Leave Your Ethics Behind!

For anyone looking for the funny angle to the current recession, I recommend reading Jeff Kreisler’s book “GET RICH CHEATING: The Crooked Path To Easy Street.”. The book covers numerous ways to cheat in various industries, which most people will find quite humorous. In his review, Terry Jones, an original member of Monty Python called it “a very funny book with a timely message”.

This book promises to impart you with such “practical” knowledge as how to:

* Take advantage of society’s apathy, ignorance, and celebrity bling worship
* Exploit friends, family, employees, the weak, the desperate, and the dumb
* Fake your own death and spend your windfall profits sipping Mai-Tais on the sandy beach

To get a glimpse into this fun with fraud book, check out this video:

Wealth Creation and Saving Strategies | OnMoneyMaking