How to Become a Successful Etailer

The number of ecommerce and etailer businesses are continuing to rise. In fact, by 2020, online purchases are predicted to represent 14.6% of all sales worldwide, reaching a staggering $4.058 trillion.

While shopping malls and stores are experiencing a decline – of the 1,200 malls across the US, only half are expected to remain open by 2023 – thanks to convenience, competitive pricing and fast delivery services, ecommerce businesses are experiencing an unprecedented boom.

But with so many new ecommerce businesses appearing, how can you launch a successful etailer?

Social Media Presence is Key

Social media for etailers can do two things: build brand reputation and increase customer base. Social media provides an opportunity for online businesses to increase their presence, interact with customers, drive conversations, and give their brand a personality. Posting social media stories, answering questions and liking comments can all help to drive traffic, helping your ecommerce business to become successful.

Find Your Marketplace

There are two ways to operate an etailer: either by building your own website or launching a store through an existing marketplace. Each method has benefits – for example, a website allows you to design your own customer service and update your site’s SEO (make sure it’s optimized for mobile); while large marketplaces (such as Amazon and Etsy) are popular and viewed as trustworthy.

Software and Services

When starting your etailer business, you may be a solopreneur, or have one or two employees. Either way, with limited staff, it is essential to speed up and automate processes. This could include outsourcing accounting or hiring a software developer to build your website. This can free up time for core business activities – helping your company to grow faster – and make your business look more established and professional.

Think About Your Customer

Customers are vital to the success of an etailer business and should be your primary focus. Going the extra mile for your customers can help you to stand out from your competitors and  there are many ways to increase customer satisfaction. This could include: evaluating prices, offering free upgraded delivery, rewarding customer loyalty with promotions and discounts, and offering fantastic customer service.

Only Launch When the Above is Complete

Finally, wait before you launch. While you may be excited about your new ecommerce venture and eager to open your business, the launch is your chance to make a fantastic first impression – this is crucial to success. You only get one shot, so wait until everything is ready and in place.

As ecommerce continues to thrive, now is a great time to start an online business. Hopefully these tips will ensure your business is launch ready and help you become a successful etailer.