How to Get Out of a Cash Flow Pickle

Every now and then, there are moments in life where things just don’t work out like they were supposed to.  And personal finance is no different than any other part of life.  As such, there could be a time when you’re short on cash and you have a car repair, or other issue come up that puts you into a cash flow pickle.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, here are some things to consider to help you get out…

Ask Your Parents

The first thing you may want to consider doing is asking your parents for money.  While not ideal, the situation you’re in is not ideal either.  Most parents are there to support, and if you plan on paying them back, they could be more than willing to help.  So reach out and ask them for the cash to help you get by.

Get a Loan

If asking your parents is off the table, you may have to resort to getting a loan.  Depending on how long you plan on being tight on cash, there are a lot of different options.  For example, if you’re just trying to get to your next payday, you may look at something like Jaguar Loans.  If you need something longer than a couple of weeks, you may look to your bank for a personal loan.  And if you want something for a long time, say up to 5 years, you may look at peer to peer lending or other online lending options.

Sell Some Stuff

Finally, most of us have a lot of extra junk in our closets that we just don’t need or use anymore.  Or maybe you have an old hobby that you haven’t picked up in a year, and have some equipment for it.  The bottom line is most of us have stuff we can part with, and it might make sense to sell it to make ends meet.  Depending on the item, you could sell it online, take it to a store that buys used products, or take it to a hobby shop that focuses on that area.