Choosing The Perfect Office Space For Your Start-Up Business

While location, location, location might still be important, it is no longer a limitation to many start-ups finding traction in a location. In addition to the increased industry in many of Australia’s CBDs, newer office space formats have made it easier for businesses to slide into a workspace in some pretty nice markets. Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are just a few of the places where affordable office space is available to businesses of all sizes.

Furthermore, office space for rentals come in all types of plans, so businesses no longer have to consign themselves to protracted leases that tie them to one location. For one, the whole commercial real estate scene is growing to include different versions of the serviced office. In fact, the serviced office in many ways has drastically reduced overhead for many start-ups making it one of the go-to places to find comfortable, affordable office space.

Keep reading to learn about some of the workspace formats that can be the perfect office for your start-up.

Standard Office Plans

When going with a serviced office, prospective renters can expect, in most cases, to be fitted out with office space that is fully furnished. These offices offer a variety of plans that range from your conventional office, the executive suite, to the virtual office, which is an online format that allows businesses access to office space. The monthly rates are not only streamlined, but they are also much less expensive than conventional leasing. Furthermore, the lease itself is much less complicated offering businesses scalability and leasing terms that can be short as month-to-month.

Executive Suite

The first type of office you might encounter is the executive suite, which is fully furnished office space that comes with access to conference rooms and other common areas. This space is not shared space and typically comes as a private office. The executive suite is usually located in or near business centres but not always, and they are great for businesses who need a lot of privacy. As a part of the office plan, many also do offer additional office support.

Coworking Spaces

The more popular coworking space is shared space and has a community platform, though. Businesses can essentially find a fully-furnished workspace that provides them access to all of the amenities and equipment provided by your standard office. However, the coworking space provides businesses with a platform for building teams by including social interaction as a part of the office. This office style is ideal for the start-up because it provides them with a marketplace of resources in terms of industry and opportunities to make business connections.


Then, there are supped coworking spaces that are designed to provide your business with workspace but that function as cocoons in helping your business grow. Many provide the same access to people and resources in the space but businesses benefit from the expertise of others who help guide them through the process of opening a business. While these coworking spaces might be slightly more expensive than others, they can actually be a catalyst for business growth.

Virtual Office

Finally, another great workspace format for start-ups is the virtual office. The virtual office provides businesses who want to skip the daily commute an internet connection and access to office space. The office style is probably one of the most flexible and gives start-ups a lot of leeway in overhead.

The Perfect Space To Start

These are just a few of the places your start-up can look for a workspace that provides a lot of value for the monthly costs. Start-ups will find that the serviced office plans are very flexible and can offer more than just the basic amenities for your business’s needs. More importantly, their scalability can help you transition into new space, regardless of where you are at in the process of growing.