Home insurance: How to find the right policy for your needs at a competitive price

The vast array of options within the insurance marketplace can sometimes be overwhelming for even the savviest consumers amongst us.

Comparison websites are an extremely popular financial tool nowadays and can be a great starting point for comparing home insurance deals. They can give you an idea of the wide choice of providers available and how they measure up against each other in terms of cost and other factors.

However while comparison websites are a useful resource to have at our disposal, ideally they should not be our sole port of call in finding the most suitable policy for our needs.

It is important to remember that comparison websites compare certain aspects of policies, but not always those that may matter most to you individually. If you’re using them, make sure you also check the companies’  websites directly to read the full details of any financial product you’re considering. For example, some contents insurance policies may include a high level of cover for accidental breakages in the home or the temporary removal of items to short term accommodation, while others would not pay out anything in either scenario.

Although you can get an individual quote from several insurers at once via comparison websites, it is a good idea to get one directly from any companies you are particularly interested in. Make a shortlist of potential providers having done some initial research, and then get a quote directly from these companies. Different insurers will charge you higher or lower premiums based on a wide variety of factors so it is best to get a definitive quote from them in case anything was omitted during any online quote comparison. They will also be able to let you know which of their products is the most suitable for you and which additional extras you should consider based on your property, family size and lifestyle.

If you are looking for specialist insurance then this is something that should also be taken into account. RIAS Home Insurance covers the over 50s market. Other providers cover first time buyers or those living in a listed building or even on a house boat. Take time to research what specialist providers might work well for you – something that may not immediately be obvious from a price comparison site that lists both specialist and non-specialist providers all together.

Finally, although you will find plenty of helpful reviews and recommendations online, it is often difficult to assess customer service level without experiencing this yourself. Take time to call insurance providers or drop into their offices so you can get a taste of the quality of their service. You’ll thank yourself later.