How to Show You Deserve a Raise

Here are 4 ways to get a larger income from your current job:

1) Overperform – Nowadays it’s a good idea to stand out of the crowd of employees and minimize the risk of layoffs by working exceptionally. For instance, if the performance goal for you is to grow sales by 5%, try achieving a higher goal.

2) Timing -  Although there is an economic downturn, if from your knowledge of your workplace, it is conceivable that you could get a raise, then ask for it.

3) Avoid asking coworkers for their opinions – Try not to be tempted to ask coworkers how much to ask for, since they may not have your interest primary in their mind. In addition, asking them can start a flood of requests for raises.

4) Request more work prior to asking for a raise – When asking for a raise you cannot simply hope that the boss will only look at your past performance without expecting more in the future. Therefore, when asking for a raise, it’s important to mention that you wish to help further to sustain and grow the company.

You can find out from your boss what they expect of you and make a list so that when you are ready to ask for the raise you can bring the list with you as proof of delivering on expectations. Inform the boss and document on a regular basis how you are doing so you will always stay in their mind as a hard worker and a contributor.

Also, make sure you are not underpaid for your job. Check out websites such as, or to find out what other people in your profession are making.

Also keep a great attitude when you work as well as when you ask for a raise since a positive outlook can make the difference in getting a bigger paycheck.

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