Wealth Creation Tips

canstockphoto5579807While many people desire to become wealthy (whatever definition that is varies vastly among people) their desire must be backed even more so with a strong motivator. It is not enough to simply want to have significantly more money if you are actually hoping to achieve it. You must find within something that will push you to achieve in ways you may have never experienced before. Lets look at this parallel as a comparison.

If you are in fairly poor running shape and you said I want to run 10 miles today, it is very unlikely that you would or could. Not only are you not in shape for it, but there most likely is not enough of motivator to push you to do so since it would be such a difficult feet to achieve to begin with. If on the other hand you introduce a strong enough of a motivator, this could likely change regardless of the shape you are in. Lets say you would be offered one million dollars to do so, could you do it? I would say yes. Or perhaps something more life threatening to yourself of a loved one made it absolutely necessary to run a distance of 10 miles to get help, could you do it? Again probably yes.   While you will likely not be faced with this kind of decision or necessity to “create wealth” you do have to find something very motivating to do so. I also want to tell you that a simple answer of money itself will almost for sure not do. Despite what some may say, money itself is not enough. Try to look for something tangible from it. One thing someone told me was they had a very difficult job and life circumstances, not your run of the mill type but really difficult times for this person. They where able to propel themselves to study and dig out from their hole and achieve great things because they wanted a better life based on owning a home and a job as an engineer.

I can’t stress enough on the will and desire for this or any other pursuit in life for that matter. You will not get far without a rock solid determination and persistence at all costs attitude. Also here is a tiny bit of encouragement in this. For those who have truly fought for something often are not only more thankful but are often more successful than others who seemingly did not have to try as hard. Michael Jordan the famous Basketball player failed and never made his high school basketball team. But he persisted! With this kind of desire, you start to forget about failure altogether. Failure is something that pushes people back into a pit but with enough determination it will not matter, you will keep going for broke each time.

Read, read and read some more on wealth building strategies and determine what kind of methods work the best for you and given your situation. For some the path is shorter, for others longer but reading ways and educating yourself in this pursuit will give you the tools you need to implement methods that are tailor made for you.

Another thing to keep in mind, is be thankful in as much as you feel you can be then increase it even more. Meaning try to be thankful for everything. You may have to work at this to start, many of us are only temporarily thankful for extra ordinary occurrences in life and this robs us of happiness. Thankfulness is another key that can help you out in life. Studies have shown that Gratitude actually increases your quality of life. While many people think that money alone will do this, don’t be fooled, it can but it will not if your mind set is not right to begin with.

I am sure many people where hoping to read a bunch of tips on what to do specifically with their money in this article. However the truth is, there are thousands of tips on this and finding info on this is as easy as reading it online. I feel the true factor in determining what makes you or breaks you is your will power, determination and increasing this is the first step in pursuing your dreams.

Tips to Reduce Your Business Energy Bills

Energy is one of the biggest expenses that any business has to pay, so it’s worth your while to make any savings you can. You might look at reducing any wasted energy or even look at renewable energy sources by placing a solar panel on the roof of your office, but the best way of saving money on your company’s business is to switch energy suppliers. While this may seem easy to do, there is a big obstacle in front of companies who explore going down this route.

The obstacle in question is being locked into a contract with your current energy supplier. Companies who are under those contracts can only switch suppliers when a ‘renewal window’ starts. Lasting for around 30 days, it usually appears during the last few months of an energy contract, and failure to switch during that time may result in automatic renewal on less favourable terms. A number of businesses surveyed by make it cheaper said that they were either unaware of the renewal window or didn’t remember receiving a letter from their supplier telling them about it.

Fortunately, when the window is open, you have the chance to find out whether there are any better deals on offer from other energy companies. With the help of Make it Cheaper, who save their clients a combined £88m in 2011, you can compare energy tariffs from many different suppliers to see which one will offer the deal on your gas and electricity that’s right for your business.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from changing supplier. Research from Make it Cheaper showed that there are significant savings to be made by doing so. They worked out that, on average, companies who switched electricity suppliers spent 10p/kWh compared to 14p/kWh previously, meaning they saved around 30% by doing so. As for gas, those who switched suppliers spend just 2.9p/kWh instead of the average 4.5kWh, saving over a third of money spent on gas. Added up over the course of a year, your business could save hundreds or perhaps thousands.

No matter how bleak the economic climate is, it pays to make savings wherever you can that don’t harm your business. Switching from your current energy supplier to a new one when the opportunity arises could be just the thing you need to drive your energy costs down. You could make significant savings, leaving your balance sheet looking much better.

Free Courses for Establishing a Home Based Business

The Internet is filled with money making opportunities, and most are mediocre at best, if not down right fraudulent. I would like to tell you about one of the better opportunities I have come across, and it’s absolutely free so you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. This opportunity is offered by Kevin Potts, founder of the website CambridgeBusinessAcademy.com.

Before establishing this website, Mr. Potts worked in the corporate world, was involved with venture capitalists and was even a full time religious minister for 8 years. While growing his congregation from 200 to 600 he decided to return to commerce but combine what he has learned from his service to the community to providing help for entrepreneurs who seek to have a home based business.

As the following testimonial shows, Potts main influence was Tim Lowe, who is one of Europe’s top entrepreneur coaches, and taught him everything he needed to know about building a home based business with great success:

Currently, the CambridgeBusinessAcademy.com website has an honest promotion where Potts is giving away for absolutely $0 his comprehensive home business opportunity called The Money Mentor High Level Coaching System. The first coaching package is called Starting Point, and is a 10-video DVD series outlining the methods of setting up a home based business. The second is known as Life Changers and is an 8-video DVD series containing interviews with experts who have been tremendously influential in making Kevin Potts a successful home business entrepreneur. The third series is a called the Blue Print, which is a 60+ page report containing additional tips for success and the fourth series is known as Meet The Gurus, which is a 13-video series where experts specific to the home based marketing field provide their strategies.

It is important to note here that no information is kept hidden from people who sign up and there is no sales pitch, which is a rarity with top performing businesses. On the site, Potts states that this free offer could end without notice so take a look at the introductory video on http://www.cambridgebusinessacademy.com/ and proceed from there.

Running Your Own Online Business

webbusiness The current recessionary times cause many individuals to adjust how they cope with their daily challenges. One of the major adjustments is represented by the marked increase in the number of businesses being established on the Internet. Launching a business from a home office has become a relatively inexpensive approach to massive layoffs and unstable prices of groceries and fuel, with the added incentive of unlimited growth potential.

An integral part required to build successful online business ventures, just as it is offline, is a solid marketing knowledge. In the same way it is inconceivable to have a prosperous restaurant business without the implementation of a marketing campaign through the local media, having a thriving e-commerce website without online marketing is impossible as well.

The premise behind every successful ‘make money’ offer in the online marketing industry is that you have to learn or already know web marketing to effectively sell anything online. A good marketing program will provide tutorials and links to the top resources that will teach its users the fundamentals and insights relating to web marketing know-how. In order to learn best, a comprehensive training program with practical highlights of the key concepts will impart the maximum learning benefits to its users.

One such website is known as The Infinite Web Income (IWI) and is intended to teach the methods of creating various income streams using the Internet. Paul Tobey, the creator of the program describes in detail how anyone could become a successful online entrepreneur with the system. The IWI website has everything that a good online business should provide, being easy to learn, no money down required and a full-proof system that works if applied on an ongoing basis. Tobey offers a structured program that covers such topics as business processes, marketing tools, networking opportunities, etc’, for creating an ‘online money machine’ that works even when the user is away from their computer.

There are 3 straight forward revenue generating membership choices being offered by IWI, specifically: silver, gold and platinum, which can earn a user between $150 to $1500 per sale as well as a residual income of $50 per month per sale. There is also a free affiliate program, which means that every time a new member joins as a result of the user’s efforts, the user earns additional revenue.

With the program you can learn how to earn online based on the accumulated experiences of successful Internet marketers, which can help to significantly lower the typical work-at-home learning curve. Beyond online marketing, you will also learn about the various aspects of owning a home-based business, including finances, technical tips, the psychology of successful entrepreneurs, and much more. The applications used for the training include ebooks, audio tutorials, teleseminars, live Internet seminars (webinars) and even in-person live events. Notably, the program is also suitable for people who have no prior knowledge of Internet marketing, with step-by-step guides designed to be simple for anyone wishing to learn how to generate income through the Internet.

If you wish to find out more about a business opportunity that you can manage from the comfort of your own home, check out the Infinite Web Income program.

Consider a Government Job

governmentjobs1During these times of severe economic downturn, many are struggling to find a private sector job, however, the government is actually posting a big help wanted sign. The federal government’s civilian manpower of 2.8 million is expected to grow substantially over the coming years as it is set to stimulate the economy, introduce more regulatory agencies, and overhaul the health care system.

Since December 2007, the number of private sector jobs has been reduced by 4%, but federal employment has grown by 1.7%, according to data by the Economic Policy Institute. Notably, a projection by the Heritage Foundation, estimates that by 2012, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act could generate 120,000 additional public sector jobs.

Government jobs require skills that are transferable from other industries and professions. Openings are quite diverse, ranging from administrative staff to engineers, project managers to financial managers, etc’. Government positions also offer a higher level of job security that is rarely matched by private sector jobs. In addition, government jobs frequently offer signing bonuses, medical benefits, cost-of-living increases, tuition assistance, and retirement benefits to attract people who normally would only consider the private sector. For some, the opportunity to do public service work is viewed as their top priority and the rest is gravy.

The following are online resources for getting your search going.

The official job site for the US federal government, currently contains more than 43,000 worldwide openings as well as comprehensive job-related information. Some positions are: Human Resources Assistant($36,611 per year), Financial Manager($93,871), Supervisory Criminal Investigator($112,108) and many more.

The Plum Book
A publication for the US Government Policy and Supporting Positions, listing more than 7,000 civil service, leadership and support positions in the Legislative and Executive branches.

A work in progress, covering information about presidentially-nominated positions and related information.

Career One Stop
This Department of Labor site, offering job information and advice on salaries, education, training, resume, interview preparation and more.

You can also find state and local municipality jobs on the website govjobs.com

Work at Home Scams to Watch Out For

money-trap1The average unemployment rate in the U.S. is currently 7.6% and is forecasted to reach even higher. As a result, work-at-home websites, which are promising big money for little or no experience, are cropping up and sound very tempting. However, now more than any prior time in history, the inexperienced among us are becoming victims of work-at-home scams.

Work-at-home scams assure an income of thousands of dollars for jobs requiring little effort such as envelope staffing, but with money sent upfront. What actually takes place is that the scammers take the unsuspecting person’s money and sometimes their ID -and then never respond.

New work-at-home scams are increasing based on FBI reports. Some of the new schemes, called “transfer funds” or “reship product”, require a people to unknowingly be used to get cash from banks, or to send stolen goods to crooks. Mystery shopping scams are  also increasing. In this case, victims agree to be mystery shoppers, they then receive fake checks and are instructed to cash the check and wire the funds to the company in order to get part of the money. But they’re actually just cashing bad checks.

For its part, the Better Business Bureau(BBB) is alerting about a rebate processing scams, where victims are asked to pay hundreds of dollars in initial fees in order to receive the details on jobs for processing rebates from well-established companies. However, instead of receiving the information on processing rebates, people get instructions on how to make money by sending e-mails and posting blog posts. Often in these cases, the initial fees are charged on credit cards with additional funds being continually charged during subsequent months.

It is important to know which scams are currently prevalent in order to not get swindled. The FBI website, FBI.gov, allows people to sign up for e-mail alerts by clicking on the red envelope icon on the top right side of the home page. You should also go to a website sponsored by the FBI at lookstoogoodtobetrue.com for more information. As a general rule, never provide your personal information or send any money to a work from home job site unless you’ve researched the company completely. At the very least, this means doing a search at the Better Business Bureau website BBB.org as well as conducting online search for the company name along with the word ‘scam’ or ‘fraud’ to see if there is any cause to rethink the offer.

Design and Live a Fulfilled Life

freeebook-whakateJust as it is possible to design a product, it is also possible to design our lives for optimal outcomes. As Benjamin Franklin said “time is the stuff that life is made of”, therefore, life design can be seen as the process of organizing your aspirations,  responsibilities, and commitments, balancing your conflicting priorities and using your time sensibly so your destiny isn’t left to chance. Whakate.com is a website which addresses life management issues with insightful articles that cover the topics of work-life balance such as making sense of personal productivity and productivity systems review: GTD and DIT. This website was established by worldwide seasoned entrepreneurs, collectively contributing more than five decades of experience from both their professional and personal lives. Whakate provides helpful advice for individuals and business professionals in managing a life that is free from information and task overload in today’s increasingly competitive and news intensive world.

Notably, the site has a member section where subscribers can share and discuss with the authors and amongst each other the most effective practices and tools for personal organisation, time and life management. Whakate also offers a free Life Design e-book that will demonstrate how to become more productive and organized. The ebook covers such topics as: personality, assertiveness, values and goals, habits, gadgets and tools and time management. Overall, the website lives up to the meaning of its name  – Whakate,  having originated from the Maori people of New Zealand, which means “to squeeze out” or “get the essence out of”, in this case life.

6-Figure Jobs: The Quicker Way

There are several careers that offer a quicker path to a six-figure income even without reliance on benefits accumulated through workplace seniority, at least according to a recent Yahoo Hot Jobs article. The following figures are based on the labor departments projection until the year 2016:

  • Actuaries: A mean annual salary $95,420. Over the 2006-2016 decade, salaries are projected to increase by 24%.
  • Dental Hygienists: The median earnings are in the high $60k range, while the top-end hygienists are in the $90k range. A 30% salary growth is projected.
  • Marketing Managers: A median salary of $104,000, 12% growth projected.
  • Computer Software Engineers: Starting salaries of $90k, and 38% increase projected.
  • Medical and Health Service Managers: Median salary of $76,990, with 16% expected growth projected.
  • Human Resource Managers: Mean wage of $92,710, with 17% expected growth projected.

Of course, one would require several years of post secondary education and some hands-on experience to start earning six figures, but overall, these are high paying careers from the onset and with very good prospects for the future.

Here are some more points to know before you start applying to schools:

Actuaries relies heavily on high level math skills for statistical analysis models and calculations of risk/reward, insurance pricing, return on investment, etc. From my experience, you are either born with a propensity for solid math skills or this type of profession just isn’t for everyone.

Dental Hygienists – Only a couple of years worth of college are required to get the foot in door, although a six-figure salary is more likely to be offered in larger metropolitan areas. In general, as long as you don’t mind dealing with plaque, this one takes the cake. Pun intended.

Marketing Managers – This one was a bit surprising to see on the list since I believe most marketing professionals make much less than the median amount. Many years of experience, or a really successful startup, is normally what’s necessary to reach the coveted 6-figure mark.

Computer Software Engineers  Another job that fits analytically-inclined individuals, and only requires a couple of years of post secondary to get into an entry-level position. Beyond the entry-level pay, it is usually expected for engineers to be proficient in multiple programming skills to break the $100k mark. A multifaceted and challenging job no doubt, just make sure to follow the vital, yet often ignored, ergonomic recommendations to avoid eye strain, back discomfort and wrist problems. I don’t mean to nag, but those are real pains.

Medical and Health Service Managers – Undoubtedly a good field to be in and offers the highest location flexibility, considering this job cannot be outsourced and that the number of patients is predicted to grow exponentially in the foreseeable future.

Human Resource Managers  If you like (or at least don’t mind) dealing with hiring, firing, and anything in the middle for this crucial role, this job is for you.

I will also add to the above list that with the greater focus on energy resources exploration in the past year, it is likely that both petroleum engineering as well as alternative fuel-related careers will increasingly offer six figure incomes.

Clearly networking with colleagues and friends can also land high paying jobs and I will discuss networking skills in a future post. However, in order to keep these jobs for the long term, a person has to possess the right cognitive and emotional affinity for the job. Otherwise, they will have to count on having a clueless/negligent boss that is willing to pay six figures for less than a quality job performance. How likely is that?

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