How to Buy a Car for Less

canstockphoto5695432With the economy still struggling to recover, motorists all over the world  will no doubt have been feeling the pinch when it comes to fuelling their vehicles and keeping them on the road. While the purchase prices for cars have remained equally as high, the slump in global finance has not been enough to deter sales from continuing to grow year on year. The simple fact is; there are now more ways than ever to get your hands on a good quality car for an even better price.

Never rush into a sale

Car salesmen know all the tricks of the trade and entering into negotiations can at times feel intimidating. In order to ensure you get the very best deal on your chosen car, you need to know as much about the vehicle as the dealer does; this is why it is imperative you do your research and shop around. Even when you have decided on the best dealership for you; making several visits and conversing with the dealer can make you feel more at ease when it comes to working out the final deal with them, by having familiarised yourself with their sales patter beforehand.

Be budget conscious

It is always best to begin your search for a new car with the clear knowledge of exactly how much you can afford to spend. Real gems can be found to suit any budget, so working out your maximum outlay and then trying to shop below this level will ensure your finances never run dry and you avoid slipping into car related debts.

Organize finance before a purchase

Many people use car loans to help fund their purchase but this money should be organized before you enter into negotiations to allow the deal to run as smoothly as possible. With an online car finance calculator you can estimate what your monthly repayments will be to ensure you get a deal that will work for you while simultaneously granting you the money you need to buy your dream car.

Size matters

Generally speaking, the bigger the vehicle the more expensive it will be not only to buy initially but also to fuel, insure and maintain in the future. Smaller, more compact cars will set you back less to get your hands on one and take you further for less money. Commanding SUVs may look great but if you don’t need and cannot afford to run one, then opting for something more suitable will save you a lot of cash.

Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is becoming an increasingly popular way of obtaining a new car for less. You pay a deposit on the model you want and immediately gain use of the vehicle. You will then pay monthly instalments over an agreed period of time until the end of your contract. The estimated value of the car at the end of your contract will have been deducted from what you have paid and you can either pay this sum and take full ownership of the car or return it in exchange for a new deal on a different model. This is a great way of regularly gaining access to the latest cars without ever paying the full purchase price.