GoBuyside: Recruiting Challenge for Investment Management

For most investment management companies, the ongoing quest towards success involves looking for ways to recruit and retain special talent. In order to show how important this is for these firms, many surveys are given regularly in order to show this. Typically, these surveys show that there is a high number of executives of financial services firms that view their opportunity for growth threatened because of the lack of talent. What this means is that only around 30-percent of CEOs have enough confidence that they will be able to get the talent they need in order to continue growing their business.

Some may see these survey results and think the problems are being exaggerated because only a small percent of the executives think that they are confident in finding the talent needed with the necessary skills that their firms need. However, there is good news for those CEOs that need a boost in their positive outlook for finding that talent they need. For CEOs that can overcome the challenge of finding the best talent with the right skills, they will be able to take a huge leap past their competition.

With the track that investment management companies are on, they cannot afford to meet many shortfalls with recruiting the talent they need over a long period of time. Unfortunately, many firms are succumbing to long, extended periods of time without recruiting who they need. This suggests that it’s time to review and change the way in which investment management firms recruit new talent. There are many key ways in which these changes can take place. One such way is by figuring out how to overcome the rough regulatory climate in the industry.

Finding A Solution For The Rigid And Rough Regulatory Climate

There are many strict licensing and regulation requirements set into place in the investment management and financial services sector in the industry. This makes it much different than the restrictions that other industries have to face and makes it more challenging. To make things even more challenging, the climate of international regulations is always changing. Even if the rules and regulations stay secure in one country, they could be shifting on a regular basis in another.

It takes many things to be able to survive in such a volatile climate for those in the field of investment management. Even though many of the CEOs fully understand the intimate and delicate balance that is required to meet all of the different laws and regulations, they will still sometimes fall short of the unique skills necessary to be able to face this challenge and be successful with recruiting the right talent.

This is where GoBuySide can come into play for these firms. They are a leader in the market for providing firms with a variety of recruiting solutions to meet their specific needs. They have a targeted and very specialized approach to getting consistent results for their clients. They do this by offering vetted access to their clients to most of the top consulting, banking and investment candidates from around the globe.

Most investment management firms are in need of diversifying their workforce. This has been a goal for many firms over the decades and GoBuySide works with their clients to meet this need. When firms find more effective ways of recruiting talent, they will see many positive outcomes. Some of the positive outcomes that GoBuySide can offer a company almost immediately are the prevention, elimination and resolving of the many recruitment challenges that a firm can face. As an added bonus, most firms will also see a vast improvement in their bottom line as well.