The Most Cost-Effective Ways for Businesses to Ship Overseas

As shipping now plays such a significant role in the way many businesses are run, there has been an explosion in the number of companies offering parcel delivery. Getting the balance between a safe and reliable service, with one that will help to maximise profits is paramount and so here we examine the most cost-effective ways for businesses to ship overseas.

Choosing a Service Appropriate for the Goods  

Perhaps the most significant factor to consider, when it comes to securing cost-effective shipping, is choosing a service that is appropriate for the type of goods that are being dealt with. For example, TNT offer a range of services with various additional options, for fairly robust items that have been well packaged, a basic economy service may be all that is required. For items that are either more fragile or extremely expensive, a more secure service may well be worth pursuing.

Avoid Using the Same Company for All Your Shipping

Leaving your options open when it comes to choosing a parcel delivery company is the best policy. Different companies offer different services with greatly differing rates and of course the rates change from time to time. Becoming complacent and opting to use the same carrier all the time can cost the business money and potentially be detrimental to the customer experience.

Packaging and Labelling

It may sound absurd, but the number of companies who use too much packaging, the wrong type of packaging and who mislabel items due to be shipped is surprising. Making sure that these basic requirements are done quickly and effectively is critical if the business is to find the most cost-effective way to ship both domestically and overseas.

Consolidating packaging is also something that, if done correctly, can help make for cost-effective shipping. Putting more than one item in the same shipping box could be an option if, for example, a customer has ordered multiple items.

Seek Out Discounts

Parcel delivery companies will often offer reduced prices to clients that ship items in quantity and regularly. Seeking to get discount for being a good customer is good business and can be achieved by finding a partner if your quantities or frequency doesn’t quite hit the required amount – is there a neighbouring company who may be in the same boat as you?

Achieving the most cost-effective ways to ship items overseas is all about leaving no stone unturned, evaluate your options carefully and don’t become complacent.