Having Fun on a Budget

If you’re on a budget, you may not think that you can have a lot of fun.  But, in fact, your budget should actually make the opposite come true – you should be able to have a lot of fun.  The trick is, you need to plan for it, and that is why fixed spending activities make the best things to do when on a budget.

Going to the Movies

A good example of a way to have fun on a budget is to go to the movies.  The reason? You pretty much know exactly how much you are going to pay, and what you’re going to get for it.  For example, a ticket costs $10, so multiply that by 2 and you get $20.  Maybe you will share a drink and some popcorn, add $10 more dollars.  Does $30 fit within your fun budget?  If so, you’re set!

Odd Activities That Work

Going to the movies was just one simple example.  There are actually a lot of odd activities that you wouldn’t normally associate with budgeting that could work.  For example, you could go gambling on sites like www.jackpotcitycasino.com.  The trick is setting up a strict budget to follow.  You could set aside $100 to spend.  In return, you may be able to make that money last for a whole afternoon or longer.  The important thing to remember is to not add in more money if you’re losing.  You need to follow your budget when playing online casino games.

Fun to Avoid

Finally, there are some types of fun that you really should avoid if you don’t want to break the budget.  For example, you shouldn’t go out to fancy dinners.  First, you never know what you’re going to order or the cost in advance.  And then you have to add in the cost of drinks, and top it all off with a tip of about 20%.  This can add up really fast and break your budget.

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