Design and Live a Fulfilled Life

freeebook-whakateJust as it is possible to design a product, it is also possible to design our lives for optimal outcomes. As Benjamin Franklin said “time is the stuff that life is made of”, therefore, life design can be seen as the process of organizing your aspirations,  responsibilities, and commitments, balancing your conflicting priorities and using your time sensibly so your destiny isn’t left to chance. is a website which addresses life management issues with insightful articles that cover the topics of work-life balance such as making sense of personal productivity and productivity systems review: GTD and DIT. This website was established by worldwide seasoned entrepreneurs, collectively contributing more than five decades of experience from both their professional and personal lives. Whakate provides helpful advice for individuals and business professionals in managing a life that is free from information and task overload in today’s increasingly competitive and news intensive world.

Notably, the site has a member section where subscribers can share and discuss with the authors and amongst each other the most effective practices and tools for personal organisation, time and life management. Whakate also offers a free Life Design e-book that will demonstrate how to become more productive and organized. The ebook covers such topics as: personality, assertiveness, values and goals, habits, gadgets and tools and time management. Overall, the website lives up to the meaning of its name  – Whakate,  having originated from the Maori people of New Zealand, which means “to squeeze out” or “get the essence out of”, in this case life.

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