How to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

You’ve spent hours trawling through a variety of different websites to try and find the best possible deal for your next cruise holiday, so now you’re just going to book the best offer you’ve seen, even though it’s not that great.

Sound familiar?

Even though getting a fantastic deal on your next holiday is imperative, it doesn’t have to be stressful – and you don’t need to plump for the first great offer you see either. Instead, all it takes is a little savvy planning and you’ll be enjoying an unbeatable deal on your cruise.

Here’s how:

  1. Remain as Flexible as Possible

Cruise holidays are very similar to airline tickets: every time you look at the prices they vary dramatically. Therefore, if you can wait until the very last minute to book your holiday, you’re going to get the best deal.

These cheaper tickets tend to become available three to six weeks before the cruise liner is due to disembark from the port. However, when you’re waiting for these last-minute offers, you need to be prepared to settle for the rooms and packages that no one else has booked – e.g. a cabin that doesn’t have a balcony.

  1. Look Out for Deals

Some of the best cruise companies, like the Bolsover Cruise Club, will have different promotions and deals available at various times throughout the year. These are often available from January to March when many of the other travel companies, airlines and so on are having their sales too. So, to ensure you’re in the know when these deals become available, sign up for any alerts or emails that’ll let you know of the sales once they go live.

  1. Book in Advance

Even though this contradicts our first tip, there’s a lot to be said for booking in advance, too. If you can plan as far as 18 months in advance, it should help you find some of the best deals – and you may even secure some added bonuses, such as free drinks on-board and upgraded cabins.

  1. Sail with a Large Group

Cruises are a great way of celebrating special occasions or organising group trips. And if you can do this, you may even be able to make sure one of your group travels free (hopefully you!). The majority of cruise liners will offer a free ticket to large groups, and even though these are often only available for groups of sixteen or more people, there’s no harm asking for some discount when booking for a large party.

In essence; all it takes to secure a fantastic deal on your next cruise is some great planning, a little bit of flexibility and plenty of smart shopping skills!