Dirty Jobs – Good Income

The following jobs were listed by Yahoo as jobs that pay well, although you have to be willing to get your (gloved) hands dirty:

* Veterinarian — Median annual salary*: $73,621
* Oil Drill Worker — Median annual salary: $55,806
* Waste Management Engineer — Median annual salary: $67,249
* Trauma Surgeon — Median annual salary: $273,160
* Coroner — Median annual salary: $52,072
* Certified Nurse Midwife — Median annual salary: $81,015
* Podiatrist — Median annual salary: $118,665
* Gastroenterologist — Median annual salary: $239,622

The caveat for all these salaries is that you do not get paid the stated amounts right away. The median annual salaries are for people with 10-19 years of work experience in their respective field.

This brings me to believe that there are plenty of cleaner jobs that will pay you most of those salaries and then some by the end of 2 decades. Obviously if you like feet or stomachs this isn’t likely to persuade you to try another career instead.

A few additional points I had noticed:

– It was surprising to see that veterinarians do not make more. Perhaps this is so since the data is based on averages of professionals throughout the country, including rural areas.

– Most of the jobs are in the medical field. Of course part of the job also entails long hours, emotional roller coaster, and messiness.

– If after 19 years, oil drill workers and coroners make in the mid 50K, sounds like they deserve a significant raise.

– By the way, since Joe the Plumber (or his boss) was making more than 100K a year, sounds like a logical addition to the list.

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