Guest Blogging – Give Your Brand The Visibility And Authority It Deserves?

A complete digital marketing strategy is like an umbrella that comprises several other strategies. Social media and email marketing come to mind but there is one more crucial activity that can bring in very important traffic and compliment the other strategies. This is guest blogging.

Nowadays, many small and mid-sized businesses and solo-run firms are utilizing guest blogging as a way to reach out to a target audience that is already established. Contributing content to popular industry-related platforms will give your brand visibility.

The more recognizable the brand, the better it is in the long run. There are many ways you can get started with a guest blog. You can also use an experts’ help. The experts at SEOJet will be able to help you with the right solutions. If you want to get off the blocks fast, check out this page- Here are some tips to get the best results out of your guest blogging endeavors.

Understanding Your Audience

This is a tip that is often repeated but rightly so. Understanding your audience might seem simple if you want to stick to high-level demographics but once you dig deeper you will be able to see the connections.

Knowing your audience does not only help you reach the desired target demographic, but it also offers you hints on how to style your content. You may write the best blog out there, but if it is not reaching the target you have in mind, your effort goes to waste.

Concentrate On Quality Platforms

The initial temptation of reaching out to multiple websites might be there but with guest blogging, it is all about creating a consistent tone and a good reputation as the industry expert. This is why quality trumps quantity. It is better that you guest blog for one significant website that has a large loyal following rather than multiple smaller sites that may not cater to the audience you want completely.

Research your websites well. Do they promote good content? How is the layout? Don’t end up writing for a site with tacky design and unsafe protocols – such an association will bring your brand value down.

You can even get deeper into the analytics. There are tools available that will help you gauge a website’s trust score and following before you want to guest post. The ideal way to start your guest blogging adventure would be to publish on the best site in your segment.

Make The Right Pitch

The pitching part can be a little intimidating. There you are, staring at your ‘compose email’ pane, reaching out to the giant of your industry. The best way to do it is to keep it crisp and formal. The subject line should describe the topic of your email – you want to submit a guest blog – and add the proposed topic too.

If you already have the article, you can attach it in the email or you can give a rough outline in the body, clearly explaining the context. Don’t forget to introduce yourself in the email. Add enough relevant information – just a name is not enough.

Essential Elements In Your Guest Post

Yes, the guest post is a subtle way to link your website to a popular platform but you should not focus on that too much. The theme or topic of your blog is what will make or break this attempt to gain traffic. As a guest poster, you are an authority of a particular niche. So you need to avoid generic topics (within your industry segment) and stick to one solution or scenario.

Images are very important. If you can come up with high-quality stock photos to represent your ideas, that is an added bonus. Make sure you are communicating with the host about images – they may have certain parameters that you have to adhere to.

If you are representing yourself don’t forget to share a nice headshot picture and a small author biography. Guest blogging is a good way to get some social media attention so make sure that you share your Facebook and Twitter handles (and anything else).

Don’t Ignore SEO Basics

It may dismay you that your style will be curbed but you cannot ignore search engine realities if you want your blog post to attain a good rank. Basic tips include the judicious use of header tags and content that is spread in short, concise paragraphs.  If the theme is instructional, bullet points and even representational infographics will enrich your blog and please the SEO crawlers.

There is much more to guest blogging but if you can start with the above recommendations, you will be on a desirable path. Use your knowledge to the fullest and share it with the rest of your audience. You will enjoy the benefits as your visibility increases.

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