Earn Extra Money Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is becoming an easy and fulfilling way to close the gap on your budget goals.  Here’s the best news: you don’t have to figure out how to make it happen on your own.  Get started as a pet sitter with Rover.com.  With a national network of pet owners seeking pet sitters, you’re part of a community that knows how to have this business work.

Here’s why it’s worth it:

You’re the Boss

In this job, you’re in control of the decisions.  You set your own schedule, and let pet owners know when you’re available to work.  Determine your own rates and the kind of pet care you will provide.  If you’re simply interested in weekend overnights with dog clients, no problem.  If you’re available to pack your schedule with pet sitting appointments all week, promote your availability for doggie day care, drop-in visits, and dog walks to fill your schedule.  You choose what works for you.

No Desk. All Windows

Are you ready for a day job without a cubicle or desk?  Pet sitting gives you complete freedom to get out and about.  Whether you’re ready for an escape to the woods with a dog playmate or you’re looking for house sitting gigs with new pet friends, this work is flexible.  No need to feel guilty playing fetch in the park with your puppy clients.  It’s your job.

It’s Tech Easy

Rover.com has an online platform that makes getting paid automatic and simple for you and pet owners.  Plus, your schedule and availability is posted online.  Pet owners book their appointments with you at the click of a button.  Utilize Rover’s app to quickly send pics and playtime notes while you’re on the job.

Work Without the Stress

Your clients are ready for your attention.  Spoil yourself with puppy love and build lasting relationships with your pet friends!  In addition, any pet problems that do arise can be quickly solved with 24/7 support from Rover.com.  You can access vet services quickly, and you have insurance coverage.

Grow Your Business

Don’t have to limit yourself to a night of pet sitting.  Rover.com matches pet owners with a variety of pet care options that you can provide.  Plus, you have access to educational opportunities and resources to promote and develop your business.  Consider expanding your availability and creating flexibility for pet owners to book you for last minute needs.  Don’t forget to invite pet owners to review and rate your pet care talents online to help you on your way to building a loyal customer base.

It’s easy to get started. Sign up to become a pet sitter with Rover.com!

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