Increasing the curb appeal of your home

canstockphoto6625778Real estate agents around the world go on and on about curb appeal. Why? Because it’s a vital part of selling homes. Before potential homebuyers even set foot inside a property, they’re inspecting the outside to see if they get the right vibe. And, no matter how much people may love the inside, if the first impression outside has put them off, it’ll be nothing but a hard sell from that point on.

How to increase curb appeal 

Luckily, there are many ways to increase curb appeal and make a property look beautiful and inviting. Firstly, it’s important to pay some attention to flowerbeds, shrubs and trees that may be around a home. These effectively create a picture frame, with the content being the building. Therefore, by improving the appearance of the exterior, potential buyers are more likely to be excited about what’s inside.

Flowerbeds should be cleaned so that there are no visible weeds, and in the depths of winter, plants should be cut back and mulch applied so that even in its barren form, a border still looks presentable. Large shrubs should be trimmed back into an organized and managed shape, whilst tree branches that may have grown over a home, should be removed. In addition, those not wanting to invest a huge amount of money on their curb appeal can use new plants in containers for maximum effect. These add color and interest; yet can be taken away when moving.

The look of windows is also another important factor when increasing curb appeal. In the same way that the eyes are often said to be gateways to the soul, windows are often the first chance that people get to have a glimpse inside. For this reason, glass should be pristine and smudge free, and window frames need to be cleaned. If they are wooden then applying a fresh coat of paint is also a good idea. Inside, it’s important to open curtains, and on the outside, wooden shutters can be used to add even further attractiveness.

Another thing potential buyers will be looking for is possible damage to a home which may eat into their budget. For this reason, it’s a good idea to check the roof for possible problems. Any broken tiles should be replaced, and gutters should be thoroughly cleaned out. This ensures that guttering won’t provide an eyesore, nor will it concern people about cost implications of having it fixed.

Finally, to get the front of a property as clean and gleaming as possible, it’s a good idea to hire a jet-washer and give all hard landscaping a thorough wash. Paths, brick walls, pots, steps and even the edges of flowerbeds should be washed clean, giving them a new lease of life.

Increasing curb appeal isn’t hard, and with it being an important part of selling a home, it’s vital that homeowners take steps to tidy up. And, by putting in a little time and effort, people could be handsomely rewarded with a quick and successful sale.

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