How Does an Employer Select an Effective Accountant for Their Small Business?

At some point, financial matters become too complex for small business owners to handle on their own. This is when hiring an accountant is necessary. Whether a company handles all the hiring in-house or partners with accounting staffing agencies, there are certain criteria to look for when making this critical employment decision.

Assess Your Needs

In the accounting field, there are two major categories of accountants to choose from: certified and non-certified. The latter typically handles functions such as bookkeeping, financial analysis and financial statement preparation. If you require these services along with tax return preparation and tax advice, it’s best to hire a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Ask for Referrals

An accountant has access to your company’s sensitive financial data, so you need someone who is trustworthy. You have several options for finding prospects who have a reputation for handling their employer’s confidential records with integrity. You can do the following:

  • Ask friends, family and business associations for referrals
  • Conduct online searches on a business network, such as LinkedIn
  • Enlist the services of hiring agencies Los Angeles

Focus on Relevant Qualifications

There are a few factors to consider when hiring an accountant. One, make sure the applicant has experience working in your industry. Two, find out whether he or she has worked for a company of your size and revenue. Three, look for someone who has a working knowledge of the accounting software you use in your business. This makes sharing financial documents easier and safer. Finally, consider an accountant who has a proven track record of saving an employer money.

Bringing an accountant onboard is a major step for a small business. This provides you with the expertise you need for improving the overall financial performance of your company. The best candidate is a professional who understands your needs, maintains high integrity and possesses relevant experience.