use apps and websites to manage your investments, you can arrange to have notifications sent to you for certain events. Between this and your market research, you’ll always be on top of the investment world.

It Takes Time

Let’s be honest: many people look to investing because they think it’s a legitimate way to “get rich quick.” In reality, this isn’t likely to happen.

While there are certainly stories of people buying the right stocks and becoming rich overnight, this is exceedingly rare. What is more common is that your investment grows slowly over a period of time.

Be sure to keep this in mind when determining how much to invest and what to invest in. If your big stock payday is going to be years down the line (if it ever comes at all), you need to avoid investing anything more than you can afford to lose.

Low and Slow

Our biggest advice? You should start your marijuana investment “low and slow.”

What that means is to invest very little at first and take your time learning about the industry. As you become more comfortable, you should invest more.

Ultimately, the more you know, the easier it is for your investment to grow.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to invest in marijuana. But do you know how else to grow your wealth?

At OnMakingMoney, we specialize in transforming your finances. To see how we can help, come check out our investment advice today!

How to Launch a Business That’s Ready to Succeed

Have you always wanted to run your own company? You’re not alone. There are plenty of people around the world today that dream of launching their own business while they fetch coffee for an unappreciative boss or answer boring emails all day. When you run your own organization, you get to choose what kind of products or services you sell, when you work, and even what kind of clients you deal with. You get a huge amount of control over your professional life.

Of course, while plenty of people have tried to start their own business before, only a percentage have succeeded in making money out of their venture. If you want to ensure that your new idea is set up to succeed, follow these tips.

1.     Do Something that You’re Passionate About

The easiest way to make sure that you’ll stay motivated and committed to your career as an entrepreneur is to start a business doing something that you love. While you might not enjoy all the aspects of running your business, like dealing with taxes or budgeting for rough patches, you should at least feel passionate about the industry that you’re engaged with.

Think about what you love doing in your spare time. If you’re the kind of person who always spends their time away from work reading books and writing blogs for instance, then you might launch a content marketing business. If you like fishing, then you could start a fishing charter company. The possibilities are endless.

2.     Start While You’re Still Employed

As tempting as it can be to quit your day job as quickly as possible, it’s important not to rush into starting your business until you’re truly ready. You’re not going to be able to make money straight away, so it’s best to stay in your standard job while you’re still building up the first stages of your company. Being employed while you’re starting ensures that you’ll have extra cash to invest in your business while you find clients and customers.

Additionally, if you commit yourself to finding a customer base before you give up your day job, you’ll be able to make certain that your idea is viable before you give up your position. If no-one’s buying what you’re selling, you can go back to the drawing board without losing too much cash.

3.     Get Some Emotional Support

When launching a company, a lot of people think about the professional support that they’re going to need along the way from accountants and even employees, but there is another source of support that you’ll need too. Ultimately, running your own company isn’t easy, and there are going to be times when you’re tempted to give up. This is the time when you’re going to need help from a team of dedicated friends and family members.

Gather a team of loved ones around you that you can count on to keep you on the right track when times are tough. It might also be helpful to look for a mentor to guide you too!

4.     Get to Grips with your Financials

Ultimately, you need to spend money to make money. Before you can start earning a real living from your business, you’re going to need to invest in things like marketing, website building, and even paying suppliers for the materials you need to make your products. Make sure that you know where you’re going to get this cash from before you get started, and how you’re going to pay it back. When it comes to advertising look at what others in your field are doing to give you ideas on how to advertise. Facebook ads examples are a good spot to start as this social media platform makes it easy for beginner advertisers. 

Comparing loans online will give you an opportunity to search for the business loan provider with the lowest possible interest rates so that you can spend less money on your debts, and more on making sure your company can thrive.

5.     Find Help for the Legal and Tax Side of Things

Finally, while there are many complicated things to consider when you begin running a business, there are few things more difficult to get your head around as a beginner than the legal and tax regulations that surround your business. It’s very time-consuming and expensive to try and fix tax and VAT problems after they’ve already happened. With that in mind, make sure that you’re prepared for anything by hiring the right support.

There are plenty of professionals out there that can guide you through things like tax management, VAT registration and more. Don’t try and go it alone when you’re handling these things for the first time. It’s better to pay the money and have the peace of mind.

Benefits Of Buying Medical Supplies Online

Almost every product is now available for purchase on online shops worldwide. Customers don’t need to go outside and make a bet if the medical supplies they need is in stock or not. In addition to more vendors selling their products online, the improved logistics means products will now arrive at your door faster than it used to be.

In addition, a lot of shopping platforms appeared in the last few years, offering products that range from medical device,s such as otoscopes, ionic bracelets, personal sound amplification products, to medical devices that are authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. Even a Mayo Stand can be bought online. Here are the other benefits of buying medical supplies online and why you should consider the buying your supplies online too.


1. Online sellers offer a discounted price
Online sellers often offer their products at a discounted price in order to be more competitive than their competitors. It is also worthy to note that consumers are getting the same quality as the other supplies sold in physical stores. All in all, its a win-win situation for the shopper and the seller.

2. Availability of online shops
Before online shopping became a thing, people had to make an effort and allot a specific time to make a trip to physical stores. It was also a hassle for people and medical personnel with a hectic schedule. Online stores are available 24/7 and shopping can be done even on break times.

3. Additional selections
Consumers will have more selection when they buy in an online store. Thousands of medical supplies are offered, with different brands available. In addition, it is easier to surf the online inventory for supplies you need.

4. Improved privacy
There are times when buying a certain medical supply can become a sensitive topic. A shopper would not want other people to know his or her medical condition. Through online shopping, consumers don’t have to go through curious eyes in the counter to get the medical supplies that they need.

5. Buy in one store only
Physical stores have limited inventory. There are times when the medical supply that you need will not be available in a store. When this happens, it is always advised to seek other physical shops to see the supply is available online. Shopping in an online store eliminates all of this because sellers offer a lot of supplies in their online inventory.

6. Other factors
Factors such as traffic, the weather, a holiday, gas or fare consumption, and work are always considered when buying in a physical store. Buying online eliminates all of these.


Medical supplies are an important part of medical practices. These supplies make the operations, first aid, and surgeries easier and more comfortable for the patient and the doctors compared to other unconventional ways. Easy retrieval and mobility are needed, especially in hospitals, where a delay can mean a certain life or death situation. A high-quality Mayo stand can answer all these needs.

A Mayo stand is a removable tray set that is often attached in a movable stand which can be usually found beside an operating bed. Mayo stands are easy to use and efficient on tasks that it is designed to do. It also provides a sterile environment for other medical supplies that are needed in other places.


1. Convenient use of space
When it comes to saving space, a Mayo stand is a good option. In fact, Charles and William Mayo developed the Mayo stand to maximize the space of a room. Because Mayo stands usually are one leg only, it can fit underneath tables or beds.

2. Cleanliness and stability
Since the trays are movable, it can be removed and replaced immediately during operations to save time. Mayo stand trays are made up of stainless steel so cleaning is an easier task after the surgery. Stainless steel also resists corrosion and staining so it will always appear new. Mayo stands are also known for being durable and stable. Even when moving the stand, the balanced weight prevents it from shaking a lot.

3. Mobility and convenience
The strongest feature of a Mayo stand is its mobility and convenience. A nurse can use it as an aid while on duty. A doctor can use it as a reliable aid in operations, and it does its job really well.

3 Signs You’re Ready to Invest in Stocks

Investing in stocks can be a fantastic way to boost your income and have some fun. However, new investors shouldn’t simply rush in. Consider the following points to determine whether you’re ready to invest in stocks.

Your Finances Are in Order

Buying stocks can be a great way to grow wealth, but you should be in good financial health before you consider investing.

If you have credit card debts and personal loans, pay those off first. Credit card interest rates average between 13 and 23 percent, while personal loan interest rates typically sit between 10 and 28 percent. Stock returns average around 10 percent. In simple terms, your interest charges will outweigh the return you’ll get investing the same amount of money in stocks. Focus all your attention on paying down those high-interest debts first to get ahead financially.

While we all hope we’ll stay gainfully employed and in good health, we never know what’s around the corner. If you’re like most Americans living without savings, set money aside in an emergency fund before putting it into the stock market. Experts recommend depositing enough money for three to nine months’ worth of expenses into a savings or money market account. These accounts work best because you can use your money when you really need it.

Treating paying down debt or generating savings as a regular bill you must pay is a good strategy. Decide how much you can afford to invest in your money goals, then follow through as soon as you get paid, before you’re tempting to spend the money on other things.

You Have Other Investments

Buying and selling individual stocks can be a great way to make money, but even experts admit there’s a steep learning curve. That’s why experts recommend choosing easy-to-understand investments such as mutual funds or index funds first. These simple investment options aren’t subject to the same highs and lows as the stock market, so you’re virtually guaranteed to make money over time. Get these guaranteed investments first, before contemplating adding individual shares to your portfolio.

You’re Familiar With the Stock Market

Warren Buffet has an uncanny knack for picking the right stocks, but even he concedes playing the market isn’t for everyone. He says a lack of knowledge about the stock market is a key barrier to success for most people. Understanding how to make money in stocks will give you the best chance of turning a profit.

Spend time getting to know how the stock market works and the strategies successful traders use to make money. Study the market, its trends, and the stocks and industries that are doing well. Read financial publications and start following traders on social media. Take note of what successful traders do and the mistakes less successful traders make, so you don’t repeat them. Imagine what stocks you’d buy and see how they perform. The knowledge you gain before investing real money will hold you in good stead once you do.

Investing in stocks isn’t something anyone should do without preparation. Take the time to get investment-ready for your best chance of financial success.

5 Ways to Make Passive Money Online

It’s never been easier to make money in a non-traditional format. Instead of going to your job everyday, you could stay home and make money using the internet.

To help you kick your job to the curb, and turn the internet into your new profit generator. Let’s look at 5 ways you can make passive money online.

Try Bitcoin Mining

We are going to start with the new kid on the block, mining for bitcoin. This process is a great way to make passive money by putting your computer to work. Your computer takes part in a process called “data mining,” and makes you money while it digs. It’s not a literal dig, instead, it’s completing transactions by complete mathematical equations. The math equations are used to complete transactions. The best part about completing these transactions is that you get paid by retaining part of value. Consider it a token for helping others, and these tokens can be converted into money on the market.

The best part about getting into bitcoin mining is the free bitcoin mining software you can find online. This makes the barrier of entry pretty low, and you can turn just about any computer into mining rig. Keep in mind that mining rigs will make more if they have better parts in them. The better the mining rig, the more transactions it can handle. The more transactions it can handle, the more payout you see from your machine.

If you are wondering how to build a mining rig, there are an insane amount of guides online. If you don’t want to build one, you can invest in a purpose built mining rig. They these purpose built rigs tends to come with options for graphics cards, CPUs, and RAM just like your normal custom builders, but they cost a boatload more. This is generally due to the cost of purchasing 8 or more graphics cards. The more graphics cards your machine has access to, the better it’s mining results will be. Bitcoin isn’t dead, it’s just shifting how you can make money with it.

Start a PBN

If you don’t want to invest into a mining rig, you can still use your laptop from 2005 to make money online. How? Start a PBN! A public blogging network is a great way to make money online. By making a space for people to pitch their content to, you have the ability to make money on each post. As the editor and publisher of the network, you can set up costs associated with posting to your site.

You can also take the approach that lets anyone join the site and post. These types of PBNs tend to pick up quickly, and this gives you the ability to take advantage of the ad potential in a site.

Utilize Ads on Your Site

Every site has the potential for ads, and all you have to do is sign up for Google AdSense. AdSense takes your website’s content and helps place ads on your site that relate to your customer in one way or another.

Many products have pixels attached to them, and when that customer reaches the product, the pixel attaches to them. This pixel is what brings up that thing you were looking at last night on your facebook sidebar. If your site makes the sale for someone else, you get to a cut of that sale. Thanks Google, my site can now sit here and make money via traffic. Talk about making it easy.

Sell a Product

Selling products online is really easy nowadays. There are sale services like Amazon or eBay, and you can even create a store on your WordPress for free with WooCommerce. Creating an item that basically sells itself is great way to make your money online. Companies like Design Bundles offer free design resources online so creating digital products has never been easier. This is why you see so many companies pushing things like e-books, podcasts, and webinars so much.

Hold PodCasts and Webinars

One of the best ways to make money online is through a webinar or podcast. These are just like selling a product online, but they tend to be a bit more than a physical product. They are items that teach people something that they want to learn. That means a potential customer is more likely to buy. If these are items like e-books or webinars, they can be created ahead of time. When you make these items ahead of time, you can sell them passively in the background.

If your company is based online, you can use these items as tripwires into other sales or subscription services. That makes these amazing lead and profit generators for your site, and bolster your other items you sell on your site.

If you are finding these resources aren’t helping you generate leads, you can make some of them free as a way to trip customers into actual sales.

Making Money Online is Easy These Days

There are so many different ways that you can make money online these days. If you have a dedicated skill set, make a sit and talk about it. Passing on helpful information in a field you are an expert in will really open up different doors that bring money into your business.

From AdSense to BitCoin mining, you can create multiple sources of income online. Onces you open all of these doors, you will quickly find your internet income making you more than enough to live on. If you really start pulling in leads and money, you might be able to leave your old job behind and focus on your internet income.

Affordable Fixes for Drafty Windows

Winter is upon us. Snow-filled streets will soon set the scene of the season. But it’s not all a picturesque winter wonderland. With all that beauty, comes a cruel new cold. Your home is likely the toasty haven that you’ll be spending most of your time in through winter, so it’s important that you make sure things are in order. 

We’re all too familiar with what an unwelcome window draft feels like as it cuts into the room. On average, between 10 to 25 percent of a home’s heat escapes through its windows. Aside from being unpleasant, these drafty windows are also a money-losing problem. They cause energy inefficiencies within the home, and they potentially allow unwanted moisture and pollutants inside, too.  

There’s plenty you can do to solve the problem though (even on a tight budget!)

Seal and Insulate

The first place you might want to focus your repair attention to is the shim space. This is the gap between the window or door frame and the framing of the house. Any cracks or holes in the seal within this shim space will create an unwanted passageway for cold air to come through.

The good news here is that it’s an easy fix. You can carefully peel away the defunct window casing and reseal the shim space with spray foam.

Buy Insulating Curtains and Storm Windows

Buy yourself some affordable insulating curtains or storm windows to make your window zones more comfortable. This low-tech, low-cost solution will be sure to reduce unpleasant drafts and improve the numbers on your utility bill. Interior storm windows range in quality and price, but certain types have been found to reduce energy usage by over 20 percent

Employ Draft Snakes

For those on a budget, a draft snake is an affordable and effective way to reduce the amount of cold air that sneaks through windowsills. There are plenty of affordable options online that are well worth your buck. 

If you’re feeling particularly thrifty, you can try your hand at creating your own draft snake. Simply fill a tubule piece of fabric, such as stockings, with dry rice. Place your new serpentine friends on your drafty window sills to block out the chill.

Use Clear Shrink Film

Using just a cheap roll of shrink film and a hair dryer, you could save your home a lot of its heat. Simply stick the shrink film to the window and seal with a hairdryer. You’ll be delighted by the results and drinking hot chocolates by the fire in no time. 

So, there you have it. With a little bit of time, and even less money, you can draft-proof your house just in time for the chilliest months of the year. You can rest easy (and warm) knowing your newly insulated home is also free of any unwanted pollutants. The winter can be hard enough on our bodies, so we certainly don’t need drafty windows to make it any worse. Time to do a house-wide check, and get your place prepped for a cozy winter ahead.

Every Trading System has to Face Losing Trades

The fact is true for the trading business. In fact, it is true for any kind of human being on this planet for any kind of professions. The traders happen to suffer a lot of their mistakes. Because the loss ratio in the trading profession is more than in any kind of another one. Many traders make mistakes for not learning about the business properly. But some fool traders act foolish with their profession and make poor plans for it. Thus their trading strategies do not do well in the position sizing with proper market analysis. And the money management is far from reach for that kind of traders. In this article, we are going to talk about all the necessary things the traders have to concentrate on all the time. And they will have to maintain proper performance with the right setup. It will not be possible any time to be perfect for the business. But you can try your best and make a good outcome from the markets of your choice.

You will be mistaken with the money management

The most common problem of the novice traders come from the money management issue. The new Aussie traders make this kind of mistakes with improper knowledge and experience in this profession. Because when you don’t know about the value the risk control, there will be a problem for your business. The risks will get big for trading as well as your mind to handle. Then the trading mind will think about getting more out of a large risk. From that, the traders will try to find a proper position size. But with poor experience on the market analysis, it will not be possible for most of the time. Then taking shortcuts, most traders lose money from their accounts. So, to save your own business from ruining, keep the trading business intact with money management.

Understanding the nature of the market

Majority of the rookie traders don’t really understand the market of CFDs. They simply think a robust trading system will help them to make a profit all the time. Trading is nothing but dealing with probability factors. The successful traders are always prepared to lose trades since its nature of the market. Once you learn to make a profit by dealing with your losing trades, nothing can stop you to secure your financial freedom. Just be calculative and consider Forex trading profession as your business.

The market analysis will not be good for business

Like the proper money management, the traders will also need to be working for the market analysis. It is a work directly related to the trades themselves and the traders will have to do it every time of trading. For the proper position sizing of the trades, you will have to know about it. The proper way of approaching for a trade is the traders will have to work with the profit targets for the trades. Then using them as the reference, the traders will have to make trades in the markets trends or key swings. This is called the proper position sizing of the trades. If you can manage to work properly with that, there will be hardly any loss from your business. And the income will be great after each month.

There will be something missing from your edge

Every now and then, the traders will miss something in their edges. Because no person is perfect in this world. If anyone claims to be one, do not believe it at all. Your own trading business will not be perfect all the time. Sometime you may miss a chance of earning more from the markets due to a misunderstanding of the trend. Sometime your trades may not be right with the position sizing. Or the risk to profit margin targets can be wrong sometimes. But nothing should bother your performance in the marketplace.

5 Reasons You Should Repair Your Credit

In most countries, credit determines your eligibility for a lot of different things. If you ever plan to finance a car, rent an apartment, get a good insurance plan, or even get a credit card, then you have to establish a strong credit score. Below, you will find 5 reasons why you should repair your credit.

1 – A strong credit score allows you to finance a car

Cars today can be expensive and even if you plan to buy a used one, you never know when it could break down on you. Having the option to finance a car, if you happened to need it, is a convenience that you certainly don’t want to go without. Cars are our primary means of travel and without a car, you won’t be able to work, maintain a social life, or run long distance errands. It’s hard to imagine living without a car and if you don’t qualify to finance one, you would be in a very difficult situation if something were to happen to the vehicle you are driving now.

2 – Repairing your credit ensures that you can get into an apartment

When you have a strong credit score, apartment complexes will accept you without a second thought. Of course, your current employment status and income is important as well, but without good credit, you won’t even be considered. If you have no plans of moving out, then qualifying for an apartment might not matter much to you. However, similar to how qualifying for financing is important, keeping an apartment open as a housing option is equally important. You never know when your housing situation could change and you need to get into an apartment quickly.

3 – Repairing your credit will save you money

Did you know that when you have good credit, you will actually save money? Not only will you obtain better interest rates on loans, mortgages, and credit cards, but some companies will be willing to give you better rates as well. For instance, electric companies typically have a deductible that’s required when you begin a new plan with them. If you have good credit, this deductible will be waived completely.

4 – Strong credit will help you qualify for better interest rates

Do you currently own credit cards or are you thinking about taking out a loan? Did you know that if you repair your credit, you will be able to get a low interest rate? The lower your interest rate is, the more money you save. Repairing your credit is a great way to lower the costs of the financial assistance that you receive from banks.

5 – Credit will improve your financial standing

Credit is required for just about everything and if you want to improve your financial standing and be perceived better by banks, improving your credit rating is a must. A good credit score qualifies you for lower interest rate loans, larger loan amounts, and better repayment terms. If you want to make life easier on yourself, then it all starts with credit.

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